tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPanty Thief At The Gym Ch. 03

Panty Thief At The Gym Ch. 03


Sandra eased the vibrator from between her pussy lips and went through to the bathroom. She decided to take a very quick shower while Paul got his fiancé warmed up. She rubbed shower gel all over herself and quickly rinsed off. Wrapping a towel around her, she returned to the bedroom and checked her mobile phone. No call yet. Paul better do as he promised.

Sandra picked up the black thong on the floor and inspected it. It was damp and sticky and smelt of raw sex. She couldn't help running her tongue over the gusset again, tasting her own juices and those of Paul and Robin.

At Paul's house, he and Lorna had gone upstairs and under the excuse of towelling her off. He had massaged her all over and touched every part of her small frame. Lorna was petite but had curvy hips and full bosoms. Her long dark hair tumbled over her shoulders and she loved the size difference between her petite body and Paul's large muscular frame.

They were kissing passionately now and Lorna ran her hands over Paul's body. His hands ran down her back and squeezed her soft bottom. He brought it up her side and cupped her left breast in his hand, feeling the nipple hard against his palm.

Paul instructed Lorna to move on the bed and as she lay back and spread her legs, he moved a box of tissues on the bedside cabinet. As he did, he managed to push the "1" button on his phone which silently rang Sandra.

Sandra took the call and instantly heard the sound of Lorna's heavy breathing as Paul lapped at her pussy. She was obviously quite vocal and was whimpering and mewing as her fiancé probed the wet folds of her cunt with his tongue and lips.

Paul was working his mouth around Lorna's pussy like he hadn't seen her for days. He ran his tongue up to her clit, circled it and then down again past her opening and licked around her anus. She gasped every time he licked her there and she begged him to do it more.

Sandra listened intently as she eavesdropped on the two lovers.

Paul's wet tongue slurped up and down Lorna's slit, wriggling between her puffy labia and regularly diving in to probe her entrance. Inside he could taste her juices and feel the tightness of her pussy. As he licked, one hand reached up and grasped her breast. Lorna swung her feet onto Paul's shoulder blades to allow him better access as she gave herself up to his licking.

Sandra poured a glass of cold white wine and settled back on the bed with the volume on her mobile set to maximum. Between her legs she could feel herself becoming wet all over again.

Soon Paul was ready to take things further, so taking both her ankles in one hand he held her feet high in the air and pointed his throbbing dick towards Lorna's exposed pussy. He teased her entrance, slipping the tip of his cock in and out of her, getting its tip lubricated with her juices. As he tested her entrance, he rubbed her clitoris with his thumb. She gazed up at him with big dark eyes, her jaw dropping open slightly and her breathing coming in pants now. He kept up the double stimulation until Lorna arched her back and gasped out loud as her orgasm hit her.

Paul slid forward, entering her still-pulsing pussy until he was balls deep inside her. They embraced and Lorna hung on to him as he slid back and forward in her. Still kissing, he worked his hips back and forth, each time filling her tight pussy and then drawing all the way out until his cock was slick with her juices all the way down his shaft.

Sandra listened in intently – she could hear Paul's gasps and pants too now as well as Lorna's more feminine squeals of joy. Her hand strayed down to her pussy and idly toyed with her clit and swollen lips as she listened to her work colleague fuck his fiancé.

Paul was crouched over her, sliding his length in and out of Lorna. With each thrust she rocked on the mattress. Her large boobs jiggled about with the motion of their fucking. Lorna ran her hands over Paul's back and buttocks, her nails scratching and leaving red marks but not breaking the skin.

Paul leaned forward and kissed her passionately as he felt his cock start to swell. The head of his cock grew even bigger deep inside Lorna and he knew he would cum inside her very soon.

Lorna too sensed this. She felt the goosebumps on his buttocks that signalled the approaching climax.

"Come on, baby. Come on, baby," she urged him as he drove himself into her one last time. Their bodies met and he ground himself against her clitoris as the first jet of spunk shot from him. His cock head rubbed against her cervix as he ejaculated and Lorna tipped over the edge again as she was filled with his warm cum.

Sandra heard their cries and knew they were both cumming. Rubbing herself again she joined them in orgasm as she listened in secretly. As the lovers began whispering to each other, Sandra hung up the call on her mobile phone, leaving them to their romantic nonsense.

What would she tell Paul tomorrow? That she heard and enjoyed them of course but also she was looking forward to seeing Robin back at the gym again.

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