tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 04

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 04


The spring semester at school was starting on Monday, luckily for me my first scheduled class was not until Tuesday afternoon. I was enjoying a quiet weekend, surprised that Kevin had not called to arrange an assignment for Friday or Saturday. The quiet did not last, as Kevin called me on Saturday afternoon and asked if I was interested in a special assignment. I asked the particulars, what did his client want and how much.

A Mr. Stetson was throwing a football party the following day, and wondered if I would like to entertain him and his guests during the games. This assignment would pay a little more, $ 4,000 for about seven hours of work. I agreed and was told to be at his house just before noon for the pre-game show, the first game kicked off at one. I asked if there was anything special I should wear, as I did own a football jersey, Kevin said that would be perfect.

I arrived at Mr. Stetson's house the next day, about 10 minutes before noon, I was wearing my jersey and a pair of sweat pants. Mr. Stetson looked me over and told me that I looked better in person, so obviously Kevin had showed him a picture of me prior to him selecting me for this assignment. I was given my instructions, that I would serve drinks and food to his guests and that I would service upon request. Mr. Stetson then asked my to remove my pants, he wanted me to wear something special. He handed me a package and inside was a cup and jock strap. I removed my pants and put on the jock strap, so there I was dressed only in a jersey and jock strap, my penis was covered, but my ass was exposed.

Within minutes his guests had arrived, four very close friends of his, I saw wedding rings on three of their fingers. I was greeted by each, and then spent the next half hour serving them food and drinks, while having my ass slapped and my body felt up. Just before kickoff of the first game, Mr. Stetson approached me and asked me to stand in the middle of his living room. I was then handed a football, and asked to bend over like I was a center. When I did, I saw Mr. Stetson and his friends all start to remove their pants. Still bent over, Mr. Stetson came up behind me and after sucking on his finger for a moment, started to poke at my hole.

It was now time for kickoff and the games began. Mr. Stetson positioned himself behind me as his friends cheered on, and the next thing I know he is rubbing some sort of dip around his cock and then smeared some on my entrance. He was inside of me in no time, pumping away. His cock was a nice size, so were his friends as I saw them all touching themselves at this point. Mr. Stetson continued for a few minutes, and then came in my ass. He pulled out and one of his guests took over, this man went right to town immediately, and climaxed in only a minute or two.

The other three were ready for their turns, but I was in no condition to remain in that position. I moved over to the couch, and bent over it for support, as each of the three remaining guests had their way with me. I was left out of breath, with a mixture of all of their juices leaking out of me. After a moment or two, I walked gingerly to the bathroom and cleaned up as best as I could.

Upon returning I found them all watching the game, still naked from the waist down. I spent the remainder of the first half getting them food and or drink upon request. At half time, they were ready for more. Mr. Stetson had me come over and kneel down in front of him, I took his cock into my mouth and sucked down hard. As I did this one of his friends mounted me from behind and fucked my ass again. I would spend the next 45 minutes performing oral and receiving anal, until none of us could take anymore. I was just left there lying on the ground, as they all sank back into their chairs and started to watch the game again.

I had just been gangbanged twice and I was completely exhausted, and the first game was just ending. How would I make it through a second game I thought? My ass was very sore and my mouth was aching.

Just before the second game was about to begin, Mr. Stetson announced that he had a surprise, a friend and he went down into his basement and returned with a large box. Inside the box was a black contraption that he called a swing. He hung it out to a mount that he had in the ceiling, right there in the middle of his living room. They had me get into the swing, and then my arms and legs were bound. I was completely exposed at this point.

See my condition, Mr. Stetson offered me a drink; he must have put something into it as I was feeling no pain so afterwards. Mr. Stetson and his friends then each took turns with me, some used my mouth as others used my ass again for their gratification. The action was surreal, I was swinging around with someone's cock in my ass, as I was facing them, taking in their enjoyment. Some came inside of me, others pulled out and came on me. I guess Mr. Stetson was worried about getting cum stains on his floor as he brought out a large piece of plastic and spread it out underneath the area in which I was hanging from.

His guests after consuming a large number of drinks, must have needed relief as one of his guests started to urinate as he approached me for a blow job. Instead he took a step back and pissed on me, soon others followed, I was like a target as they laughed and egged each other on. Mr. Stetson was the last, and he swung me around telling me that he had not planned this but since I did not seem to mind (like I had a choice), and then he let loose a stream of piss that hit me in the face, he was aiming for my mouth. He reached out and opened me with his fingers and unfortunately some did land inside my mouth, I spit it out as quickly as I could.

All at the party were more than satisfied, and I was at a point that I could take no more. They took me down and threw me into the shower to clean up. When I returned they had me sit down on the couch and watch the rest of the game with them. I was a mess, completely used and had no energy left. It must have dawned on them that I was not used to that kind of action as Mr. Stetson called Kevin to come pick me up.

His guests were leaving as Kevin arrived, they each took the chance to thank me for a great afternoon, and two of them even slipped me a side tip of $ 50 apiece. Mr. Stetson talked with Kevin for a while then it was time for us to go. Kevin told me that his clients were really happy with me, and that I was becoming his number one model. I just sat there thinking of the money, and how I felt that I deserved triple what I received that day, for all I took.

I made it home, though I do not really remember, and I next regained consciousness the following day just after 10 in the morning, I had been asleep for over 14 hours. I did not do much that day, my ass was very sore and it impaired my ability to walk around freely. I could move about with no trouble, but did so in a gingerly state, every once in a while a little pain would shoot up my ass, it felt almost like a blast of air, a weird feeling that I had never experienced before.

Tuesday brought about the first day of school and I was glad that I had not had a class on Monday. The rest of the week I settled into the new semester, getting my books and supplies, and making sure my schedule was going to work for me. God it felt good to buy all new books and supplies using my own money, not having to shop at the used book store.

It dawned on me that Kevin had not yet paid me the $ 4,000 for the football party, I called him on Friday morning to see when I could collect. He apologized profusely and even drove my money over to me that afternoon. When he arrived, we were all alone, and soon I found myself sucking his cock. It was enjoyable but I realized that my actions were a sort of commission to Kevin, not that he was not making enough off of my services to "his" clients. Kevin finished and then left immediately, he mentioned that he would work on getting me an assignment or two for the weekend, since he knew I did not have too much homework being that it was only the first week.

I received a call later that night, telling me that I had two assignments, each were one hour jobs for $ 500 a piece. Saturday morning I would be meeting a businessman in his hotel around 10, then on Sunday afternoon I would meet another client at an open house. I should have known it was Larry by the term "open house" but I was actually surprised when we meant up on Sunday.

The Saturday morning assignment was a quick one, the man had me come to his room using the back elevator, and he was quite nervous about if others had seen me come up to his room. He was hard when I arrived and he wanted a blow job, I did not even take off my clothes and he just started to fuck my mouth. My now I was getting used to this, and plus his cock was not a world beater either. He lasted a few minutes and then pulled out and shot his load on my face, wiping his cock around my mouth. I cleaned up with a few tissues and then thought that it was time to get undressed, but he was still nervous at this point and asked to leave immediately. Wow I thought to myself as I left, a quick blow job, and I was $ 500 richer. Some men, I did not even waste my time trying to reconcile his actions in my head.

I called Kevin, told him what happened and he said not to worry. He said that some of these guys have a fantasy about another man, but as soon as they cum, they immediately feel remorse and want to run away back to their wife as fast as possible. I just went home and relaxed the entire day, hell I was home before noon.

The open house was scheduled the following day from 2 until 4, I was asked to drop by at noon. As soon as I arrived, I knew it was Larry, it was so obvious but I had not considered it until I saw his name on the for sale sign outside the house. Larry greeted me nervously at the door, he told me to just play along, that he would explain everything to me later. I saw others, including children, so I just followed Larry in the door and did not say anything. Larry told them that I was a new employee at the agency, but that I was not a licensed agent (obviously). He told the family who owned the house that I was there to assist him that he felt they would have a large crowd that day.

He gave me his car keys and asked me to take out some balloons. I was then instructed to hang them up outside near the open house signs. Larry talked to the family while I was outside, and I do not know what he said, but when they left they did not seem at all suspicious about the two of us being there 2 hours before the scheduled start. Larry eventually told me that they were supposed to have left that morning and were to have been gone until that night. Larry sure had a thing for playing in the houses that he was selling, that was for sure.

Once he was confident that they would not return, he asked me to follow him into the basement of the house, I went down first as he locked the front door. I felt him arrive as he grabbed my ass, I had not noticed his arrival as I was looking around the basement, it had been recently renovated. Larry continued to feel me up from behind, he started to pull my shirt up over my head, his hands were caressing my chest, squeezing me all over.

I turned around and was meant with a big kiss, I could feel the passion in Larry, he really wanted me that day. Our clothes were removed, and I found Larry on top of me, still kissing me passionately. Larry was a bit on the heavy side, so when he was completely on top of me I did find it a little difficult to breath, much less his mouth covering mine. Larry moved down, kissing my body down until he reached me ass. I thought that he was going for my cock, but instead he went right by and started to tongue my ass. I did this for a while, then would suck on his fingers before finally working a few into me.

I was ready and Larry knew. He mounted me and started to fuck me with a moderate pace. He lasted longer than our first session, finally he came inside of me. He then moved off and checked his watch. I noticed and he said that he was just checking, he did not want to get too caught up, and that he needed some time to compose himself before others arrived.

Larry then crawled around in front on me and looked back over his shoulder. I knew what he wanted so I inserted a finger into my own ass, and took out some of his own cum. I then worked that finger into Larry, he was not tight, he must have had plenty of experience. I only spit on my cock to get it ready, then I entered Larry. He must have loved the feel of a cock in his ass, as he started to push back, just like last time. Larry encouraged me to pound him harder and harder which I did. I got caught up in it, and soon realized that I was trying to impale him on my cock. This only seemed to excite Larry more. I let out a grunt, and exploded inside of him.

It was only an hour before the open house now, and Larry just turned over and asked me to blow him before I left. I immediately buried me head between his legs and took his tool into my mouth. I had to work it for a minute or two before he was adequately erect for me. I sucked on him for about five minutes, teasing him and licking him all around. I took a finger and inserted it into his ass, then took his cock in as deep as possible. This resulted in me almost breaking my hand as he moved his body, and my hand was trapped under his ass. I sucked him in harder and faster, and soon I was rewarded for my efforts with a little glob of his sperm. He did not have too much left in him at that moment, but what he did, sure tasted good. That hit me like a ton of brinks, I just realized that I liked the taste of another man's cum, never in my life would I have expected that.

We cleaned up as Larry was pressed for time, he kissed me once as he led me to the front door. I left before anyone arrived, heading home to call Kevin to collect my money and to rest up for school and my next assignment.

This is the end of part 4, please e-mail me with your thoughts. Should I continue? Please let me know. Thanks, RobXXX

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/07/18

Loved it

Excellent story!! Got me hard and leaking precum! I`ve always fantasized about getting gangbanged, but twice in one day blew my mind!!! Oh to have that happen to me!!!

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