tagLoving WivesP's First Adventure

P's First Adventure


We had been lurking and talking about adventures for quite some time. We had been on a few 'dates', but nothing seemed to be working out. P was always a little hesitant; she wasn't clicking with the people we were meeting. I wasn't either.

She was out of town for a few days, and we were emailing back and forth. I had an erotic dream about an mfm adventure, and I sent it to her. She emailed back how hot it was. I asked her if this was a go, and she said 'sure'.

I went to 'work'. I found a really great guy, met with him (almost like an interview) and set up the details. P new nothing of this, but she knew I was planning something.

One morning she opened her email and found this from me: "Tonight after dinner you are to get ready. You are to wear a dress, with nothing underneath. Be ready to leave at 6:30." She sent a message asking "Is this for real?" When I replied affirmative, she simply said "OK".

She was quiet during dinner, then went and took a shower. She came down ready to go at 6:25PM, looking amazing in a simple dress with a zipper all the way up the back.

We got into the car, and I asked her is she was ready. She smiled and nodded yes. I had her recline the seat, and placed a blindfold over her eyes. We drove for the next half hour, with my hand up her dress gently stroking her, increasing her obvious arousal.

We arrived at our destination, and drove right into the garage. Our friend was waiting, and as I turned off the car the door went down. I walked P into the house, which he had prepared according to our agreement. We had also agreed to communicate without speaking, by using hand signals. I noticed he had placed a pad and pen on the coffee table as well.

There were scented candles burning, and soft jazz playing. I stopped her just shy of the family room, had her stand still, kissed had and slowly unzipped her dress. Her dress fell to the floor, and she was standing naked wearing a blindfold and a necklace. His eyes went wide, and a huge smile hit his face.

I led her to the sofa, sitting her down onto the soft comforter he had put there. I sat on one side, him on the other. We had both agreed on how things were to happen, and events were unfolding.

Our hands were stroking her everywhere, and she was responding. I could feel slight trembles as four hands caressed her. I felt her relax, and I could tell she was really enjoying the attention.

Her nipples were standing straight out, and we both took advantage, sucking them into our mouths. Her back arched with the new sensations. My hand now was between her legs, gently rubbing her. She was slick with desire, her breathing was starting to change and a flush was spreading across her chest.

I motioned to our friend, and he slid to the floor, kissing his way up her legs. He started on one at the knee, and when he got close he went back to the other and did the same. P was kissing me deeply, and I could feel her excitement in her kiss.

When his lips and tongue touched her dripping sex, she jumped a touch. I watched and played with her nipples while his tongue slowly dipped into her. Her back arched, she opened her legs even more. For the next hour he was between her legs, kissing, licking, and sucking. Every so often he would use his fingers, just to 'change it up'. P had orgasm after orgasm. I was trying to 'keep track', but I wasn't sure if she had 2 in a row or one long one at one point! So I lost count.

I continued to kiss and caress her. She reached her hand into my shorts, finding a very hard cock. She stroked and stroked, and I knew every time she came because she would either stop or squeeze a touch!

While all this was happening, I had taken our camera out of my pocket and took a few pictures, P said later she thought she saw a flash now and then, but was too far gone to care!

She asked for a break, and he got her a bottle of water. She took a few sips, lying back on the sofa, completely comfortable blindfolded lying there naked.

She then announced she wanted to 'do more'. I looked at our friend, fully expecting him to be rock hard and ready to go. He wasn't. My look was one of complete surprise. He indicated he had jerked off. I mouthed 'When?' He held up 6 fingers. He then mouthed sorry.

This was a definite 'twist' I hadn't planned on. I made a quick decision. I instructed him to lay on the floor, on his back with his head by the couch. I stood her up, had her place her feet on either side of his head, and lower her down until she was straddling his face. I could hear the sounds of him lapping at her sex, and saw her moving her hips slowly.

I slid back in front of her, shorts down. She reached out, and found a very hard cock in her face. She then went into overdrive, giving me probably the best blowjob I have ever received.

I would like to say it lasted a long time, but she had been stroking me for over an hour, and I was ready. After she came twice more while riding his face, I came. Hard. And a lot. She didn't miss a drop.

As soon as I pulled away, she moved and he slid out from underneath her. She then spoke, directly to him. "What about you? You have made me come so many times; I want to do something for you." To know P, she can be shy. Not at this time, she was ready, and she wanted more.

He told her "Thanks, but I'm good. I really enjoyed this, just as it is." She questioned him a little bit more, he insisted he was good. She then turned towards where I was and simply said "I'm done. Take me home."

I stood her up, helped her back into her dress, and back towards the car. Our friend had a huge smile on his face. He said to her "Thank you. You are an amazing lady, very sexy and beautiful. I was honored to be a part of this." The smile on her face was huge. She just nodded.

Back in the car we drove in silence for a few minutes, and then she asked to take off the blindfold. She didn't say much for most of the ride home. We got home, and she still hadn't said much. I was a touched concerned.

My concerns vanished when we got to bed. She attacked me. She came twice more from fingers and tongue, and then rode me to one more.

She curled up on me, and thanked me for the most erotic night she ever had! We talked a little more. She told me she had 10+ orgasms with our friend, and now another 3 more!

I asked if she would want to do something like this again, she smiled and said emphatically 'YES'!

She then informed me she didn't know how, but she was going to find the 'perfect lady' and 'blow my doors off'. She did, and that is another story!

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