tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrincess Charming Ch. 01

Princess Charming Ch. 01


This is a bit of an experiment and has bisexual themes. If you are not into samesex erotica then you might want to give this one a miss. I hope you don't as it is a different twist on the classic damsel in distress and it has been in my mind for quite some time.


Chapter 1: Suitors

Princess Athanasia sat by the window and completely ignored the beautiful winter scenery for the preference of watching her lady-in-waiting pick out a gown for her. Lady Jelena loved her job if you could call it that, if she ever imagined ten years ago that she would be so happy with receiving the summons to court she would have laughed aloud. The Lady cursed as she dropped one of the finely made silk dresses required for the day.

Athanasia's eyes followed the curve of her lady-in-waiting's bottom through the heavy skirt. "Jelena," the Princess spoke with the education and breeding of one in the position of power and authority, "Have I told you today how delectable your derriere is today?"

The lady stood up and spun around in mock horror, "You're highness," she gasped, "Such praise should be received by your ears not given by your lips!"

The princess laughed, "My dear Jelena," she stood up and pulled the young woman into her arms, "you of all people should know what my lips are like." Athanasia drew Jelena into a passionate kiss, their tongues meeting in a slow sensual dance which left Jelena breathless. The princess pulled away, "And the only place I wish my lips to be is on yours."

Jelena blushed, "Highness I do not believe the suitors will be happy to see their prize in the arms of a woman."

The princess laughed loudly, "I believe you misunderstood which lips I spoke of, but no they would not." She released Jelena and walked back to the window watching the noblemen from near and far enjoy each others company in the snow covered gardens below, sizing each other up, "Though I do find men attractive, why do these ones appear to have lost a fight with the ugly tree?"

The two women chuckled and resumed the arduous task of dressing the princess. "Do you have so little faith in those men?"

"Most certainly," the princess cried, "They are of noble birth and can barely see past their own reflections when it comes to their love. If I were to choose any of them I would not earn any respect until I birth a son." Jelena pulled on the lacing of her corset, "I could never give any of them my heart, they will love my dowry and any sons I have."

"Where ever you go," Jelena reached out and caressed Athanasia's cheek, "I will go with you."

The princess leaned into Jelena's hand, "I know you will," she sighed deeply, "I'm afraid of who I will marry. If I do not choose soon, I fear my father will choose for me."

"Well let us hope that there is someone down there that will suit you perfectly," Jelena began the slip the chosen dress for the day over her head, "someone who will not be arrogant or ugly, but will be handsome kind and honourable."

"I hope that he is strong and brave," Athanasia gave Jelena a cheeky grin, "And is well endowed."

Jelena gasped, "the size of his ... of his ... you know, shouldn't matter."

"And yet it does."


Sir Axel Fletcher stood stoically by his liege the Count Dirk Gott of Venic as he tried his best to make himself look more handsome than he really was. Sir Axel sighed heavily, contrary to the count's name the man had never lifted a sword in his life and only loosed an arrow for recreation whereas Axel had earned his knighthood from his king for saving his son, the Crowned Prince of Oraland, who also awaited an audience with the King Talus of Balany and his daughter.

Dirk fussed with his hair, trying to brush it in such a way that he would cover the birthmark on his forehead that looked suspiciously like a piece of male anatomy. Finally the count was done smiling at his refection in the mirror, "Axel, how do I look?" he asked his silent knight as he scrutinised his appearance from different angles.

"Very nice sir," he diplomatically replied, in truth the man looked like the love child of a rat and a pig and just as hairy as Axel had discovered by accident years before.

Dirk turned towards him and clapped his hands, "right, let's go." He headed for the door to his room and left for the gardens where all the suitors were requested to be.

Axel followed with disgust, he did not know too much about the Balany princess only that she was beautiful and had a dowry that rivalled the fortune of his kingdom Oraland. Inside he felt sorry for the young woman who had to choose one of the greedy men who waited for her outside. She had a tough choice and not from many good matches most men were only after the dowry others for an alliance with the wealthy and powerful Kingdom of Balany. His count was one of the former the man was the definition of greed, already more wealthy than their king Count Dirk Gott collected jewels and businesses in trade mining and a few others for his own ends. Axel knew that with the fortune of Princess Athanasia he would finally be able to make a play for the throne. Prince Ruben had the same idea, not wanting to remain under his father's influence with grand ideas for their kingdom. Axel wondered if remaining in the service of such treacherous men was a good idea, sure they had a lot going for them but honour and virtue were not among the traits they prided themselves on.

The winter landscape of the southern garden was breathtaking, the snow covered the bare oak trees like frosting on an expensive cake. Axel looked around in awe as the ice crystals sparkled in the morning light. Dirk quickly began to check out the competition while Axel drifted towards one of the snow-covered trees and leaned against it. He watched the men scurry about to size each other up. The princess had successfully remained unmarried for the last six years as she had rejected every man who asked for her hand, many of those same men were trying their luck again at the king's insistence.

A figure in the window above caught his eye, a woman with long black hair and pale white skin. She was too far away to make out the features of her face but his heart leapt nonetheless. The figure was joined by an equally beautiful shorter figure with wavy chocolate hair and light mocha skin. Axel silently prayed that neither of those women were the princess, hoping to join at least one of their beds that night after the ball.

Several of the suitors were in a heated discussion of some sort drawing Axel's attention away from the two beauties in the window, one of them was Dirk and another was Prince Ruben. "Shit," he cursed as he stood upright and made his way over to the men, "Gentleman, may I be of assistance?"

"Yes," Prince Ruben smiled, "your master has insulted me ..."

"Only after your inappropriate comments about my birthmark!" Dirk retorted. Ever since Dirk was a child rude remarks about his phallic birth mark lead to many scuffles and once a duel which Dirk had Axel fight in his place. Yes the comments were juvenile in nature, but Dirk had no sense of humour.

"Don't you think this is too childish to make waves about?" Axel asked the two men, "Surely a mark from birth is not that funny regardless of its shape or location. I am sure that most men here have birthmarks and not all of them are in nice places either." He watched the men nod, "Please we must endure each other's company for some time yet and it would be best if conflict was kept for the battlefield."

The crowd dispersed and the two arguing men went their separate ways, Axel's relief vanished when he looked up to see the two beautiful women had gone, "Damnit!"


Also in the garden but not near the main group was a man with intensions for the beautiful and wealthy princess, King Baldassare of Galnoa. The king did not need a fortune or an alliance with Balany, no he only wanted a beautiful wife to carry his sons and Athanasia had all the traits he found beautiful, though the alliance and dowry would be nice too.

Baldassare had aspirations for his kingdom, as a sorcerer he had over thrown the Galnoa royal family dooming them to a prison within a painting that hung on his bedroom wall. Standing at a height of well over six feet tall he appeared more regal than the royal family who all had a rather short stature with common features and Baldassare could not allow the throne to be polluted with common features ever again.

Yes the man was conceited but with ebony black hair violet eyes and chiselled features that could weaken any woman without the need of magic he believed he had a right to be. The reason for his choice of bride was the close similarity the princess had to his own looks, he only hoped that the power he felt from another in the palace belonged to her. He would find out by tonight.

He watched the blond knight diffuse the argument that had erupted between the two nobles with amusement, to think a commoner like the knight could have the wit about him to talk down two gentlemen with their blood up. "Simpletons," he murmured under his breath as he watched the large group of greedy nobles, "you will soon all bow to me." He smiled at his plans to rule all of Anata, the known world as they knew it. He looked up at the princess in the window, yes it was her the long black hair and pale skin awoke his body. Her hair was braided up with a single elaborate cord draped over her shoulder, she seemed to watch the men below her with bored eyes. Athanasia turned away from the window leaving it empty. Baldassare continued to stare at the window, he felt no fluttering in his heart nor any twists of anxiety in his stomach, what he did feel was an overwhelming urge to take the woman and rob her of her innocence in a primitive way. "Soon my dear," he whispered to her, "you will be queen of the world."


"Jelena," The princess called as she sat at the window, "you should see these so called noblemen squabbling like children in a playground."

Jelena quickly made her way to the window to see two men in fine tailored clothing, "You're right," she mused, "though I think children are more civilised with their squabbles, these two seem to be enjoying the petty name calling."

The two women watched for a little longer, "ah, watching men fight is so boring, let's go to the library," Athanasia suggested, "I'm sure we could find something more entertaining there."

"Your father's in the library and will probably tell you which suitors to focus on," Jelena informed her.

"Damn," the princess cursed, "is the conservatory free? Maybe a wander through the exotic flowers will be enough to lift this boredom."

"Your mother is in there with a few ambassadors who no doubt will try to advise you to focus on their masters," the lady-in-waiting continued, "and your brothers are in the ball room, the armoury and the grand dining hall."

"Then we are heading to the town to visit the blacksmith," Athanasia smirked.

Jelena smiled, knowing that the princess was only trying to escape the palace and all its formalities to the princess's only friends other than her were the gentle old blacksmith and his wife in town who treated her like a person and not an elevated noblewoman with importance. "Looking to stress your father again?"

"Yes," Athanasia smiled as she took her black riding cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders, she turned around to look at her friend and lover, "are you coming too or are you going to just stand there?"

Jelena laughed and reached for her blue riding cape to join the princess. Athanasia opened the wardrobe and pressed a secret panel to open a hidden door for them to escape through. The door led to a passageway that made of cold green stone. A torch sat in a holder on the wall and with a click of Jelena's fingers it lit up in a small explosion of orange flame. She gave Athanasia a wink and was about to pick up the torch when the princess spun her around her pressed her against the stone wall her lips covering Jelena's in a heated passion.

Athanasia broke the kiss, "you should know better than to do something like that in front of me," she huffed wantonly, her hot breath dancing across Jelena's lips.

"What?" Jelena questioned innocently, "Light a torch with magic?" the lady-in-waiting grinned when her effort to keep the naïve expression failed.

"No," Athanasia smirked letting her eyes absorb the flustered girl's face, "you winked at me."

Jelena giggled and winked again playfully pushing the princess to make another move. She did, passionately kissing her once more with one hand sliding around Jelena's waist and the other grasping her breast firmly. Jelena pushed her hips into Athanasia's and wrapping her own arms around her lover's neck surrendering to the sensual assault. Both young women moaned as their kiss deepened, Jelena's hands began exploring the more delicate areas of Athanasia's neck causing the taller girl to shudder deliciously. "Jelena," Athanasia hummed between kisses, "I need you."

"I need you," Jelena echoed as the princess dropped to her knees, sliding her hands up Jelena's silk covered legs to the heated apex that she knew was left exposed just for her.

Athanasia traced the moistening opening lightly with her finger, teasing the soft brown curls. "Tell me what you want, mon sucrée," she purred as she slipped a finger in and tickled the throbbing nub inside.

The helpless lady-in-waiting whimpered her lover's finger knew exactly how to tease her, dragging desire from within her to the surface yet denying any climax. "Taste me!" she cried, thrusting her hips against Athanasia's hand trying to ride it to achieve her pinnacle.

The princess chuckled at Jelena's futile efforts to control the attentions Athanasia gave her, "keep that up and will leave you hungering until tonight." Jelena's shot a pleading look down at her, begging her to give her release from the blissful torment. Athanasia returned an evil grin and disappeared under the many layers of her skirt. A moment of nothing had Jelena hanging in frightened paralysis anticipating the warm and succulent tongue to work its magic. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of waiting the skilled muscle began to work its way up her thigh, lapping up the escaped honey. Athanasia's fingers opened Jelena up for her pleasure, her aching pearl twitching in expectation. Athanasia's tongue began tracing lazy circles around the sensitive nerve bundle, ripping small gasps from its owner.

Jelena fell against the wall panting in ecstasy and frustration, her hands reaching for something to hold onto as the gradual build to her orgasm crept slowly up weakening her knees in the process. She almost cried as the princess sucked her button into her mouth nibbling it firmly with her lips as she worked a finger into the tight canal flowing gently with her sweet nectar but carefully leaving her maiden's veil in tact. Athanasia dipped her tongue to catch some of the delectable fluid which was sweeter than all the wines of Balany. She worked the finger in and out as she now forcibly dragged Jelena to heaven, sucking the tiny bud until her lover trembled and slid down the wall in a pool of bliss.

The princess emerged again, crawling over the woman she loved and kissed her letting Jelena quiver at the taste of her ambrosia. "I can never get enough of you," Athanasia's now husky voice nearly growled in her more dominant position.

"Please let me return the favour," Jelena managed to reply as she caught her breath.

"When we return," the princess said helping Jelena to her feet in a manor of a storybook hero, "Right now we have to get out of this horrid place."


An hour nearly passed since the argument, Axel continued to look up at the window where the two visions of heaven had disappeared. "Are you a suitor also, sir knight?" someone asked behind him. Axel turned around to see a tall man with jet black hair and kind blue eyes.

"No," he responded, "just passing the time until my lord either is rejected or accepted ... though I believe it will be the former."

The man laughed, "Then you must be Sir Axel Fletcher, Count Gott's personal body guard."

Axel nodded, "is it that obvious?" He smiled gently at the man.

Again the man laughed, "I am Crowned Prince Castor," he held out a hand to the knight and shook it, "I am so pleased to meet you Sir Axel, I have heard so much about you."

It was Axel's turn to laugh, "I swear I didn't do it, it's a terrible fabrication I'm sure," he jest, grinning heartily at the prince.

"You are too modest, surely you take some pride in your heroics?" Castor was genuinely surprised at Axel's demeanour, "And I am also shocked to know that you do not consider trying for my sister's hand. You are more than eligible." He flashed his eyes to the window where the two beautiful women sat looking out before they left. "You do keep staring up at her bedroom window."

Axel nearly choked at the information, "The princess's room?" he choked feeling guilty for lusting after the prize his lord coveted.

"Yes," the prince grinned, "You have been looking up there for around an hour or so, since my sister and her lady-in-waiting Jelena looked out to the men below."

"What is the princess like?"

The smile on the prince's face fell for a moment, but quickly recovered, "she's picky about who she associates with," Castor shrugged his shoulders, "she is also quick to temper if offended and is never without Jelena at her side. Without the pretty little brunette to help her with everything, I am sure my sister couldn't get out of bed in the morning."

Axel looked up again, hoping they had returned to gaze upon the men below, "are there any here you would put money on to succeed in winning the Princess's hand?"

Castor looked around at the assembled men, his eyes falling on the knight at his side, "until I discovered you were not in the running I would have said you. However, now that you are not I would put my money on the King of Galnoa, Baldassare."

Axel shuddered, "he is here?" he surveyed the area until he found the man in question sitting under a tree with a good view of the Princess's window. "Why was he invited?"

"He wasn't," Castor leaned into whisper in Axel's ear, "he came claiming that though he did not crave the fortune nor was he in need of an alliance with our great kingdom. It is said that he saw a portrait of my beautiful sister and fell in love with her the moment he gazed upon it." The prince gave a cautious glance to the sorcerer king and continued when the man made no signs of hearing the conversation, "Axel, please do not let that man win my sister's hand I fear it will end with bloodshed. I hear that he is a wizard of some kind and is offering amnesty to all mages who are persecuted in the known world."

"I am of humble origins, the son of a master fletcher in the city of Averny in the lowlands of Oraland. If I had not been conscripted into the war and saved the king's son I would be sitting with my father, stripping feathers and dyeing them for each arrow he produced."

Castor rested his hand on the knight's shoulder, "every noble line comes from humble beginnings, our own family began as farmers nearly two millennia ago when one of my ancestors discovered a white metal that was soft and malleable like gold yet much prettier to behold. Our family then became jewellers and supplied every royal family in the world at the time with legendary pieces that we now own again due to the fortune we amassed over the next hundred years bought our family a title in your own kingdom of Oraland where our family then became warriors and the rest is history."

Axel smiled, "But your family had a noble title they could call their own."

"If you succeed in winning my sister's hand, I'll grant you a title of earl and a large plot of land in the west with your own private forest to hunt in." The prince seemed desperate to have Axel included among the suitors.

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