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Power Rangers: The Silver Saga

bySean Renaud©

(This is for Red_Power_Borg who has made sure that I know somebody knows that I'm alive over here and for the 50 or so people who managed to take the time to vote on 5 stories. C'mon people I saw a few thousand readers is clicking the little dot really that difficult?)

Bryan was standing next to an eight-foot tall paper mermaid with a cup of fruit punch in one hand staring out over the dance floor. There in the middle of the dance floor was the ever popular James in a red lined black suit showing off his expect dance maneuvers along with the soon to be Homecoming Queen Kaylie. She'd chosen a designer pink dress that dipped low on her chest threatening to pop free and cut high on the hips making it perfectly clear she didn't have on and panties. Her high-heeled open sandals were strapped all the way up her calves just adding to that trashy look of hers that had so many eyes following her. Almost half the room seemed to be staring at the two as the moved across the floor.

At the far side of the room Amanda and Daniel were caught in each other's arms, slowly rocking to the rhythm of the music. Amanda dressed in a slinky floor length dress that clung to her curvaceous body and one slit up the left side that even eventually became a series of holes leading to the arm. She hadn't opted to wear anything beneath her dress either. Her fingers were slowly trailing over the blue silk shirt Daniel had worn beneath his discarded coat. Far off alone in the corner with his drink was Bryan alone.

He hadn't dressed badly; with black silk shirt and perfectly tailored tux he was a sight to behold. His black hair was slicked back and when he'd come it had been with his friends and a smile on his face. Now he was in the corner staring at the dozens of happy couples and questioning why he'd come to the dance at all.

Then she walked into the room and everything seemed to stop for a moment. Shimmering black hair framed a confidently beautiful face with full kissable lips and hypnotic green eyes. Her silvery dress was nearly transparent leaving only the dancing shadows to conceal the woman's feminine charms from view. Bryan stood awestruck as she sashayed across the floor towards him finally stopping just inches from his face. "Care for a dance stranger?"

His jaw dropped to the floor; if she'd been beautiful from afar she was stunning up close. The dress was completely transparent up close. Bryan could clearly see the dark outline of her nipples and beneath that the white thong beneath her dress and her skin was flawlessly tanned to a beautiful bronze. The best part of her, better than her firm tits that didn't need a bra, better than the swell of her hips that promised a great grip from behind was the fact that she was standing there talking to him.

"Care for a dance?" She repeated receiving only a dull nod in response. "I'll take that as a yes." She purred taking his hand and leading him out onto the floor and wrapping her arms around his neck before her body began to writhe with his pressing her tits against his chest.

"What's your name?" Bryan asked shyly as his hands moved, one resting on the swell of her hips, the other on her shoulders.

She just pressed farther up against him grinding her hips against his as her fingertips sped down over his shoulders down his back then onto her own hips. "Heather." She answered twirling in his grasp and letting her hands speed down over her hips gathering the hem of her dress and inching it up. She lifted it just enough for everybody to get a quick glimpse of her thong. Then she let the fabric fall back into place over her shimmying hips.

Bryan felt himself hardening against her firm rear as she expertly backed against him. Up an down capturing his cock between her cheeks before starting to churn her shoulders like a serpent rising up to wrap her arms around him again. His face was against hers when she asked him his name.

"Bryan." He responded his confidence growing and his own hands started to wander down over the swell of her breasts. Beyond the beauty in his arms he saw James and Kaylie had stopped dancing and were just staring at him. Bryan had his hands down against her hips pulling her up against his own crotch inching her dress up over her hips again.

Taking the lead for a moment Heather's hands wandered down behind her back gripping Bryan's belt and spinning him around her. As she unbuckled the belt and unfastened his pants her eyes were locked on Amanda's who along with Daniel had stopped dancing to watch the pair. The entire dance floor had stopped to stare at the pair who was nearly making love on the dance floor. Every pair of eyes was locked on her as she unzipped the Black Ranger's pants and pressed back against him, her bare flesh against his boxers now.

Bryan gripped her thong and pulled it to one side as she pulled him out of his boxers. She cooed playfully as his cock grinded down between her thighs, lower and lower almost hitting the sweet spot before she spun away fastening his belt as she turned to face him. "Not so fast pretty boy." She purred before moving back against him this time pressing her lips against his. "Dance with me." She begged her hips grinding against his so his cock was pressed against her moistening slit. He could feel it as her juices started to run down her leg and onto his shaved sack.

To his right he could see James staring at him and to his right Daniel doing the same. As he and Heather spun he noticed the jealous glares from the girls and beyond that the administrators trying in vain to get past the crowd and break up the couple. The entire room had stopped as if he were the center of the universe. He hadn't noticed how many people were watching him as he and Heather spun around.

Heather wrapped her arms around his shoulder and threw one leg around his waist letting him slide into her. Right there on the dance floor he'd made penetration in front of almost six hundred of his closest peers. She was right there, her lips brushing his with each thrust of her hips. Their eyes were completely locked on each other temporarily oblivious to the crowd while they ground against each other.

He couldn't see who the first person in the crowd was to start clapping and cheering. He knew that he loved it though; the thought of being watched while he took this perfect girl was great. Bryan gripped her ass and lifted her up slightly wrapping her other leg around his waist and pulling her down onto his shaft as he bounced her steadily up and down. "Kiss me." She hissed pressing her lips against his and sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Their lips only briefly parted for a gasp of air before plunging back into the heated hiss. Their hands continued to roam over each other's flesh unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping her dress in a dance as intricate as the one they'd performed only minutes before with each other. "I'm getting close." Bryan whispered between kisses slowing the pace slightly to draw it out. Heather just kissed him and started grinding her hips against him faster driving the heels of her shoes into the base of his back and leaning back as far as she could manage. Her hair swept across the floor as she screamed in orgasm, her body writhing up against his driving his climax.

Heather pulled herself upright kissing him once more on the lips then all over his face running her fingers through his hair once. "Thank you." She whispered into his ear then turned to face the other Rangers giving a dramatic wave as she and the Black Ranger vanished in a blur of silvery light.

"Did that just happen?" James asked turning to face Kaylie and quickly walking towards the others.

"I think so."

"Who was that girl?"

Suddenly the series of music notes that denoted a communication interrupted the questions. "I don't know Rangers but we've got other issues." He whispered motioning towards an abandoned corner where the four of them silently teleported to Extacy.

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