tagNonHumanPure Moonlight Ch. 02

Pure Moonlight Ch. 02


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Ally woke with a start, and sat up, gasping. Her memories flooded through her mind, ighting off four huge men; being hit and grabbed; Paul advancing menacingly, her arms being gripped tightly by goons. Fear threatened to consume her until she was hyperventilating.

Pain seared through her side, bringing her back to the present. Taking care to slow her breathing and calm herself down, she looked at her surroundings. She was in the middle of a giant bed in an even bigger bedroom with cream and stone colours. It looked like it came straight off the cover of a home magazine. She slowly got up, and adjusted herself on her unsteady feet. To her horror she realised she was only in her skimpy panties and a man's shirt.

She went to the window and opened it wide to find steel bars attached on the outside and locked with a missing key. The view from the window was an amazing countryside she had never seen before. She wasn't in the city and she had no idea where she was. She looked around the room trying to decide which of the many doors could be an exit. After playing a quick and childish game of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe", Ally walked to her chosen door. With a deep breath she turned the knob and launched herself.... Into the huge closet.

She looked around in dismay. From one bad situation to another, she felt like she just couldn't get a break. Then she heard movement behind a door on her left, across the bed. Stealthily, Ally grabbed a pillow and a tie as the first weapons she could find. She positioned herself next to the door as the handle turned and opened.

Out stepped a gorgeous man, over a head taller than Ally. She had already started to swing and at the last second, changed angles to bring the pillow hard against the back of his head. He reacted lightening quick and grabbed the other end of the tie. She pulled it up and over her shoulder, taking his arm and the rest of him, using his momentum to carry him in an impressive arc before he met the ground with a crash, as the wind was knocked from his lungs.

She launched herself on top of him, using the towel that was around his neck to try and strangle him. His muscled arms flexed around her, as they rolled until he was on top. He looked down at her in amusement, while she struggled in vain to budge him. He shifted slightly and she felt lots of skin contact. Her face turned bright red and her struggles were renewed. A smile crept across the man's gorgeous face as he continued to watch her futile efforts.

All of a sudden, as though a switch had been flicked, she stopped fighting to escape and began moving to feel his smooth skin, feeling delicious friction through the thin material of a single shirt. He followed suit, creating more friction against the heat of their almost touching skin. He slowly moved his hand up and under her shirt, feeling her hot skin jump under his skilled fingers. By the time he reached her bare breasts Ally was panting with pleasure, moving underneath him, drowning in their combined heat. Zac looked deep into her eyes while he fought an internal struggle with his wolf. He bent down to her and kissed her slowly and gently on the lips.

She moaned quietly and kissed him back, keeping up the movement underneath him. He felt himself harden against her hips as he rubbed himself along the contours of her body. She moaned louder and kissed him harder and desperately. The heady aroma of her arousal filled the room, spurring him on. He sat up and ripped open the shirt; buttons flying everywhere. He pulled the torn shirt from her body as he feasted on the bare flesh before him. He leant back down and kissed her deeply and passionately, kneading a breast while feeling as much of her skin as possible with his other hand.

A door to the side burst open and another man came barging in, his eyes glowing a molten gold. Zac stopped his seduction, to fend off the intruder, his wolf ready to rip the stranger's throat for getting too close. "Keith, OUT," Zac growled menacingly.

Keith stopped dead at the sight of the pair on the floor, and with a huge grin his eyes changed back to brown. He slowly bowed and backed out before closing the door again.

But the switch had been flicked off. Ally came to her senses and punched the heavily distracted man across the cheek, knocking him off of her. She got up and rolled across the bed, away from him, taking the sheet with her. She wrapped it around herself and pressed herself against the wall. Mentally she berated herself at her dismal behaviour. She had never acted like that before in her life!

Zac, left alone on the floor, got up slowly; making sure the towel was still covering his entire waist, his raging hard-on creating an impressive bulge through the fabric.

Within the privacy of the pack quarters he wouldn't have bothered; it was very pro natural. Humans, however, seemed to be rather perturbed at nudity, he had found.

His wolf was pacing internally, brought up by Keith's interruption. It wanted nothing more than for him to ravage this strange, human female and make her his forever. He fought his wolf back, feeling his eyes bleed back into their human green hue.

"It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you" Zac said gently, approaching the bed cautiously. This human was absolutely fascinating to him- his own kind could hardly scratch him, yet she had caught him by surprise and actually managed to knock him on multiple accounts.

Ally's eyes opened wide at his voice, which was absolute music to her ears; husky with a slight accent. He took a hesitant step closer the bed, "I'm Zac," he said and smiled gently, trying to reassure and calm down the little human.

The name sent shivers down her spine as she hungrily stared at the almost perfect person in front of her. Finally she managed to force out, "Ally."

The man's smile widened, "Pleased to meet you. My, err, dogs found you in the alley way behind that bar last night. I brought you here, where you would be safe. I had a doctor look at you; two of your ribs are broken and you have bruises and cuts, but you will make a full recovery."

Reminded of the pain in her ribs, she put a hand to her side, finding thick tape holding them in place. She looked at him suspiciously. He smiled and held up his hands, "Doc is a professional, and he wouldn't let me in while you were uncovered."

Ally stared at the gorgeous man in awe 'They were your dogs? They didn't look like dogs, they were huge... What happened to the jet black one? I would love to see him again." She smiled at the memory of that beautiful creature.

"All in due time, Ally. I have a few questions for you first." He said carefully.

Ally swallowed nervously, "fine, shoot."

"Who were those men and what did they want?" he paused before asking, "And where did you learn to fight like that?"

A shadow crossed her face, "I didn't know the guys, and I, um, took a few self-defence classes... you know, to be safe and all."

Zac crossed his arms suspiciously, he knew she took more than 'a few self defence classes' but decided to let it slide. "So what did they want with you? They seemed to be specifically looking for you."

She broke eye contact with him and stared out of the window. Her mind was reeling, trying to think of a valid lie. The best lie was one born from a seed of truth, she decided. She looked back at the gorgeous man, who was looking at her expectantly. "One of them was my ex-boyfriend, and I honestly didn't know the other men." She said bluntly.

She exhaled her breath and watched him closely. His handsome face gave away none of his thoughts or emotions.

Zac knew she was leaving things out, but what she had chosen to say was the truth, of that he could be sure. Without thinking he spoke again, "I don't care who they are, I don't ever want you to see them again."

Ally blustered at his nerve. Looks aside, he was a jerk! She hiked up the sheet and stood a little straighter, "How. Dare. You! You don't know me, you have no right to tell me who I can and can't see! Look I appreciate your... helping me. But I want my clothes and I want to go home now." She folded her arms and glared at him.

He was in complete shock; no one had spoken to him like that for over 160 years! His wolf urged him to dominate her and force her to submit to his will, as everyone in the pack should. She's not pack, he reasoned with his beast, she is completely human and we would only frighten her. His wolf grumbled, but accepted this as truth, but it made promises that they would dominate her later then, before retreating. Sending his consciousness outward, he was met with a pillow straight in the face.

"Are you even listening to me?" she cried. "I...want...to...go...home!" she yelled, throwing a pillow with each word. Ducking the pillows he launched himself across the bed and pushed her hard against the wall. His bare chest connected with her, the sheet doing very little to smother the pure animal magnetism reeking from his naked torso. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. She brought her hands up to fight him. He grabbed her arms and pulled them above her head without breaking the kiss. With one hand, he held her there while the other explored her body under the sheet.

The switch had been flicked. She stopped struggling and began to kiss him back. Her lips parted, giving him access to her mouth. He probed at her with his tongue, enjoying the sounds she was making. The smell of her arousal clung to his nose, pressing him further. His kisses got harder more urgent and passionate, his tongue penetrating her hot mouth repeatedly.

He dropped his hand and used both to stroke her body. Slowly he pulled the sheet down, revealing her perfect breasts. Her newly freed hands explored every inch of his naked body, his towel dropping and left forgotten on the floor. He kneaded a breast, pinching the nipple and playing with the mass while his other hand groped her rounded ass. His hips gave little thrusts into her, pushing his raging erection into her hips.

She felt like her body was on fire, trailing everywhere he touched her. She had never felt like this in her life! Part of her mind had detached itself and watched in dismay as she melted into this stranger's touch, moaning into the depths of his mouth and they explored each other.

He was so hard and ready. He pulled the sheet down her body slowly, relishing in the feel of their bare skin making full contact. His hands explored her body, relishing in her supple softness that yielded to his touch. He lowered his lips to her neck and breathed in her pure scent. He planted kisses and nibbled on her collar bone.

Ally felt her legs collapse, Zac was the only thing keeping her pinned to the wall. His attention to her neck was making her feel really good; she closed her eyes and moaned gently in his ear. She tilted her head to the side to give him more access.

When she bared her neck, Zac nearly lost control of his wolf. It wanted out to have some fun too. He forced it back, using all of his will power, promising it release later.

His hands followed the luscious curves of her body, stopping at her hips and the last remaining scrap of clothing on their combined person. He hooked his fingers through the panties and began to lower them over her hips. He began kissing her mouth in earnest.

When Ally felt him taking off her underwear a cold chill swept through her and the small part of her mind that had stayed detached got control. It was like a bucket of ice water had been poured over her. She saw it all in horror- her nakedness and his; his huge erection straining at her hips.

She shook her head, making him grip at her tighter. She pushed at his chest, but that did nothing. With all of her might, she gathered up all of her energy and channelled it in an outwards explosion.

Zac was horny; he just wanted to take her. He was so distracted he didn't notice her freeze up. He didn't notice her shaking her head; he could barely feel her hands pushing him away. All of a sudden he did feel her energy channel up through her torso and arms as she pushed him with a force he never would have expected from such a tiny little human. He was blown away from her and the wall, and came crashing down on the bed. Dazed, he lay there for a second- his mind still trying to catch up with the events.

Ally quickly grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around herself. "What did you do to me!" she screamed at the prone figure on the bed. She looked around frantically. She remembered which door the other man had come in from, and raced to it. She heard a strangled noise from the bed, but ignored as she launched herself through the door and into freedom...she hoped.

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