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Park & Ride Goddess


The 'ding' of my truck's low fuel warning roused me from my reverie as I cruised across Kent Island on Route 50 on my way home from Annapolis. The sign for the next exit promised food and fuel, so I signaled and eased onto the off-ramp.

As I wound my way along the access road toward the couple of gas stations I noticed a lone vehicle sitting in the park and ride lot with its' hood up and steam wafting up from the engine compartment. As I watched, the driver's door opened and the interior light illuminated a woman with shining red hair as she turned in her seat to exit the big Suburban and stretched a long, full, jeans-clad leg down toward the pavement.

I unconsciously slowed my truck and steered toward the entrance to the parking lot to get a better look as the tall, rubenesque redhead alighted from her truck. As I rolled up beside her and stopped I was treated to the sight of her stretching her arms behind her head to pull her hair back off of her face which caused her large breasts to strain against her pink t-shirt.

"Hi, thanks for stopping," she said as she finished pulling her hair back, "I think it's just low on coolant....the radiator leaks and I put some anti-freeze in but it overheated again."

I walked over and looked under the hood....the coolant overflow bottle was full from what she had just put in, so I said to her "I think we'll have to let it cool off a little bit and then put some coolant directly in the radiator. I have a jug of water in my truck once it cools off."

She smiled and thanked me and then I said "you look hot, if you want to, you can sit in my truck in the a/c."

She giggled and said "well, thanks...."

I laughed too, and said "well, you ARE hot.....you also look overly warm." We climbed into my truck and as I glanced over, I noticed her nipples hardening in the cooler air.

I must have stared a little too long, because she turned to me and said "pink". My puzzled expression must have given me away because she repeated "pink, my nipples are pink...you looked like your x-ray vision was malfunctioning" with a cute little grin.

"Well, your psychic powers are working better than my x-ray vision," I said with a smile.

I reached over and wiped a rivulet of sweat off of her neck as it ran down, and holding her gaze, licked the droplet off my finger.

"That might taste better direct from the source," she said.

I leaned over, licked another droplet of sweat up with my tongue and then kissed the same spot.

She sighed and leaned into me and I kissed her softly on her lips. As we kissed, I felt her lips part and her tongue flicker across mine.

"Mmmm, salty," she said.

I rubbed my thumb across one of her erect nipples and felt her exhale suddenly into my mouth. I slid my hand down further and under the hem of her shirt and then back up across the mound of her belly and back to her breast. I rubbed her nipple back to erection as we continued to kiss.

With an impatient gesture, she reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Following her lead, I pulled her bra up out of the way, and lifting her heavy, freckle-dappled breast, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. She sighed as she cradled my head to her breast, and then arched her neck and cried out quietly as I grazed her nipple with my teeth.

"Let me do something nice for you for helping me," she said as she reached for my belt buckle.

I scrambled to help her undo my pants and push them and my boxers down to my knees as my hardening cock sprang free. She leaned over and I felt her hair cascade forward and dust my thighs and then her hot, soft mouth envelop my throbbing cock.

Watching her head bob in my lap as incredible sensations shot through my body brought me to the edge faster than I had ever experienced before.

I rubbed my hand across her hair and her bare shoulder and whispered, "honey, I'm going to cum."

She nodded without breaking her rhythm and a second later my cock started to pulse wildly in her mouth as she began swallowing greedily.

I fell back against the seat, spent, my heart racing in my chest as she cleaned my cock with her tongue and then smiled up at me. I reached for her and she straightened up as I leaned down to kiss her.

"Wow," I said, "can I return the favor?" and reached for the waistband of her jeans.

She said "let's get my truck going and then you can follow me home to make sure it's all right."

I agreed with her that that sounded like a better idea, and kissed her again to seal the agreement before we got out to fill up her radiator.

After I filled the radiator and slammed the hood, I walked her back around to her door and she gently rubbed my crotch as she leaned in and kissed me. I hoped she didn't live too far away.

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