tagNovels and NovellasPlaying Santa Ch. 03

Playing Santa Ch. 03

byBjorn Wild©

The next morning, I arrived in a very jovial mood. I smiled all through the makeup session with Liz. She finished and cracked, "You seem to be getting into this role, Santa. I’ve never seen you this jolly."

When Heidi came in to help with my costume, I was already down to my boxers. She had a different look on her face, a kind of silly grin. As she helped me get into the pants, I could have sworn she intentionally brushed my cock.

Friday and Saturday were very busy nights. There were kids there all evening and although I saw Rachel and Heidi, all I could do was wave to them. On Monday night, Rachel again came by with dinner. She explained that she couldn’t send the other helpers away, but she wanted to stop by after work and see if Santa had anything else for her. The rest of the evening was a little slow anyway and seemed to really drag by with my anticipation of what was to come. I hope none of the kids noticed my half-stiff candy cane in my pants as they told me about Barbie dolls and fire trucks.

At ten o’clock, the old helpers told me good night and headed for the door. I went into the little lounge to gather my things. I was about to give up ten minutes later when Rachel came in. "Sorry I’m late, Santa. I had to go out and pretend I forgot my purse because Mrs. Shattuck walked out with me." As she was saying this, she came up and tried to hug me. She was about five foot two or three and the top of her head came only to the middle of my well-padded chest. Her long black hair hung down to her shapely little ass. She could not reach all the way around me.

I gently pushed her away and began removing my jacket. Rachel helped me with that, the fat vest, and my t-shirt. When it was off, I reached for her again. I could feel the nipples of her B-cup boobs pressing against my chest through her red silk dress. I reached behind her and started unzipping the dress. She just continued to press against me. When the zipper was down to the top of her ass, she stepped away and shrugged out of it. As it pooled at her feet, she stepped out of it and back toward me. I scarcely had time to admire her slender body, now wearing only a pair of red silk bikini panties and her red heels. I moved back to the couch and sat, pulling her onto my lap. This brought our faces to the same level. We began kissing deeply and I let my right hand slip up to tease her nipples as my left hand stroked her hair. Between kisses, I told her how beautiful she looked. In the middle of a tongue tangling kiss, she moaned as I tweaked her nipple between my thumb and fingers.

Rachel pulled away. I bent down and sucked her left tit into my mouth, completely covering it. I twirled my tongue around her nipple. She moaned again. I repeated this with the other breast and then alternated as she moaned and kissed the top of my white head. Then she moved again and began kissing down my chest. She slid off my lap and continued down my stomach. I reached her creamy ass cheek and squeezed gently. She pushed back into my hand and continued her journey down to the top of my pants. Suddenly she stood and reached for me. I stood and she helped pull my pants to the floor. I stepped out of them along with the padding. Rachel was on her knees. She reached up and pulled my boxers down, allowing my rod to spring free. She caressed it from my balls to the tip and then took the head into her little mouth. She sucked on the first two inches while one hand pumped the shaft and the other cupped and played with my balls. I held her head as I sat back down. She kept a grip on my cock and moved her petite ass onto the couch, then went back to work on my stiffy. I used the opportunity to again lean over and begin stoking her ass. I gradually worked my hand down to the hem of her panties. I wiggled a finger underneath the silken fabric. Rachel shifted her ass again, lifting it up off the couch, but kept her warm, soft mouth working on my cock.

I played a finger across her crack and asshole which brought a tightening to her buns, followed by a push against my hand. I moved my hand away and brought it in under her belly. I slipped into the waistband of her panties and tangled my fingers in her sparse bush. I reached a little further and felt the warm wetness of her slit. I moved a finger back and forth across it and suddenly slipped inside her waiting pussy. I stroked into it and back across her clit several times. I used my other hand to move her panties to uncover that tight little ass and squeeze it again.

I was trying to ignore her ministrations, but suddenly realized I was very close. I told her so, but she kept right on going. Finally I could hold back no longer and blasted a load into her mouth. Rachel coughed a couple of times, but kept right on sucking until I quit spurting. Then she looked up at me and smiled. Her red tongue darted out to catch a stray drip. I stroked her hair and told her again how beautiful she was. Rachel then did something totally unexpected. She stood and removed her panties completely, then went right back to sucking and licking my shrinking member. I played with her ass and pussy and desperately wanted to lick it, but for some reason, she resisted my efforts.

Finally I said, "Rachel, let me taste you. You are so wet."

"Not today. I haven’t had a shower," was all she took time to say and went right back to work reviving my dick.

When I knew it was hard again, I pulled her up and kissed her hard on the mouth. She climbed higher on my body and reached back between her legs to guide me into her waiting snatch. It was velvety smooth, tight, wet, and warm. She slowly slid completely down onto me. We tongued each other furiously as she rode my cock.

This time was much better than the day before. I could watch as my cock disappeared inside her on her downstroke. As she raised up, I could see her lips cling to my pole, trying to pull it back in. She gradually speeded up, fucking me for all she was worth and suddenly slammed down onto me, wrapped her arms around me tightly, and squealed. Her body trembled and her pussy gripped me tightly.

When her orgasm had subsided, I lifted her up off of my cock and set her gently onto the couch. She was protesting, thinking I was ready to stop. I helped her get onto her knees on the couch and fingered her pussy. She moved her legs apart and waggled her ass. I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her slit. On the third time, Rachel pushed back and I slipped inside. I began fucking her faster and faster. She reached between her legs and played with her clit. It didn’t take long before I tensed and shot my load deep within her as her pussy contracted and gripped my cock. I popped out and we slid together onto the couch.

We were lying there getting our breath back when I heard something., just a slight movement on the other side of the wall. Then we both heard Heidi’s voice and a knock on the partition separating us from the sleigh. "Santa, I mean Lars, are you still here?"

Rachel and I scrambled for clothes. "Just a minute. I’m getting dressed." Heidi appeared around the corner while I was still pulling my jeans on. Rachel only had her dress half way over her head. And was shimmying into it.

Heidi stopped and turned away. She muttered and "excuse me" and waited a moment. Rachel was blushing deeply and I am sure I was too.

"I didn’t know you were busy. I just wanted to let you know the night security guard will be around in another 15 to 20 minutes. Wanted to make sure you got everything gathered and out in time."

Now this seemed a little odd to me. Did she check any other nights when I was already gone? Why tonight? Ell, I wasn’t going to let it bother me. "Thanks, Heidi. I’m heading out now." She turned and looked at the two of us. I kissed Rachel’s forehead and then her lips. "Don’t forget, Santa knows if you’ve been good. You are way better than good. I’ll see you tomorrow."

We all three walked to the exit. We waved and headed on our own ways home.

To be continued...

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