tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPenny Gets a Contract Pt. 01

Penny Gets a Contract Pt. 01


Fictional story about fictional characters.

(MF, oral, anal)


Penny was almost immediately depressed. She had just said "good bye" to her neighbor, Leonard, and watched him join his fellow nerds on a three-month scientific adventure to the North Pole.

As soon as she had closed her apartment door Penny had come to the surprising sudden realization that she was actually in love with the adorable nerd scientist, and she missed him already. She could still feel her pussy tingle from Leonard's tongue, he may be a nerd, but he knew how to eat and lick her pussy, making her cum so hard she would squirt, no one had ever made her do that before.

Wearing a cropped tank top that stopped just below her firm tits and hung off her hard nipples, Penny could still feel his hands on her bare ass, squeezing her firm ass cheeks. She was getting horny again; she wanted Leonard to fuck her again before he went, but he told her he didn't have time. She loved the way his thick eight-inch cock fit in her tight cunt. She turned from the door and went to the kitchen cabinet and got a bottle of wine, then sat down on the sofa.

Penny was working on her third glass of wine when she decided to watch her latest video. She turned on the TV and DVD player then pushed play, the screen lit up with a close-up of her straddling her costars waist, and bouncing up and down on his thick cock. She liked the way her puffy labia gripped his cock as it slid out of her hole, then wrapped around his balls when she bottomed out on it, cum was leaking out and running down the his cock and balls.

Penny didn't want to do porn, but she did love to fuck and was good at it. The two films she did paid very well, $2000 each. She also did a live sex show and got paid $5000. She did some nude modeling but the money wasn't that great. She did like to show off her body and got horny doing it.

The photographers she posed for all told her how fantastic her body looked. Her 5'10" 36D-24-34 body with her long legs and firm ass, and long blond hair drew a lot of attention. When she went out she wore short body hugging dresses to show off her firm tits, legs and ass. Her dresses were low cut to display her cleavage and as her tits were firm, she hardly ever wore a bra, allowing her large hard nipples to show. She only wore thongs, and she kept her mound and pussy cleanly shaved. When she was feeling really sexy, she didn't wear anything under her clothes. When she was nude, her classic thigh-gap allowed her ample labia to be seen between her legs. When she wore shorts her labia formed a very prominent camel-toe, which she made no effort to hide, she liked the attention she got.

Before she knew it she had shoved two fingers in to her dripping wet pussy and used her thumb to rub her clit. Her whole body was tingling. She needed to be fucked, then remembering the present that the producer, Larry Blackwell, had given her for her performance in his last film; she staggered to the bedroom and retrieved the package hidden under the nightstand. Heading back to the front room she removed her tank top and tossed it on the bed.

Penny sat on the sofa and opened the package, removing her new toy, a 12-inch black rubber dildo. It looked like the real thing, with a large knobby head and thick veins running down and around the long thick shaft. It had tennis ball-sized ball at the bottom with a handle and suction cup to attach it to a hard surface. A large bottle of what Larry called stimulating lube was included. She spread lube over the dildo and her pussy.

She leaned back on the sofa, pulled her knees up and spread her legs. She rubbed the head of the dildo along the folds of her labia spreading it apart. She worked it deeper until she felt it at her hole, adding more pressure she felt her pussy stretching open to except it. With a quick push and pump of her hips it slipped into her pussy. She slowly pushed more and more of the huge dildo into her pussy, feeling it stretch her hole and tunnel as it moved further into her cunt. Sliding it in and out of her widely stretched cunt it rub on her clit sending jolts of pleasure thru her body. She worked it deeper and deeper, wanting to take it all.

As she was recovering from a strong climax, the phone rang. Not wanting to stop, and content to let the answering machine pick-up the call, she continued to work more of the dildo in to her very wet pussy. When she heard Larry Blackwell leaving a message about a part in his new film, she sat up and reached for the phone. As she leaned forward to grab the phone, her ass slipped off the edge of the sofa and landed on the floor shoving the dildo all the way into her pussy. Her breath was coming in gasps as she went thru a massive climax. She entire body was quivering; her pussy clamped down on the dildo like a vice, and flood of cum was running out of her pussy.

Penny felt the ball pushing against her pussy hole. She looked down seeing that her labia had completely enveloped the ball of the dildo, and a puddle of cum had formed on the floor. Her body continued to quake with orgasm after orgasm. She couldn't stop moving her hips around, feeling the dildo moving around in her pussy. She felt the ball pushing her pussy open wider as it slid in. The pressure on his clit as the ball popped into her cunt set off non-stop climaxes, her pussy closed around the ball pulling the dildo in deeper, ounce she came down from her climax high, she raised up off the floor pulling the dildo out of her stretched open pussy.

Penny sat down on the sofa and played the Larry's message.

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by Anonymous

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by lamo66808/21/18

Too Short

Please make the stories longer....love your style

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by Anonymous08/09/18


Can you add kaley cuoco as a tag please so it’s easier to find

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by hokie345708/09/18


A very nice start. Loved Kaley’s use of Larry’s “gift”! And I agree with the other poster 5 ft. 10 in. is way, way too tall for Penny. Looking forward to additional chapters (with a 5’ 5” ormore...

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by Anonymous08/09/18

Don't think Kaley Cuoco is feet ten, more like five feet five.

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by Anonymous08/09/18

Good entertaining story. More TBBT stories always welcome.

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