Party Girls - Part 3 of 5

A five-part peek into hardcore 3D webcam for billionaires.
119 words

Part 3 of the 5 part series

Updated 04/04/2024
Created 03/31/2024
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With the other, S forms a v-shape and with no resistance, inserts those fingers to the third knuckle and pours her handful of slime down the chute flowing straight into Tay's open, neglected cunt. The smiling blonde debauchee watches in awe, sentient of a glowing thrill of deep devotion in this act of pure debasement.

"Ohhhh fuck, my Mistress" she purrs, "I SO need this. Take all of me. Please own me, make me perform for the party like a bitch and make me completely yours, Mistress".

Tay feels compelled to spread her knees widely in sacrifice, and in the course of the next few seconds, looking impassively into her eyes, S forces her hand straight up Tay's cunt.

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