tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRape of the Lock Ch. 3

Rape of the Lock Ch. 3


I now needed to be fucked properly. I was past caring. If I was being raped I felt might as well enjoy it. The men gathered around me all leering at my violated hairy pussy and the beads of perspiration on my hairy armpits. Two men were face fucking my Mum as she hungrily ate their monster cocks.

Craig was stroking his majestic penis with its bulbous head. The eye was pointed to me as he said “I want to put it in your beautiful mouth and then in the dense hair of your bushy armpits”. I was on my knees and his big cock was dangling against my aroused face. I took his large phallus into my hands and started stroking it. I wrapped my both my hands around it but it was too thick for my slender hands.

Mum looked at me and said, “You can do it. Suck his prick and let him know you are my daughter”. Craig looked amused and sneered at Mum “Look at the hairy slut coaxing her hirsute daughter to suck my erection I bet she wants my cock in her cocksucking mouth.”

My head dropped to his midsection, and I stuck out my tongue and licked its throbbing head. His hips pressed forward at the moment of contact, silent evidence of his arousal. I moaned as I kissed the head and then ran my tongue down the length of the shaft. My lips parted, open mouth hovering over his cock and then I took his raging hard on deep into my mouth. Three quarters of his cock was in my mouth now, as my cheeks caved in. I drew my lips up the length of his dick until only the head remained in me. My tongue quickly swirled around the head before engulfing him once more.

My mouth was full of his cock, with my lips tight around his shaft. My pace increased, driving him to new levels of ecstasy. I struggled to control myself as I felt my pussy very wet and I was feeling an orgasm build up. Frank had left the confines of my Mum’s mouth as he swaggered towards me. My mouth was still stuffed with Craig’s penis as he shoved his cock into the heavy pelt of hair in my densely covered hairy armpits. His prick snuggled into the warm hollow of my underarms as he pushed past the soft silky hair in my armpits.

“Aaahhhhhhh” he shouted "This bitch has more hair in her furry underarms than her Mum". Raise your arms you hairy slut I want to see your bushy armpits while I fuck your daughter’s unshaven underarms” he screamed to Mum. The precum which was dripping from his swollen organ mixed with the wet sweaty hair in my hairy pits as I sucked on

Matt too joined in now watching with interest as Craig shoved his prong in and out of my mouth as he face fucked me. Frank was driving his penis in and out of my hairy underarms like a maniac. Matt’ prick was dangling between his legs as he stroked it into semi-hard condition. He then started slapping it against my cheek even as Craig was fucking my mouth. He wanted to be sucked off too. “Suck him too you hairy slut!” Craig said. “Suck Matt’s big fucking cock while you suck my cock too!”

This seemed humanely impossible how could I suck two cocks at one time. Even Ralph the apeman who was fucking Mum left her and came towards me. “C’mon whore you can suck two pricks together your Mum does it all the time. Tell her you hairy bitch to suck them both”.

My mum looked terrified as I cried out in pain as the horrible Matt yanked my hair almost taking my mouth of Craig’s organ. “You hairy slut look at how much you are enjoying being fucked now take us both in your mouth” Matt screamed.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnooooooo” I pleaded “I cannot take both these huge cocks in my mouth I will die” Ralph moved towards me and asked Craig to take his wet prick from my mouth. Now they both pushed their hot pricks and pushed my head as I took a little of Crag’s head into my mouth and I stretched my mouth as much as I could to accommodate the large monster dick of Matt.

“That’s it you whore I told you can suck them both together at the same time just like your Mum” Ralph roared as he pushed my head down as I took more of their cocks which were crammed into my mouth. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I did not realize that Frank was jamming his prick into my right underarm while the apeman had pushed his dick into my left underarm. My pits were being savaged while my mouth was being ravaged.

I couldn’t believe what was happening as these evil monsters with their large apparatus was violating my hirsute body, Mum looked in helplessness as their heaving hairy bodies moved in and out of my orifices. In all this action my hairy pussy was sopping wet and in some strange way I was enjoying being raped.

They picked up the pace, forcing their cocks into my mouth even more rapidly. I tried finally to pull my mouth off them but my head was firmly held as their cocks were being pushed down my throat.

“There’s plenty of cock waiting you hairy slut let me finish with fucking your hairy underarms then I will fuck your bushy pussy.” Ralph the apeman said as he pushed his prong into my wet underarms.

He roared and started pumping his semen into my left hairy underarms. Seeing him Frank quickened his pace as his cock flew in and out of my gleaming underarm forests. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh” Frank roared, “I am going to cum in this bitch’s bushy armpits. There is so much hair in her jet-black furry armpits and I am going to let fly my jism into the dense hair in her underarms I am cccccccccuuuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnnngggggg” he moaned as jets of his sperm nestled in my armpit garden.

Before long, Craig and Matt too were lashing out at my mouth with their erect cocks, even as I felt the hot semen run down from hairy underarms down the sides though most of it was stuck in my bushy underarms. I now took Craig deep into my mouth as I stroked Matt’s balls as he shoved it on my eyes and my nose and then I took them out of my mouth and I stroked them in my hands. On e of the other men quickly put his cock in my mouth and while I stroke Matt and Craig with my hands my face was being fucked again. I took him deeper and deeper and then I just blanked out.

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