tagBDSMPunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 06

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 06


A week later I return to your office for the 5th punishment session. It's the midway point through my entire discipline "schedule" as you've laid out for me. You already told me before hand that it is going to be a "B&D" session today -- bondage and discipline. I shiver involuntarily at these words... they sound so erotic and dangerous to me. All week long I kept thinking about what it'd be like to be naked and tied up by a man and be subject to his sexual desires...

When I enter your office I see a lot of ropes on your desk. I feel weak at the knees, nervous at the impending bondage session. You embrace me tightly for a minute before telling me to strip for my punishment. With trembling hands I remove my clothing one by one until I'm once again standing nude in front of you. I feel goosebumps on my silky smooth skin as you ogle my milky white body eagerly.

"Turn around and place your hands behind your back, Ling," you order as you approach me with a piece of rope. I obey and I feel you start tying up my slim wrists together with the rough rope, after wrapping the rope around my bare arms a couple of times. I am quickly and easily secured by you expert hands. I feel so helpless now, totally at your mercy. You stand back and admire your handi-work for a bit. I notice that there's a big tent on the front of your pants. You must be quite turned on as well.

You sit down at the usual "spanking chair" and carefully lay me across your lap. As I lie face-down over your strong knee with my hands tied together behind my back, I feel a strange sense of calm even though I'm also helplessly vulnerable. It's as if I've completely given up control and surrendered myself to you...


My "warm-up" hand-spanking has commenced. You apply firm and steady slaps to my jiggling buns, eliciting occasional soft girlish yelps from me.


As the intensity of the spanks picks up, my soft oriental body begins to squirm around on your lap. My natural instinct is to reach back with my hands to rub my stinging nether-flesh, but with them tied securely behind my back there's nothing I could do but to silently endure your lengthy and painful spanking.


"Ouuch... oooohhhh... I'm sorry I won't OOuuuuwwww steal again! Aiiiiiieeee!"

As my asscheeks redden steadily under your unrelenting palm, your cock also hardens under my belly and starts to poke at my wriggling body. At this moment I realize that it won't be too long before I'm once again impaled by your manhood.

After a very thorough bare bottom hand-spanking, you let me rest over you lap a little longer before you change my position for the next phase. You help me get up from your lap, and then you stand me in the center of your room. I notice that there is a metal hook in the ceiling which you're using to hang some thick ropes over. Next thing I know, I've been bent forward with my wrists raised upward behind my back. You tie some knots together to connect the ropes over the ceiling hook to my upraised arms, forcing me to stay in this bent-over position!

Not only that, but you also retrieve a metal bar with cuffs on both ends. It turns out to be a spreader bar, which you cuff securely to each of my slender ankles, thereby forcing me to stand with my legs spread wide-apart. I feel so helpless in this bondage position, unable to raise my upper body or close my legs together. Now not only is my puckered asshole very exposed to your viewing pleasure in the back, but my soft little asian penis also "dangles" limply in front of me. It is so humiliating!

But I don't have much time to worry about that. You walk behind your desk and take out a evil-looking cane! Oh no, you're not going to cane me are you? I've never experienced that before, but from what I heard about it is going to be extremely painful.

"Ling, today I'm going to give you 'six of the best', as the British would like to call it."

I'm scared but with me in tight bondage I can't possibly get away. I can only brace myself for what is to come, trusting that you won't hurt me beyond my endurance.


There's a slicing sound in the air for a split-second before the first cane stroke lands on my upturned behind.

"EEEEEEEE!" I scream in agony as a line of fire explodes where the cane kissed. This is so painful! I'm glad it's only going to be six strokes.

After 20 seconds or so another one hits slightly below where the first stroke landed. "AAAWWWWWW!" A second angry red line appears in parallel below the first one. This punishment continues for 4 more strokes, with the last one hitting right on my "sit spot", where my rounded buttocks meet my trembling thigh. I know I won't be sitting down comfortably for a few days after today's session.

I'm panting for some time after my caning. You kindly wipe away my tears and sooth my blistered bum with some gentle caresses. After I recover from the shock, my little "clitty" starts to stiffen in arousal. I can't believe this. I think my corporal punishment and bondage is having the same effect on you. I hear you unbuckle your belt and slip down your pants behind me. Oh no... are you going to fuck me again?

My fear is soon answered when I feel a thick lubricated finger entering my exposed asshole. Your spread some K-Y jelly around and inside me in preparation for another session of assfucking. I shut my eyes tight in shame as I await your penetration. With my creamy bare legs forced to spread wide apart by the ankle spreader bar, and my body forced to bend forward by my upraised arms behind me, you don't even need to spread my asscheeks apart in order to enter me, since my asscrack is already open and my anal opening plainly visible to you. You just aim your large dick-head at my anus, place your hands on either side of my hips to steady me, and begin to push.

Even though this is not the first time I've been violated by you, my asshole is still quite tight and it takes a lot of strength to open me wide. But once I'm opened by your cock, it slides in quite smoothly, and you use your hands to draw my bound body back towards you. It make me feel like I'm sinking onto a thick pole sliding up my rectum! It's a weird sensation. Knowing that the thick pole is really a man's cock is very unbearable to me. It drives the point home -- that I'm about to be fucked by a man, yet again!

When you've completely buried your long prick inside my stretched ass-pussy, you stand still with your body pressed tight against the back of my sensitive thigh-flesh. I slowly get used to the fullness in me. While the bondage renders me helpless and to feel like I'm being "raped" by you, but strangely it also eases my guilt. It is as if since I have no choice now but to submit to your sexual advances, I can resign to my fate easier this way.

"Mmmmm.... I love your TIGHT asian asshole, Ling! Are you feeling okay?"

I moaned softly and reply that I'm ok... I guess I'm as ok as one can be with a big hard male-sausage stuffed up his butt. Once you see that my body has accepted the intrusion and yielded to your dominating cock, you start to withdraw the thick shaft slowly. When only the head is in, you sink in again. Now I am being fucked. You feel my tight anal-ring massaging every inch of your throbbing tool, giving you unspeakable pleasure as you plunge in-and-out of me.

"Oooooohhhh, yes...." I mutter involuntarily as you begin to fuck me in earnest. With your hands holding my slender hips tightly, you pull me back and forth slowly -- using my slim body to fuck myself onto your rock-hard pole! This is so degrading, but also a huge turned-on! I can't even imagine the utter humiliation it'd be if anyone could see me like this -- naked, all tied-up, and getting buttfucked by another man!

"You told me you want to be my little chinese bitch, don't you Ling?" You grunt as you pound into me mercilessly, each impact onto my well-reddened assglobes results in a resounding smacking noise that echoes throughout the room.

"Mmmmppphhh... yes Sir.... I need to be fucked by you Sir.... long and hard.... oooohhhhhh..."

You reach around me and wrap my little "stiffie" in your fist. Oh the sudden unexpected pleasure -- both the back and the front! It does not take too long of this simultaneous stimulation, deep anal penetration and jerking off, for me to climax and squirt out a few loads of creamy cum. I moan in ecstasy and my asshole clamps down on your raging dick in spasms. It quickly milks you into sexual climax as well, and you drive deep inside me one last time to pour out load after load of hot cum inside my bowel...

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