tagFetishPanty Power Ch. 04

Panty Power Ch. 04

byblack saphire©

In chapter One, I narrated how I seduced my professor with my panties. Chapter Two detailed how I got into a relationship with Steve, from the office, also through the use of my panties. In Chapter Three, I fell under the spell of my roommates panties and had my first lesbian encounter.

I adjusted my flared black skirt as I approached Richard Martin's office. I rapped my knuckles on the dark, solid teak door and almost instantly I heard his voice beckoning me to enter. "Come." The sheer opulence of his office never ceased to amaze me although it wasn't very often that I got the chance to go in. The carpeting in his room was thick and plush and all the furniture in the room was either leather or wood.

"Good afternoon Mr Martin." I said respectfully.

"Richard will do just fine." He replied. "Sit."

I smiled softly and pulled out a leather chair and proceeded to sit down, adjusting my skirt again. The chair was low and my knees rose up, causing the skirt to ride up as well. I pushed it down as best I could and placed my hands on top of the skirt, trying to look demure.

"Well, Vi." Richard smiled. "I've been hearing some good reports from Steve. He feels you are ready for Accounts Director."

"Yes, Sir. I think I am." I said confidently, relaxing a little in the deep chair.

I managed to answer all of Richard's questions and was pleased at the way the interview was turning out. The interview was more social and personable in nature rather than work focused and I found myself relaxing and practically enjoying the experience.

"Alright, I think we're almost done here." Richard said. "Just a few more things before we wrap this up."

"Alright then, fire away." I said, happy that the interview was going so well.

"How far would you go to seal a deal?" Richard asked quietly, looking straight into my eyes.

"Uhh, well, I suppose whatever it took. Long hours, extensive research."

"But would you go the extra mile?" Richard probed further.

"The interests of this firm come first in whatever I do Mr Martin." I replied, not exactly sure what I was agreeing to.

"Richard. Call me Richard." he smiled. "And would you be willing to put that to a little test?"

"I'm not sure what you mean Mr Mar.....I mean Richard." I replied, my heart was beating hard and I felt a flush rising in my face.

"Do you always dress so provocatively, Vi?" Richard asked.

"I—uh ...I never!" I spluttered. What did Richard mean? "I'm dressed as I normally am Sir, and you've never complained. What...what do you mean?"

"I've never seen your panties before..." Richard said softly. "And may I say what pretty panties they are!"

I gasped audibly as I realised that during the interview, my hands had been moving around as I talked; trying to emphasise certain points. My legs had also parted somewhat, causing my skirt to rise and offering Richard a clear view up my legs. My hands automatically flew to my knees, and I snapped my legs shut.

"There's no need for that," Richard said softly. "I was kind off enjoying the view."

I felt my nipples suddenly grow erect and poke out at my lacy bra, causing two small bumps to appear in the thin light blue material of my blouse. My stomach turned over and butterflies fluttered in it. Richard was an elderly man but he was handsome and I couldn't deny that I had had some lusty thoughts about him. In fact, most of the girls in the office had.

"How long is the extra mile?" I asked coyly, realising that I had better make use of the situation.

"Keep those legs open and we'll see." Richard replied, obviously liking that he was still in control.

I made a show of opening my legs. Oh what a show! First I ran my hands up my thighs until they were lying on my lap. Then I slowly crossed my legs and extended them out before drawing them back up and pulling them in tightly to the edge of the seat. I pushed my ass back low into the seat so that my knees were almost at a 45 degree angle to the seat. I then opened my legs slowly, pausing when I knew he could just catch a glimpse of my grey lacy panties. Then I opened my legs further, letting the skirt ride up and offering him a full view of my white thighs, disappearing upward in the black skirt only for the white to be covered in skimpy grey lace.

I watched his face as I showboated to him, enjoying the way he stared. A lump of lust grew in my throat and my heart was pounding. I noticed his breath quicken as I splayed my legs and displayed my inner wares. It was time to be assertive.

"You like my panties Mister Martinnn...?" I purred, emphasising his name.

"Yes! And if I said I wanted to smell them, what would you do?" Richard grunted out.

I almost choked as the lump in my throat grew bigger. Hot flushes started to shoot up my cheeks and into my stomach. Without a word, I half slid my ass off the chair and slipped my hands under my skirt. With one smooth movement, I pulled my panties off and lifted my heels out of them.

"Give them to you?" I asked softly looking slightly downward as I offered my soiled panties to Richard. I looked up briefly and my eyes met Richard's as he grabbed the panties from my hand. I watched in awe as he pulled her panties to his face and breathed in deeply. I tried to look away as my insides trembled in embarrassment but at the same time I had to look at the kinky sight of this powerful man sniffing on my panties.

Richard inhaled deeply on my panties and I knew he would find that my panties smelled of perfume mixed together with my womanly juices. I watched him sniff deeply a few more times, cherishing the scent as he looked up my skirt to see the thick thatch of hair covering my pussy. He sniffed again, noticing how my breasts rose up each time he sniffed my panties. My nipples were long and hard, poking out at my blouse.

"Show me your tits." Richard commanded.

I left my legs wantonly splayed as I reached up to unbutton my blouse. I pulled aside the light blue material, exposing my lacy white bra. I moved slightly forward in the chair, bending over and giving him a perfect view of my large breasts. Then I reached behind me and unclasped the bra. My tits heaved and then trembled slightly at the new found freedom. My nipples were oh so hard and sending jolts of passion straight to my hot cunt.

"Oh God, look at those breasts!" Richard said, still sniffing at my panties. I sat in the chair watching him. I contemplated being a brazen hussy and teasing him some more but I decided against it. I had heard that you could only go so far with powerful men and I was afraid to cross the line. My pussy was already leaking its juices and I could feel my vulva thick and swollen with lust.

"How long is your mile?" Richard asked me, teasing me and getting my consent.

"As long as you need it to be Sir." I replied, hanging my head low and acting the part of a subservient slut. He could have had anything he asked for. He wouldn't have even had to ask, I was his for the taking. His to do what he wanted. It wasn't just the promotion anymore. I was hot, I was horny and I wanted him. I wanted to please him. Nothing else mattered.

I suppose that's what made this so memorable for me. He knew he had me where he wanted me but yet he was gentle. He came round to the chair where I was seated and quietly took my hand, raising me up. I stood up and he kissed me softly. Not harsh like I expected but a warm, soft, sensual kiss. He kept kissing me as his hands danced along the small of my back. I could feel my panties, still in his hand, as he rubbed my back gently, sending warm pulses up and down my spine.

He arched my back toward him, his kissing becoming more earnest as his tongue lightly brushed against my lips, teasing me. He began to kiss my neck and nibble on my years. I felt myself turning to putty in his grasp. His strong hands had circled my ass now and were busy massaging my ass cheeks. I ground my crotch toward him, finally realising that he was still fully clothed! I reached down to fumble with his belt.

"Wait!" Richard commanded. I stopped fumbling and reached for his cock instead. It was hard and I rubbed it softly through his pants.

"Uhhh..!" I gasped suddenly as Richard's finger slid tantalisingly across my drenched slit. He worked his finger up and down my slit, never entering me but just playing around the entrance.

"Ohhh...What are you doing to me?" I moaned as every nerve in my body tingled. He was still kissing me all over as he played with my pussy. His other hand suddenly reached to fondle my breasts, squeezing and crushing them.

"Uunnnhhh..yeesssss...oh yessssss!" I screamed loudly as his fingers flicked across my nipples, teasing them and causing them to grow more erect and hard. His mouth closed over one nipple and suckled on it as his hand teased the other nipple, flicking it and pinching it, sending electric jolts coursing through my pussy.

Slowly Richard moved me to his table. Still kissing me, titillating my pussy and playing with my nipples, he cleared the documents on the table. He pushed me forward, so that my hips pressed against the table. He positioned my legs, manipulating my ass and my body so that my breasts lay on the table, my ass offered up to him.

I heard the fumbling of his belt buckle and his zipper. Then his hands were on my ass again, positioning me for his entrance. I felt his hot knob press against my swollen pussy and then I felt him pushing in. He was slow. So slow and gentle. I felt his hard, hot cock slip slowly into me, spreading my pussy lips and inner walls.

"Unnnhhh" I grunted with the pleasure of his cock spearing into me. He was nice and thick and fairly long as I finally felt his balls slap against me. My pussy felt so full of his cock.

"Mmmm...your sooo wet." He moaned. "I love a wet pussy."

His hands reached under me to cup my breasts. His warm, soft hands were a welcome change from the hard wood. What was even better was that he started fondling my breasts and teasing my nipples. My love buttons were being stimulated and the results were going straight to my cunt.

I felt Richard moving slowly within me. I needed more. I needed to be fucked like a woman in heat. Like a bitch slut. Like a whore. I needed his cock so badly.

"Don't be gentle with me Mr Martin," I cooed coyly. "I wont break."

Richard didn't seem to hear me but kept fucking me slowly. With each thrust into me, he tweaked my nipples. He obviously knew what he was doing as I felt my orgasm starting to build quickly. His expert manipulation of my tits coupled with his slow, long fucking into my pussy drove me over the edge.

"Nyeeaahhhh...Oh God! Oh God!" I cried, as a most intense and powerful orgasm shook me. I pulled my hands up to pull his hands off my breasts – they were so sensitive. His cock continued ploughing into me, his speed picking up a little.

Hardly had my orgasm subsided when his hands were back on my nipples, teasing them and pinching them again.

"Oh please, no!" I protested. "They're sore. Please!" "Just trust me" Richard said. "Trust me."

I couldn't argue when his cock felt so good working in and out of me. I felt his hands on my breasts again and I flinched, expecting to feel the soreness on my nipples. Amazingly, his gentle flicking and squeezing didn't hurt at all and the erotic sensitivity came rushing back to my nipples. I started fucking back at him, drawing his cock deeper into me.

"Fuck...fuck...fuck...oh yes...fuck me!" I cried out, humping back to meet his every thrust. I clamped my pussy hard on his cock, trying to milk him as I felt another orgasm fast approaching. He knew it too as just as I was about to cum, one hand flew to my clit and started rubbing it furiously. The effect was incredible and I arched my back high as my whole body erupted in tingles

"Ohh...Aaahhh...Oh fuck! Fuck meeee....fuck....Oh yeaahh.hh.... Unnnhhh.... Oooaahhh" I cried out in delirium. My whole body shook and I felt my pussy clenching and unclenching on his hard cock. My body shook in spasms and I felt my body wet with sweat. And still his cock plouged in and out of me.

It was so pleasurable but I was starting to feel sore. I didn't want the fucking to stop but I needed to get him off. He seemed like a veritable fuck machine and I was afraid how long he could keep it up. As I recovered from my orgasm, I clenched my pussy muscles tight, feeling him throb within me.

"Cum on....fuck this pussy. Fuck me and cum." I goaded him. "Please, I cant take much more!"

I heard him grunt and place his hands across my shoulders. He started hammering hard and deep into me. Each hard thrust caused me to shudder forward and I felt him increasing his pace.

"Yess...yess. Fuck me. Fuck this cunt. Cum in me. Fuck me!" I cried out, relishing in the slight pain his jack hammering cock was causing me. I could feel myself fast approaching another orgasm as Richard continued fucking hard into me.

"Nyeaagghhhh...oh shittt...yesss!" I cried out as I felt him thrust hard into me and then stop, triggering off my own wet climax. Again and again my body jerked as another orgasm was squeezed out of me. Then I felt his cock still hard in me.

"Oh wow...you haven't cum yet?" I purred, satiated and reeling from the hard fucking. I felt Richard pull out of me and my pussy made a loud slurping noise, as if trying to keep him in.

"Suck me off. Suck me as I sniff your panties." Richard cried out.

I adjusted myself on the table, turning sideways to face his cock – seeing it for the first time today. It was long and thick, with strong veins running all across it. His cock head was dark and purple, throbbing with lust. His whole cock was wet with my juices. Streaks of white pussy cream coated his cock and I could smell my fruity scent on his cock. I leaned forward to take it into my mouth. His hot throbbing meat filled my mouth and I tasted his musky flavour mixed with my juices.

"Mmmppphhh." I moaned as I slurped his cock and Richard gently fucked my face. I cupped his balls with one hand and massaged them lightly as I hollowed out my cheeks, sucking his manhood deep in my mouth. I looked up at his face, getting an immense thrill at the way he held my panties close to his nose, inhaling deeply. I wondered how they smelled as I dreamt of Nancy's pungent, sweet odour on her panties. My own pussy started to throb again and I my stomach was doing lust filled somersaults.

My mewling around his cock grew louder and Richard realised it. Still sniffing my panties, he moved one hand down to caress my tits and then moved slowly down to my dripping gash. His fingers teased around my opening and then he dipped his index finger into my hot, seething hole.

Richard certainly knew how to touch a woman! He worked his index finger slowly in and out of me and then slipped another finger in. He seemed to be dancing his fingers inside of me, moving them up and down alternately. I felt his fingers curling inside me, pressing against the upper surface of my pussy walls. His fingers seeked out my rough ridged area and started to tease it, almost lightly scratching against it.

My pussy was like a sluice gate. The gentle friction of his fingers against my g-spot was causing me to juice so much. His fingers made a slushing sound as they twisted inside of me and my hips started bucking hard against his hand.

"Mmmmphh. .Mummphh...Uhhhhh..MMMmmmmppphhhh!!!" I moaned as I slurped even harder. My whole body was aflame and it seemed even more concentrated in my pussy. I wished there was another cock to fuck me while I sucked on Richard. God, I was so turned on I would have done anything he asked me to. Anything!

My pussy was spasming and I felt like I was going to pee. I was on the verge of a major orgasm but it was almost too intense that I couldn't cum. I focused on the cock in my mouth, sucking and massaging Richard's balls to draw out his cum and hopefully trigger off my own climax. I could feel the base of his cock throbbing and his scrotum tightening. I knew he was close to cumming

Richard seemed to sense that I was on the brink and he bit on my panties, freeing his other hand. His free hand now turned its full attention to my erect and throbbing nipples.

"Muuugghhhaahhnnn!!!" I screamed around his prick. The feeling was incredible. My pussy started to clench and grab at his fingers and I felt myself leaking juices around my thighs. I arched my hips and used my hands to jerk on Richard's prick as I sucked harder than I had ever sucked in my life. His cock tensed and expanded in my mouth and then it let fly.

"Aaarrgghh.....yesss! Suck it. Suck..suck...don't stop..keep sucking!" Richard cried out as he bit hard on my panties. Spurt after spurt of hot semen sprayed into my mouth. His taste was lightly salty but more musky. It was thick and hot and it filled my mouth even as I swallowed hard, trying not to let any leak out. His fingers continued to dance on my nipples and in my pussy.

"MMmmmuuunnhhhhhgggg!!" I cried out loudly, my voice muffled by his cock still in my mouth. My pussy spasmed and my toes curled as a most intense orgasm washed over me. My entire body went rigid and ever muscle fibre tensed. I think I stopped breathing for a moment as the feelings were so damn intense. I felt his cock slip out of my mouth and I gasped in air.

"Ohh...Oh God...Ohhh...Unnnhh....Ohhhhhh!" I moaned incoherently. Richard's fingers were still in my pussy but they had stopped their assault. I was still trembling as I felt his fingers slowly pull out of me. I looked up at Richard who pulled his fingers to his face, slipped them into his mouth and sucked my juices off his fingers.

"You were amazing." Richard smiled at me. I was too overcome with orgasmic pleasure to reply and I just smiled weakly up at him. Richard picked up my panties again as he zipped himself up.

"If you let me have these, the job is yours." He smiled. "That's why I didn't cum in you."

"I don't understand." I replied as I got off the table and started to dress.

"If I came in you, you would have needed your panties back to stop the cum leaking out!" Richard laughed. "Then I wouldn't have been able to keep them."

"How considerate of you." I said mockingly as I smoothed my skirt down, trying to regain a semblance of decency about myself. I noticed the whole office smelled of sex and I realised that I would too. My thighs were wet with my own juices and a mischievous thought crossed my mind.

"So can I have them?" Richard asked. "The job's yours either way."

I grabbed the panties from his hand and lifted my skirt, giving Richard a nice view of my matted pussy hairs. I slowly wiped myself, making a show of wiping my cum soaked thighs and pussy. Then I walked over to Richard, kissed him hard and placed my soaked panties in his hands.

"Now you can have them Boss." I smiled as we kissed again.

Panty power had worked its magic again for me. Its amazing what panties can do for a girls life, isn't it?

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