Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control


As her mother was walking around the room slowly and calculatingly and truly admiring herself she was having similar thoughts at the sight of her sinful appearance and thought to herself devilishly,

"Well honey not only do I wish that your father wasn't here, but also you too, so that I could be in the private condo your grandfather put your father and I in this weekend with your boyfriend, just playing with each other and fucking all weekend. Oh god, I'm so horny for Bobby's cock, I wish he was here right now so that I could suck him off then fuck him like crazy. Ohhh I can't wait until he sees me dressed like this tonight. Even though he'll be with you honey I know he'll be thinking about fucking me the way he does three or four times a week! "

After glancing in the mirror once again and seeing her perfect body magnified by the naughty sinful cloths her father had purposely selected for her she suddenly shifted her attention to her him and smiled slyly as she devilishly thought to herself,

"I wonder how many young girls will be around my handsome father tonight. Umm, I wonder what my rich father thinks of my body and if he ever imagined fucking me? Umm I have to admit I've often wondered what my handsome fathers cock would look, taste and fuck like. By the amounts of different young girls he is always with, I have a good idea that he's a real good fuck and that he loves fucking.

Allisons mother went deeper into her immoral thoughts, slyly thinking to herself,

Ummm maybe you and I will get to play with each other sometime father. Maybe we can fly off in your private jet to one of your many villas around the world and spend a week or two just fucking and playing with each other. Maybe it's time I show you just how grateful I am for everything you have done for me and the upscale lifestyle you've provided that I love so much. With all you have done for me and providing us with every luxury imaginable if you wanted to fuck me for a month I would Daddy! I'll do things to your popular cock with my hands, mouth and pussy that no 18 year old could ever think of father."

After we were finished dressing a hair stylist came in to do our hair. My grandfather had even specified how he wanted our hair styled. My mother is a brunette and her hair was done in a shoulder length style and my grandfather had instructed the stylist to have my blond hair put up so that my shoulders were exposed. When our hair was done the woman who assisted us came in with the jewelry we were to wear. My grandfather gave my mother a pair of diamond earrings and a long diamond necklace. The necklace dropped perfectly between her breasts and would draw the attention to her immediately. My earrings were also diamond, but hung down to my bare shoulders. My necklace was a pearl chocker style that drew the attention to my neck. We both knew that the jewelry was extremely expensive and were eager to thank my grandfather.

Their ideas to thank him were exactly the same. Both were devilish and equally sinful. Allison thought to herself deviously,

"Well grandfather maybe when Bobby is asleep tonight I could sneak into your bedroom and have you help undress me. Then I could get into bed with you and show you just how much I appreciate all that you have done for me."

Allisons mother thought cunningily,

"Well father, another extravagant gift to go along with the Lexus and Beverly Hills house and the membership to all the exclusive clubs and to the countless other expensive gifts you have given me. Oh yes, I could definitely see you and I fucking. Maybe I'll fly back to New York and surprise you with my new outfit on. Well, everything except for the dress. Just the stockings and garter belt and these sexy glass platform high heels and this wonderful diamond necklace. Then you'll absolutely know just how bad I want to fuck you and suck that popular cock of yours."

When we were finished my father and my boyfriend returned from the spa and were speechless when they saw us dressed the way we were. My father and boyfriend looked incredible in their expensive new suits that my grandfather had bought for them and the spa treatment also added to their style. When my father remarked on our attire my mother explained that this is what her father selected and expected us to wear at the gala tonight. She went on to say that he personally selected everything for us and was very specific about what he wanted to see both of us in. When my father voiced his disapproval about seeing us dressed so revealingly my mother was quick to point out to him that it would not be in his best interest to go against her fathers request. My mother then told my father in a very sarcastic voice that the lifestyle we had was due to her father providing everything for us. My father thought about the fact that he hasn't worked a job since they were married and deep down inside he knew that the last thing he wanted was to go against my mothers father and have to get a job for himself. My father knew that he couldn't say a word about it and just had to go along with whatever my grandfather wanted. My father secretly knew that my grandfather technically owned us!

I suddenly felt very sexy when my father directed his attention to me and said that seeing me dressed his way made him wish that he was 20 again and that if I wasn't his daughter he jump at the chance to be my date. I then saw a look in my fathers eyes that I have seen hundreds of times from men when I was shopping on Rodeo Drive. My father had the look of lust in his eyes as he starred overtly at my long thin legs in the nude thigh high stockings and then traveled down to the open toe of the black high heel pumps. His eyes then unhurriedly traveled, with a piercing gaze to my big 36DD breast that were billowing out of the deep V cut pink mini dress and then to my turned on inch long nipples that were poking out of the sheer material, advertising that fact that they were turned on and desperately needed to be sucked and played with. It was as if my own father was seeing me as a hot 18 year old fuck instead of his innocent daughter. I had to admit that I was so turned on by the way I was dressed and by the way my father was glaring at my sinful body.

As Allisons father shifted his attention from his sexy 54 year old wife to his sexy 18 year old daughter he said to himself hotly,

"Fuck honey you have a body that was designed for sinful fucking. I may your father, but if you gave me the slightest green light I'd be sucking all over those great big tits and big fat long nipples of yours, then eat that wonderful 18 year old pussy until you came all over my face. After that I'd eat that wild ass of yours until I made it cum. Then I'd fuck that sexy pussy like a wild man in heat. Yeah baby you've got one sexy body that has my fucking attention."

While my father was taking in my body I noticed my boyfriend with his eyes all over my mothers body and by the sly smile she had on her face I could tell that she was enjoying the attention from him too. After Bobby looked at Allison with lust and surprise by the way she was dressed he immediately shifted his desire to her sexy mother who was also dressed for attention and for fucking which they had shared in many times already. Bobby thought to himself frustratingly,

"Fuck you look so fucking hot! And I know your thinking the same fucking thing too baby, that if your stupid ass husband and your bitch of a daughter weren't here we could be fucking all weekend! Fuck, I can't wait to get back to LA to come over and fuck the living shit out of you bitch. You're killing my fucking cock right now!"

The limo drove us to the hotel where the gala in my grandfathers honor was being held. The party was already going on when we entered the ballroom and guest were having cocktails and in conversation. I was amazed at the amount of women that were dressed in a similar way that my mother and I were. They were all dressed teasingly to show off their figures. Many of the young girls wore tight mini dresses with high heels, while the older women wore skin tight gowns that had plunging necklines and deep open backs. Some had long slits running up one side that reveled that they were wearing thigh high stockings underneath and some with a garter belt too. My mother then pointed to my grandfather who was speaking to three Middle Eastern men who were dressed up in white sheiks clothing. I suddenly got very excited at seeing him. My grandfather stood out from every man in the room. He was dressed in a very expensive black European suit with a purple silk tie. His power, status and ruthless nature separated him from everyone at the event and there were many very wealthy and powerful men there too.

A man dressed in a tuxedo came to my mother and me and said that my grandfather requested us. Leaving my father and my boyfriend to get a drink we followed the man and went to my grandfather. As we got closer to him I could see a sly grin develop on his face. He was thoroughly taking in our appearance for the first time and was enjoying this sinful moment. I could tell that he liked what he saw by the expression on his face and I was enjoying this fact immensely. I could also tell that my mother was enjoying his penetrating stare as I saw the eye contact she was making with him. I saw the sudden sly smile on her face as if to say,

"So you do like the way your 54 year old daughter looks. Just say the word and you can have me tonight father."

Allisons mother had the same feeling of competitiveness when she saw her daughter intentionally lick her lips as she walked to her grandfather as if to say,

"I see you looking at my great big tits and my hard turned on nipples grandfather. I know your thinking about the two of us fucking. Lets not think about it, Lets make it happen Frank!"

When they stood by him he gave them a wonderful compliment saying that they looked even more stunning and appetizing then he had imagined, if that was possible. He then gave them each a warm hug then introduced them to the three Middle Eastern men. The men were all prominent sheiks and had done a vast amount of business with my grandfather. They were not that old and looked to be in their early- thirties. They had a sinister quality about them and did not seem warm or friendly. They also seemed somewhat heartless as they looked at us as if we were pieces of meat for their pleasure. They spoke highly of my grandfather and one even said that he was the only man that ever stole a multi million deal away from him and lived to talk about it. My grandfather snickered along with the three men, but there was something brutally honest about what the sheik said that made my mother and I think that he was serious and that my grandfather was as ruthless as all the rumors we had heard. As they talked to my grandfather and the men each looked look us up and down with a deep lustful hunger in their eyes. It was a look that would be degrading to most women, but out of respect to my grandfather my mother and I pretended not to be offended.

We were then ushered into the dinning room for dinner. The dinner was amazing and as we sat with my grandfather and the senior executives in his company it was obvious how powerful he was and how much they clung to his every word. My grandfather was very charming to the wives and to their daughters. Two of the girls that sat at our table were the daughters of his two top executives. Like me they were each with their boyfriends too. I learned that the girls were my age, both 18 like me. One was black and the other was asian. They were both dressed in a very sexy eye catching way themselves. Each had on an ultra tight mini dress that highlighted every curve of their teenage bodies and there long legs too. The asian girl was very skinny and her mini dress had a transparent mesh top that showed her lacy sheer black bra clearly through the transparent material. Her nipples were huge to and the top and the lacy bra did absolutely nothing to conceal how big and hard they were. The black girl had a mini dress that had criss-cross straps that went under her breast and highlighted the exposed tops of her tits. The girls were seated one on each side of my grandfather which I admit that it made me jealous. Although I had to admit that they were very sexy I was the one that wanted to be his personal escort for the evening and I am quite sure that my mother was having similar thoughts too.

The dinner ended with a few speeches from politicians and businessmen who honored my grandfather in the business world. It was easy to see just how connected my grandfather was and that he was a man who could get and have anything he wanted and always got, which included any woman or teenage girl he wanted too. The women were always young and very sexy and always in abundance. After the speeches there was dancing to a party band. It seemed that my grandfather was being pursued by every girl in the room as he danced with so many of them. Although I was jealous I was having a great time dancing with my boyfriend and my grandfathers many business associates. At one point I saw my mother talking to my grandfather and the three Middle Eastern men. They looked as if they were discussing something very serious. As they were talking the three men were being very obvious about taking in my mothers body so openly. At one point I was surprised to see my mother smile slyly at the three men before she walked off. As she walked away from them their eyes were riveted to her body and I had the feeling that she was quite aware of it too.

As the party was going on I noticed the two girls that were seated at our table dancing with their boyfriends then after a while the boys disappeared and my grandfather was dancing with them. I then saw him take the girls to a corner of the room and was talking to them. As the party wore down I overheard my grandfather tell both of the girls parents that he was going to personally take their daughters to a popular members only private club with my boyfriend and I and that they would be staying at his penthouse with me and my boyfriend that evening and that he would have his driver return them the next afternoon. Any person hearing a 74 year old man tell an 18 year old girls parents that he was going to take their daughter to a private club then back to his penthouse would have never allowed it, but because they feared what my grandfather could do to their life and lifestyle they agreed without hesitation.

The party was still going on when we left for the private club. My mother and father stayed dancing and drinking and then went back to the private condo my grandfather owned that he put them in. The club was very wild and featured some of the most popular socialites in the world. It seemed as if they all knew my grandfather too which further showed just how powerful and connected he was. There was a DJ there and we all danced and drank champaign until my grandfather suggested that we call it a night and return to his penthouse. In the limo the girls sat on each side of him and were laughing as they drank champaign. As we drove back to his penthouse my grandfathers eyes were taking in the sight of my body with an almost menacing glare.

He looked at me as if my boyfriend and the two girls weren't even there. His eyes roamed unhurriedly and methodically up my long stocking covered legs. My legs were crossed in a way that he could see the top of the lace thigh high stocking. After taking in the sight of my stocking covered legs and the exposed 6 inch lace top of my stocking he went to my high heel pumps, glancing at the open toe that showed a hint of the nude color stocking. He then grinned hungrily at my big, firm 36DD tits and my huge nipples that were desperate to be sucked; sucked by him!

When we arrived at the penthouse my grandfather had his butler show the girls to a room on one of the upper floors of the ten floor penthouse. My boyfriend and I were on the fourth floor and my grandfather was on the tenth floor. I was so horny from thinking about my sexy, powerful grandfather and thought that Bobby I would fuck, but by the time I took my dress off and my high heel pumps then rolled off my thigh high stockings and got into bed he was snoring like a log.

I must have been exhausted from the long flight and the wild night and fell fast asleep. Because I was so horny I woke up after an hour and went up to the ninth floor to watch TV in one of my grandfathers many game rooms. I noticed that it was about 3:30AM and as I walked up to the ninth floor I heard voices coming from my grandfathers Jacuzzi room. As I went up the stairs the sounds and voices were getting louder and I could tell that they were from a few females and my grandfather. The sounds were more moaning and guttural cries of lust rather then talking. As I approached the open French door I almost died when I heard the sound of gasping then heard one of the girls say,

"Oh fuck, we heard you had a huge cock but we never imagined anything could be this fucking big!"

I was then shocked when I heard the other girl say lustfully,

"Ummm we heard this huge cock could fuck all night...ummm fuck yeah," which caused the other to groan and say,

"Ummmm, fuck yeah-- and we heard this great big cock can pump out buckets of cum too. Ohhhh fuck yeah."

When I turned the corner I was shocked to see that the voices were those of the two girls my age who sat at our table during dinner that evening. I could not believe what they were wearing and doing. At the party they both were wearing very tight short dresses which clung to their every curve. But now it was obvious what they were wearing under those eye catching dresses.

The black girl stood about my height at 5' 8''Her skin was very black which was a contrast to my grandfathers fair skin. She wore her hair straight to her shoulders and her body was very slender. She had very long legs and her breasts were very small, especially compared to my 36DD's. Her measurements looked to be about 34B-24-34. What surprised me was the way she was dressed. By her look I could tell that she came dressed to fuck him. All she was wearing was a pair of sheer smoke-colored thigh high stockings and a black garter belt. She also stood tall in a pair of classic black high heel pumps and her lips were coated in a bright red lipstick. Even though she was my age, she looked very seductive and mature, which made her very naughty. It was clear that she had dressed to turn on and fuck my sexy grandfather.

The asian girl was a little shorter and stood about 5'5" tall. She was very skinny and only weighed about 90 pounds and had an almost flat chest. I guessed her measurements to be about 29A-22-32. She was almost boy like, but in a very sexy way! The thing that made her stand out was her huge, dark brown nipples. Although her tits were almost non-existent on her ultra-flat chest her nipples seemed to stick out over an inch and were almost two inches around! She was also dressed sinfully to impress my high powered grandfather. She was wearing a pair of black thigh high stockings with sexy lace tops and a pair of sinful glass platform high heel pumps like my mother had worn; the same type that porn stars wear. She also had on a bright red thong that drew my grandfathers attention to her teenage asian ass as she walked seductively before him. As she walked her high heels clicked seductively on the tiled floor and sent a message to my grandfather that she was there for fucking. She wore a bright red shade of lipstick and her hair was tied up in a bun.

The next thing I saw nearly caused me to shudder and cum. My grandfather was standing between both girls holding a glass of champaign in one hand. He was totally nude. I could not get over the amazing physical condition on his body. He didn't have an ounce of fat on him and his slender build was more like well defined 30 year olds, not anything like what you would expect from a 74 year old man! The next thing caused me to say to myself in utter disbelief,

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