tagFetishPeggy Spanks Me

Peggy Spanks Me


Literotica's "Peggy46" offered herself up as a subject of stories. I accepted the offer and sent her the first part of the one here. She approved it so here it is expanded. Chapter 2 coming soon!


Ouch!" I yelled as her hand slapped hard -- again -- across my naked ass. Then she stopped.

"Oh, did that hurt your little ass, Honey?" Peggy made her voice sound so insincere.

"Yes," I said.

"Well, maybe this will help," she said, picking up the leather strap. I knew exactly how that would feel. I winced as it whistled through the air and landed with a sharp 'Snap!' across both cheeks. I jumped with each successive stroke. Then it happened. This was the reason I submitted to this punishment -- well, the other reason than simply the act of submitting itself.

My endorphins kicked in and the pain became a kind of pleasure. I worked through the pain, as if it was happening to somebody else's ass. Peggy finally dropped the strap and put her lips close to my ear. "Do you want me to stop?" she asked.

"No," I whispered, my eyes closed tight.

"Then ask me to go on."

"Please, Honey. Paddle me some more. Paddle my ass red." It was a strange kind of pleasure, too, that came with asking to be spanked. I was not tied down. This was a completely free choice.

She took up the leather, spade-shaped paddle. She stroked it gently across my tortured butt. I trembled, knowing how hard she would bring it down. She reached between my thighs and took my cock and balls in hand. She squeezed them -- not hard enough to hurt, but firmly. I groaned. In the middle of my groan, she brought the paddle down with a crack! I jerked,making her grip on my genitals tighten. She began to rain my ass with strokes of the paddle. Each time, I pulled up a little bit. I was making my own dick and balls hurt as a counterpoint to the pain I felt on my ass. The pain did nothing to lessen the erection in Peggy's hand. In fact it made me harder yet.

She released my cock and brought her thumb against my anus. I wriggled in delight. She swatted me and began to insert her thumb into my oiled ass. By the time she had it all the way in, I was near the edge. The paddle fell and she pumped her thumb into me. The waves began to wash over me. She knew it, because my asshole contracted with each spasm of come jetting from my cock.

She dropped the paddle to the bed. She slipped her thumb out of my asshole and lay down next to me. I was drained and whimpering. I was not ashamed about the whimpering. It was not weakness, only a surfeit of pleasure and passion. She stroked my back and butt as she kissed the side of my neck.

I rolled to my side (I was too sore to lay on my back yet) and gathered this lovely, loving woman into my arms. Another day it would be Peggy's turn, but right now it was my turn to feel the love I have in my heart for her for allowing me this exquisite pleasure.


The next morning the pain had lessened, but my ass was still sensitive. In the shower, under the hot spray, it felt like a slight sunburn. I recalled the feeling of being penetrated with pleasure.

My dick began to rise with the memory. I lazily stroked it while massaging my own anus with my other hand. I wasn't seriously masturbating however, just fondling. I had a job to go to and it was getting late.

At the office, I am a supervisor. Seven people work under me, four men and three women. Two of the women are married and in the forty to fifty year age range. The other is single, attractive, and in her early thirties. Mandy was promoted quickly to an associate's position in our company. She is very talented at her work and I have to admit she deserved the bump up. Her personality is ambitious and aggressive.

I had a staff meeting scheduled for that morning. As it happened, Mandy took the chair immediately to my right at the round conference table. As did several other of the associates, she had placed her attache case on the table before her. While Spencer, our foreign marketing associate, was relating a problem that had arisen out of the return of Hong Kong to China, I happened to glance down and to my right.

My hope was to possibly get a look at Mandy's long legs. What caught my eye, however, was the keychain that rested in one corner of her case. Several keys occupied the ring. The fob of the ring, however, was what really caught my eye. It appeared at first to be one of those fishing lures. The kind that looked kind of like a squid with its tentacles sticking out.

I glanced away and leaned to my right a bit so I could get a better look. Upon reexamination, I could see it was made of leather. It was a tiny flogger. A miniature of the one I had on order for my amusement and Peggy's. My adventure the night before with Peggy made me wonder what kind of kinks Mandy was hiding under her pinstriped business suit.

Just then, Mandy glanced up at me, saw where my eyes were looking, and a slow smile spread across her face. Embarrassed, I looked quickly away. I could feel my cheeks reddening. Fortunately, the meeting broke up shortly after that and everybody went off on their rounds. I purposely avoided any more eye contact with Mandy. I spent the day in my office dictating letters. At times my thoughts went back to Mandy's smile, but I closed them off.

At home that evening, Peggy curled up next to me on the couch. We had put on music and were discussing our day. "A strange thing happened today," I told my wife. I told her about seeing Mandy's keychain charm. "The unfortunate thing," I added, "is that she caught me staring at it. She didn't seem embarrassed. In fact, she gave me the most wicked smile."

"Hmm... Sounds like she is pretty up front about her tastes." Peggy is more into the fetish than I am. She introduced me to it, but I admit I enjoy the play. We were not acquainted with any other people into erotic corporal punishment. We knew, however, thanks to the internet, that there is a whole subculture that exists around it. In fact, Peggy said she might be interested in going to a club where D/S couples came out of the closet. I was not so sure, though the fantasy intrigued me.

In our fantasies, we had sometimes discussed the idea of having a threesome. Neither of us was too sure about making it a reality, though I was more convinced than Peggy. The main problem, beyond whether to make the third person a man or a woman, was finding the right one. As far as the gender of the third person goes, it didn't matter to Peggy.

[She has had numerous bisexual experiences. I have often asked her to tell me about them because, like most men, it turns me on to think about two women making love. I had never considered having sex with another man until Peggy described one particularly hot fantasy involving the two of us and another man. In the fantasy, she had talked about how she would have him lie on his back while she rode him, facing his feet. Then she had me lick her while he fucked her. "Of course," she said then, "you could hardly lick me well without sometimes licking his hot, hard cock." She altered it a bit the next time she told me her little story. That time, she raised herself completely off the other guy and pushed his shiny, juicy cock toward me. I took it in and sucked him a while before she took it back deep into her pussy. The idea stuck. I admitted later that I could probably be convinced to indulge in some interaction in that type of situation.]

At any rate, up until the night after my meeting, we had not talked about making spanking a part of the scene, should we go through with it. I know I had not even thought about that aspect. Apparently Peggy had, however.

"What if we invited her to dinner?" she asked me. I looked at her, not understanding what she was implying. Then it dawned on me.

"Oh! Well, I don't know, Honey. She works for me, you know. It hardly seems politic."

"Well, what's life without a little risk? Besides, we will know by the time dinner is over what kind of woman she is. Leave that to me." Peggy's mind works quickly. She seemed to have it all planned out already.

As it turned out, instead of inviting only Mandy over, Peggy decided we should have a barbecue for my whole division. We have a spacious back yard with a gazebo. Part of the design of the gazebo is a built-in brick barbecue/smoker. At the other end of the yard is our hot tub.

All my staff are married, except for Mandy and one of the men. So one Saturday afternoon found us throwing a party for fifteen people. The single man, after unsuccessfully inviting Mandy to be his date, had brought a female friend. Mandy, then, was the only unattached person present.

We did steaks, baked potatoes and salads. A lot of wine, beer, whiskey and tequila (Mandy's favored drink) was consumed. By 8:30, most of the guests were leaving. Some time before the desertion began, Peggy had contrived to involve Mandy in a complex discussion. The result was that I was bidding goodnight to the last of the other guests while Peggy and Mandy lounged on the patio.

I was rinsing glasses in the kitchen. From the window I could see the two women talking and laughing in the yellow glow of the tiki torches we use to keep the mosquitoes at a distance. As I watched, I saw Mandy lean closer to my wife to say something. As she did, she rested her hand on Peggy's bare leg, just below the hem of her shorts. Peggy laughed and patted Mandy's shoulder. They rose to their feet and came toward the sliding doors.

"I like this woman!" Peggy said loudly when they entered. "You wouldn't believe some of the stories she has to tell about your staff. Or maybe you would."

"Hey, now," Mandy cautioned. "Those aren't for the boss's ears. That was just between us girls. Besides, I think Ted knows more than he lets on sometimes." Glancing at Mandy, I had no doubt that she was referring to what I'd seen at the meeting.

"No worries, Honey," Peggy said to her, "Teddy and I have no secrets from each other. And...whatever happens in our house stays here," she added significantly. I felt a shiver down my spine. Peggy was setting up the structure of her plan.

We sat in the living room with small glasses of liqueur and talked. The only effect Mandy seemed to show for her alcohol consumption was a willingness to talk. It was a surprise -- to me at any rate -- when she mentioned how her ex-husband had turned her on to erotic spanking. From that point on, it was a tell-all session between the women. For a while I seemed to have disappeared. I tried to listen to what was being said, but my thoughts strayed to the image I'd conceived of Mandy spread out on our bed sucking my wife's cunt while I fucked her and slapped her naked ass. Then I was brought back to reality when Peggy asked Mandy if she felt like a dip in the hot tub.

Mandy did. Mandy also had no problem with the fact that neither Peggy nor I wore swimwear in the tub.

The women went to the bedroom to strip down. I undressed in the living room and went ahead to turn on the jets in the tub. I watched them approach through the steam rising into the cooler air. Mandy's body was everything I'd imagined. Her breasts were neither too large nor too small. They were solid enough to stand out well on their own. The nipples were erect and were surrounded by extremely large areola. Her waist tapered nicely, but she had small "love handles" that were in no way unattractive. Then the spread of her hips began above strong and tapered legs. Her pubic hair, while not totally shaven as is Peggy's, was trimmed very short and sculpted to a tuft just above her labia.

We soaked a while and drank more liqueur. Mandy made a show of flexing her shoulders and back. Peggy asked her if she was all right. Mandy "confessed" to having a knot that she couldn't work out.

"Ted's an expert at working out knots. Why don't you slide around and let him give it a try?" Did I tell you how much I love my wife? She was politely letting me begin our fantasy, content to watch for a while.

Mandy slid next to me and turned her back. I worked on the smooth skin for a while. Of course, my cock was erect under the bubbles. The position didn't satisfy Mandy. She moved again, this time she knelt on the floor of the tub while placing herself between my legs. She leaned her elbows on my thighs. As I rubbed, she gradually relaxed backward.

It was inevitable that she would eventually feel my erection poking her oin the back. When it did, she comically raised her arms and said, "Don't shoot, Officer! I surrender!"

Peggy immediately knew what had happened. She laughed and slid over to my side. My red face had nothing to do with the temperature of the water. The ice was broken. Mandy turned around where she knelt. She took my cock in her hands and began to stroke it. Meanwhile Peggy turned my head and kissed me, sliding her tongue lasciviously into my mouth.

We left the tub and returned to the house. When we were dry, we went straight to the bedroom. Peggy pushed me to the bed and Mandy joined me there. She rolled on top of me and began kissing me. My hands roamed over her naked back and ass, squeezing and kneading her cheeks.

Peggy turned from the closet where she had been rummaging. She brought forth her "bag of tricks", as she called it. It is actually a pillowcase in which she keeps our assortment of toys.

"Mandy!" she said sternly, "I think you've been naughty tonight!" Mandy rolled off me and looked at my wife standing at the foot of the bed. She took in the strap dangling from Peggy's hand and smiled.

"Who says?" she asked archly. "I think I've behaved with a lot of control. After all, I haven't sucked Ted's cock yet, though I really, really want to." My dick throbbed at her words. I had imagined those lush lips around my hard cock many times.

"Why don't you, then?" Peggy said. "But I want you to be on your knees with your ass in the air so I can warm it with this little strap." Mandy moved to comply. "That's it. No, a little higher," she corrected, taking Mandy's hips in her hands and pulling them higher. But she still wasn't satisfied. She had Mandy move her knees from between my thighs so that she was straddling me. Peggy purred her satisfaction as she slipped a hand down to caress Mandy's opened crotch. Mandy had taken me into her mouth. Her moan in response to Peggy's stroking her cunt increased my own excitement.

The first lash of the strap across Mandy's ass drove her mouth down, forcing my cock deeper into her throat. When Mandy backed off, Peggy brought the lash down again, repeating the action. A rhythm was thus established, with the swats pushing me into Mandy's mouth over and over. It didn't take long for the naked eroticism of this to bring me off. I spewed my semen into Mady's mouth and she accepted it with relish. She let none escape.

I took Peggy's place at the foot of the bed while Mandy rolled to her back and spread her long legs for Peggy's mouth. It was such a beautiful and sexy sight to see my wife going down on this woman. I could only watch for a few minutes before Mandy's voice reminded me that I had a job to do in all this.

First I bent forward and tasted Peggy's juices. They were oozing out of her depths and tasted wonderful, as always. Then I stood back to get my distance for the swing of the strap.

CRACK! The strap was louder on Peggy's ass than it had been on Mandy's. I knew how Peggy liked it, though. She liked it hard and fast when she was this turned on. I delivered.

The whipping drove her to action on Mandy's cunt. It didn't take much longer for her to bring Mandy's orgasm forth than it had taken for Mandy to produce mine. Mandy writhed and moaned as she came into my wife's sucking, licking mouth.

We rested for a minute. Peggy shared Mandy's juices with both Me and Mandy, herself. When Mandy then kissed me, I could taste a residual tang of my own semen. It did not displease me. As I was hard again, Peggy suggested that I fuck our guest first. Mandy got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass toward me, grinning at me over her shoulder.

Well, I am nothing if not a gentleman. I could not disappoint our guest. I mounted her and fucked her silly, my groin slapping up against her strap-reddened ass cheeks. Peggy positioned herself under Mandy, and head to foot. From there she could watch and lick at our crotches as she chose. It also brought her own crotch within reach of Mandy's talented mouth.

By the time I was again releasing my sperm, this time into Mandy's cunt, Peggy was groaning into that cunt while her own orgasm rolled over her.

Then we really had to rest a while. Peggy asked me to get some ice water from the kitchen. When I returned with several bottles of spring water I set them on the bedside table. We all replenished the fluids we had lost so far. Peggy patted the pillow between her and Mandy, indicating that it was my place.

I moved across the bed on my knees and lay back where she had indicated. Mandy bent to kiss me while Peggy stroked my chest. "Ted," she said, "Would you like us to rub your back? You've never had a four-handed back rub, have you?" I allowed as I had not. So I rolled over and they began to massage me. A few minutes later I felt their hands move down my arms, kneading the muscles. When they reached my hands, they each simultaneously slipped a loop of leather around my wrists and pulled them tight! I was caught!

I felt them quickly rise and similarly restrain my ankles. I was strapped face-down on the bed and I had no doubt as to their intentions. My only question was to what extent they intended to go...

(to be continued)

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