tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPanty Thief At The Gym Ch. 01

Panty Thief At The Gym Ch. 01


As she noticed Robin entering the gym, Sandra smiled a hello from behind the reception desk. Her body tingled with anticipation and between her thighs she started to get damp.

In the ladies changing room, Robin undressed in a hurry eager to get a quick workout in before an evening out with her new lover. The anticipation of what was to come meant that the gusset of her panties were sticky with pussy goo as she peeled them off to change. She threw her clothes in the top of her bag and went off to warm up on the running machine.

Sandra watched her exit the changing rooms, gave it a minute and then went in on the pretext of checking the changing rooms were clean and well supplied. Her bisexual side had been encouraged to blossom by being around fit athletic women and she got very turned on by it.

As she went in, she made sure no one else was in the room as she headed for Robin's bag. Her heart raced as she found something even better than she had hope for – a tiny black thong with a very wet patch. She hid herself in a cubicle and locked the door. Lifting the damp tong to her face she breathed in the musky scent of Robin's pussy. The wearer of these had obviously been turned on recently and that excited her. Wriggling her shorts and pants down in one go she sat down on the loo and started to rub her pussy. She held the thong over her nose and mouth and she vigorously frigged herself, occasionally dipping two fingers into her sopping pussy and then rubbing her clitoris. She breathed in the heady scent of another woman's sex and soon brought herself to a thundering climax. Sandra stifled her cries on the flimsy material in case anyone was to hear her.

Panting, she recovered from her orgasm, took out her mobile phone and sent a text. Alongside a camera phone photo of her holding up the thong, she wrote.

"You will love these! Meet me in the storeroom in 5 minutes. Make it worth your while!"

Tucking the damp thong into her pocket she left the cubicle, checked herself in the mirror – a bit flushed she thought. Sandra returned to the desk to make sure no one had missed her. The coast was clear and she could see Robin half way through her workout laid out over a gym ball. Sandra admired her trim physique and thought she could see a bit of camel toe as Robins shorts tightened over her pussy mound as she arched backwards over the ball. What she'd give to get up close and personal with her she lusted.

Remembering her rendezvous in the storeroom, she put a 'Back in 10 minutes' sign on the desk and went down the corridor holding the key to the storeroom.

As she turned the key to unlock the door, Paul came into sight.

"Anyone see you go?", she whispered.

"No, the boss will think I'm on a break", he replied.

Paul was over 6 ft and a muscular male fitness instructor. Sandra and he often gossiped about who was sexy in the gym and although Paul was engaged, the two of them had a flirty friendship they both enjoyed.

The pair of them slipped in the small storeroom and the key turned from the inside.

"Guess what I've been doing?" said Sandra, holding her fingers up to Paul's face and grinning.

Paul smelt them.

"You haven't! You are a bit red-cheeked now you mention it, you filthy cow! Tell me more.", he said.

Sandra pulled the thong from her pocket.

"You know Robin – that woman in the blue top? Well these are hers. They were absolutely soaking when I found them.", said Robin

Paul took them and inspected the damp sticky patch on the gusset.

"That's definitely not sweat is it!", he gasped.

Sandra started rubbing the growing bulge in Paul's jogging bottoms as he sniffed the material.

"I've had a wank over them so now it's your turn!"

Sandra helped Paul pull down his trousers and she cupped his balls and felt the thick cock throb in her small hand. She gently stroked the warm velvety skin back and forth, revealing his large helmet beneath. His cock grew to full erection quickly and she looked up at him with a cheeky look as his face took on a look of lust and desire.

"Would you fuck her, Paul? I bet you bloody well would given half a chance.", asked Sandra.

Paul held Robin's worn thong close to his face, over his mouth and nose as Sandra stroked him vigorously. His tongue darted out and tasted the juices that had oozed from Robin's excited pussy. He could smell her and the pheromones in her juices were driving him closer to an orgasm.

Sandra opened her mouth and slipped his cock head inside. Paul felt her warm wet mouth engulf him and her tongue flicked over his helmet. She tasted him and his male muskiness as he in turn inhaled Robin's scent.

Sandra's tongue flicked back and forth. She loved to play over his head, tonguing the sensitive underside of his cock as her hands played with his balls.

Paul gave out a gasp, muffled through the material of the thong clutched to his face but Sandra knew what it meant. First one shot of hot salty semen then another shot into her mouth and she swallowed it down, keen to not make a mess at work. She bobbed her head on his shaft, milking every last drop of his sperm from his shaft.

When he was done, she came up for air.

"Did you enjoy that?", she asked.

"You bet!", Paul replied.

"Shouldn't you get these back to the changing rooms?" he asked, holding up the thong.

Sandra took the thong from him and never losing eye contact dribbled the last big glob of his cum from her mouth onto the gusset of the thong.

"Finders, keepers"

She said and pulled off her own shorts and panties (which were now quite sodden with her own juices). She stepped into the thong, pulling it up her naked bottom half. Carefully she pressed the gusset with its creamy filling against her own pussy and pulled the sides of the thong up.

"That's nice. It's OK, Paul, I'm on the pill so you don't have to worry about that!"

Putting on her shorts she tucked her own panties into her pocket and unlocked the door of the storeroom.

"Back to work, eh?"

The pair of them left.


When Robin returned to the changing room, all sweaty after her workout, she discovered her thong was gone. The panty thief had struck again. At least she had some going out underwear back at her flat (although they probably wouldn't stay on for very long tonight). She was a bit embarrassed to mention it to the staff at the gym and looked at the other gym users with suspicion as she left. Could a man have got into the ladies changing room? She smiled at Sandra on the desk as she left

"Goodnight, see you soon"

"Thanks for coming, Robin. Have a good night"

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