PC Gone Mad Ch. 01


She turned to the familiar smell of smoke as Lenny casually lit up another post-ejaculatory cigarette.

"Don't worry, love," he grinned. "You'll do just fine on your own," he added as he left her office.

For the next two hours, Sally jumped whenever anyone came to her door, knowing that, sooner or later, Lenny would start feeling excited again. She'd always been utterly faithful to her husband since they'd started to court and she knew that, if he were to ever find out, he would never be able to forgive her touching another man's penis. Her hands still felt dirty despite repeated washings and she dreaded having to satisfy Lenny all by herself. However with Rachel gone for the afternoon she really had no choice as she just wasn't close enough to any of the other girls whom Lenny had mentioned to ask them to do such a thing.

But, as he'd come at least four times already today, maybe he would be completely spent and wouldn't need any more relief.

So when he entered without knocking, her heart sank. He locked the door behind him without a word, unzipped his dick and sat down in a chair with a satisfied sigh.

Sally stared horror-struck at his unpleasant greyish pink cock, already half-hard in anticipation.

"Well, come on then, Love. If you wait any longer then I might feel my rights as a disabled person are being violated. Come around here and sort me out."

"Oh, please, Lenny. Is there any way you could just do it yourself this once time?" she begged.

"Sorry, darling. I need to come and my poor wrists won't let me knock one out. Come on," he commanded.

Sally reluctantly came to sit next to him, her nose wrinkling at his lack of cleanliness.

"Aw, great. Get your knockers out then; I can't wait to see them."

Sally put her arms to her chest to hold her breasts. "No! I'm not showing you my breasts. I'll just, you know, masturbate you."

"Sweetheart, you'll be tossing me forever if you don't let me feel your boobs. I need the extra thrill of a nice big pair of tits to get me off," Lenny explained.

Sally reached out and grasped his erection. "Just let me do it like this," she said as her hand sped up, rolling up and down his cock in a firm grip. She allowed her other hand to cup his balls and squeeze them gently, knowing that her husband loved this.

"OK, love. That does feel nice," Lenny sighed. "But don't say I didn't warn you!"

Sally slowly tossed him off for a good quarter of an hour, occasionally pausing to fend Lenny's clutching hands off before they could touch her breasts. She maintained a steady assured pace, switching hands when necessary, not wanting to go too quickly as Rachel had done.

Despite this she could feel her hands and arms tiring.

"I'd come a lot quicker if I could feel your tits," Lenny advised as she started to slow. "At least open your blouse so I can look at your cleavage."

Sally thought about this and decided that it wouldn't be too bad if it would help him speed up. She unbuttoned her light blue blouse to reveal a lacy white bra.

"Oh yeah, baby. Nice knockers! They are big, aren't they? You've got to let me touch them," Lenny said, impressed at the expanse of creamy white bosom revealed and the hint of dark nipples through the delicate lace.

Sally shook her head and continued to wank him.

Again after a few minutes her hands were in agony. In resigned silence she stopped, took off her blouse and reached back to unclip her bra. She'd hardly pulled it off before Lenny's hands began to squeeze and fondle her.

A few tears sprang to her eyes at the shame of the situation as his thick fingers began to tweak and pinch her dark pink nipples which stiffened involuntarily at his touch.

For the next few minutes, Lenny's handling became rougher and rougher; she endured it in silence apart from the occasional squeak when he pinched her nipples hard. Despite letting him abuse her in this way, he didn't seem to be getting closer to coming and her hands and arms were exhausted.

She broke off suddenly before bursting into tears. "It's no use, I just can't do it anymore," she sobbed.

Lenny put an arm around her, although he allowed his right hand to continue to fondle her breasts. "There, there, love. Don't worry," he comforted.

"The way I see it is that you've got two choices," he added. "I'm sure you're not going to let me fuck you are you?"

"Oh my god, no!" Sally sprang away from him, appalled at his suggestion.

"It's all right, love. You've got another option. Why don't you suck me off?" Sally shook her head. "Hang on, hang on," he continued. "It's the only way you'll be able to make me come."

"No way! I hardly ever even do that for my husband," she refused. And your cock is filthy, she added to herself.

Bravely she wiped her tears away and began to masturbate him fiercely. Lenny shrugged and grabbed hold of her breasts again.

Despite her every effort, she began to slow again almost immediately. Lenny put a hand to the back of her head and slowly pushed her head down. "If you don't make me come soon, I'll have no choice but to let your boss know that you haven't been giving me a working environment suitable to someone with my disability," he threatened.

In desperation, Sally closed her eyes and opened her mouth, allowing the head of Lenny's cock to slide between her lips. The taste was as foul as she's been expecting causing her to retch a few times as he pushed her head down until half his cock was in her mouth. She pulled back to spit the disgusting build-up of saliva in her mouth into the waste-paper basket before grabbing hold of his cock and beginning to bob her head on him.

"Oh fuck, yes, that's fucking fantastic," Lenny groaned as he tweaked her nipples.

Sally silently begged her husband's forgiveness before pulling his dick out of her mouth momentarily to beg, "Please don't come in my mouth. Warn me."

Lenny grunted his assent before pushing her head back down. Sally tried everything she could to bring him off quickly. She quickened the pace of her head bobbing; she flicked her tongue over his knob; she caressed his balls.

In retrospect, considering his record so far, perhaps it wasn't so surprising when Lenny grabbed hold of her head with both hands and began coming plentifully in her mouth. She struggled as her mouth filled with his pungent spunk but he held her very firmly, considering his wrist problem, until he had fully spent himself in her.

As soon as he let go Sally spat a mouthful of foul jism in the bin, retching at the filthy taste. She looked up at Lenny accusingly.

"Sorry, darling. It just came so suddenly I didn't have time to warn you. And I didn't want to make your office a mess like last time. So I thought it best to finish off in your gob. Still, no harm done," he chuckled as he lit up for a third time.

Sally grabbed some mints from her handbag, humiliated at the ordeal. She popped several into her mouth, desperate to get rid of the taste, and dressed as quickly as she could.

"What have I done?" she shook her head in disbelief.

"It's all right, love. When I'm asked I'll them that you're great at all that equal opportunities shit. I mean, Christ, giving me a full-on blowjob. That's fucking above and beyond, ain't it? Can't wait for another one." Lenny said.

Sally looked at her watch. It was mid-afternoon. "You've come five times today already. Isn't that enough for the day?"

"I reckon one more gobjob before home-time will do it. You give great head, you know. And, you really do have the best tits I've ever seen," he smirked as he left.


Which was why she was here now, kneeling at his feet as she sucked, breasts out of his reach, trying to judge when he was going to blow so she could make sure he didn't come in her mouth again.

Lenny sighed in pleasure, "Fuck, that's good. You really are a fabulous little cocksucker. Although I was I bit upset that you spit out my last load. It's almost like you've got something against the disabled."

Sally stopped bobbing her head in astonishment. "But, I'm sucking your cock! And I'm a strong supporter of equal opportunities for all! Otherwise I wouldn't be doing such an intimate thing for you."

"Don't stop, love. Oh yes, that's good, keep that pretty little mouth going." Lenny gasped as she resumed her attention. "What I mean is that you don't really seem to be enjoying providing my special care. It's almost like you don't want to do it. Do you ever swallow your husband's cum?"

Sally paused again. "What's that got to do with anything?" she asked, blushing.

"Aah. I can tell that you do. And I bet he's not disabled is he? I think that proves it. You're happy to suck the cocks of the abled-bodied; just not my poor disabled knob. I think the only way you can prove you aren't prejudiced is to swallow my load down properly."

Sally continued giving head but, once again, she was distressed knowing that Lenny was very sensitive about his disability and was likely to call Jane at head office if he were offended in any way. She decided to let him come in her mouth and then attempt to swallow. Surely his spunk couldn't taste as bad as last time?

All of a sudden she felt his cock spit all over her tongue. The taste got no better as he continued to release what seemed like gallons of disgusting creamy cum into her mouth. After being fully drained, his penis slipped out from between her lips with a pop.

Sally sat back on her knees. She looked up at Lenny's leering face, took a deep breath in through her nose and bravely swallowed her large mouthful of semen. With effort, she avoided retching before forcing a smile for Lenny.

"See no problem. I'm more than happy to swallow your cum, Lenny," she added.

"Fuck. I can see that, you dirty little slut." Seeing Sally's offended face, Lenny said, "Oops. Sorry. Must be the Tourette's."

Sally got up, grateful that at least she hadn't had to get her sore boobs out for further abuse before reaching for more mints to mask the foetid taste in her mouth.

Lenny zipped up his trousers again. "Well love, I best get off now - it's almost five and I've had a hard day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Perhaps if that Rachel's in you can get her to suck me off as well. She looks like a right little tart. Don't worry though, you'll get a go too!" he ambled out, a cigarette dangling from his lips.

"Oh fuck," Sally swore emphatically. This was awful. The thought of having to service that disgusting man with her mouth again made her want to weep. She had no wish to stop the disabled having access to work but she was beginning to wonder whether Rachel was right and he was exaggerating his conditions in order to gain free access to comprehensive sexual relief from attractive young women.

How could she get him to leave her alone? She decided to call Rachel at home...

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