tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRape of the Lock Ch. 2

Rape of the Lock Ch. 2


I was intently watching my Mum’ beautiful face go up and down on Frank’s cock. Her eyes closed, as her beautiful red lips sucked his cock. Matt rammed all the way inside her and her eyes opened up as she stared straight into Frank’s eyes with a look of pure lust. This sight of seeing his cock go in and out of my Mum’s mouth was as he forced his cock all the way inside her mouth and shot his load deep down her throat as he pulled his cock out of her mouth.

I felt a presence behind me and as I turned on I saw the tall stranger whose body was filled with black hair grasping me. His hands were calloused and he looked like a mountain and from between his thighs jutted a magnificent long phallus. It was it least 12 inches long and I felt it crush through my skirt as he lifted me and carried me into the bedroom where my beautiful Mum was being face fucked by Craig while Matt was putting his big sized prong into her bushy underarms. Frank wasn’t idle either as he shoved his cock into her anus and Mum was really enjoying it all. The apeman had lifted me up and I was almost sitting on his large tool as Mum saw me and gasped. The big penis dropped out of her mouth as I was trying to release myself from the burly grasp of the apeman.

Mum screamed, “Ralph you bastard leave her she’s my daughter”. Ralph the apeman just sneered at her. “I bet the hairy bitch’s daughter loves big cock like her mother too” as he roughly put me on the bed. Sadly the other men too laughed at my helplessness even as Mum withered at my glare. Frank ad not stopped spearing her hairy asshole though my friend Matt had taken his prick out of her bushy armpits.

They all looked at me and Mum looked horrified. “Don’t do anything to her Fuck me all and any way but leave her alone” she said. But no one was listening. Ralph took out my blouse and skirt and I was standing in my bra and panties. The guys whistled and for a minute no one said anything Then Matt said “Isn’t she sexy she is even more hairy than her mother. Look at the tufts of hair coming out of the top of her panties. Look at her pits too they are overflowing with her”. He turned to Mum and said “You slut what happened to all the razors did your husband take them when he left” as they all laughed at our embarrassment. I looked very hairy and for a moment I was ashamed of al the hair in my bushy underarms.

Mum was on her hands and knees begging them to spare me but they ignored her. Ralph was in charge as he quickly took his position between my legs. Ralph grinned and said “look how wet this hairy slut is waiting for my gigantic cock”. His cock must have been at least 12 inches long and in one quick thrust, he pushed his whole cock into my hairy pussy. "Man you are tight", Ralph said as he slowly pumped into my wet cunt. "You slut...you like this don't you ", Ralph said as he started sliding more of his cock into my pussy. Though I was technically being raped it was not so bad as the big prick started pushing where no cock had ever been.

Ralph took his cock out of my pussy and asked me to get on my knees as he roughly pulled my hair. I shrieked and as he said “Do what your Mum is doing”. Mum was on her knees with Frank’s penis deep into her anal cavity and then I realized he wanted to fuck me anally. I had never had a cock in my anus and I trembled with fear. He wanted my shoulders to be touching the bed and have my ass pointing in the air. “Look at the amount of hair she has in her asshole more than most women have on their pussy. He positioned himself behind me and brought his cock up right behind me. Thinking that he had changed his mind, I secretly enjoyed the feeling of his cock entering my soaking pussy. Ralph began thrusting while he rimmed a finger several times around my hairy asshole. He pulled his cock out of my pussy, but kept his fingers still stretching my ass. He placed his cock right at my entrance and took a couple fingers out. My asshole stayed gaping for a second and he put the head of his cock snuggly in. He pushed his cock in a half inch more and feeling only a slight resistance pushed another inch. I groaned in anguish “Ppppllleeaassee help me he’s killing me with his huge cock pull it out”. No one was listening and after a few more pushes Ralph had stuck nearly one-thirds of his cock in my newly deflowered ass.

Ralph was really rocking my asshole as he shoved his dick in. Mum looked on horrified but I wondered why she was not screaming as Frank’s large prick was shoved right up her asshole even as his balls slapped her ass. I knew she was feeling my pain but she in a funny way was enjoying Frank’s phallus in her hairy asshole. Suddenly I felt I was getting close to an orgasm and even Ralph smiled as I was arching my back as my ass was sucking in nearly the full length of his man-meat. I was forced to closed my eyes and I let out a satisfied moan muffled as much as I could.

I couldn’t hold back and I started screaming with agony and lust “Fuck me harder you bastard”. Even Mum looked up surprised. He literally roared like a lion as he felt his balls contracting and spewing his spunk deep into my bowels. I could feel Ralph the apeman pausing as his juices pulsated into my puckered little ass. I was sweating like mad as beads of perspiration filled my hairy underarms. It was jet-black like Mum’s but I had so much hair in my armpits, which were only overshadowed by the excessive body hair of the apeman.

Matt had started putting his organ against my face wanting me to suck it. I refused to open my mouth and he jerked my face and shouted “You hairy slut you enjoyed being fucked in your anus now suck my penis”. I refused again and he forced my mouth open and shoved his cock into my mouth. It felt hot as he pushed through. I had no option and I felt a tingle run through my body as he slowly pumped his member into my mouth. He reached down and pulled at my bushy armpits. “Aaaahhh” he moaned, “I have always loved your bushy armpits. I saw it last year when you had worn a tank top and I saw the long hair in your underarms through the armhole”.

I liked the feel of his organ in mouth and I wrapped my hands around the shaft and looked up at him. I slowly rubbed his hard cock, and with out ever breaking eye contact I took the head of his cock in my mouth, and slowly took his whole shaft into the back of my throat. From an early age I had sucked several cocks but none as big as Matt. My hand rubbed his balls gently as I buried my nose all the way into his pubic hair. My throat swallowing repeatedly, squeezing his shaft, which was, buried deep in my mouth. My saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth, running in little rivers around his swollen sack and I started fucking his cock with my mouth. I thought if I can’t beat them might as well join them. I felt his muscles clench and I knew he was going to cum. "Oh God you hairy slut raise your arms I want to see your thickly mated unshaven armpits ...I'm Cumming", in one deep swallow he buried his whole cock in my throat again. He started to shoot like never before. Spurt after spurt he shot his sperm into my mouth and I swallowed every drop. Never pausing, I started sucking the head of his cock gently. Rubbing his shaft keeping it hard, still looking at him I let the head of his cock pop out of my mouth. My lips glistening with his cum I said "Was that the best cocksucking you have ever had when you raped a woman” I screamed at an embarrassed Matt. “have you seen a more hairy woman than me” I said lifting my arms “See my hairy armpits you bastards Do you like the bushy hair in my sweaty matted underarms. Does it turn you on me being fucked in front of your Mum? Do you all want to fuck me like you have fucked Mum”. I was in a rage and crying my arms raised above my head my mouth covered in sperm sweat dripping from my bushy armpits and my ass covered in jism.

"I know you want to fuck my pussy my armpits and my mouth will you please?" I said waiting for their response.

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Wtf? Thats just gross who would want a girl to be hairy like that?!

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