tagMind ControlPower Ch. 02

Power Ch. 02


~#~#~#~ Well after writing the first chapter of this story I wasn’t too sure if I should write more. But I received some nice feedback so here is a second chapter for you. I think I will write one more chapter after this, but I wont be able to get round to writing it till the end of July. Thanks if you vote, and feedback would be nice. ~#~#~#~

So where was I?

I’ve told you all that my brain activity being different from yours and how I discovered my mind control powers. I was also telling you about the first time I used them for sexual relief, I’ll get on with it.

I’d just got Sarah to go down on Holly (they are twins), and then I got them to suck my cock. By then I was feeling great!

That was when I looked to the door to see Jessica’s beautiful eyes looking at me and the two girls licking cum off of each other’s big breasts. Jessica was a sexy Asian girl I had picked up in a clothes shop earlier that day, and I told her to be at my flat at 8pm. The time then, was exactly 8pm.

I could see she had changed into a hot little number. It was a skimpy red dress, which made me want to fuck her right then and there.

“Come in Jessica,” I called to her, “and take a seat on the bed.”

Jessica did just that. She looked very hot that night, and I felt my cock beginning to grow again, minutes after I had received my first blowjob from the twins.

“Jessica, meet Sarah and Holly. They’ve just given me a very good blowjob. What would you like from them?”

“Um… Umm.. I… I don’t know.” She stammered.

It seemed she was quite shy, I changed that. Connecting to her mind, I gave her a few suggestions, and suddenly she shouted, “I want them to suck my tits! While you fuck my wet pussy!”

“That’s a very good idea Jessica, I think the twins would like that.”

The twins looked up to me, and nodded with cum dripping around their lips. I made the two girls get on to their feet, and had them walk to the bed and pull Jessica’s dress slowly up and over her head. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, so as soon as the dress was off, I had a good view of her gorgeous naked body.

Her skin clearly stood out as darker, as the twins ran their hands along her body. Her breasts, smaller than the twins’, stayed firm to her chest, and had large dark nipples in the middle.

Getting out of the chair I had sat in, to watch Sarah finger and go down on her sister Holly, and receive my first blowjob, I walked up to Jessica lying on the bed. Reaching out my hand I slid it across Jessica’s stomach. It was so warm and smooth.

I brought my hand to her right breast, and lightly ran my hand around it, being careful not to touch her nipple. Running my hand slowly up and down the side of her breast, I moved my other hand up to do the same to her other breast and a moaning sound came deep from Jessica’s throat.

Lowering my head down, I opened my mouth and snaked my tongue out to tickle it against one of her nipples. This made her whole body shake with pleasure.

I wanted her.

“Sarah, Holly. Treat Jessica’s body, as if it was a princesses.”

The twins leaned forward and ran their hands over Jessica’s body. Then Holly leaned forward and placed her lips onto Jessica’s. At first their mouths were tightly closed, but I removed the worrying thoughts they had in their minds, and slowly they opened up their mouths to one-another. Their tongues darted into each other’s mouth and I could see them swirling them around.

Reaching down I pulled Jessica’s leg further apart, and stared up in-between her legs. She had shaved her pubic hair into a long thin strip above the top of her pussy. With my head between her thighs, I moved my right hand up, and rubbed my index finger up and down her pussy, realising how wet she was already.

I put my index finger up inside of her. This was my first experience with a female vagina, and it was an amazing feeling. My finger glided in and out of her warm opening, and when I pushed my finger right up inside her, the walls of her vagina held onto it tightly.

I put another finger inside of her, and moved my hand up and down.

“Mmmmm….” Was the noise that came from Jessica’s mouth, as I added yet another finger. Her moans were slightly muffled though, because Sarah and Holly took turns to shove their tongues down her throat, as they ran there hands all along her body and around her breasts.

Pulling my three fingers out of her, they were dripping with her juices. I brought them up to my lips, and put them in my mouth. The taste was much nicer than I thought it would be, and I licked all of her juices off my fingers.

Moving my mouth down between her legs, I kissed the outer lips of her vagina. I raked my tongue up along her, and pushed it into her warm opening. The taste was sweet, and I couldn’t get enough. While licking her pussy, I added all 3 fingers again, and started moving them in and out of her.

After a few minutes, Jessica started bucking wildly.

“Arghh!!! Ahh… Ah,” I then put a forth finger inside of her, and she came for the first time that night, “AHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!”

Her pussy tightened around my fingers, then as Jessica’s bucking slowed down I pulled them out, and was ready to loose my virginity.

Standing up, I took hold of my cock, which by then had recovered from my blowjob and was standing up at full alert.

I placed the tip against Jessica’s pussy, to be kicked back by her legs.

“No! Why am I doing this!?” She was sitting herself up and trying to cover her body, and the twins had stopped kissing her, and had shocked faces as if they were wondering why they had just been kissing this Asian girl.

It seemed that I had lost control of them by accident in a moment of too much passion. I was going to have to be careful in the future.

“Its ok Jessica. You want my cock in you, and you want the girls to pleasure you.” I said taking control of their minds again. “Girls get on with taking care of Jessica.”

Jessica lay back on the bed again, and the girls carried on kissing her.

I moved forward again, and placed my cock against her pussy, this time with no resistance.

“Open you legs wider.” I commanded, and Jessica obeyed right away.

Her pussy was soaking wet, I ran my hand along it, and then rubbed her juices along my cock.

I thrust my hips forward, and the head of my cock pushed inside of her.

“Mmmmm…..” came from Jessica’s mouth, or was it mine? Either way I was in heaven.

I pushed the rest of my cock up inside of her, and stayed like that for a while. Her smooth warm pussy, holding onto my cock. I knew at that moment, that I would be using my powers mostly for sex from then on.

I started to move in and out of her and all I could hear was moaning, and sloping noises of either the girls tongues moving against each other or Jessica’s pussy as my cock moved in and out of it.

It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tingling. Just as I was about to cum an idea popped into my mind. I connected to Jessica’s mind, and basically told her body to cum. To my surprise this actually worked!

Jessica’s pussy tightened around my cock, pulling me over the edge.

“OH YES! I’M CUMMING!” As the words came out of my mouth, I shot my cum up inside of Jessica. Stream after stream of it came out of my cock.

I had just lost my virginity, and it FELT GREAT!

I slipped my cock out of Jessica, then made the girls leave the building right then. They walked out of my door, Jessica with cum dribbling out from between her legs, and the twins with bits of cum still covering their breasts.

I walked to the window, and laughed as I watched the girls walking out of the building naked, and the shocked faces of passers by. I was controlling the girl’s minds, making them think it was normal to be walking outside naked. I then ordered them to keep thinking this until they got back to their homes.

Coming away from the window, I dropped down onto the bed. What a night, I’d just lost my virginity, and after that first insight to a world of sex, I was thirsty for more.


Waking up the next morning, I was feeling great. That was until I looked out of my window.

I looked down to see police cars parked at the bottom of the building. When I saw them it didn’t come to my mind that they were looking for me. But they were.

“KNOCK KNOCK,” someone was at the door, “Open up it’s the police.”

I wondered what they wanted, and opened up the door. I was pushed back and pinned to the ground, then a police man went on to tell me my rights and put me in a pair of handcuffs. They lifted me up off the floor.

I had no idea what they wanted, but I knew then that I didn’t want to go with them. Reaching out to their minds I got all 4 police men to stop what they were doing, then made one of them undo the handcuffs.

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

“We’re here to arrest you on charges of suspected rape.” The man next to me told me.

After leaving my house Jessica must of thought I had raped her, which I hadn’t. But she can’t have understood what happened, with me controlling her mind and everything. From then on I knew my powers, and how I used them, had consequences, but I didn’t care at the time. So what if the police where after me? I could just control them with my mind.

I realise now that having the power had gone to my head. For so long I had been the weak one, who everyone took no notice of. But I suddenly had this ultimate power, and I liked being in control. I could make anyone do anything.

I made the police men tie themselves up and then locked them in the apartment. I then left the building, to find a new place to live.

As I walked down the street I felt all-powerful. I decided to have a little bit of fun.

Across the street I saw a young, big-breasted, female. Walking in her direction was a young roman-catholic priest. Controlling the females mind, I made her pull off her top and bra and pin down the priest. The priest was so shocked about this, and so was everyone else around. Women around the place were gasping and looking away in disgust, but the majority of the men were staring at this woman’s big beautiful breasts, much to the disgust of some of the men’s wife’s.

I then got the woman, to unzip the priest’s trousers and pull out his cock, which was by then already hard. (It seemed the priest hadn’t had any kind of sex in a while). I then made the woman give the priest a blowjob right in front of everyone in the street. I sat down on a bench, and just watched laughing at the reactions of some people around. Many were reaching to their phones, to phone the police. But I quickly made them drop their phones and stamp on them. They did this but afterwards they looked even more shocked and wondered why they had just destroyed their phones.

Looking back to the priest receiving a blowjob, I saw that the priest had just shot his cum down the big-breasted woman’s throat and she was swallowing it like a pro. The priest was very happy after this, and I hadn’t even had to control his mind. He had just lain there in the street and received a blowjob from a young woman he had never met.

I released control of the woman’s mind, and her eyes widened as she woke up to the fact that she had a strangers cock in her mouth in the middle of a street. Pulling her mouth away she quickly jumped up and ran away, before realising that everyone could see her big breasts swinging around as she ran. Screaming she ran back to pick up her clothes, and I could see her face had gone very red.

I sat laughing for a few minutes, as the priest got up and put his cock away. He didn’t seem that worried about it at all, and just walked on as if nothing had happened.

Getting up I walked on until I got to a little café. I took a seat and looked up to see a TV on the wall. The news was on, and the news reporter was talking about how 4 police men had been found tied up in a apartment, after going to arrest a suspected rapist. Served them right I thought, I didn’t rape anyone, I just made Jessica want to have sex with me.

The waitress came over to serve me, and my mouth dropped open. She was a stunner. She has long straight brown hair, and a smooth sweet face. She was slightly taller than I am, and had ample sized breasts. Looking down, I saw her nice long smooth legs, which came out of her knee length skirt. Just looking at her made me realise how horny I was after watching the blowjob in the street.

“What would you like sir?” she asked taking her notepad out.

I reached out with my mind and took control of her.

“I’d like you to fuck me right here in front of everyone in this café.”

She started taking a note down voicing some of what she wrote. “fuck…. in café….. in front of everyone. Would you like anything else?”

“Yes I want you to take off you clothes right now.”

Dropping her pad she ripped off her top. She hadn’t been wearing a bra, so her breasts were right there for everyone to see. She then bent over her arse pointing to my face, and pulled down her skirt, and then ripped off her panties. Everyone around the restaurant was so shocked and some ran out straight away.

Controlling her mind, I made her very aroused while she was doing this, and made it so that she didn’t notice that anyone else could see her.

“Now take my trousers and boxers off, and suck my cock.”

Doing as I said she pushed the table I was at away, and bent down in front of me. I lifted myself up as she pulled my trousers and boxers away, and then sat back down.

She took my cock in her hand, and I felt my blood rush to my cock. She bent her head down and sucked my cock into her mouth; her saliva lubed my cock up, and my cock grew in her mouth until I was fully hard.

I was surprised to see some people in the restaurant hadn’t even noticed what was going on, and some had noticed, but where just watching the waitress as she sucked my cock. Making sure no one could call the police I made everyone chuck their mobile phones away, which they did straight away, but wondered why they had done it afterwards.

“Stand up,” I told the waitress, “Bend over onto the table and let me fuck you.”

I had been making her aroused using my control over her, and as she bent over onto the table, her breasts squashing down, I could see that her pussy was nice and wet, ready to take my cock.

I took hold of the sides of her waist and pushed my cock inside of her pussy. As I moved in and out of her, I leaned my head back in pleasure.

“Oooooo, oh yes, yes I like that.” Moaned the waitress, not even noticing there were lots of other people around us.

By then everyone in the restaurant was looking at us, while I rammed my cock into her. I had control of them all, making sure they all just sat there and watched, but most of them didn’t mind watching anyway. Looking over to the counter I saw a man watching with wide eyes, it was the husband of the waitress I was fucking.

I reached out to his mind, and made him walk to the table. His wife’s head was over the edge of the table, and she was making mewing noises as I pulled my cock in and out of her. I made the man unzip his trousers and pull his cock out. I then got his wife to suck his cock while I fucked her from behind. It was great. It must have been quite a sight for people in the café, or passers by, seeing a woman sucking a mans cock while being fucked from behind leaning over a table naked, right in the middle of a public café.

“Mmmm…. , Ohhhhhh, Yesssssss.” Were the muffled noises I could hear coming out of the waitresses mouth.

Ramming my cock into her one last time, I told their minds to make them cum, just as I shot my cum right up into the waitresses pussy.

Sliding my shrinking cock out of her pussy, I saw that the husband of the waitress had fallen back onto another table in pleasure and cum was pouring out of the top of his cock, down his leg. His wife was in a very similar cum soaked state, cum was dripping out of her mouth, as she tried to swallow most of her husbands cum, and my own cum was oozing out of pussy.

Pulling my trousers up, I started to walk out the café only to see about 5-10 police vehicles pulling up outside. It seemed someone had noticed me as the person reported on the news, and had phoned to report me and report the fact that I was fucking a woman in public.

Running down the street, about 5 police vehicles pulled away after me, while the others went in the restaurant to find out what had been going on. (They must have got quite a shock.)

I turned another corner, but the police cars were still right behind me, so I just stopped and waited. Trying to think of what to do, I sat down on a bench, and the police were climbing out of their cars running towards me.

Controlling their minds I made them stop where they were. I sat there on the bench for about 10 minutes, wondering how I could get the police off my back. Passers by just stared at the police standing there motionless.

I came to a decision as I sat there. I would have to leave the country.

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