tagMaturePlaythings Pt. 01

Playthings Pt. 01


Stacey felt terrible about being bored. Sean loved this part. He loved meeting new people. He enjoyed flirting with new women. He loved the smiles and the hugs and the sneaky hands on arms or thighs or bare backs. He liked having a drink or two, bullshitting with the husbands and then seducing the wives back to the hotel room.

It was hard to believe that swinging could be boring. It wasn't that she was opposed to it. It wasn't that he was one of those domineering husbands that drug his wife to these things in order to fuck other women. He had even suggested they not go. Sitting at dinner the night before he had suggested they blow off the meet and greet. It wasn't close to the house. It wasn't one where their other friends were planning to go. If she didn't want to go, he was fine with a quiet night at home. For a moment she considered her options. "No, we will go. I know you are looking forward to it," she said. It was a horrible backward sounding way to cover what she was thinking.

Yes, she was bored with "the lifestyle," and was not looking forward to mixing and mingling yet again. She was still excited to go, however. No, she was not enthusiastic about striking up 100 conversations with 100 strangers or the touchy-feely flirty part of the whole evening, but they had a hotel room at the inexpensive chain hotel a block away. At some point in the night, he would meet a new couple. They were above average looking, at least for their age. He was good at the pickup. At some point, he would be talking with some new couple, and she would reach over and grip his forearm — her signal that she liked the male half of the couple.

She hated the meet and greet, but it was a necessary part of the whole ordeal because without it they wouldn't get to the good stuff.

She would never admit it to anyone, ever, but she loved what came after. She was merely there to get fucked — the harder and more impersonal the better. Her husband was a good lover, and if she had to make do with only his cock for the rest of her life she would be fine, but the fact of the matter was, she didn't.

If it was going to happen though, she was going to have to get back in the game. She didn't have to say or do anything in particular. She just needed to stay close to them. She was tall and blonde with a large chest. No one was going to say no to him while she was standing there. Sean was always nice about letting her chose.

She had ordered a glass of wine though, and the bar was busy. She was still waiting on it.

"Hey there," a man's voice said from behind her.

"Hey," she replied without turning around.

"Bored?" he asked.

"No. I'm fine." she lied. He placed a hand on her ass. She resisted the urge to push it away.

"Bullshit." the man said, calling her out. He pressed himself even closer to her. His hand moved from her ass to her hip and then as he pressed his hips against her ass so that she could feel his erection moved higher until it cupped the bottom of her breast. "Are you sick of your domineering husband dressing you up and parading you around these things like some kind of slut."

"Are you calling me a slut?"

"Not at all." the man said. "Wanna fuck?"

"Really?" she asked. "You are just gonna go straight to wanna fuck?"



"I'd say parking lot, bent over the hood of some strangers car, but its cold. We should go in the bathroom."

"In public."


"What if we get caught?"

"With this crowd? they will just Jack off and hope they get asked to join in."

"What if my husband catches us?" She was enjoying herself finally. She needed her wine. She needed to pay. She needed a cock stuffed in her from behind in the men's room.

"He can wait in line with the others."

"Do you have a condom?"

"Of course." the man said. "Come on."

He didn't give her an opportunity to protest. She turned, and he had started walking to the back corner of the bar. He was tall in tight jeans and cowboy boots. Fucking yum.

She didn't kiss him. He held the door to the men's room and seemed to keep an eye out for anyone else headed that direction. She did a quick look behind her and then slipped quickly in front of him making sure to run her tits into his outstretched arm.

There was a man at the urinal. She smiled at his look of surprise. She made no pretense as to why she was there. She walked straight to the counter and assumed a position, not unlike a cop would use to pat her down. She spread her legs a little past shoulder width, flipped her short dress up over her hips revealing her ass, wrapped only in a bright red G-string she wore just because of how it looked at a moment like this one and braced herself for what was coming.

In the mirror she watched the man open the fly of his jeans, tear open the little foil wrapper and slip the condom on his dick. She loved fucking a rubber dick. It was so... slutty. They were typically lubricated and helped a man get a thick cock into her tight pussy without all the inconvenience of foreplay. The man did just as she wanted. He tugged at her panties pulling them aside and without any further ado stuffed his cock into her cunt.

"OH yeah!" she growled. The man from the urinal had finished, turned around, and then stepped closer to watch. "Fuck Yeah!" she growled excitedly.

He wasn't soft or gentle. He didn't make a big deal out of trying different speeds or depths or angles. He didn't stroke or tickle or pinch her. He gripped her hips at the waist, stuffed her full of dick, and then repeated it at an aggressive but not overly quick pace.

She closed her eyes for a while, simply enjoying it, but when she heard the door swing open and close, she had to see. She looked up in the mirror. The man fucking her was grinning. The crowd had grown to five men.

She imagined taking them all on. She wouldn't. That would be gross. She imagined it though, being used like the slutty little fuck toy she was.

He thrust harder and deeper into her. He growled a little.

"Oh Fuck me. Give it to me. Give me your dick. Fuck me!" she said, all part of the show.

She kept expecting him to come. She kept expecting the quicky to be over. She kept expecting him to grunt and back away proud of himself.

Instead, he kept fucking her.

He reached up, gripped the knot that held her halter dress around her neck and pulled. Her dress fell away. She tits dangled. She hated what her tits looked like when she took it from behind. The menagerie gathered to watch didn't. They fucking loved it. She heard them talking. "Look at those fucking tits. Fuck, that's hot."

The man growled.

"Fuck yeah! Give it to me!" she growled.

"Fucking slut loves it," said some stranger from behind her.

She couldn't help it. It happened. It hit her like a firm slap to the back. A sharp, fast orgasm. Her knees weakened, and she would have fallen to the floor except for his hands gripping her hips.

He slapped her ass.

It was her turn to growl. She planted her feet firmly.

He let go of her hips and moved his hand to her hair. He took it up in a wand in his large, strong hand and pulled back. Her tits were on full display. It was going to happen again.

His pace was slow as if he was pausing each time he thrust inside her.

She growled and the second orgasm pulsed through her cunt and her legs and up her back.

And then it stopped.

"Down," he said.


"On your knees," he growled. He pulled out of her.

"Yuck," she said, imagining the bathroom tile. He used her hair to straighten her up. Her dress fell, she was naked but for tiny panties pulled loose.

"Down," he said again.

She did exactly as he instructed. He never let loose her hair. On her knees, she ripped the rubber off his dick. It pulled free with a snap.

She opened her mouth as a courtesy, but he did the rest. He used his free hand to aim it at her face and pulled her by the hair forward until it was in her mouth. He was brutal about it. He forced it into her throat until she gagged and coughed and then thrust his hips.

She didn't even feel it happening, the force of his dick shoved into her was so overwhelming. It burst free of her lips, hot cum, dripping down her chin.

He growled and loosened her grip letting her guide his cock in and out of her lips. She held his hips and moved her face slowly guiding his cock along her tongue the way she knew he liked.

She opened her eyes and looked up to see him watching.

He growled again and then collapsed backward stepping away from her.

"Fucking A dude. Nice." someone said from behind him.

"You're so hot," some guy said to her.

"Thank you!" she smiled.

"I love the come on her tits." an older man said. She looked down, ran a finger over the cum and then used the wet digit to play with her nipple before making a show of licking her finger clean.

"I got next." someone said.

"Sorry man. She has other commitments tonight." The man said.

"I do."

"Yes, you do."

"But I'm all messy." she purred.

"She won't mind cleaning you up." He said.

"She?" she asked him. The men in the room mumbled at the thought. "She?" she wanted to ask her husband. She didn't do shes. She had questions, but he had stepped away and now stood at the urinal taking a long, strong piss.

She? Stacey was confused but, fucked hard and left to clean herself up, grinning stupidly at her husband who never failed to surprise her, she put herself together and waited on him as he finished his business and washed up.

"Happy girl?" he asked as they stepped back into the bar.

"She?" she asked.

At least she wasn't bored anymore.

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