Prince Gyllen Ch. 11


"Don't tell moi zat you were 'oping to finish up wizout going inside 'ere first?" Gyllen was overcome by an air of nerves and unease with the implication of inserting his manhood inside a cunt outdoors and in broad daylight, a feat very few people, let alone nobles, would dare commit, nor even admit to partake in for that matter... though the feelings were also coupled with a wave of a relief as he gazed upon her mercifully mundane pussy in a familiar area approximate to that of other females he had accompanied. Not being too knowledgeable in scylla anatomy, he was dreading her vulva to have been an alien cavity located underbelly, in the centre of her writhing tentacles but did not mind to be proven wrong in the least... not that he wouldn't have at least tried such an orifice without judging first anyway. Just below Pascaline's slit, he could also see how her bottom connected with her torso, fascinated with the dark colours of her tough, octopus-like hide melting into her the lighter tones of her softer hominid half. It was a feature he did not have long to admire, however, as his focus was brought back to the scylla's face once his cheek was greeted by a slimy tentacle slap. "What are you staring at? 'ave you never seen un before?" The scylla berated him.

"If you don't want people staring, then don't show it!" Gyllen replied, the side of his head now smarting.

Pascaline's tendril restraints around the prince began to finally unravel themselves off his frame, allowing him to move about at his own convenience and breath easy once again.

"I think I'd rather see 'ow well you can do on your own from zis point onwards, petite poisson." She would say, her appendages moving back to the ground and far out of the prince's path, all to make her the more accessible to his sequential actions. Gyllen took a tentative step towards the tentacled woman, daintily setting his arms onto her shoulders before looking downwards as he lined-up his prick with the orifice using only his pelvis, pressing the tip against the pink, sticky, spongy folds, teasing the opening a little looser by gently rocking his hips against the scylla before eventually sinking his manhood into her honeypot. The blonde shifted his entire body forwards, unhurriedly driving his member as far as it could reach inside Pascaline, voicing a few whimpers as the vaginal walls clenched around his rod, only having his progress halted once their bodies came into contact.

It was from then on that Gyllen would rock his waist to and 'fro in a repeating pattern, letting Pascaline feel every inch of his rod move in and out of her pussy. Even with his moderate length, the scylla appeared to be enjoying herself. The prince was able to eke quite the amount of aroused wails and whimpers out of her, much more than he would have expected from the stuck-up impression she had been giving off since meeting her. Gyllen himself could not help but feel a little disappointed by how her hole was feeling around his member. Not that it felt any worse than other vaginae he had probed in the past but after just coming fresh off the stellar tentaclejob to a more banal textured flesh-tunnel, it was difficult for him to feel the same rush of elation. Still, a cunt was a cunt and Gods forbid Gyllen was the type of gentleman not to see this task through to the end whilst doing everything in his power to ensure the lady in his presence would be satisfied with the affair.

Thinking he had finally thawed out her icy disposition and coming over with a peculiar type of affectionate mood all of a sudden whilst gazing into her fetching, enamoured face, the blonde's hands glided from the Gaulish girl's shoulders, descending her long arms while he pressed his face closer to her own. Once his paws reached the ends of her limbs, he interlocked his fingers with hers before sealing his lips over her moaning mouth. The pair shared a brief smooch, Gyllen even able to get a couple extra bucks of his hips in until Pascaline's eyes opened up once the blonde began to kiss her. Utterly stunned by the action, she raised two of her tendrils to his stomach and shoved him away, their lip-lock broken as Gyllen stumbled backwards, nearly losing his footing on the uneven sand while his grip slipped from the scylla's digits and his gleaming pecker dislodged completely from her interior, remaining upright albeit feeling rather puzzled.

"Just 'oo do you zink you are!?" Pascaline blurted out, wiping her mouth with her wrist, simultaneously attempting to conceal her flush. "I am not your girlfriend! What gives you ze right to give moi a gros, wet smack like it waz nozing?"

"I'm sorry if I offended you, ma'am. It just felt...right in the moment." Gyllen tried his best to reason himself, rather poorly at that if the scylla's unconvinced pout was to be taken as proof. " put it simply, I find doing that sort of thing during intercourse makes it far more enjoyable. At least, for me."

"Fiiine. I zuppose I can give it a try, seeing 'ow persistant you are about it..." Pascaline dropped her arms, octopian or otherwise, leaving her open for the blonde once more. "Just...don't make it weird or anyzing..." The scylla shut her eyes and puckered up, anticipating the prince to pick up where they left off.

Once more, Gyllen approached the Gaulish woman, grasping at his manhood as he re-inserted it back into the snug opening, releasing his hand from it once his member was fully dipped and returning it to the scylla's mitt, doing the same with his left paw to Pascaline's right. Their digits meshed one more time, this time the lifeguard also clasping her fingers along with the prince. Gyllen leaned inwards and their mouths met, this time able to keep them together for longer than a heartbeat whilst his pelvis restarted its gestures.

Again, the prince's movements were quite mellow, at least to start out with. Both him and Pascaline mutually moaned into each other's mouths, muffled from behind their teeth and lips, his nether-regions pleasantly complimenting hers and vice-versa. Gyllen eventually sped up the process, his excitement rekindled, resulting in the blonde drilling into the octo's pussy with greater vigour and acceleration than before. His pubis now audibly slapping into her crotch with every thrust made, occasionally holding his position once the entire reach of his flesh-stick was submerged inside the scylla where he would circle and grind his hips against her, stirring up her tight interior.

Their clasps sealed, their body heats escalating from their performance on top of the sizzling sun's rays, the perspiration pouring from their pores and sticking to their slathering flesh, Pascaline's bust pressed into Gyllen's pectorals, their nipples stirringly chafing off one another. The prince then parted his mouth open enough to let his tongue extend forth, prodding it into the space between the lifeguard's lips with it until they gave way to the licking muscle. Gyllen's tasting organ invaded the scylla's maw, swirling it about her cheeks and rolling it around her own tongue. "Oh, merde...'e made it weird..." Pascaline thought to herself as she felt her gob being occupied though was less impulsive in immediately forcing Gyllen off her person for a second time around. In fact, the scylla appeared to be mimicking the human, wrestling her lingual appendage in retaliation. "I zuppose I can let 'im 'ave 'is fun for a little longer...actually, maybe I'll teach 'im a lesson et just go ahead et make zings weird moiself..."

At the prince's feet, one of the lifeguard's tentacles would rouse anew. The tendril would raise up from betwixt the trap's legs, ascending its altitude until it touched on his swinging scrotum, caressing them softly with her suction-lined undersurface as he bucked his waist into her. "Ah~! This feels nice~" The prince mused, feeling the euphoric octopus arm's hug around his testicles. But this was merely the beginning for what Pascaline was plotting. Two more cephalopodic appendages tied themselves around the blonde's ankles, spiralling up his smooth limbs to as far as his thighs. The tips of both these tendrils started to extend out behind the human boy before attaching to each of his plump buttocks. The suckers clamped to his derrière, prying them apart to leave Gyllen's back-door susceptible to any surprise intrusions.

Just as a fourth tentacle crept ever closer to the unprotected anus, the blonde knew something felt off by the way the scylla was separating his cheeks. He tore his lips away from Pascaline's mouth as he spun his neck around to view over his shoulder and saw the black and violet appendage inching nearer to his pregnable arsehole. "Erm...excuse me? Ms. Pieuvre? What exactly are you intending to do back there...?" Gyllen asked with a nervous false smile. His question went without a reply. Instead the scylla's tentacle shot between the blonde's buns as soon as they were aligned, the tendril's end tickled the teen's rim briefly before wriggling its way inside with little resistance, the natural slimy coating on the appendage made for an excellent lubricant. It travelled deep up his rectum with ease, making the blonde enlarge and cross his blue eyes as his wailing mouth formed into an O-shape. His spine arched, with his hips boring deep into Pascaline's cunny, almost as if he was being bumped forwards by the writhing length currently entrenched in his sphincter.

"Oh...oh, my gods!" Gyllen uttered, face up into the sky, eyes scrunched shut, teeth clenched closed, his stomach fluttering and heart sinking all at once while the tendril started pumping in and out of his rectum, stretching his hole with each blow. "Why...why does this feel so good!?" The blonde let out a hiss behind his ivories, his head brought back down to meet with the lifeguard's gaze once again just as his pelvis returned to its bucking gestures, even more wildly this time around compared to before being buggered up the bum. The prince was perpetually slamming his cock into the Gaulish woman's folds, timing his manoeuvres so he would pull back just as the tendril was pushing inwards. The teen rested his chin on the scylla's sweating shoulder, panting into her ear with his tongue hanging loose from his slack mouth like a dog in heat.

"Mon dieu! I wasn't expecting 'im to be into it!" Pascaline mentally exclaimed, shocked and perturbed by the boy's reaction to her impromptu insertion at first but soon warmed up to the idea once she noticed the direct correlation between diddling his arse and his sudden surge of ardour. It helped that she also found array of noises the prince was producing to be fairly cute. "Then again...perhaps I can get into it alzo..."

Just as Gyllen's back passage was accommodating to the thrusting tentacle, Pascaline was already shifting yet another tendril to join its octuplet inside the chute, wondering how he would handle two appendages together, if even at all. The tentacle reached the blonde's back-end seconds after the idea popped in her, not wasting any time prepping for penetration. Of course, Gyllen had no clue about this second feeler about to breach his straining boipussy, far too occupied with the pleasure he was experiencing from the first one alone to be aware of his immediate surroundings. The limb shortly found itself poking at the trap's anus before worming its way indoors alongside the other, struggling for space as it dug into crowded hole. The prince squealed an even more clamorous cry as his occupied arsehole became packed to its limit, tears welled up in the corners of his wide eyes while he could not help but raise the corners of his open mouth. It was not long until the other tendril had entered roughly at about the same length as the first when the lifeguard began to push and pull the two of them, alternating between which one was advancing and which one was retreating.

These were not thin tendrils either, each one of them sporting similar girth to the orcish fellows whom Min was so kind to introduce Gyllen to a while back. It was the furthest his orifice had been expanded yet any pain was near nullified by the sheer euphoria shocking the teen's nerve system. With that came a barrage of fervent pelvic bucks striking the scylla's sweet spots. The Gaulish girl's own wails coming close to duplicating the level of volume the prince was outputting, trying her best to keep up. Her tendrils started to twist and turn inside the boy's rectum as they continued to piston, even going so far as to move somewhat sideways at the same time just to widen the lad's rim even further. Meanwhile, Gyllen would pull his head back to latch the scylla into another snog, Pascaline finally accepting the tonguing as it came, puckering up before the blonde's lips even reached her, the pair going at it for another game of tonsil hockey, their groanings echoing back and forth between their maws. Two of the lifeguard's shorter hair-like tendrils atop her crown even began to move about for the first time since the young blonde walked in on her, reaching out with them to cradle the sides of his face, holding his head stationary while they shared the smooch, the prince far too enthralled to even question what it was he was feeling cling on his cheeks.

Gyllen's sensitive insides being churned and his prostate constantly being ravaged meant that he was not far off from his impending climax yet was not going to decelerate for anything until he reached the absolute finishing point. Likewise, the scylla was able to feel her own orgasm rushing close in spite of enduring much less than what she was delivering to the prince. "I'm giving everyzing I've got to zis boy but still it zeems like I'm ze one 'oo's about to cream first! Are all 'umans zis talented in love-making...?" The scylla pondered mere minutes before unleashing a drawn-out yell, dimmed from her oesophagus' exitway being obstructed by Gyllen's gob. She lightly bit down on the teen's tongue while her vaginal walls contracted around his prick, her entire being quivered as the final joy-filled rapture overcame her, body and soul.

Her nectar spewed over the blonde's member as the feeler fondling his bollocks squeezed hard while the duo in his arse forced their way inside as deeply as they could muster, all this directly prior to the lad's cock trembling for the second time today, only now not being denied his release. Hot wads of spunk spurted forth from his tip as he buried himself into the scylla's slit for a final time, both their bodies growing rigid with the only signs of movement in the short time following being the occasional muscular spasm here and there accompanied by obstructed grunts. Their held hands clinched and quaked for the duration of the dual climaxes, Pascaline able to discern every shot of jizz fired into her before their digits finally disentangled towards their orgasms' eventual ends. The the prince took a step back from the lifeguard, silently disconnecting his mouth from her face and his softening prick from her pussy. A white string of semen briefly bridging the space between their sexes until soon breaking apart and disappearing into the sands below.

The scylla withdrew all her outreached tendrils back to herself, the blonde cringing and whimpering from the sensation of having his overpacked anus emptied faster than it was filled. Gyllen could tell his backdoor had been gaped just from feeling alone. It was certainly going to ache like mad later but decided not to let such thoughts spoil his current contentment. The teen just hoped his arsehole would recover back to its original state after such an intensive rodgering while he hoisted his trunks back up his thighs to conceal his shame.

"W-well, I'm not too sure about yourself but I certainly had fun~! Thank you~!" Gyllen spoke and smiled to put an end to the awkward, quiet atmosphere. The only response he got was the glowering glance of Pascaline's eyes. "N-not to imply that you weren't having fun yourself or anything! Haha...ha..."

"I 'ad fun." The scylla sternly assured the blonde as she zipped her outfit back up before turning her blushing face away, holding her hands to sides of her upper arms. "Zat was mon first time wiz un 'uman. Merci...for taking ze time to do zis with moi..."

"Oh, thanks are not necessary!" Gyllen chuckled, pleased that he was able to wring a compliment out from the lifeguard at last. "It was an honour to spend this afternoon in the company of a beautiful lady. If anything, I should be giving thanks to you."

"Per'apz...per'apz I could try lifeguarding back on ze main shore again now that I'm a bit more comfortable wiz your kind...zeir stares won't bother me as much."

"I'm certainly glad to hear so! Besides, I'm willing to put money on the fact they were charmed by your alluring visage to the point were all they could do was ogle in silence, rather than being repulsed."

"I..I never thought of it zat way...!" The scylla perked up, turning to face the prince one last time. They made eye contact for a second without saying anything further before Pascaline's tentacles began to shuffle along the floor, carrying her out of the alcove, past the prince and towards the sea. "Merci beaucoup again, petite poisson...I 'ave to find out if ze rest of your race are even 'alf as good as you were." She said without turning around. If she had, the prince would have no doubt seen her shining grin.

The scylla squatted her tendrils before releasing, springing herself from the sand and diving a grand distance through the air and into the ocean. The prince was able to barely make out her shadow underneath the surface swimming in the direction of the busier beach-front, leaving him alone with nothing but gratification, partially from the physical lovemaking itself but mostly from able to help Pascaline overcome her angst, no matter how small a contribution it may have been. He almost forgot the whole reason for even traipsing halfway across the coast before he realised the nook was now completely free for him to use as he pleased! All that was left to do now was fetch his goblin companion, where ever she had wandered off to...


Thank you for reading and I am sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors.

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