tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 07

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 07


Patrick and I talked on our walk around the ranch. We were watched from a distance, but nobody came close enough to hear our discussion. When Patrick told me that he wanted me to go home without him and then take the kids somewhere safe I was resistant at first.

Then, after he explained to me that when they found out that his seed was sterile, they may want to use Patrick junior, I realized that this whole nightmare could take a long time to reach a conclusion.

He was right about my needing to take the kids and hide, that was why I remembered Kim. Her ranch in the boonies of Montana was the perfect place. Off the beaten path, only a real small town nearby, and hardly anyone knew her.

These people here could have no way of knowing about Kim. I knew that if I took the kids there we would be safe. It was Patrick I was worried about. What would they do when they discovered his vasectomy?

I also didn't want to leave my husband here alone either. Part of my thoughts were those women having all the sex with him. Would he still love me after all of this? The other part of the reason I didn't want to leave him here was that it might be the last time we ever saw each other again.

Our talk continued out there in the natural beauty of the ranch. It seemed so surrealistic to be talking in the terms of escaping from these people in such a setting. We should have been talking about swimming or hiking or sightseeing, not about running and hiding from the boogie man.

When we got back to the room I felt an overwhelming need to show Patrick how sexual I could be. All stops were removed since I knew that the women here would probably be working him over way more than he had ever been worked over before. I had a need to show him that I was no slouch in the sex department, even though we had a tame sex life before this all started.

I was also feeling a bit guilty. When I thought of how close I came to actually having initiated sex with the ‘four' like I had in that office building in Chicago. I know that I had been led, maneuvered and put in the position of wanting to go farther than I would have, but I also remembered how close I had come way back when I had first gotten the contract and Sam and the others had partied with me.

I had been lacking excitement in my life with Patrick, and they had tempted me to go down a narrow and dark path. Now, with all that had happened, I had no desire to be with anyone but my husband. I cringed inside when I thought of just how close I had come to destroying my relationship with my best friend, my lover, my husband.

All the excitement I thought had been lacking had been there for me to take. I had only to reach out and give a little bit to my husband and the excitement would have taken us both. Lesson learned, a bit late since now I could possibly lose my husband forever. His plan was hard for me to do, and so this last time with him was so important for me too.

When we started to make love I felt a shock run through my body. I could tell that this was going to be a memorable sexual encounter. The way my heart was beating, the way our touch seemed to magnify my needs and the way our kiss at first seemed to engulf my whole being.

It only got better and better from there on out. I am not sure if the oils we had been massaged with, and the ‘herbs' that had been in them were responsible or not for the heightened sensuality, but I didn't care.

My orgasms were so hard and all-encompassing, I passed out each time I got over one. I didn't stay out, but it felt like my heart stopped and my brain froze during the peak. Patrick seemed to be having heightened orgasms too.

After our nice and loving encounter that afternoon, we were talking. Patrick shocked me with his proposal of my having other men while he was in his ceremony. His theory was to keep me even with him, but I was not so sure that my being with other men was a good idea. I told him that I would consider it and if it happened it happened.

Watching as they prepped him for his all important (to them) ceremony, I got a feeling of erotic stimulation deep within my body. Just the act of seeing another woman's hands on my husband's nude body caused me to have such nasty thoughts. I almost blushed at the realization that my pussy was wet.

The oils they put on him this time were tinted in colors, kind of a light red and a dark blue. There was a specific pattern followed as they were applied, and the end result was one that emphasized certain parts of Patrick's body more than others.

I could see that Patrick was getting quite aroused as more and more oil was applied too. His erection seemed to grow with each application and I swear his penis was inches longer than I had ever seen it. It could have been the tinting in the oils, but still it was quite a sight.

I noticed that Patrick's eyes stayed on me the whole time. I could see the love, the need and the want there. Since he only looked at me, even going so far as to move his body at the times when the woman was blocking the way, I knew that he really wanted only me.

This knowledge shamed me. Deep down, the sex on that table with me strapped down, being forcibly taken by the ‘four' had released in me something that scared me. I could have gone much farther than they allowed but since I had no control, they shut me off without regard to my actual needs.

My thoughts of how my body had reacted to their touch, how I had begged for more, how I had wanted them to take me hard and long, all those thoughts came crashing down around me. How could I have been so sexually needful when my husband showed me that I was all he desired? I know that the oils had caused me to be ‘open' to the experience, but still, at one point, I had been just wanting to be fucked and fucked, not caring who was doing the fucking at all.

Even now, I was thinking about when my husband was in his ceremony tonight, how I would be there, probably nude as he was, and then having the ‘four' there also. I knew that if any of them started on me I wouldn't be able to resist them.

I knew that Patrick had told me that it had turned him on seeing me with them only to let me off the hook and let go. I didn't want to be with any other man, but it seemed that when I got turned on so far...well, any other man became the first man to take me.

When had these feelings been let loose inside me I couldn't put my finger on exactly, but I knew that it had been building up over the last year or so. I think it was more the lack of sex Patrick and I had been having than anything. My needs, as well as his, had not been getting taken care of, which meant a heightened awareness of others.

If I had been so close lately, how had Patrick managed to not cheat on me? Was I just a closet slut wanting to cheat on her husband just because? I searched my heart and came to the conclusion that was not the case.

I had been stressed and pushed into an area that I think anyone would have had a hard time refusing to allow in their mind. Our sex life had gotten so...empty, my mind had been looking for ways to fill that emptiness before it caused me to break down.

I'm not excusing my near cheating on my husband, but the circumstances did lead me to that edge. I feel that anyone in the same situation would have been hard put not to go where I almost had gone.

That didn't lessen my love for my husband in the slightest way. The sex and love in our lives had pretty much been separated between us for a long time. We both had talked about our love for each other and how the sex was a part of that love it was not all encompassing for us.

Still, I had a pretty high sex drive as did Patrick. We had known that our sex life was going down hill, matter of fact arguing about it recently had brought it all to the forefront of my mind. I had been second guessing myself ever since my close call with Sam and the others that day.

Now, here we were, both having had sex with others, and in some ways, enjoying it like it or not. I know that sounds stupid to say, but think about it...we had been forced to be with others this whole time. There had never been any other choice for either of us, well, at least for Patrick.

In my case, I could have refused to strip or let them touch me in Chicago, even if it had cost us the account. An account that I was now wishing I had never tried to get. My mind was getting overloaded with my thoughts and I knew I had to free it up for what was to come yet tonight.

I stepped in close to Patrick and took his hand in mine. Leaning down as the woman massaged the oils into his legs, I whispered in his ear my acceptance of his thoughts for tonight.

"Patrick, you know I love only you, and your idea of me...you know...being with the four later...I still don't think it is a good idea, but I also know that you are pretty smart about us. I have decided then that I will do as you suggest. Only because you brought it up. You may be right, you could be wrong as well. I can only trust that you are correct, and because I love you so much, I will do as I must to keep you."

He looked into my eyes, his lust and sexual heat in a zone I had not seen before. I could see that he wanted me in a very real, desperate and full way. I knew also that they would not allow us to consummate that lust now. He was in the middle of preparations for his induction and there could not be a ‘wife' in all of that.

I kissed him on the lips, his tongue swiped into my mouth and for an instant we were on the verge of going there, when hands pulled me back and away from my love. I cried out in fear, then in need as I realized my fires were smouldering again. I wanted him and I wanted him sexually now.

Three women held me away as two more got Patrick up and put a garment over his body. His shiny and muscled body. His erection made a huge lump in the crotch where the cloth gathered together. I could see that no matter what, Patrick was in for a long and interesting time tonight.

I was laid on the bed and hands held my arms and legs as oils were applied to my body as well. It was then that I realized the feelings that Patrick must have been having a bit ago. The intensity of the oils this time were magnified to far greater proportions.

As the oils went on my need grew. In a tight little knot in my stomach the need grew to take over my whole body. Even my toes and fingertips were feeling that need. The hair on my head began to tingle with almost an itching.

My mouth was a bit dry, and just when I thought my lips would crack from lack of water, I was given something to drink. It was a sweet and fruity tasting concoction that made my already hot and bothered mood swing into full gear.

My pussy was pulsing begging for something to be in it. My nipples were aching for a touch, any touch. My little bunghole was even throbbing, wanting attention as well. I could feel each separate part of me going into high gear, and there was nothing I could do about it.

When they had let go of me I do not know, but I was suddenly aware of a woman between my legs with something. It was pressing into my pussy, my pussy lips spreading wide to accept whatever it was.

I could see a black handle on it and as the woman looked intently into my eyes, she shoved it farther and farther inside of me. When she bottomed out she moved aside, leaving that shaft in me.

Another woman slipped in between my legs now, and she too had something in her hands. I didn't get to see what she had, I just felt it press against my tight little bunghole. She placed a hand on my tummy, pressing me down a bit, then as I was distracted by that move, she shoved a bit harder with her other hand. I felt the intense pain, then it was followed with a dull ache that stayed there for a bit.

As she held that shaft in me, she began to chant a little song. The words didn't make sense to me, but then I didn't speak Jamaican either. Soon the pain lessened and the ache went away. As I relaxed, she noticed it in my eyes, and as I took a deep breath, she shoved again on that shaft.

This kept up for a bit until I felt a large flat surface around my asscheeks. Evidently she had gotten it all inside me to it's base. It felt like the head of it was in my throat it was so deep in me. She hooked a cord up to both of the parts of the dildos that were sticking out of me and then a belt was placed around my left ankle. It was heavy.

Looking around I saw a box like affair had been strapped on my ankle and the cords led to that. A switch was turned on and suddenly both of those shafts deep inside me began to vibrate and move.

The feeling of them was like cocks fucking me, but vibrating at the same time. The orgasm that hit me was unexpected and very hard too. It only took seconds and I was gone. When I came to, the dildos were still. The switch had been turned off.

I was still catching my breath as they led me down a hallway to the ceremony room. The dildos still inside me, still filling me fuller than I had ever been. Every step caused my clit to tingle, and my muscles to move in different ways than I was used to. A strap, along with the cords was holding them inside me now too.

Entering the room the first thing I saw was Patrick, naked and tied up. His arms spread wide apart, legs too. Much like DaVinci's drawing of the man in the circle. Standing there, nothing about him hidden, his body actually seemed to glow in the firelight.

I was led to stand in front of him, facing him. We were about ten feet apart. I was soon trussed up just like him. My arms were held in soft thick velvet ropes, my legs tied apart with the same rope too.

The dildo's in me were still there, only now, someone was playing with each one in turn. Since they were behind me I didn't see who it was until she stepped around to stand in front of me. Sanya was a very beautiful and exotic looking person. Her hands were soft and tender as she moved them over my body.

"I have wanted to play with you since you first came to us. Woman, you have the most exquisite body. A body I really want to get close to you know."

"Close to?"

My mind was almost gone in a sexually heated haze. I could barely make out and understand what she was saying to me. The thought of her being with me turned me on so much right then that I would have done anything she wanted me to do.

I had never had more than a passing curiosity of lesbian sex, and now, here I was wanting to be taken by this beautiful woman. Probably as much as she wanted to take me too. Her hands drifted all over my body, stopping here and there to caress or pinch. My nipples felt like they were about to burst they were so alive and needing attention.

She played with me for a bit, then standing in close in front of me her lips began to caress mine. I felt her tongue slip between my lips, exploring my mouth. I allowed her full access and even moaned as her kissing began to create a heat in the back of my mind.

Sanya next moved to play with Patrick. I could see that he was in a state of mind that prevented him from seeing me, his wife, standing naked and tied spread open in front of him. His eyes were looking upwards, towards the ceiling of the room, taking in the color of the painting up there.

I hadn't noticed before, but this room's ceiling had fresco's allover it. It was startlingly beautiful of it's self. There were nude people, both male and female, in sexual acts and not. The naturalness of the way they were presented in the painting made one think of early art by the masters, only with an X-rated viewpoint.

Looking at that art the way I was trussed up and oiled down, I could feel my pussy gushing wetness. My mind began to wander, dreaming of fingers, tongues, cocks, and bodies rubbing and touching. I knew that the oils they had put all over my body were a big part of the reason I was feeling so sexually free.

I was lost in my haze of sexual need and dreams. Then, I became aware of sounds drifting into my conscious. Opening my eyes, I could see figures dancing around between Patrick and I. They were naked females of all sizes and shapes. Each dancing provocatively and sexually.

Patrick was staring at them, his mouth open and his tongue licking his lips. The women were dancing in closer and closer to him, chanting and then reaching out to sprinkle a liquid on his body.

I could see him trying to move as the sheen of the liquid began to shine all over. His nakedness was enticing to me, as I am sure it was to all the women there. I know that I wanted to be with him, holding his cock as I kissed him all over.

The dancing was getting faster and louder as they soon encircle him so close that I couldn't see him anymore. As I tried to see anything over there, I didn't see the men beginning their dance around me. There were about ten men starting to dance around my naked form. They too were chanting and sprinkling me with a liquid.

As the drops touched my skin I could feel a heat build inside my body. The more they sprinkled me the hotter and hotter I got. I was having a hard time keeping my lips moist and the more I licked them the dryer they seemed to get.

The men danced in closer and continued to spray me with whatever that liquid was. I knew that it was creating a need in me that would be very hard to satisfy. I wondered if one could get too much and overdose on it or something. As much as they had gotten on me, I felt like my heart should or would explode.

My clit and some spot in my tender but very full asshole were signaling the rest of my body of needs and desires. I could feel them throbbing in time to the throbbing of my nipples, and even my breathing. My heart beat was setting the pace for it all it seemed.

Suddenly the noise and dancing stopped as if on cue. All were facing their respective circle center. I could feel the eyes of those ten men staring at me, seeing me writhe and silently begging for relief.

I stared back at those men, licking my lips, wanting each one to give me their hard cock. My mind was in a place of desire and sexual need that put all thought of my husband and propriety out the window.

One of the men reached out and lightly caressed my belly, his hands gently moving in small circles as it rubbed me. Another man reached out and cupped a breast. Then another man cupped my other breast.

They were all gentle and their hands were actually soft. I felt the presence of someone behind me, and then a gentle touch of fingers on those protruding shafts buried in my holes. A slight tugging and they were removed. I could feel cool air whirling around my lower parts as those holes tried to regain their tightness.

Fingers began to caress my clit and stroke in and out of my pussy and ass. I could hear myself moaning loudly as the sensations of all the hands and fingers on my body were driving me up and up to a heaven-like place.

I felt lips on my shoulders, coming from behind. Hot breath, then a tongue licking my skin. Pin pricks of excitement exploded outwards from each kiss, each lick. The hands cupping my breasts were now fingers rolling my nipples and pulling them outwards. Gentle and not too far, but very sexually enticing.

I began to beg for relief. I needed a cock, I needed lots of cock. I wanted any cock at that moment. I wanted to be full. All my holes mouth, pussy, and ass full of cock. I wanted to ride a giant cock for hours and hours.

My mind was gone to that place of need and want and my little voice of what was proper and right had gone into hiding. I was a sexual animal needing release. My body was signaling for joining and just flat out fucking. I wanted to be fucked hard and then fucked some more. The fingers on my nipples had become lips and tongue now. The sucking and licking was driving me deeper and deeper into a sexual haze. The more they gave me the more I seemed to want. A never ending spiral of lust.

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