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Perfect Evening


I wrote this for a friend to give to his current SO, he encouraged me to post it. Thanks again to my marvelous editor Teknight. I'm sorry for the diabetes the story gave you. *hugs* Your the bestest editor ever. All characters in this story are over 18.


It's early in the evening, an hour till sunset. The sun is warm on our skin and the smell of the sea next to us fills our senses. The table is garnished with two small vases of the deepest red roses I could find. A single white rose sat in the middle of the table standing higher than the others. It was a sign of my love for you and how you mean more to me than anything else. The smile on your ruby red lips and the look in your heart-stopping eyes, making me fall in love with you all over again.

Dinner is served to us with some sweet red Merlot. We talk endlessly about anything and everything. All the while, I can't help but see how beautiful you are, how amazing it is to be with you and how lucky I am to be your man. The way the sun gently brushes your face and highlights your hair is mesmerizing. When we're both finished eating, I slowly stand up and walk over to you.

Bending to give you sweet kisses, our tongues meet allowing us to enjoy the taste of one another. Gently I slip my hand into yours noticing how soft it is compared to mine. Lightly I squeeze your hand and help you stand. I'm so in love with you everything seems to be moving in slow motion, I can't help but wish this could last forever. Slipping my hand around your waist and placing it on your hip; I guide you as we walk down to the waterline to look at the horizon.

The sun is beginning to set and my timing is perfect. We stop for only a moment to feel the warmth of the sand beneath our bare feet, working it in between our toes and feeling the coolness of the sand beneath the surface. Looking at you I see you smiling, I can't help but wonder what's going through your mind right now.

Walking further down the beach and closer to the surf we await the cool rush of the ocean against the tops of our toes. The ocean nips at our feet as we keep walking, still talking, enjoying each others' company. Stopping, I spin you around just as the sun begins to set. The sky is a beautiful collage of reds, blues, yellows, and purples. The moon can be seen behind us just above the earth. The breeze blowing in from the sea, chilling our skin and sending goose bumps across our arms.

Leaning into me you slip both of your arms lovingly around my neck and gently pull me down towards you. Gazing into each others' eyes we tell one another that we love each other. Still smiling I bend down slightly and our lips meet. Our kisses are so gentle, ensuring there's no doubt in either of our minds that we care for each other. We stand like that for several minutes, allowing our tongues to dance, exploring each others mouths. Giving you soft kisses on your neck, I notice your chest pressed slightly more into mine, your breathing getting a little deeper and your sighs more noticeable.

I whisper into your ear, "If there's a heaven, I hope this is it. I hope I can feel the softness of your cheek against mine, the warmth of your breathe on my neck, the taste of your lips on my tongue; I wish I could hear your voice tell me you'll love me forever. I love you Princess." As I lean back you notice a gleam in my eyes that wasn't there before, but you ask no questions.

Continuing, we walk arm in arm further towards a group of palm tress that tower over tiny spots of yellow and orange that flicker in the wind. As we get closer you see that they're torches, 6 of them, outlining a circle. Noticing the blanket in the middle, you look up at me without lifting your head. Your smile that tells me I wouldn't have had a choice about what was going to happen soon. Giving you a quick kiss on your lips while slightly squeezing your hip, I smile back.

Stopping me at the edge of the circle you kiss me before you walk towards the middle. Standing on top of the blanket you look around, to the sky and back at me. The white blouse you're wearing crosses just above your breasts and ties in a knot behind you. The fabric shines like silk in the light of the torches. You have on a blue skirt that stops halfway between your hips and your knee. Giving me a devilish look you beckon me to the middle.

Moving towards you my nose is engulfed with a mixture of ocean, palm, and smell of burning wicks soaked in kerosene. When I reach you, you grab my hands, intertwining our fingers and putting them behind my back. You kiss me on my neck softly, lovingly. Working your way up to my cheek and across to my lips then I feel your tongue slip between my lips, finding its way to my tongue, meeting it gently. Tasting the wine on your lips and your tongue, sends a chill down the length of my spine.

Releasing my hands you start to undo my belt buckle. Reaching behind you I slowly untie the knot in your shirt. Our lips part and I see your face. Looking at me with pure love in your eyes, you gently bite the right side of your lip with your head slightly tilted to the right. Once you've worked my buckle loose you unbutton my khaki shorts, letting them slide down my legs. I've loosened the knot in your blouse and let the ends fall to your side.

Running both of my hands up the middle of your chest, I brush the sides of your breasts with my palms. Sliding my hand up to your neck I cup your face in both hands, and we lock our lips together again. Skimming my hands across your shoulders I carefully push your blouse off, letting it fall to towards the earth, exposing your beautiful, bare breasts.

Our heads touch as we lean slightly into each other, our breathing getting heavier. Putting both hands on your waist I slip them across the top of your ass towards the zipper in the back. Reaching for my shirt, you undo each button with more speed the closer you get to the bottom. I grab your zipper with one hand, my other across the top of your ass holding the other side, and unzip your skirt. You slide my shirt off my shoulders as your skirt falls to the tops of your feet.

You kiss my bare chest as I reach down to slide your panties off. Only you aren't wearing any so I feel the coolness of your ass against my palm. I lean back letting you see one eyebrow rise higher than the other inquiringly. You only smile and blow me a kiss.

You slip your hands into the waistband of my boxers. Kneeling you pull my clothes over my hips, running your hands the length of my thighs to my ankles, as you pull them off completely. Seeing that my cock is hard you can't help but give my head a kiss. Grabbing you underneath your arms I just shake my head and smile. You give me a funny look, as if to say what the hell are you thinking. Instead of saying anything, you lay down on the blanket and put your arms out, asking me to lay down with you.

When you reach out to grab a hold of me, I grab your wrists and place them above your head. I whisper to you that you're not allowed to move now. Not yet. As you lay there in disapproval, I place my finger tips on your cheek. Slowly I run them around your face, your lips and your neck. Grabbing your wrists when you try to move again I hold them in one hand to keep you still.

I continue running my finger tips on your neck and across the top of your chest. Gently I brush my skin against your breast, running my finger tips in circles around your nipple but never touch it. Hearing you sigh in disappointment as you begin to pant makes me grin. Running my hand across your chest I tease your other nipple, but again my fingers move on without touching it. Working my fingers underneath your breasts and across the top of you stomach I reach your hips and start across your thigh. Reaching your knee I go no further, I'd have to release your wrists if I do and I may not be able to finish.

I run my palm down the inside of your leg, towards your aching pussy. As my fingers get closer you start breathing faster and your eyes close. Biting down on your lip you arch your back slightly. My fingers reach your lips and you release your breath. Feeling your warmth and wetness on my finger tips I continue across towards your other thigh. Lifting your head up you whisper, the most loving words I've heard all night: "Asshole."

Smiling at you I give you a kiss and run my hand back towards your awaiting pussy. When I reach it, you bite down gently on my bottom lip. Teasing your lips I spread your wetness around. With two fingers I part your lips as my thumb teases your clit. Releasing my lip and put your head back down. As I feel your muscles tense in preparation to force your hands lose, I slip a finger inside of you.

Your eyes shoot wide open and you look me in the eyes. Working my finger around I slide it back and forth inside you, loving the warmth and wetness of you and longing to taste you. Pulling out I lick my fingers, savoring the taste. Releasing your wrists I sit up and you reach across and grab my shoulder. You pull me on top of you, not allowing me to taste your pussy, telling me you want me inside of you when you hear me moan slightly in disappointment.

Reaching down you grab the base of my cock, leading my head to the softness of your pussy. Feeling the heat and your juices on my cock, I growl thrusting my cock in your hand. With your other hand, you grab my hip and pull me inside of you, slowly. Gasping your mouth opens and your head tilts back as I slide my dick deep inside you, not stopping until I'm all the way in. Grabbing the back of my neck with both hands you start kissing me.

Pulling out until the tip of my dick is barely inside of you, I pause before I slowly push back inside of you. You raise your hips slightly and let out a soft moan. Increasing my speed while we kiss, you meet my thrusts by raising your hips into mine, making my dick go as deep inside as it can every time. The contrast of the coolness of your thighs against mine and the heat of your pussy is driving me crazy. Feeling your body tensing under me, your moaning stops and you stop moving, I keep sliding my dick deep inside you, faster and faster. With a scream, your eyes roll back, and I feel you orgasm as your pussy tightens around my cock. On the edge of cumming I stop to regain some control so we can enjoy each other longer.

Pushing against my shoulder you roll me over on my back. Gently running your hand up and down the length of my shaft, before you straddle my waist. Leaning down you give me a kiss and guide me back inside your tight, hot, wet pussy, slowly lowering yourself until I'm all the way in. Putting both of your hands on my chest you begin sliding up and down on my dick. Our breathing becomes ragged, our bodies tensing more and more. The sweat on our bodies gleams in the flickering of the fire from the torches.

Leaning over you place both elbows beside my head, and start kissing me on my neck. As you increase your speed I start thrusting back into you, my cock sliding faster in and out of you. With my hands on your hips I pull you down onto me, harder and faster. Your body tenses up again and you whisper in my ear that you're going to cum again.

Tilting my head back I dig it into the sand, wrapping my arms around your back and pulling your breasts into my chest tighter. My heels are digging into the sand now as my balls tighten against my body. I can feel myself about to cum with you and increase my speed. Hearing your gasps and feeling your juices start running down my cock, covering my balls sends me over the edge. As your pussy clenches hard on my cock, you cum screaming my name, causing me to lose it. Lifting my head up I gently bite your shoulder as I thrust one more time deep inside you, letting myself go.

You can feel my arms shake around your body as I cum deep inside you, my dick pulsing, your pussy tightening. Almost gasping for air we let out a shuddering breath. Our bodies shake against each other. Raising your head as I lower mine back down, we've both finally finished cumming, a mixture of each other running down my cock. While I'm still trying to catch my breath, you look me in the eyes and tell me how much you love me and wished this feeling would never stop.

We kiss each other deeply and passionately, sharing our love with one another. You pull away and lay your head on my shoulder, allowing the stiffness in my cock to lower while still inside you. Grabbing the sheet next to us I drag it over our bodies. The rhythm of your heart beat against my chest makes me fall asleep. We both fall asleep as we lay there. Just as I slip off into sleep, I whisper, "I love you sweetie, I'll love you forever."

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