tagBDSMPlay Nice with Your Toys

Play Nice with Your Toys


Her Majesty said that the next time we played, she was going to use my toy on me.

I didn't think she meant My Toy.

Her Majesty stands in front of me as we begin the scene. She orders me to strip down to panties and stockings. I obey. She tells me to stand in front of the cross, facing away from it. She snaps the carabiners into place around my wrist cuffs and attaches them to the rings in the cross. I pull at the restraints, pleased at the sound of metal scraping against metal.

"I have a little surprise for you, my dear," she says, petting my hair. I smile -- Her Majesty's surprises are always the best. She motions to My Toy, who has been sitting nearby.

"I said I was going to use your Toy on you..and use her I shall." Her Majesty grabs a handful of Toy's hair and yanks her head back. Her Majesty orders Toy to remove my panties and stockings -- but she can only use her mouth and the metal claws in my toybag.

I was already wet, and hearing this makes me even wetter. I love being teased. Going straight for the nipple or my clit is a turn-off - what gets me going is teasing my hot spots -- the curve of my hip, my inner thigh, my wrists -- all places a warm, willing mouth can make me very happy.

Toy slides the metal claws onto her fingers and kneels in front of me. She runs the sharp toys up and down my legs. I can feel the nylon snag on the claws; she'll be able to rip the stockings into shreds easily. She plays with the fabric, hooking a claw into a run and sliding it down to rip the material and tease the skin beneath. Sharp objects and shredded clothes...they feature prominently in some of my hottest memories and longed-for fantasies.

I can feel her breath against my thighs through the holes in the hose. I squirm against the sensation, but am jolted by the warm wetness of her tongue on my hip. I breathe in sharply -- half moan, half groan. My Toy slides her tongue under the lace of my panties and grips it in her teeth. She yanks and the material slides down slowly. This will not happen quickly -- a fact I relish and dread. With every bite, lick and kiss, I moan louder and writhe.

She alternates bites, licks and kisses as she works the thong down -- over my hips and down to my knees. The panties fall to the floor, and Toy looks up at Her Majesty as if to ask how she did. Her Majesty praises My Toy for a job well done.

Her Majesty scratches her nails over my breasts, saying: "Look at you - you're all turned on. What should we do about that, hmm?" I hear the snap of the glove and soon feel Her Majesty's finger sliding between the folds of my pussy.

"You are incredibly wet," she says. "I almost think we should put down a tarp so you don't drip on everything."

I blush, turned on and embarrassed at the same time. I love being told I'm wet, or turned on -- and there's a part of me that's turned on my being humiliated for my slutty eagerness.

Together, Her Majesty and My Toy secure my wrists to the cross -- I am naked but for shreds of nylon, collar and cuffs. I am spread-eagle, restrained, helpless, exposed and vulnerable.

It's fucking hot.

Her Majesty pulls out my favorite purple dildo and hands it to My Toy with orders to rub it against my pussy. My Toy teases me with the dildo, rubbing it over my slick folds and clit until the friction becomes almost unbearable. I struggle against the restrains and begin to beg. Her Majesty pretends not to understand what I want, but finally relents. I can feel her finger slip inside me -- one, then two -- and she begins thrusting. I rock against her hands -- the pressure on my clit and the feeling of being filled shoots me into an incredible space where I am close to coming.

Hovering on that edge, riding the sensation of being close to hurtling over -- I usually delay my orgasms for as long as possible to keep feeling that sweet mix of pleasure and wanting. Eventually, though, I can feel my muscles clench and I know I'm so lose that I won't be able to hold off much longer.

A scream rips through me as I come and I moan, the pulsing rushing through me over and over until the sensations begin to fade in intensity. I ride the aftershocks, my body jolting and spasming, my moans growing softer. Her Majesty slides her fingers out and removes the glove. She and My Toy undo the restraints and pull me close, helping me to the floor and a blanket. They curl around me, cuddling me and stroking my hair. Somewhere in my mind, I can hear them talking...but right now I'm flying high, safe and satisfied.

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