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Put In My Place


I woke up startled. The phone was ringing. I didn’t want to pick up the phone, but had a feeling I really needed to. After four rings the machine picked up.

“V. Pick up the phone. V. Wake up and get the phone.”

It was J. I was in trouble. I scrambled out of bed and searched for the cordless.

“V. You were supposed to be here when I got home. Where are you? Are you there?”

“Shit.” I said out loud frantically looking for my phone. By time I had found it you had left the rest of the message and hung up.

I pressed the play button and listened to the message as I searched for my shoes and bra. With no luck on the shoes I quickly put on my bra and slipped on my leopard print slippers. You were not happy with me and I needed to get over to you as soon as possible.

You were coming home tonight and instructed me to be at the house when you arrived. I wanted to take a short nap before I did so I would be awake and ready to please when you arrived. I had overslept. I was cursing myself as I got into my car.

I anticipated what would happen to me when I finally arrived. I had talked to you the night before and had specific instructions. I was to let myself in and go straight to the bedroom. I was to dress in any provocative outfit I wanted and to wait in the bedroom. When I heard you pull into the drive I was to stand and wait for you to come in the room. When you did I was to go to you, kiss your cheek and help you out of your shoes, loosen your tie, and suck your cock.

They were simple enough instructions. Now you were there waiting for me and I was beyond late, wearing plaid pajama bottoms and a black tank top. I was defiantly in for it. I knew for sure I was going to be spanked. It made me a little hot thinking about it. I had not seen you in many weeks, had not enjoyed the pleasure of your love. The first chance I get I go and fuck it up. I was in tears as I pulled into the driveway.

I saw that your bedroom light was on and I hurried to the door. It was left unlocked and I went inside. It was very dark in the house, but I didn’t bother to turn on the light. I knew I needed to get to you.

I opened the door and saw that you were sitting in your computer chair, the back facing me. I set down my purse and walked over to you. I knelt down at the side of the chair and hung my head low.

“J, I am so sorry…” You cut me off.

“No excuses V. I don’t even want to hear it.”

I hung my head lower and heard you get up. The edge of the chair nudged me as you walked into the bathroom. You walked back out after using it and grabbed the ponytail I had pulled my hair into seconds before I walked into the house. It hurt as you yanked it to guide me to my feet. I felt your hot stare as you stood behind me.

“J, please let me make it up to you.”

Slap. It was the sound of your hand against my ass. The sting really burned and I jumped with the impact.

“You will be making it up. The way I see fit V. Now put your wrists behind your back.”

I hesitated, not knowing what to expect. I had never disobeyed you in such a way.

“If I were you V, I wouldn’t hesitate any longer, you are already in deep enough of a hole.”

I did as told. I felt you wrap a soft material around my wrists. I had a pretty good idea it was a tie from the feel of the fabric. You tied it firmly then pushed me towards your bed.

“Bend over the edge V.”

I defiantly knew what was coming. How many I did not know. I was surprised though when I did not feel the blow of your hand. I heard you fiddling with something, but did not dare move. Then I felt a hand on my lower back and then a powerful sting on my ass.

I screamed out. Another sting. I screamed again.

“Contain yourself V.”

Several more. You had never spanked me with a belt before. Although I had cushioning it stung rather badly.

You yanked on the tie and I got up in accordance to it. You slipped my pajama pants to my ankles and exposed my light blue Victoria secrets bikini cut panties. A hand caressed the globe of my right ass cheek, but not for long because I was shoved back onto the bed and several more, more forceful blows with the belt landed on my already tender ass. I was almost in tears when you pulled me back up.

You rubbed your hands along the curves of my waist then yanked down the panties I had worn and once again pushed me to the bed.

“Please J, I’m sorry, no more, please, I’m so…”

“Shut the hell up V. You are being punished for disobeying me. Maybe next time….”

Crack went the belt against my bare ass.

“…you’ll think…”

Crack. I screamed out this time as tears trickled down my face onto the comforter on the bed that we had shared so often before.


Crack, crack, crack.

“…you disobey…”

Crack, crack, and crack.


Crack, crack, crack



I was crying now. Not only from the pain of the belt on my ass, but for disobeying you. I had known better. I could have always taken a nap when I arrived. The punishment probably would have been a lot less than this if you had of found me asleep in our bed instead of not here at all.

You untied the material bounding my wrists and helped me off the bed. I was blubbering into your chest as you help me close. Your hand caressed my hair as you pulled the ponytail free.

“Shh V, it’s over now.”

You picked me up in your arms, being careful not to touch my red and tender ass and laid me down on my stomach on our bed.

I looked at you and mouthed “sorry”.

“It’s alright my love. Compose yourself now.”

I nodded and shut my eyes tightly, baring the pain, and I propped myself up on my knees. I took my top off as well as my bra. I was now kneeling naked on out bed, with tears drying on my face as I stared at you. I crawled over to the edge of the bed and you stood in front of me.

Your hand dipped into my shaved pussy as I released your cock from your pants. It was hard and ready for me. I was wet for you, despite my resent punishment. I didn’t want to say it, but being spanked by your belt had turned me on in fact.

“I see my pet is wet. You must really want to be fucked don’t you V?”

I didn’t respond in words. I just lowered myself down and took you in my mouth. Your cock felt warm against the inner walls of my cheeks. I did want you, but I wanted to make up for my wrong and intended to do it by pleasuring you.

“V, you are so good at this. I have missed your mouth, but not as much as I have missed your love.”

With that I released your cock and climbed off the bed. I didn’t say anything, but took your clothes off. You stood naked, fully erect, watching me as I went to the special drawer in the desk.

I pulled out a bottle of KY and walked back, placing it in your hands. I then bent over, my red, sore ass facing you, then gently pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing my small pink asshole.

“Mmm, V, you know exactly what I want.”

I listened as you squirted the jelly onto your finger and on my hole. The coolness felt wonderful. Then I felt your finger slid into my ass.

“Damn baby, your ass is so tight.”

You played for several minutes in my ass. Just as you applied pressure to my hole with your large wanting cock I stood up and guided you to the bed. You sat down and I climbed on you, straddling your lap.

“Good girl V.”

You kissed me for the first time. Your tongue probing mine, caressing it, loving it. It was so nice feeling your kiss. As we broke it I took your cock and slipped it into my wet cunt then pulled out, adjusting it towards my ass.

The head popped through the tight opening after several seconds of coxing it. I squeaked as it finally went through.

Adjusting to your cock I rocked slowly back and forth, gaining speed as you grabbed my back. It felt wonderful to be so close to you. I knew how you like it. My ass bounced off of your thighs, and although it hurt, it heightened the excitement of your cock in my ass. I loved playing dirty with you.

“Good girl, fuck my cock with your ass. My dirty slut. Make me cum in your ass. Be my nasty little cum whore.”

When you talk dirty to me it makes me all the more excited. I couldn’t help but cum from the excitement.

“Good V, cum all over me. My good little slut. That’s it.”

I came even more, my juices leaking all over you.

“Oh yeah baby, here it comes.”

God it felt great. Your hot seed shot up my tight ass. I could feel the heat of it spread over, making my asshole nice and slick.

“Clean it for me love.”

I climbed off your spent cock and got to my knees on the soft bedroom carpet. I took your member in my mouth and sucked the cum off of it. It tasted so good. I really enjoyed the way your dick tasted after it came in my ass. When you were satisfied with my job you helped me into bed.

“I love you V. That is why I have to punish you when you are bad.”

“I know J. I will try to be a better girl for you.”

“Oh V, you are the only girl for me. Now sleep, because for tomorrow you will need to be rested.”

You kissed me tenderly as we lay face to face in our bed.

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