tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 02

Peggy, The Bored Housewife Ch. 02


Once again my husband went on one of his extended business trips and left me at home alone to fend for myself. I was feeling a little lonely until I began to reminisce about the time I accidentally flashed the mailman. It made me feel really good knowing someone appreciated seeing me naked. I wanted to experience that wonderful feeling of exhibitionism again, but my shyness prevented me from acting on it.

It was almost noon and there wasn't any food in the house, so I figured it was time to make a trip to the grocery store. I took a shower, then stood in front of the mirror trying to decide what to wear. I'm a brunette, just over five feet tall with medium sized, natural breasts. My breasts may not be huge, but they look great with my petite, muscular figure. I'm twenty-one years old, I've been told that I look like a teenager because of my small features.

After facing the realization that I was too shy to ever expose myself in public again, I decided to just try being a little daring and go out wearing some revealing clothes. Maybe that would generate enough attention to make me feel good about myself.

I slipped into a skimpy pair of white see-through panties, but decided to live dangerously and go without a bra. Next I put on a little white cotton sundress with a low neckline and five buttons down the front. Without a bra, the shadows of my perky pink nipples were visible through the clingy cotton material. The dress had a collar and short sleeves, but when I bent over in front of the mirror, I had a clear view right down the front of it. My boobies were going to be on display for everyone to see if I bent over in public.

I began to have second thoughts about wearing such a revealing outfit in public, so I started looking for a bra and a more conservative dress. Then the memories of my husband ignoring me and leaving me at home alone re-entered my mind. I decided that I needed a little excitement, so I continued buttoning the little white dress while trying to forget about the possibility of accidentally baring my breasts in public.

There was a reason why I hadn't worn this dress in such a long time, but I couldn't remember why. I thought it was because I was too shy to wear such a super short dress in the presence of men. The dress barely covered my butt! However, I would discover much too late that the short hem wasn't the reason I quit wearing it.

Later that day, I would be reminded that the real reason I quit wearing the dress was because the buttons weren't attached properly. The dress was a little tight and the last time I wore it, all of the buttons were threatening to pop off. I that guess today when I put the dress on, I was so busy looking at my breasts in the mirror that I failed to pay attention to the condition of the buttons.

My husband had the car, so I was forced to ride the bus to get to the grocery store. A man stood behind me as I climbed up the steps to board the bus. As I opened my coin purse, I dropped some coins. As I bent over to pick up the coins, the hem of my dress rose up behind me. The man on the sidewalk below was able to look right up my short dress! My firm little butt must have looked practically naked to the man because he could see right through the skimpy sheer panties I was wearing.

I was so busy worrying about the man below that I failed to notice the bus driver. He was admiring my bare titties as he peered down the gaping neckline of the dress. One of my hands was holding my coin purse while the other was picking up the coins. All I could do was let the bus drive gaze at my uncovered breasts and exposed nipples because I didn't have a free hand to hold my dress in place. Finally, I retrieved my coins, handed my fare to the smiling bus driver and began looking for a seat in the crowded bus.

There were no seats available, so a nice young man offered me his seat and assumed a position standing over me. I noticed a cut on the seat and I didn't want the exposed spring to damage my dress, so I lifted the hem of my dress as I sat down. I could feel the cold metal of the spring rubbing against my underwear as the bus drove down the street.

The young man kept trying to look down my dress as my boobies bounced in rhythm with the motion of the bus. I don't know what came over me, but I leaned forward a little to give the guy a better view of my bra-less breasts. I wasn't sure if he could actually see my puffy pink nipples, but he was sure trying. Finally the young man spoke to me with a nervous stammer.

He said, "It sure is warn on this bus."

I agreed with him. The soft stutter in the young man's voice let me know that my revealing dress was getting him all flustered. I decided to tease him a little.

I said, "If I could just open the top button of this dress, I would feel much more comfortable, but someone might try to look down my top."

The young man replied, "I'll stay right here and block their view. You can count on me!"

I looked down and said, "Oh my, I forgot to wear a bra. If I open a button, you might be able to see my bare titties. I would be so embarrassed if that happed."

He said, "I promise not to look."

I said, "Alright," and proceeded to open the top button of the dress.

The young man's eyes were like saucers. He watched intensely as I slowly opened the top button of the dress. I must have pulled too hard and the little thread holding the button on snapped. The button fell off and I didn't see where it went. Now the highest button holding the dress together was located a couple of inches below my breasts. If I leaned over even the slightest bit, the guy would be able to see everything, and he knew it.

I said, "Whoops, that was a mistake!"

The young man chuckled. Now I was sure that if I leaned forward even the slightest bit, my breasts would be completely exposed for the young man to see. I leaned forward a few times pretending to look for the button, each time giving him a clear view of my boobies. Finally I gave up the search and sat back in my seat, but the young man never quit staring at the low neckline of my dress. The anticipation of me leaning over again was killing him.

There was another man sitting across from me. He was slouching down in his seat. I looked down and noticed that the hem of my dress had ridden well up my creamy thighs. When I hiked up my dress in back to avoid sitting on the hole in the seat, the front of the dress must have come up with it. The hem of my dress only needed to slide up about another half of an inch and my little undies would have been showing.

I turned sideways in my seat, pretending to look out the window and when I did, I spread my legs apart enough to give the man a view of my skimpy see-through panties. Unfortunately, my dress did not spread apart with my legs and the bottom button of the dress popped off and rolled across the floor of the bus. I quickly put my legs together and pulled my dress down, but not before the man got a good look at my little white panties. The fabric of the panties was so thin that he was probably able to see my neatly trimmed brunette bush peeking out from underneath.

My face was turning red with embarrassment as a few other men noticed my predicament. When I entered the bus, my dress had five buttons. Now it only had three! The bus was approaching my stop and I was relieved knowing that my humiliation would soon be over. However, the worst was yet to come. As I stood up to get off the bus, my panties somehow got caught on that loose spring in the seat. My underwear was yanked halfway down my thighs.

I had to turn around and bend over to free my panties from the spring, causing the short hem of my skirt to rise halfway up my bare ass! Everyone was looking at my tan little buns peeking out from under my dress, except the young man standing above me. My bent over position offered him a clear view down the top of my dress. He could now see every inch of my firm round breasts and pretty pink nipples.

In haste I quickly pulled my undies free from the spring causing a large rip right through the waistband. I pulled them up, flashing a little of my pussy in the process, then made my way off the bus. With the tear in the waistband, my panties wanted to slide right down my legs, but there was no time to worry about it now. I had to get away from the bus.

I could see several pair of eyes from the windows as the bus pulled away. I had a hand covering each breast so they couldn't look down my top, but there was nothing holding down the hem of my short dress. Just as my panties slid down to the middle of my thighs, a gust of wind from the departing bus caught the bottom of my dress. With the missing bottom button, my dress was lifted up to my waist. My firm butt and hairy triangle were exposed for everyone on the bus to see!

I was so humiliated that I grabbed my torn panties and ripped them from my body. This was a big mistake because I also grabbed the bottom of my dress and accidentally pulled off another button. The only remaining buttons were the one a couple of inches below my breasts and the one right at my belly button. Since I was now completely naked under the dress, I was going to have to be very careful. If I didn't hold my dress together, my pussy was going to be completely uncovered.

When I entered the grocery store, the air conditioner immediately made my nipples poke out of the clingy cotton dress. I walked behind a cart, but many men took notice of my attire. A guy about eighteen years old was squatted down and putting cereal on the bottom shelf. The brand I wanted was on the top shelf. I was hoping that my dress would stay together as I reached up above him. Unfortunately, the bottom of the dress separated wide and my naked pussy was staring the guy right in the face.

It made me really nervous knowing that the guy had an unobstructed view of my private area. I decided to relax and pretend not to notice the guy's view of my neatly trimmed brunette bush. I even acted like I was reading the contents of the box while I stood above him. After allowing him a nice long look at my hairy triangle, I put the cereal in the cart and continued shopping.

Next I had to get some milk. The skim milk was on the bottom shelf. There was no one around, so I opened the cooler. The blast of cool air made my little pink nipples rock hard under the thin cotton dress. As I squatted down, my dress fell apart and ended up on each side of my legs. With my knees apart in the squatted position, my beaver was right out in the open.

Suddenly, a man walked up behind me and reached for the vitamin D milk located on the shelf above me. When the man saw all of my exposed flesh, he pretended to look at the expiration date on the label. I was frozen in the vulnerable position. I don't know if he was gazing at my pink nipples or admiring my pussy lips. Either way, he was getting a great show because I was too paralyzed to move. After standing there for the longest time, the man's wife grabbed him by the ear and led him away. She gave me a dagger of a dirty look in the process.

I needed some eggs and the eggs were right across from a magazine rack where three eighteen-year-olds boys were standing. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hide my nakedness from the boys, so I just let go of my dress and hoped for the best. I was bent over for the longest time checking each carton for the best eggs. I kept my knees straight when I bent over and I could feel the short hem of my dress riding way up on my bare butt. I could feel that almost my entire ass was on display for the boys. I really enjoyed showing off for the boys.

When I turned around, the bulges in the boys' pants actually looked like they were throbbing. I opened the cartoon of eggs again for one last inspection. The bottom of my dress was open enough to give the boys a good look at my pussy hair. I gave the boys another treat and leaned way over to put the eggs in the cart. They had an unobstructed view of my bare titties, as my dress was wide open on top. Unfortunately for me, the boys were soon treated to an even better view of my naked breasts and puffy pink nipples. As I stood up, my dress got caught on the cart and another button popped off. The guys let out a gasp. I was one button away from total public nudity!

I put my hands on the sides of my face and said, "Oh no. I've lost another button. I only have one left. What am I going to do?"

The boys were speechless. My nice pink nipples were covered, barely, but my neatly trimmed brunette bush was almost completely exposed for the boys to see. I turned and strolled away, but the boys wouldn't let me out of their sight. As I picked up the rest of my items, the boys always seemed to be near by, hoping for a peek at my breasts, butt or beaver. It was difficult to shop for groceries and hold my dress together.

Remembering that I was going to have to get back on the bus, I decided to buy a box of safety pins. It was fun teasing the boys in the store, but I was going to need a little more protection on the way home. I grabbed a box of the pins and headed for the checkout counter. There were stock boys, customers and even a butcher watching me as I paid for my groceries. There was an old lady running the cash register and she seemed jealous of the attention I was receiving.

The old lady said, "Do you always dress like a slut when you go out in public?"

I replied, "For your information, my buttons popped off accidentally. I also lost my underwear accidentally. Thank goodness I'm buying safety pins, otherwise I don't know how I'd get home."

The old lady said with a grin, "Yes, it would be a shame for you to be humiliated in public like that."

I just ignored the old lady as I took my two bags of groceries and left the store. The bus was waiting at the stop outside the store, so I hurried and got on. I tried to hold the groceries in front of me as I made my way to my seat. As an old man moved in the opposite direction to get off of the bus, he reached out and tugged on my dress as I walked by.

He said, "Hey girlie, you're missing some buttons. Hee, Hee!"

I was mortified! When the old man tugged on my dress, the last button broke off. Now there was nothing left to hold my dress together. I hurried to the last seat and began searching through the grocery bags for the safety pins. Damn, the safety pins weren't there! The old witch at the grocery store must have purposely forgot to put them in my bag. She was probably laughing, thinking about the precarious situation I was in.

Thankfully, the bus was nearly empty. That is until the next stop. The local high school was letting out and a group of eighteen-year-old seniors got on the bus. There were five boys and two girls. They all decided to sit around me. The group was looking at me and laughing as I desperately tried to hold my dress together. One of the girls was a little blonde in a blue and yellow cheerleader's outfit.

She leaned over, held out her hand and said, "Hi. My name is Rachel."

I nodded hello, but held my position.

The little brat continued in a sassy voice, "Where I come from, it's customary to shake hands when you meet someone."

The boys snickered and I said, "I'd rather not."

She said, "Oh come on," and grabbed the hand that was holding my top together.

She firmly gripped my hand and continued to shake hard, causing my breasts to bounce and freeing them from the cover that my dress provided. My tits were out in the open and the boys loved it.

She said sarcastically without letting go of my hand, "Wow, your buttons are missing and your boobies are showing!"

One of the boys turned to the other girl, a redhead in denim shorts and a T-shirt and said, "Hey Tracey, wouldn't you like to meet this girl, too?"

The girl paused for a second, then looked over at the boys with a devilish grin. I thought to myself, "Oh no, don't grab my other hand," but that's exactly what she did.

She leaned over and said, "Hi, my name is Tracey," then reached out and took the hand holding the bottom of my dress together.

The dress fell wide open. My breasts and pussy were completely exposed for the boys to see. Between the girls shaking my hands and the motion of the bus, my boobs bounced around like crazy. I never felt so embarrassed in my life.

The blonde cheerleader reached over with her other hand and began massaging one of my naked breasts.

She said, "Hey guys, you have to feel these. They're nice and firm. Her nipples are real hard, too.

A couple of the guys started to touch my tits and caress my nipples, then the redhead actually reached down between my legs! She started running her long, red fingernails through my dark pubic hair. I tried to hold my legs together, but the boys forced them apart.

The redhead said, "Don't be shy. The boys just want to know if you have a moist pussy."

She dipped her fingers between my legs and I must admit, it felt good. My breasts were being massaged and my pussy was being stroked while a small audience watched. This went on for a while and the feeling was really beginning to build up inside of me. I was about to reach an orgasm and this caused me to let my guard down.

The redhead said in a soft voice, "Does that feel good?"

I moaned, "Yes. Please don't stop!"

The little blonde sensed that I was about to reach fulfillment and decided to torment me.

She said, "Everyone stop for a second. I have an idea of how to help this poor girl."

I sighed, "Please don't stop. I'm almost finished."

It didn't matter. Everyone followed the cheerleader's orders and moved back to their seats. I sat there feeling very frustrated. Then the cheerleader took a T-shirt out of her backpack.

She asked, "Why don't you take your dress off and put this on?'

I was a little apprehensive about taking my dress off completely in front of all those boys. Then I decided they'd seen everything already, so I stood up and slipped my dress off. I draped it over the back of the cheerleader's seat. I was now standing on a public bus in front of a group of boys that I didn't know and I didn't have a stitch of clothing on.

The little blonde said, "Turn around. Let me see if this T-shirt will fit you."

The boys were now admiring my firm, tan butt while the girl held the T-shirt up to my shoulders.

The bratty cheerleader said, "Oh what a shame, this shirt will never fit," as the bus came to a halt.

The doors opened and the cheerleader quickly stood up and said, "This is our stop. Good luck little naked girl!"

In the confusion, they got off the bus taking the T-shirt and my dress with them. Before I realized what had happened, the doors on the bus were closed. I could see the group waving my dress in the air and laughing as the bus pulled away. That little brat took my only clothing. I shrieked in horror as I came to the realization that I would have to make it the rest of the way home totally nude!

There were a few older men and women left on the bus. They refused to acknowledge me, but the men weren't afraid to stare at me. I just sat back in my seat with my arms at my sides. I even spread my legs a little letting them gaze at my bouncing breasts and brunette bush. I was too tired to fight it anymore.

When the bus came to my stop, I just picked up my grocery bags and walked towards the door. The old men had an unobstructed view of my beautiful bare buns as I left the bus. Luckily, it was a short walk to my condo. I held my head high, and proudly displayed my bouncing boobs, firm little butt and neatly trimmed brunette bush to anyone that wanted to look.

I passed a man walking his dog and I heard a few horns honk. Other than that, I made it back to my home without further incident. Even though I didn't see anybody in my condo complex, I'll bet there were many people watching me from their windows. I entered my condo and sat down on the couch. So much for never exposing myself in public again!

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