tagLoving WivesQueen Anne Theater Ch. 01

Queen Anne Theater Ch. 01



It all began with a visit to the Queen Anne Theatre. The Queen Anne was a stately old theatre in Bergen County, New Jersey. It specialized in showing hard-core porno movies.

The wife and I had gone to this Theatre many times to see the latest porno movies, we found that watching these movies could really improve our sex lives. After watching some of these movies we would go home and fuck our brains out. Then once while watching movies at the theatre, I saw a woman sitting on the other side of the theatre, she had her skirt pulled up, and her top pulled down exposing her breasts. As I watched the show across the Theatre I could see the man with her kissing her and playing with her breast. As I watched a crowd began to gather around her, and soon she had four or five men crowded around her touching and rubbing her all over her body.

Within just a few more minutes she had reached out and taken the cocks of two of the men and was rapidly stroking them over her breasts. Soon one of the men got down between her legs and put his face right in her pussy. At this point she became rather vocal and everyone in the theater began watching her show instead of the show on the screen. The woman was squirming as the man continued to eat her pussy and she continued kissing the man who was with her and stroking two cocks on either side of her. Soon after he began to eat her in earnest, she began shrieking loudly as she began to cum. Soon people began to move from their seats in the theater closer to this woman and her group of men.

After cumming the woman turned around in her seat and kneeled facing backwards with her breasts hanging over the back of the seat. A blackman who had been seated in the row in front of the lady climbed over the seat and positioned himself behind her and then plowed his big black dick right into her cunt. The two men that she had been jerking off climbed over the back in their seats and presented their dick's to her waiting mouth. While the black man is fucking her from behind, she begins to alternately suck on the dicks of the two men standing in front her, all the while the man she came with is encouraging her and telling her what to do. As she continues to suck on the dicks in front of her, I can hear the slapping noises as the black man's groin pounds against her ass. Soon one of the men in front of her begins to moan she leans in his direction. He fucks his dick in and out of her mouth.

The man then begins making groaning noises as he spews his load of sperm into her greedy sucking mouth. Seeing the first man cum, the black man begins to groan and his fucking begins to increase in speed and intensity. I hear the black man say "I'm going to cum", with that the woman turned around in her seat taking the black dick in her mouth and begins to suck it. Black man shouts, "suck it bitch" as he begins to fuck the full length of his dick in and out of her mouth. After a few strokes he begins to cum in her mouth. Still stroking the full length of his rather large dick in and out of her mouth as he pumps her mouth full of his hot black seed. Though he is obviously done cumming she continues to lick and stroke his cock until it is completely soft.

Having watched the show from some distance, I took my wife's arm and led her closer to the action. We moved into seats in the same row, about eight seats to the left of the slut and her men. While we were a lot closer, we still were in the center section with an aisle separating us from the group. Now this slut had attracted quite a few men around her, sitting to her left as she gently stroked the soft black dick was a Hispanic man. He was sitting with his pants around his ankles stroking his rather large dick with his left hand. With his right hand he motioned for the slut to cum over and sit on his dick. The woman not yet having had her fill, stood up then put one leg over his legs, and kneeled over him on the seat impaling herself on his dick. She began to rock up and down on his dick. Seeing an opportunity the man she had been sucking over the seat back who had not yet cum, presented his dick to her mouth. She continued rocking back and forth between the dicks in her mouth and her cunt. She continued his way for several minutes fucking and sucking these strangers in the theater.

If she thought she was filled she was wrong, because another black man who had been sitting behind her climbed over the seat while stroking a really big black cock. Now when I say big, I mean big, it must have been between 10 inches and a foot long and about as big around as my wife's wrist. The next thing that happened was a real shocker, he continued stroking that big black tool as he moved behind her up turned ass. He spit on the head of his dick and proceeded to push it straight into her ass. The Hispanic man was stroking into her pussy from below while he sucked and played with her tits which were hanging above his face. The black man continued pumping his big black dick into her ass, timing his strokes so that as the Hispanic man's dick was stroking out of her pussy his dick was filling her ass. Her mouth was still being filled by the man in the row behind, so she couldn't speak, but she really did communicate because her moans and groans told everyone that she really was enjoying this. As the fucking and sucking continued, the men around her began to move closer, and everyone of them was wildly stroking his own dick.

Though we didn't get involved in the group, I was affected, my own dick was hard as a rock. I reached over and parted the wrap-around skirt that my wife was wearing and began to rub her pussy through her panties. I took my cock out and placed her left hand on my dick as I continued rubbing her pussy. I then leaned over, kissed her deeply and continued stroking her sweet pussy. We were so hot from watching that show that we weren't concerned with what anyone might see. We continued watching the show that the slut was putting on as we continued to masturbate each other.

The slut continued taking the three dicks in all of her holes she was moaning and whimpering as the three cocks continued pistoning in and out of her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. She continued fucking this way for several minutes until the man in her mouth began to fuck it wildly. As he pushed in and out of her mouth he was telling her that he was going to cum. He pulled out of her mouth and began jerking his dick toward her face as he spewed gob after gob of cum all over her face. When he began to cum it seemed to start an avalanche because I could hear the black man telling her that he was going to fill her ass with his hot load. He began groaning and really pounding her ass. The Hispanic man is also telling her that he is coming and now both her pussy and her ass were being well fucked as well as being filled with their sperm. The black man quickly pulled out of the ass and when that big dick came out there was an audible pop. The three men completely spent put their dicks away and hastily retreated from the slut. She turned around and sat with her ass on the edge of the seat, her skirt up around her waist, her blouse open, with her breasts exposed, and her head resting over the back of the seat.

The man she came with kneeled between her spread thighs and began to eat her pussy after she had been thoroughly used by several men. They were still about five men who had been sitting close to the action watching, and stroking their dicks. While the man, probably her husband continued to suck and lick her pussy one of the onlookers came up alongside of her and stroked his dick over her face and tits. Soon another man moved in on the other side and stroked his dick, again over her face and tits. The second man came almost immediately, covering her face and tits with his load. The first man quickly followed suit and sprayed her face and mouth with his sticky sperm. Once they were done two more men moved in and jerked off over her face, in short order they too covered her face and tits with their loads. As her man continued nuzzling and sucking her clit the last man came over and began shooting his load in her mouth. As the first drops of his cum began shooting into her mouth she began bucking her hips into her husband's face as she shouted "fill my mouth with your hot cum, do it now, Fill my mouth with your hot cum". It was obvious that as she took that last load she was cumming on a grand scale.

After she had cum, she sat up, buttoned her blouse, pushed down her skirt, and left the theater arm in arm with her guy, her face, her chest still covered with the sperm of almost all the men she had entertained that night.

Having seen this hot, live, spontaneous show, my wife and I were both extremely hot. Knowing that my wife was not ready to do to show like this, I took her arm and led her out of the theater. There was a Mobil gas station across the street from the theater, behind it was a parking lot where I had parked my car. Once in the car I leaned over and removed my wife's panties and pulled my pants down to my knees. I pulled her over the top of me and we did a 69 right there on the front seat of my car right in the middle the parking lot, under the lights where anyone coming out of the theater could see us. I had to do it right then, right there, had I tried to drive the 40 or so miles home one or both of us would have exploded before we got home.

My wife's pussy was sopping before I started to lick it, but lick it I did. As I was licking her, she was sucking my dick harder, better, and deeper than she never done before. It didn't take long before she came in my mouth and I came in hers. Once we were done we sat up and found that we had an audience. Several of the men who had participated inside the theater were now standing outside our car watching us. I convinced by wife to take off all her clothes and give these strangers a show. Well, she did, she took off all of her clothes kneeled on the front seat and gave them all a good look at her beautiful tits and shaved pussy as we drove out of the parking lot. We got on Interstate 80 and drove home. When we got home we fucked like bunnies for the rest of the night.

Well that's how it started, but this was not where the story ends. This is only the end of our first encounter at the Queen Anne Theatre.


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Regardless of a few comments by the small-minded, this is a tale with potential. But it needs significant editing to make it more readable.

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