Reality TV

byJJ Neal©

I carefully separated the lips of her pussy and pushed the intruder inside her. She tensed when I flipped it on and again when I started kissing her. Sliding the toy inside her with her clitty trapped between the vibrator and my tongue ball made my job a bag of candy. The male stroked my hair with obvious curiosity as I worked. When Lavender climaxed she steadied herself by placing her hands on my head. I slowly removed the vibrator, took the condom off, placed the used condom on the tray and returned the vibrator to the case. I thoroughly cleaned her tasty twat, thanked the male and stood. My next customer was to my right. She was Navy blue.

So it went through forest green, gold, white and yellow. When I got to baby blue it was different. She was wearing panties. She wiggled out of them and a cute little dick dropped down. Her male wanted me to use the vibrator and when I was finished snowball the seed with her.

During the evening, I found three more tranny girls. I was allowed to swallow a dab of cum from the other two. None of the men took advantage of my mouth. My Master sat in a chair by the fireplace smoking a cigar and drinking brandy. He didn't seem to pay any attention to my performance.

When I had serviced every girl in the room I walked over to where Master and another man were seated. "May I offer either of you gentlemen oral sex?"

Master said. "We're okay. You may return to the kitchen."

I did just that and was greeted by the dyke.

She released my hair and told me to bend over the same steel table. The pressure inside me subsided and she told me to go to the bathroom and remove the devise. Once I got it out and cleaned up I was fascinated with the design. The collapsed bladder slipped easily inside the hollow hook. I washed my puss and reported back to the dyke. She dismissed me and I got the flock out of there.

I was home about 10:00 and sure of what I wanted it would just be a case of getting luck. This time I was as quiet as possible as I got to the master bedroom. Barbara's beautiful legs were wrapped around John and she was humping for all she was worth. His long fat cock glistened as it moved relentlessly inside her. The look on her face and her body language confirmed I'd made a great selection when I chose John as her lover.

Her eyes fluttered then popped open when she saw me. She said. "Get the fuck out of here."

John never missed a beat. He kissed her cheek and said. "Let the sissy stay."

She went back to work. I thought her moans might be for my benefit, but she tensed then he tensed and peace fell across the bed.

John kissed her wantonly then said. "I want the sissy to clean you up."

She frowned, thought a minute then said. "Have him start with you. I want to watch."

John looked in my direction and said. "Sissy, my cock needs cleaning."

I was on the job like a duck on a June bug. He sat on the side of the bed and I licked him clean as Barbara watch. He finally noticed my seat belt and started fiddling with it as I worked on his dick. When I put him in my mouth and started to tongue ball his pole, he pulled me off with the strap and said. "You better get Barbara clean while she's still full."

It was time to fulfill my destiny -- cuckold. Dressed as a girl, in the presence of my wife's lover I laid down face up on her bed. Barbara knew her role. She straddled my face and lowered her cream filled cunt onto my mouth. It was ecstasy for both of us. She controlled my complete humiliation. I was finally the subservient little girl I had always wanted to be. The goop was warm and tasty. John kissed her and messaged her breasts as I brought her to two more orgasms. When she climbed off my mouth she was spent, but more than that she had her revenge. I knew she would have many more opportunities and I was also anxious to hook her into my life of deviate sex.

The next morning provided the next opportunity. John roughly awakened me from a pleasant rest. He winked and said. "Get up Sissy. Your mistress wants you."

The game was on and John knew it. Dressed in only a long pink flannel nightgown I hustled down the hall to her room, fell to my knees by her bed and said. "Hi Barb."

She slapped my across the face and said." That's Mistress or Ma'am, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress." I said sheepishly.

"You will refer to my lovers as Sir and I better hear a lot of gratitude from you."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you." I said as I rubbed my cheek.

"Get John ready to fuck me." Barbara said.

"Yes, Mistress."

John was standing right behind me. I rotated on my knees and found myself facing his long flaccid cock. I kissed it then put him in my mouth. A cock just can't resist a warm wet place and it sure can't resist a tongue ball. Before I could bat my eyes he was hard and ready.

"Okay." Barbara said. "Don't get carried away. I need a little lathering up myself."

She threw the cover back to reveal her beautiful body. Her nipples had pebbled, her breast heaved and her beautiful brown bush glimmered.

"Yes, Mistress." I said as I dove between her legs.

She was quickly moist. She lifted her head and said. "You put him in me."

I wasn't sure, she might have thought she was shaming me, but this was just the way I had fantasized this relationship. I had John's cock in my right hand as I separated Barbara's pedals with my left and helped him enter her. That was all the help they needed. I sat on the bed and watched. When a man and a woman fuck for fun it's a treat to watch. I moved into position and started kissing John's anus. Once I had his rhythm down I stuck my tongue inside him and rode with him a few strokes. Barbara didn't come, John did.

"Get over here, Sissy." Barbara said with some urgency.

I got her positioned above my mouth. A glob of cream was oozing out of her hot pink inner lips. I sucked it up and kissed her thighs as the next glob emerged and I lapped it up. She wanted more. "Eat me damn it."

I loved her clitty over the top then sucked her hole clean before helping her to a second thundering peak. Her body and hair were wet there was her musk in the air. I had done a good job. As she rolled off of me I said. "Thank you, Mistress."

Temporarily she forgot her dominant role and said. "No. I thank you."

Over time I'm sure she will become more callus about my services. She did reach out for John. I left them to their post-coitual bliss.

Chapter Six

Master called later that day to give me the address of a beauty salon that could remove the strap without cutting my hair so that afternoon I went to the salon and they carefully removed the belt. They had obviously done it before. When they finished my hair was shorter, but the same soft bob I'd grown to like. It was black and I definitely liked my previous color, but I'd have to live with black for the moment.

Jenny and Amanda were two of the girls I'd met at the party. I guess sucking their dicks qualified as meeting them. I'd left a number with the Dyke and she gave it to Jenny. We had agreed to meet for lunch Tuesday.

Jenny had inherited money and lived full time as a woman she was 28 and not interested in SRS. She became interested in S&M and was a regular toy for the man she had attended the party with, but she maintained her our house and saw other men and women. She was gregarious and well educated.

Amanda was a homosexual who had been sissified by her Master. She was 32 and like Jenny had no plans for sexual reassignment surgery. She lived with her Master, but had a good deal of freedom. She had a rough background including drug abuse, but seemed happy in her current situation.

We found we were all on large doses of hormones with predictable side effects. Jenny and Amanda had had breast augmentation. Over salads and wine we discussed our diets, men, shoes, men, cars, men and did I mention men. Our next stop was -- The Mall. We all had more money than good sense and that translated into some serious shopping. I tried on everything from shoes to hats and every time there was more than one of us in a fitting room something kinky happened. My first girls day out was a smashing success.

Happy hour found us at Bennie's an upscale preppie bar and probably not where we should have been, but we were a big hit particularly in the far stall in the men's room. We drank free booze played lousy pool and got pinched. I swear some guy pinched my little toe. I ended up sleeping with Jenny that night. She was soft and smelled good. We did oral and it was tender. Something flipped in my brain that night.

When Master called the next morning I was disappointed, but he had a way of centering me. He wanted me out at the same lake cabin Friday night dressed as a cheerleader. My mind left the softness of the night before and landed square in the gutter. "Yes, Master."

Quick, if I say cheerleader what do you say? Cowboy Cheerleaders, right. Somehow I sensed this was not what Master was looking for and ditto for the local college cheerleaders. I called Central High School. They special ordered their uniforms for an outfit in Dallas, TX. I called the company in Dallas and a few dollars later my outfit was on the way and would be in my hands the next morning.

The midriff top was sleeveless with a round neck. The skirt had three knife pleats and hung from my natural waist. The color was forest green with yellow accent stripes. The word "INDIANS" was emblazoned in yellow letters across the front of the top. I found a lacy yellow bra with matching thong and a ribbon for my clitty about the same color. White knee socks were an obvious choice, but the shoes took a while. My final selection was white patient leather Mary Jane high heels. Hardly the choice for cartwheels, but a precious, precocious look nonetheless.

I couldn't catch Jenny Thursday and somehow managed not to end up between Barbara's legs so suddenly it was Friday. I decided to dress before I drove to the lake. I was painstaking with my douche and applied minimal makeup with pink nails, lips and eye shadow. I arrived at the cabin at 5:00 as expected. Master was in a chair by the fireplace. I dropped to my knees in front of him.

"Do you know any cheers?" Master asked.

"No, Sir."

"You're very cute." Master said.

"Thank you, Sir."

"I have some things for you in the back bedroom. Go back and get them." Master said.

I bounced up and skipped to the bedroom. The door was hard to open and as I pushed it suddenly opened and I spilled onto the floor. The door slammed shut and four burley men surrounded me. I tried to get up, but one of them pushed my down.

"What the fuck?"

"I've got something for that filthy mouth." One of them said as he unzipped his pants.

I screamed for help and rolled away from him only to have number two and three grab my arms. Number four grabbed my right leg and I kicked him with my left. He slapped me hard across the face. Number one kicked me in the ribs and I howled in pain.

I relaxed and they did too for a moment. I pulled free long enough to plant a chunky heel in number one's shin.

"You fucking whore." Number one said as he punched me in the stomach.

I squirmed and pulled trying to free myself. Number two got too close and I bit his ear. He backhanded me and I saw stars. Now I had three of them mad. I still thought I was a man, but my little girl body was no match for these brutes. Number three sat on my chest and pinned my arms. One and four each pulled one leg forward exposing my pussy. Number two stripped out of his pants, tore my thong and began to brutally rape me.

I screamed for help again, but to no avail. This asshole wasn't trying to come he was doing every thing he could to hurt me. Like a tag team he tapped number one and they swapped places. The assault continued and I was growing weak. Meanwhile, number three had ripped my top and bra off and was mauling my tender little pierced breasts. His breath was foul as he grunted threats and obstinacies at me. As he pulled his dick out I was sure I would bite it no matter what the consequences. He held my nose and began to piss. My mouth opened and he filled it.

Numbers one, two and four pounded away without mercy. I'd lost all awareness about time and I was sure I was bleeding. They released me only to flip me over so number three could take his turn. After he was finished, they pulled me to my knees and said they would quit if I gave everyone a first class blowjob.

Hoping to get this over, I begged them to let me suck their cocks and put a genuine effort into the task. I fingered their asses and tongue balled their dicks. Mercifully, the ordeal came to an end. They left me huddled in the middle of the floor. I laid there for quite a while not sure I could stand, but I was getting cold and I smelled like shit (pardon the pun). I struggled to my feet hoping to make it to the bathroom.

As I pulled the door open, the sons-of-bitches were on me again this time with cat-o-nines. I just couldn't get my mind around this new assault. It didn't feel like it, but I had to be dreaming. I tried to protect my face with my hands and I drew up into the fetal position. They stopped long enough to pull my torn top off. My skirt was in tact so they ripped it off abrading my waist in the process. They used a stiletto knife to cut the ribbon between my legs wounding my clitty stick in the process. Once they removed my socks and shoes, two of them spread my arms and legs. I was face down on the floor and the other two started beating me again.

The hands had fallen off the clock for me. I tried to count the blows, but lost focus at three. Even in my condition I was aware they weren't hitting me as hard as they could, but the cats were taking bite after bite out of my pampered skin.

The thrashing stopped so the two floggers could fuck my mouth and pussy. I couldn't help them, but I offered no resistance and they eventually came. The teams traded places and the flogging began again only this time they had squirt bottles and they were misting something on my body. It felt like alcohol on an open wound only the wound was my entire body. I screamed and cried and pulled with all my might. Then it hit me -- it was acid, they were spraying me with acid and I would be scared for life.

"Please, God. Please help me." I blubber with all the strength I could muster.

The answer was quick. The cats rested on the floor while my antagonists fucked my again. I blacked out. Some time later I awoke and I was alone again and terrified. I found the strength to stand and find a mirror. I was red and covered in welts, but not acid burned. The cut on my clitty stick was minor so I just wrapped it in gauze. The cabin was empty. I locked every door and window. I grabbed a bottle of Scotch and went to the bathroom. I locked the door and used a folding chair to secure it.

I started with a cool shower it felt good so I slowly increased the temperature. When I got to warm I tried some soap. That was okay too. I got out and started running hot water in the tub with every oil and lotion I could find. I found some pain pills and took them. In my warm wet cocoon I soaked and drank. As the physical pain dulled, my emotional pain overwhelmed me and I began to cry. I had to heat the tub up twice as I cried and drank until God-knows-what o'clock.

I found a shotgun. I couldn't find any shells, but I slept clutching the shotgun to my bosom. The ringing phone woke me the next morning, but I was afraid to answer it. I was very hungry and I had no clothes. I cut a hole in one of the sheets and made a poncho. An extension cord served as a belt. I had my socks and shoes. After breakfast I went home.

Chapter Seven

It was two days before Master contacted me. At that time he had asked me a question by E-mail -- What did you learn?

After several hours of consideration I wrote -- Fear.

He replied -- Precisely. Dress for an elegant dinner. I'll pick you up at 7:00.

Yes, Master. Was my reply, I guess my answer implied absolution even though I was sure Master didn't seek my forgiveness.

As if on autopilot I headed straight to the beauty parlor. My skin, face and hair were a mess. Ditto for my nails. I had bruises, scrapes and bumps, but I knew I was in a place where magic happened and it did. Three hours later my nails sported immaculate french tips. My hair and face were ready for a Cosmo photo shoot. My body was bruised and crisscrossed with angry red welts, but the beauticians had done their best to hide or minimize the effects. My dress would have to do the rest. At home I did a thorough job of cleaning my pussy, put a clean dressing on my clitty stick and lased it up with a midnight blue ribbon. I didn't want to muss my hair so I didn't down, but I drank a Scotch and soda and took a short power nap in my recliner.

Refreshed and with time getting short I started to get dressed. I selected a gossamer, lacy thong and matching garter belt in navy blue, navy hose and navy square-toe sling-back pumps with 4-inch heels.

My dress was a classic. The navy silk sheath was knee length and strapless with a built-in bra. It was a vintage Karen Stark my seamstress had carefully restored and fit to my boyish frame. The navy chiffon overdress had long sleeves and a full skirt. A silk navy band around my waist buttoned in the back and was covered by a large bow.

I had, in essence, borrowed a platinum and 10.62-carat TDW diamond drop necklace, which settled seductively into my petite cleavage. My small diamond tiara peaked out above my bangs. I had one-carat diamond studs in each of my lower ear holes. By the time I added my diamond tennis bracelet, my diamond wedding bands and my Cartier diamond on diamond watch I sparkled at every turn.

My dress had a matching shawl. I slipped it over my shoulders, grabbed my little clutch purse and headed to the living room to have a drink and wait for Master. When I arrived I wasn't alone. Barbara and some guy were sitting on the couch watching a movie.

"Wow, Jamie. You look fabulous." Barbara said.

"Thank you, Ma'am."

She turned to the man and said. "Charlie, this is my sissy husband. I call him Jamie."

The man was barrel-chested, tall and ruggedly good looking. The bulge in his pants was impressive. "You got to be fucking kidding, that's a guy?"

"Well, he's got a tiny little dick, but I don't know about calling him a guy." Barbara said.

"Jamie, tell Charlie what you like to do." Barbara said.

"Sir, I like to suck cocks and swallow cum. I like to clean cum out of my Mistress' beautiful pussy."

"I guess you have a date." Barbara said.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I'll keep some of Charlie warm for you, if you make it back tonight." Barbara said with a wink.

"Thank you, Mistress." The awkward interlude was interrupted when my date arrived. I curtsied and said. "Good night Mistress. Good night Mr. Charlie."

My Master was in a Limo parked in the driveway. The chauffer opened my door and I slid in beside Master.

He offered me champagne and said. "My God, Jamie. You are stunning."

"Thank you, Sir."

"But you are different aren't you?"

I took a sip of my wine then said. "I'm not sure what you mean, Sir."

"In addition to your great beauty, there's now an underlying vulnerability. Any man will sense that and want to protect you."

"Yes, sir."

"Because of what you have been through, any act of aggression by a man will genuinely frighten you. What you haven't learned is the absolute power you have over men. Every man is putty in the hands of a beautiful woman -- even me." With that he kissed me softly on the lips.

"I live only to please you, Sir."

"I want you right now, but I'm going to deign myself the pleasure. I don't want to muss you before the other guests get a chance to see you and envy me."

"Sir, you are so wonderful."

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