tagBDSMRealising Her Potential Ch. 02

Realising Her Potential Ch. 02


Somewhere during the night her conscious made a valiant effort to return to the present. As her heavy eyelids fluttered on her cheeks she became vaguely aware of a warm comforting weight wrapped around her heavy muscles. Her face was pressed into his bare chest which was banded with muscle, relaxed in his sleeping state and her body was held by large arms holding her protectively. Before she could properly wake, the gentle rhythm of his deep breathing lulled her back into the recesses of her mind reached only by sleep.


The second attempt of waking up was much more successful; the warm weight was gone from around her and she gasped as she woke up, her eyelids flying open to allow her to search the room. He couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at her rabbit-in-a-headlight expression as she wildly looked around before seeing him sat on the corner of the bed and visibly relaxing. His presence whilst still a novelty, was inherently calming.

He smiled and reached out a hand to smooth down her bed hair before cupping her face. Her stomach jolted suddenly as he gazed into her eyes, burning grey on dazzling green in the morning sun streaming through the blinds. A jolt of emotion shot through him, startling him.

Quickly he grabbed her upper arms in his large deft hands and pulled her unceremoniously over his lap, sending the duvet flying. She became aware that she was wearing a silk camisole which definitely did not belong to her! His clothing choices were impeccable as always. She did not feel disgruntled about the fact that he had not only bought her nightwear but also dressed her in it whilst she was out of it, and this confused her. All she felt was a strong surge of affection which made her feel looked after.

Disgruntled by these unusual emotions he swiftly switched to 'Dominant mode'- not a difficult task whilst this little submissive beauty was sprawled trembling across his lap with her hands held behind her back. 'Let's assess the damage' he murmured making goose pimples race along her exposed flesh. Sensually he ran a hand up the soft skin of the back of her thigh until he reached the hem of the night dress.

Teasingly he began to gently hike it up over her round cheeks displaying more and more of her rosy skin, giving himself a little show. The skin was hardly marked from last night's spanking- only a sexy pinkish tinge remained. He began to wonder what she had thought about last night before mentally shaking himself. 'It doesn't matter what she thinks' he tries to convince himself although he knows that's not the case. Not with this one anyway.

Her cheeks were tingling as they came into contact with the cool air in the room and she wondered what they looked like after last night. She wasn't in pain, and she hadn't really felt too much pain last night. The tears were mostly emotional rather than physical. However, she was not experienced in these matters. She laid there in a state of nervous anticipation as he continued to rub his hand all over and around her tingling skin.


The blow hit without any warning, infinitesimally harder than the blows last night and she gasped out loud more from shock than pain as the feeling went straight to her groin. 'How is that little one?' he rumbled whilst stroking her cheeks. 'Nice sir, thank you' she choked out, amazed at her own obedience. He grinned 'good girl' and swiftly rolled her over to pick her up. She giggled again but managed to avoid raising his eyes to meet his. He pursed his full lips but could not find a valid reason for punishments although giggling was not a standard sub response. She was a puzzle, this one.

Up the stairs and into the bathroom he carried her, barely raising his breathing as his muscles tightened around her slender frame. She kept her eyes locked on her knees, feeling content at their close proximity. Vaguely she remembered waking last night curled up in the protective cage of his body, but realistically she knew that was not the way of Doms and subs. The thought was tinged with sadness as this man made her feel things that no man ever had and she had been with him for less than 24 hours. However, she knew what she signed up for.

The bathroom was large and modern- the bath was a Jacuzzi style with a range of seats around the edges. It was upon one of these that he softly lowered her before turning taps on to run the bath. Confidently he dropped his sweat pants before stepping into the running water, leaving himself at eye level with her pussy which he looked directly at making her squirm with embarrassment. He looked up at her as she looked back like she couldn't believe what she was seeing. His eyes hardened and he mouthed 'still' to stop her squirming.

Prior to their meeting one of the requisites he asked her to meet was to shave everywhere and she had, in a fashion. Clearly she had no experience with this sort of personal grooming as there were chunks of light brown hair still there and the patches she had managed to reach were not close enough- stubble was already appearing. She was unsure of his motives for studying her most private area with no preamble what so ever, but the brazenness of his actions were making her wet. She hoped he wouldn't notice the juices beginning to slip between the lips. He did.

Smiling ruefully he reached for the soap and began sensually lathering up his hands. She remained sat on the step with her legs wide open watching this beautiful, strange man in front of her passing the bar of soap from one hand to the other. She almost felt jealous of the soap between those able hands. Slowly he returned to soap to its home and began to rub above her hardening clit in the patch where he pussy hair had been. Round and round his hands moved, making her whimper and begin to write again. A stern look stopped that move in its tracks and he noticed a pink blush had risen up her cheeks. Beautiful.

She was beyond feeling the first pulls of arousal now, she was desperate for some contact but his hands determinately avoid her clit. She thought she had an idea of what he was doing but surely that was preposterous, it was too personal. The first time this thought popped into her head his fingers lightly brushed over her clit scattering any coherent train of thought she had. Before another could form he reached over the side of the bath and retrieved a razor. She gasped and inadvertently whimpered 'no!' as she realised her idea was right.

He didn't even do her the good grace of looking at her as he growled 'yes' and turned the taps off. Slowly he faced her again and ran his eyes up her body to her eyes, giving her silent permission to look. A devilish grin spread across his face and her heart leaped into her mouth as she realised how vulnerable she was right now. 'You tried and for that I am grateful but we must teach you to do a better job of hair removal... either that, or I can do it' he smirked as she gulped.

Smoothly he ran the razor straight down the front of her pubis, catching only short stubble. The feeling made her gasp as he built up a steady rhythm of strokes with the razor, running it over the skin in all directions. 'Breathe' he reminded her causing her to blow out the breath she had been accidentally holding. He was absolutely focused in his task, reveling in the control he exercised over the girl. She was beginning to slip into subspace, not thinking, not analysing, just letting him carry on with whatever he wanted and just absorbing the feelings.

After a while he repeated the process with the soap along her outer lips, followed by the razor, using a hand to stretch out the skin, making her jolt in pleasure every time his hand brushed a sensitive spot. At last, he had methodically removed all the hair and stubble leaving her wonderfully smooth and positively trickling with juice. He put the razor to one side and pulled her into the warm water with him, her back to his front. The heat felt wonderful on her aching muscles.

He soaped up his hands again and gently ran them all over her body; her shoulders, arms, hands, underarms, breasts, stomach and legs before folding each leg up at a time and thoroughly soaping her feet. Although this cleansing was methodical and gentle it further ignited the passion in her and left her a panting trembling mess. Taking pity on her he allowed his fingers to brush her smooth pubis before wandering down to her clit. She moaned and writhed on top of him, forgetting herself. Quickly he pulled her nipples sending delicious jolts of pain through her but causing her to still at once. A rush of triumph raced through him.

'I wonder if we can make you come just through your g spot' he mused almost to himself. Briefly she wondered why he was so content to just please her, that wasn't what shed signed up for was it? Bypassing her clit he slid one finger into her dripping newly shaved pussy and curled it upwards to hit that spot. Her body jolted as he made contact but she made the best effort to still it, clenching her pussy absentmindedly in the process. All thoughts of confusion disappeared to the back of her mind, ready to be examined more closely after this sensual assault, or the next one, or never. Air hissed between his teeth as his dick started to wake up properly from his half hard state to press against her back; she was oblivious.

He pressed more and more against that sweet spot eventually adding a second finger. Her whole being was concentrated on staying still, she desperately wanted to please him. 'Come on girl, you can come I want to see you squirt.' His words made her shudder as the last of her resolve started to crumble. He wondered why she hadn't come yet, she was plenty wound up enough, and then it hit him. 'Move girl!' She growled like a wild animal released from her cage and began to writhe around in pleasure. It took only seconds of this before she erupted, covering his hand with an impressive amount of come, contracting so hard he couldn't withdraw his hand.

He was amazed at her self-control and gazed at her in wonder as she collapses back onto his chest panting and glistening in sweat. After a few minutes her head began to flop to one side as she drifted lost in her pleasure. She vaguely registered him let out a low chuckle as he realised her obedience and control may have improved impressive amounts overnight, her stamina left something to be desired. Still, it was something he would work on; they had the whole weekend ahead of them.

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