tagNovels and NovellasPlaying Santa Ch. 04

Playing Santa Ch. 04

byBjorn Wild©

Playing Santa Ch. 04

I came in on Tuesday as usual and headed for the Shady Lady. On my way, Mrs. Shattuck stopped me in the nearly empty mall. "Lars, I have a favor to ask you," she began. "Every year we have a little party for the mall employees and some of the store personnel. It’s after closing on Christmas Eve. Do you think you could come and play Santa? We have a little gift exchange and I’d like you to hand out the presents."

Of course I agreed. The party would be Friday night and would be held in the Furniture Barn store in the middle of the mall.

When I got to the Shady Lady, Rachel and Heidi were deep in conversation as they had their hair done. When I entered, they both looked up and smiled. Rachel blushed a little. I said good morning to them both and they returned the greeting.

I went straight back to the little room at the back and Liz came in shortly. As she started to do the makeup, Liz was smiling and gossiping. "I understand you and our little Rachel have hit it off. I think that’s just great."

With her busy on my face, I could only manage, "Uh-huh," through closed lips.

She went on a while about how great that was and then, "Now you two need to be careful. We wouldn’t want the security guard or Mrs. Shattuck catching you. If you need a more private place, let me know and you can use my office."

I sort of said, "Thanks" through the mask of goop she was applying. I thought, "Do these women tell each other everything? The way she gossips in here, everyone in the mall will know before the day is over."

When Liz had finished, she went out to get Heidi. I was surprised when Rachel came in with her. She walked up and kissed me. I kissed her back and reached around her, squeezing her ass lightly.

Heidi said, "I’m sorry I walked in on you two last night. I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much, Lars."
"Not if you weren’t embarrassed, Heidi." I couldn’t help but wonder how long she had really watched before we saw her.

Rachel leaned away from my while still in my arms. "Should I meet you here after you get off work to help you out of that suit?" she asked with a wink.

"I think that’s a great idea," I answered. "That way I won’t have to drive home in it." I gave her another kiss and whispered, "Besides, I think there’s something I promised to do for you." I was thinking about the fact that I had not yet tasted her pussy. From the shade of crimson on her face as she reacted, I am sure she was too.

"Well, I have to get to the office. See you later." Rachel gave my cock a little squeeze as she left.

Heidi had stood by and watched and grinned her little pixie smile the whole time this exchange went on.

As she started to help me get dressed, she said, "You know, Rachel and I don’t have any secrets. We share everything. She was embarrassed to tell you, but she has never had anyone, uh, kiss her, you know, down there." Now Heidi looked embarrassed. "I’m sure she would enjoy it, but she’s afraid she might taste funny or something."

"Women in beauty shops must talk about everything," I thought to myself. "Well, I’m sure she doesn’t need to worry about that," I said as I imagined myself diving in to her beautiful snatch. "How come you’re embarrassed to talk about it? You seem to talk about everything with Rachel and Liz."

Heidi again looked unsure and then softly explained, "Well partly because I’m talking to you and partly because… well … you see…" She had stopped getting me dressed. Then she continued, "My husband has never done that to me either."

"Never? Nobody has ever?" I looked at her as if she had said, "I’ve never eaten ice cream."

She looked a little upset and started to explain, "We got married right after high school. We were both virgins. Neither of us knew much about sex. I talk to other people and get all these ideas, but he’s not much for experimenting."

"Well, you should experience it at least once. Maybe you should show him a movie or something."

"Oh, he’d never watch a movie like that!" she exclaimed. Then she changed the subject. "You know, if you’d put on the pants and boots first, you wouldn’t need my help getting dressed every morning, because the belly wouldn’t be in your way."

"I know. I thought of that a few days ago. I kind of like having my own elf to get me dressed though. "I smiled down across my belly padding and started to get down on the floor as usual.

Heidi slid the pants over my feet. Then, instead of pulling them up as she faced me, she faced my feet and began inching the pants up my legs as she faced away. The site I beheld was magnificent. She had on no panties under her skirt. Her feet were on either side of me and her legs spread to give me an unobstructed view as she moved my pants up and brought her pussy closer with each step.

"Mmm," I said in a husky voice, "That looks good enough to eat. Your husband doesn’t know what he’s missing."

Heidi was pulling my pants up around my butt now as I raised up from the floor. She stopped and squeezed my hardening cock. "It looks like you are enjoying the view."

I began rubbing my hands up and down her legs, with her feet planted on either side of my chest. She was so short, I could almost reach the light tufts of blonde hair through which her reddish, swollen lips were protruding. Heidi moved back some more so her pussy was directly above my face and moaned as I reached my goal with my fingers. She was extremely wet and a finger easily slipped in. I slipped it back out.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" I asked. "I mean what about Rachel and your husband? This isn’t right."
"It was Rachel’s idea and what my husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him." She pulled my hand back up to her dripping twat. Who was I to argue?

I fingered her with my right hand and massaged her ass cheek with my left. I gradually pulled her beautiful cunt down to my face. She started a bit when my lips kissed her ass. Gradually she relaxed more and more and began to enjoy her first tongue fucking as I worked over her slit and then teased her clit. She lay across the belly padding and fondled my cock into a raging hard-on. By the time she came in a gushing flow on my face, I had two fingers buried inside her stroking in and out and had sucked her clit between my upper teeth and tongue where I could tease it unmercifully.

I eased off and she gradually calmed down and moved her pussy away from my face so she could reach my cock with her mouth. I lightly fingered her dripping snatch as she sucked and licked my cock to its fullest.

Heidi slid off to the said and cooed, "I have to have this in me. Just once I have to see how it feels. She stood, straddled my body and faced toward me. Suddenly the look on her face went from ecstasy to horror. She stepped away and started reaching for her clothes.

"Stop. Get your pants the rest of the way on." She was hurriedly buttoning up her blouse. I struggled to my knees and looked in the big mirror and saw what she had seen. Her pussy juice had caused my makeup to run. I looked like something from a horror movie instead of a jolly fat man.

I pulled up the leg fat and pants. Heidi exited and returned with Liz into the room. Liz had a huge grin on her face and was shaking her head. "Well, St. Nick, I see we have a little problem." She touched my face and then leaned close and sniffed. "Must have been something you ate." She laughed hysterically at her own joke and then proceeded to wash my face and redo the makeup she had finished only a short time before.

As she worked, Heidi stood off to the side with her eyes downcast and her face glowing crimson in embarrassment. When Liz was finished, Heidi quickly helped me finish getting dressed. She also explained in a whisper that she had really enjoyed this morning, but had a husband and two kids at home. She sadly whispered, "I think maybe I should find someone else to help you get dressed from now on." While she was saying this, I was stroking her ass or breast or whatever was nearby. She didn’t even try to stop me.

"I think that’s wise," I answered, getting a surprised look from her. "You and I seem to be better at the undressing part." Heidi slapped my padded butt and sent me out the door.

Liz winked at me as I walked by and then laughed loudly again as I flushed in embarrassment on my way through the door.

I looked back to see the two women talking in whispers and looking my way as I headed to Santa’s workshop.

Throughout the day, Heidi, Rachel, and even Liz would stop by to see how I was doing and wave. It was very busy and I was disappointed when Rachel didn’t show up at dinner time. I was getting a hard-on off and on throughout the day just thinking about her cute little body, or Hedi’s if she came by.

I was gathering my things and had said goodnight to the helpers when Heidi slipped into Santa’s workshop. She stepped up and grabbed me around the waist. Her arms really couldn’t reach with the padding, but she did try. She stepped back and looked up at me. "I’ve been feeling bad about leaving you in that state ever since this morning," she cooed as she patted my now stiffening member. "I think I should at least take care of that before you go."

With that, she dropped to her knees, taking my pants and shorts with her. She licked and sucked my cock, hidden below the red belly, to its full size. I was enjoying this immensely but also feeling guilty because now I knew she was a married woman and a mother. Finally she stood, still rubbing and caressing my cock. I stroked her silken hair and looked down into her eyes.

"Are you sure about this," I questioned her seriously.

"She squeezed a little harder. "Oh, God yes. My husband is only an inch taller than me and his thing is only about half the size of yours. I have never experienced what Rachel described to me. I have to feel that just one time. Please?"

Heidi looked up at me with lust in her eyes. She was still fondling my cock and balls as she awaited my answer.

I was contemplating the idea when Rachel walked around the partition. "I thought I’d find you two here. Pull those pants up Santa. The guard is on his way. The three of us need to go back over to the Shady Lady if this is going any further." She spun around and headed away.

I stood there dumbstruck for a bit, then Heidi pulled up my pants for me and said, "Hey Santa, let’s go see what you have for a couple of bad, little girls."

"OK, I can’t say no to an elf." We hurried off through the emptying mall.

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