Power of Three


Charmed Ch1.

The girls unwittingly conjure up three Penis-demons…

Phoebe, Piper and Pru were in the attic of their expensive colonial home. Pru was being her usual sour-faced bitch self, constantly moaning at the other two about fuck ups, both real and imagined.

“And another thing” she started, “who used all my vibrator batteries and didn’t buy any more with the groceries…” she whined.

“Well, if you’d gone with the mains powered model, like I’d suggested, you wouldn’t be in this mess” replied Piper.

“Oh, like yours I suppose, with that ridiculous looking rabbit that rubs your clit and that finger thing that buzzes up your ass? No thanks, I’ll keep my back door firmly closed if it’s all the same to you”

“Your loss” both Phoebe and Piper said at the same time, and glanced at each other with a sly smile.

Phoebe stood at the table where the Book of Shadows rested and was absent mindedly flicking through the pages looking for rude words or pictures of naked people. She came to a page that was filled top to bottom with large detailed pictures of naked men. The men were all young, fit and muscular, with the rugged good looks that demons get from hanging out in shitty bars and having fights for several hundred years. The thing that caught Phoebe’s eye from the first instant though, was that they all appeared to have three legs, with the middle one half a foot or so shorter than those on either side.

She blinked, rubbed her eyes, and checked out the pictures again. All the men were naked and hung like horses, their rippling abs and firm, developed buttocks seemed to have only one purpose – to drive their massive sex appendages.

She could feel her nipples harden at the first thoughts of what such massively overhung men could do to her, and she became extremely aware of the lacy thong strap currently riding up her ass crack.

“Hey you guys, check this out. I may have a solution to all our man problems”

Piper walked to her side and whistled as she saw the man meat on offer, a wicked grim crossing her beautiful face.

“I bet that never runs out of batteries” she said, skimming the details of these demons in the book. “Says here that they eat pussy like it was their last meal on earth, hmmm… I haven’t had a good facefuck in ages” as she ran her hand unconsciously along the crotch seam of her tight denim jeans.

“You cannot be serious” Pru kicked in “those things are dangerous, and I don’t mean internal injuries from fucking something the size of your own arm. They are demons, and we vanquish demons remember, we don’t summon them”.

“Yeah, but don’t you think that ones kinda cute” said Piper pointing to the middle demon, black as pitch and a perfect specimen in anyone’s book.

“Oh, oh, I know” said Phoebe “we could summon them, fuck them and when we’ve had our jollies Piper could freeze them and we’ll just vanquish their firm, athletic asses”.

“No, you two are crazy, these are demons and you are going to summon them because you want to get sweaty with someone else in the room for a change”.

Piper looked hurt, and Phoebe put her around Pipers slender waist. “There, there, don’t let the frigid witch upset you, well just summon up us a few Penis-demons of our own and have a party without her. I’m sure we can find a hole for an extra one of those things anyway” she said, already wondering whose ‘extra hole’ was going to get reamed.

“Ok, ok, just let’s read up about vanquishing them first, I don’t want to start something we can’t finish”.

“Well, well, well. It says here that the only way to vanquish these things is to completely empty their balls, and I quote ‘only when entirely spent will these demons return to the hell from whence they herald, but ‘tis beyond the capability of any maiden fair to accommodate the demon load in it’s entirety, as for mans testies are the size of walnuts, these monsters are cursed with those the size of grapefruit’. Whoa, balls the size of grapefruit huh, I guess were gonna need some towels”.

“Why are we still talking?” said Piper, “my pussy is dripping wet and we know how to kill these guys. Making them squirt every last drop should be no big deal for the three tightest witch cunts on earth, right, the last time we tried that Power of Three thing on a mortal he just about ruptured a testicle he came so hard”.

“He was outnumbered three to one remember, we are going to be taking on one of these things each. It’s not like before with one of us sitting on that pizza guy’s face, one riding his tool and the other licking his nuts” cautioned Pru.

“Worked out well though, we never paid for a pizza again” said Phoebe, smiling.

“I just want you to be prepared” said Pru as she dragged her chunky sweater over her heavy, pendulous breasts.

The other witches stripped as fast as they could, and when their clothes were in a big pile on the floor and the three young hotties looked at each others fine naked bodies, and inhaled each others scent, the air full of the smell of hot pussies. Together they chanted,

“Erectus Colossus, bring unto me, three bulging great penises, by the power of three, Erectus Colossus, bring unto me, three bulging great penises, by the power of three”.

There was a flash of light and a billow of smoke and suddenly the girls weren’t alone in the room anymore. Three men stood before them, their muscles rippling, their tanned skin oiled and their cocks already stiffening at the sight of the naked beauties before them.

Phoebe, her mouth hanging open, fell to her knees, staring at the huge man meat before her. The cock was as thick as her arm, the head the size of an apple and it was covered all along its enormous length with veins and ridges.

The first demon walked to her, his prick bobbing as he went, and he stood before her, grasping the base of his tool and guiding the end into her mouth.

“Guess they aren’t much on small talk” said Pru “look at that thing, I’m gonna need some lube before that thing goes anywhere near my cunt”.

Piper was already sitting on the desk, her long legs parted and her moist, freshly trimmed, panty-hamster open and glistening. The second demon walked to her and without slowing down walked the length of his penis right into her wet hole.

“Fer-huck” she managed to gasp, as the blunt cockhead pushed further and further into her sex crevice – stretching her like never before. She planted her hands on the demons rock hard pecks and started to rock up and down on the meat pole she was impaled on. Her beautiful face was a mask of pure pleasure as the rock hard, textured length ploughed her molten depths. Her gorgeous eyes gazed, unfocused, into the distance and her cherry red glistening lips parted as she sighed, full to the point of pain with rampant fuckmeat.

Pru was bending over the desk, groping for the tube of jelly she kept in her jeans for just such moments as these, and she didn’t hear the ebony demon approach her. The first she felt of his presence was the big powerful hand in the small of her back, pinning her to the table. She felt the bulbous head of the creature’s phallus as it butted wildly at the gap between her ass cheeks.

“Hey, lower lover boy” she said a little annoyed at the monsters lack of prowess “and how bout a little foreplay before you shove that thing into my pus… ahhhhh… fuck no! wrong hole god dammit, wrong fucking hole!”

Piper looked over at her sister being buttfucked, unable to help as she was getting the cunt stretching of a lifetime. The demon had gradually increased his thrusting and now 14 inches or so of glistening demon dick was pumping up and down past her swollen pussy lips. The creature was a fuck machine, keeping perfect time despite the beautiful witch now enjoying a rolling multiple orgasm, twitching and spasming all over his tool. Her large firm tits bounced under the relentless thrusting, and she played with her swollen nipples.

Phoebe was sucking her demons meat for all she was worth, she had one hand wrapped around the shaft, stroking the bumpy length, while she worked the enormous cockhead, now as hard and smooth as a pool ball, in her mouth with her tongue. She made greedy slurping noises as she struggled to swallow the thick stream of precum emanating from the erect cocks cum hole. Her other hand had been busy also, sloshing around in her pussy, she was now rubbing her clit furiously with her cunt honey coated fingers. She kept grinding her slick fingers over her cum switch, building up to a massive orgasm. She nearly gagged as she lost concentration on the cock she was sucking while she came. Her excitement must have triggered something in the demon as it started to fuck her mouth faster, and more and more precum dribbled into her mouth. Suddenly the beast threw its head back, a huge shudder ran through its muscles and its penis started to jet spunk. Phoebe swallowed the first lashes of cum, she had seen enough Peter North cumshot videos to know how long a big cock could go on pumping its salty man-juice for. She hadn’t reckoned on the demons mystically enlarged nuts though, and flood after flood of jism jetted from the mighty member. Her bulging cheeks couldn’t hold it any longer and with a slurp she popped the thing out of her mouth. Great creamy gouts of semen spurted over her face, some missing her entirely and splashing on the walls and windows behind her. Sperm was in her hair, dribbling down her chest and dripping off her firm, perky tits. Eventually the jiz hose slowed down, great gobs of cum dripping from the end now, no longer flying across the room. Phoebe still stroked the softening dick for all she was worth, she knew she had to drain the thing dry or it would stay in this world forever, probably moving in with her and her sisters and taking control of the TV remote, and leaving the toilet seat up. She sucked and massaged every last drop of fluid from the demons wedding tackle, and took a last longing look at the prize winning penis and huge scrotum of the demon before it burst into flame and disappeared.

Pru was screaming over in the corner but Phoebe thought she was just enjoying having something up her slit that wasn’t powered by energiser batteries. She cast a hungry eye over Piper’s puckered pussy. The demon had fucked her almost to unconsciousness, but the way its enormous ball sack had tightened, and the extra girth of its sex sausage told Phoebes that it was just about to blow. She raced to her sister’s side, unable to resist slurping a hard nipple into her mouth, and slapping a hand on the demons carved walnut ass. As it pumped Piper the creatures hips pistoned back and forth, and with its legs apart Phoebe felt its heavy balls and she reached up between its legs to cup them and lightly scratch them with her fingernails. This was all the demon needed and with a howl it thrust as much of its cock into Piper as it could. The things thing was so far in her she would later claim to have tasted the first half dozen squirts in the back of her throat. Spunk now jetted out of her pussy as he kept pounding her velvety love opening while he came. Phoebe grasped the base of his prick and with a deft pull removed the fountaining todger from her sister’s twat. Sprays of semen smeared Pipers hot body, and the cum dribbling from her pussy dripped down to her knees. Still the thing went on shooting, though now the gouts of spooge were dripping onto the carpet, in wet spunky puddles. Phoebe dropped to her knees and started to lick the spent cock. Piper joined her though more because her legs were too wobbly to work, and together the two beauties set to work draining the beasts bollocks dry. With two such hot hunnies slurping his spunk gun, the creature had no choice but to give a little spasm, have another last, monumental squirt and disappear in a ball of flame.

Piper and Phoebe looked at each other, covered in male essence, dripping it from their tits, their faces and their hair. Piper bent forward to lick some of the sperm from Phoebe’s tits. It wasn’t for several minuets after that they heard the sound of Pru complaining.

“Oooowww, get this fucking thing out of my ass!” she cried, but there was no budging the demon now pumping her anus. It had its hands on her hips and was watching its cock slip in and out of her puckered little poop chute. Its heavy ball sack was swinging wildly, slapping her clit on every thrust, and her tits were being squashed up on the varnished table.

“Get it off me, I don’t like anything up my ass, come on, fuck, it feels like I’m trying to shit out my spine”.

Funny, thought Piper, it looks more like Mike Tyson’s leg.

“Sweetie”, she said to her anally impaled sister “the only way we’re going to get him off you is to get him off… if you see what I mean”

“Ahhhh…. God! Do what you have to, and for fucks sake be quick about it, I think he’s damaging my lungs”.

Piper and Phoebe looked at the massive rod reaming their sisters back entrance, it was moving too fast for them to provide extra manual stimulation, and playing with its ballbag was out of the question.

“Well” Phoebe said reaching for the unused lubricant “there’s only one way I can think of to end this” and smearing a generous amount of the slippery clear fluid onto her right hand she balled up her fist, braced herself against Pru’s outstretched leg, and punched her fist deep into the demons sweaty asshole. The effect was immediate, the demon reared up and let out a massive grunt, a mixture of disbelief and complete satisfaction. With one huge thrust it buried its rigid fuckmeat as deep into Pru’s rectum as it could, and started to pump its wad of demon cum into her bowels. Phoebe could feel its orgasmic contractions deep in its asshole, and she watched as its balls, swollen to the size of cantaloupe, pulsed and surged in their desperate mission to jettison their white, hot load. Pru had stopped screaming now, and just lay there shuddering as the hot cum enema was injected into her butthole. The demon was slowing down on his thrusts and his softening cock was bending now when he tried to push it into Pru’s tight back passage, and Phoebe knew she would have to keep it climaxing to get the last drop from his huge, hairy balls. Phoebe started to punch her fist in and out of the demons asshole, fisting it to give it the maximum amount of pleasure and to keep it ejaculating. It worked and the beast picked up the pace of its humping for several last desperate thrusts, before its spent prick flopped out of Pru’s ass, dribbled one last spurt of semen in the carpet, and he dissolved in a fireball which left Phoebe holding her fisted up hand in mid air. Spunk gushed from Pru’s violated ass hole, flowing down the back of her legs, and down the crack of her cunt lips to pool on the desk between her legs.

Piper walked over to Pru and handing her a towel said “Gee sweetie, I guess that wasn’t as much fun as you’d planned, huh”

“Oh Christ, I can still feel it dribbling out of me” she complained, and wincing she waddled off to the bathroom to try shitting out the demons sex syrup.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking” Piper said to Phoebe, absentmindedly rubbing a splodge of cum into her firm, tanned tit.

“I think so” she replied “we’re keeping Saturday nights free from now on aren’t we”.

“Yep, but for now we have to wash the cum out of the carpet”.

“And off the walls, and the desk, and the Book of Shadows…”

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