tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPower Rangers: The Silver Saga Ep. 03

Power Rangers: The Silver Saga Ep. 03

bySean Renaud©

Last time on Power Rangers! On the Earth the four remaining Rangers headed into battle against the mighty Chimerazord and one by one were humiliated by the incredible war machine. The battle escalated into a one on one battle between the Red and Silver Rangers, which ended with the Red Ranger's defeat. Meanwhile on the Moon Queen Areola systematically broke Bryan down until he submitted to her wishes!

Heather smiled warmly as she strode over to Bryan laying a gentle kiss on his lips as she swept his sweat soaked hair away from his face. "She was so rough with you." She whispered, running her fingers slowly over the angry red welts on his face. "Don't worry it'll be ok." She kissed over his eyelids as she removed the clamps from his nipples dropping them to the floor. "Listen to me Puppy, you have to help me with this ok?" Bryan lifted his head slightly and nodded. Heather reached down removing the pins from the shackles, first releasing his ankles then his wrists.

Bryan grunted as his legs tried to support his weight for the first time in hours. Heather's tiny frame didn't really do much to stop him either, they both landed on the floor partially concealed by the mist as the blood started flowing back to his extremities. He was barely aware of her pushing him up and off her and getting back to his feet. "That didn't go nearly as well as planned Puppy. She squatted down in front of him lifting his chin up. "Now listen to me very carefully, I can only protect you so long as you're a good Puppy. If I can't control you then Queen Areola will take you back and do the bad things again." That certainly had his full wide eyed attention and got another nod of response out of him. "Good. Now take my hand." There was only the slightest hesitation before he raised a trembling hand and took hers. Together they vanished in a blur of silvery light.

They appeared inside Heather's apartment, the living room to be precise. "Remember puppies bark, they don't talk and they can't walk like people." She teased as she sauntered out of the room.

From where he lay on the floor he could hear water running. Bryan didn't bother to follow her right then, instead he curled up into the fetal position pulling his knees up into his chest. It was hard to keep his fear of that woman from showing but he was utterly terrified of her. He knew that in an instant she could have him back in that chamber, hanging by his wrists and waiting for the space witch to devise a new torture for him.

"Here boy!" Came a feminine purr from the bathroom. Bryan rose up to his hands and knees and started crawling toward the voice. He jumped slightly when his bare skin hit the cool tiles of her bathroom and then again when he lifted his head to look around. Her bathroom was nearly as big as his bedroom at home was centered around a giant step down tub that was easily the same size as queen-sized bed.

She was already in the hot water, wisps of steam rising up around pretty face. Her hair was pulled up into a bun that rested on the top of her head keeping it out of the water like her breasts as they floated easily on the surface. She motioned toward the water waiting for him to approach. "Over here Puppy." She smiled and reached back gripping a sponge and waiting.

Bryan winced slightly as he slipped his foot into the water then the rest of his body. He wasn't sure what the scent was, what minerals or oils she'd added to the water that instantly soothed the fiery welts on his back but he was certainly thankful for it. He eased to the spot she'd indicated struggling to keep his eyes on hers instead of on the darkened spots of her nipples. "Naughty Puppy." Heather smiled before reaching up and swatting his nose. "Now turn around."

As soon as he obeyed he felt her begin to slowly wash his back cleaning away the little clumps of dried blood and dirt from his flesh. Nimble fingers massaged over his shoulders as she lowered him beneath the hot water, giving him a moment before she actually dunked him. "Just relax." She purred in his ear as she squeezed shampoo into his hair lovingly massaging his scalp. "It's ok." She whispered again kissing the nape of his neck then over his cheek. She dunked him beneath the water again rinsing the shampoo from his hair and then turning him around so she could sponge the filth from his chest. "Close your eyes." She commanded before cleaning his face and smiling down at him. She emerged from the tub pulling the plug from the drain as she did. Bryan just stared up at the raven-haired goddess waiting for her command. When she tapped her thigh in summons he crept out of the water as well following behind her as she gripped a pair of towels. First she dried herself off then she dried him off as well taking careful time over his privates.

"Are you ready to prove that you're a good little Puppy?" Heather purred wrapping her fingers around Bryan's member and stroking him playfully. When he nodded she released him and hung up the towels walking out of the room. "Come on then." Bryan could only shiver when he saw the smile curl over her lips.

Heather led him into what could only be described as the perfect girl room. The walls were done in a dull pink with white and brown horses painted randomly around the room. Her bed was a super king size but there was still hardly any room for an adult to lay with the dozens of multi-colored stuffed animals strewn around it. Her dresser was likewise covered with crystal dolphins as was her nightstand. Of course it didn't phase her at all as she jumped onto the bed sweeping several of the fabric and cotton beasts onto the floor to make room for him. "Right here." Bryan hopped up onto the bed crawling to where she commanded him. He didn't fight as she gripped the back of his neck and pushed his face down into the crotch of a three foot tall bright green Carebear. "Stay."

He couldn't see anything after that, he was blinded by green fur. It made it the sound of his breathing sound so much louder than it really was. The only other sound was Heather walking around the room rummaging through her drawers. "I always wanted to use this." Bryan started to turn his head but she already gripped the back of his neck pushing him farther down into the plush toys. "No peaking. I want you to be nice and surprised." She teased gently releasing him and getting back on the bed behind him and pushing his legs apart.

"Now the more you relax, the less this is going to hurt." She purred before he heard her squeeze something out of a tube. A second later the cool gel was pressed against his puckered anus sending shivers through his spine. "That's good boy." Heather said softly as she liberally spread the lube over Bryan's ass eventually slipping a finger into her and pumping into him.

Bryan felt himself clawing at a stuffed animal with one hand and her sheets with the other trying to keep from crying out. His teeth were grinding together and his eyes were so tightly shut that tears were squeezing from the corners of his eyes. He was also spreading his legs a little farther apart and pushing his ass up higher letting her get a better angle at him.

He couldn't see the pleased smile curling her lips as she squeezed another drop of the gel onto her hand reaching around gripping his hard shaft and stroking. Bryan reacted her hand almost instantly pumping his hips against her. A steady groan rumbled from his throat as he continued thrusting his hips back and forth. He didn't even notice it when the tip of something hard and plastic pressed against his sphincter. Never felt it as he backed onto it forcing into his well-lubed ass.

It took Heather groaning in pleasure and gripping his hips with one hand before he realized that there was almost two inches of plastic buried inside him. "See that wasn't so bad was it Puppy?"

He couldn't respond to her verbally, only grunt and shake his head as he backed toward her again forcing himself to relax as more of the phallus slid into his bowels. His eyes shot open again as she increased her grip on his cock stroking him faster and faster while she pumped against him. Bryan gasped again as he felt his stomach starting to tighten along with a familiar pulsing in his cock and unfamiliar tensing of his ass.

He couldn't hold back the moans any longer as he started pushing back against her farther. It was such a wonderful feeling being filled by that thing, feeling it stretch his insides and grind against his opening. He was clawing at the bed again carelessly tossing the stuffed animals about as he tried to get a grip. Bryan looked back over his shoulder at Heather whose eyes instantly locked on his smiling as she felt his body spasm blasting her bed with his cum. She pushed against him again burying the entire strap-on inside him for a moment as she frantically stroke him letting him finish his climax all over her sheets. "That's a good boy." She whispered collapsing atop him so her breasts pressed against his back for a moment. "Not quite finished with you yet though." She pulled quickly out of him slapping him on his rear. "Roll over boy."

Bryan obeyed instantly still shivering in the afterglow of his orgasm. He let Heather kneel down on his arms, pinning him in place and push the soiled phallus past his lips. "Clean it Puppy." The taste of his own filth mixed with plastic was enough to make him gag nearly heaving beneath him but he didn't fight as she forced more and more of it into his mouth. It took a moment but he was able to ignore the taste and start working diligently at his task bobbing his head up and down over the rubber dick scrubbing it clean with his tongue.

Heather reached down gathering as much of his hair as she could manage into her fists and then leaned forward pushing the dildo farther down into his throat till her stomach rested against his face. She stayed like that listening to him try desperately to get air around the phallus at first then thrashing beneath her but there was no way to escape. He was trapped beneath her.

Slowly, bit by bit, his struggles came to an end as his body fell limp beneath her. She held her place for another moment before pulling free of his throat and kissing him one last time. "Good Puppy." He coughed in response but didn't wake up. "He's ready." She whispered.

A ring of fire appeared behind her revealing the space witch Areola who walked to one side of the bed nodding. She leaned over the lifeless body brushing the tassels from her tits over his chest as she did. "You did very well Heather, very very well." She smiled and ran her fingers over the boy's face whispering an incantation. A black aura flared around him briefly and then she turned back toward Heather. "You can play with him some more if you like, otherwise go destroy those pesky Rangers."

"I think I'll have a little more fun with him." She responded unbuckling the strap-on and tossing it aside. "After all its not every day you get a boy under your complete control."

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