tagNonHumanRed and the Wolf

Red and the Wolf


Her flaming red hair tangles with the flowers and the wet green grass of the forest. She arches her back as a wave of warm pleasure surges through her lithe young body. She isn't supposed to know about these things. She isn't supposed to do these things in the middle of the forest.

She did what the Wolf told her to do. Go pick flowers. Smell the flowers. She strayed from her path, looking at the flowers. Each one more beautiful and sweeter smelling than the last.

Her free hand reached out to the sky, trying to grab hold of something for fear of losing herself within the warmth of pleasure. Her other hand, however, was a bit occupied. This hand was the one responsible for how she was feeling. It was poking and prodding her velvety, warm and now wet sex.

She gasps as the last moments of her orgasm comes to an end. She sighs happily and removes two of her fingers from her still throbbing sex. They come out slick and with a musky scent. These two fingers will, she knows, hold the scent of her for the next few hours.

As she gathers her things, she doesn't realize that a pair of glowing yellow green eyes have been watching her.

* * *

Red thought about the beginning as she made her way back to her grandmother's. "Strange how things happen," she thought. It all started early this morning when her mother woke her up to go to her grandmother's house.

"I don't want to go," Red said with her usual pout.

"Don't be silly. Take your little red hood, this basket full of bread and wine, and make your way to your grandmother's. Stay true to the path and you'll be there before noon. But be back before dark. You know how the wolves like to lurk within the shadows and take young girls like you to their caves in the forest," her mother warned.

She didn't know how much of this was actually true, but eventually she got ready and made her way to her grandmother's house.

It was a glorious day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue as a robin's egg. Red walked on, until she got tired and decided to sit down for a bit. She opened the basket and ate a bit of bread that she packed for herself. She looked around and realized that she was alone in the middle of the forest. Chills ran up her spine; maybe the things her mother said were true. What if wolves were waiting for her in the shadows to take her to their cave? The thought scared her, but it excited her at the same time. What would the wolves do to her? Would they eat her? Would they feast upon her untouched breasts, a pair that she only touched while she bathed and pretended that they didn't exist?

She heard a distant howl echo through the forest. Red gathered her things quickly and ran from the spot where she was sitting.

* * *

Wolf sniffed the trail she left behind. He grinned and licked his sharp teeth with his tongue. "Perfect," he whispered to himself. "Absolutely perfect." It would be extremely easy to catch her; the scent of her filled his nostrils even from where he stood. Oh yes, he was miles away but he could see almost as well as if he was standing next to her.

He changed himself from his wolf form to a human form. It didn't matter how he looked, his eyes still remained yellow-green, flashing parts of the forest if you looked deep enough into them. It was Wolf that let out the howl that startled her. She would be his prize, she would be his play thing for the day, and if she lasted through the night, he would take her to his cave. Once there? Who knew what would happen.

The wolf in guise of man went to the river a get a drink of water. He took his hand and cupped it, full of water. He didn't care if it spilled all over his chest. He happily poured it over his long black hair.

"Ah," he said as he threw his head back. The water was nice and cool. He felt very refreshed. "Now for the little redhead," he said as he stood up.

He ran all the way to her. He could still catch a whiff of her scent even at this distance. He flared his nose only once while running; he was so taken by her smell that he wanted to keep it in his lungs for as long as possible. His eyes glowed dangerously at the thought of being near her again. He remembered when he saw her for the first time that day. She was actually skipping. So innocent, so foolish. She didn't know how dangerous she was with that body, those perfect breasts, her thin arms and long legs -- legs long enough to kill a male if he lived long enough to become tangled in them.

He had been in wolf form then, letting his stomach do all of the thinking. But for some reason, he thought that it would be better if he made a sport out of it. He changed to human form and approached her. She had the biggest green eyes he had ever seen. They were green like the leaves on a forest tree. Her lips were perfect, lips the shape of Cupid's bow, and red like a newly bloomed rose. She was Red alright. He had startled her when he jumped in front of her.

"Oh!" she gasped.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you," he said. Yet, he thought to himself. "Where are you going in such a rush?" he asked.

"To my grandmothers," she said.

"Why? Its such a beautiful day. Why waste it inside some old woman's house?" he asked.

"My mother said that I had to. She's ill and needs bread and wine to make her strong again." She showed him her basket, and just as she said, there was bread and wine inside.

"You'll miss it then," Wolf said nonchalantly.

"Miss what?" she asked eagerly.

"Oh you wouldn't be interested," he said walking away from her. Making sure he steered her away from her path.

"Interested in what?" she insisted as she followed him.

"The wild flowers that have started blooming, the rabbits chasing each other in the open field, the lake sparkling like the crowned queens diamonds," he said. "The freedom of the wild."

He was trying to suppress the urge to howl, because he lived it everyday. He saw these things everyday, but none of it lost its beauty. He would never grow tired of seeing the beauty of nature. He was happy he was a wolf.

"I want to see these things," Red said pouting a little, all of a sudden wanting to disobey her mother and forget all about her grandmother.

She shook her head and then said, "No, no, you're trying to trick me." She lifted her chin and began walking away from Wolf.

"Me? Trick you? I'm telling you nothing but the truth," he said. "But you'll miss it."

"I want to see these things," she whispered mostly to herself.

"Then go," He moved as quick as lightning to stand behind her and whisper those words in her ear. He licked her from her throat to her nape, taking the time to suck on her plump lobe while he was at it. She shuddered a little and he grinned as he felt her knees buckle.

"But I can't," she murmured, her knees shaking.

"Sure you can," he said as he put his hands on her waist, pulling her back against his crotch. She could feel his hard on, right between her butt cheeks. She blushed at the knowledge of his full length.

"Oh my goodness," she said.

"There is no goodness down there," he said as he moved his hands from her waist to her thighs. Moving slowly as he lifted her skirt, he almost came in his pants as he realized that she wasn't wearing any under garments. He put his hands on her sex and left it there for a moment. He'd make her beg for it, he thought. Yes. That's exactly what he'd do. He teased her a bit by touching her clit and when he heard her moan, he let go and pulled her skirt back down.

He spun her around and kissed her fully on the lips. "I'll see you soon my dear," he said, and then ran into the forest.

She slid down to the floor, not knowing just what was happening to her.

* * *

The Hunter looked at the tracks the Wolf left behind. He picked up a bit of dirt and sniffed it. To his surprise he found another pair of tracks, smaller than the Wolf. He frowned a bit as he caught a whiff of the young woman's scent. He was intrigued. She had stood next to a Wolf and lived.

He followed the trail of the young woman and hoped that she was still alive.

* * *

Grandmother paced back and forth, lifting her fists up in the air.

"Where is that wretched girl with my wine?"

Her salt and pepper hair cascaded into curls all the way to her waist, and shook when she paced. Even if she hadn't combed her hair in days, the curls would never go away. (Once upon a time, she had been known as Goldy Locks.)

* * *

Red tried to run to Grandma's, hurrying to make up for all the time she wasted looking at flowers, especially hers.

Wolf was now in his natural form. He would have her tonight. He was running in the forest, chasing after a deer. He would feast on the deer before going to Red. He knew that if he ate something before getting to her, she'd live to see another day.

The deer stopped, thinking that it had outrun Wolf. He stopped, crouched down and watched as the deer's chest heaved, in and out, trying to catch it's breath. The deer turned away for one second; at that moment, Wolf leaped from his hiding place and lunged at the deer's throat. With blood spilling out of his snout, he howled.

Red shivered when she heard a rather familiar howl from a distance.

* * *

"Hello, little girl," Wolf said. He stood right behind Red. She jumped five feet from the ground and gasped as she turned around and faced Wolf.

"Keep away from me," Red said with a shaky voice. Wolf laughed; he grabbed her by the waist and played with her hair a little.

"You know you don't mean any of what you just said, little girl," he told her.

"I'm not a little girl. I happen to be 18 years old," Red said as she pulled Wolf's hands from her hair.

"Well, aren't we defensive," Wolf said as he leaned against a tree. He crossed his arms over his chest and smirked. Red couldn't help but notice his abs, his perfect six pack abs. Then her eyes trailed over the rest of his body. He was wearing a pair of torn pants. The torn parts showed his perfectly chiseled legs. Wolf was hard and ready just because Red was looking at him the way she was now.

"I have to go," Red said as she covered her blushing face with her small hands. Wolf took her hand and lowered it from her face. He cupped her chin in his massive hand and kissed her on the lips. His lips were soft, she realized. He pulled back and waited. She kissed him back. He put his right hand on the small of her back and pulled her even closer towards him. His left hand was tangled in her red hair.

They explored each others mouths with velvety, moist tongues until he couldn't contain himself any longer and had to see what was hiding behind those clothes. He took her little red hood and almost ripped it off her. That thrown aside, he grabbed her white shirt, then ripped that off. She gasped as her breasts were exposed. She had been brought up to ignore them, to pay no attention to them. But Wolf was paying a lot of attention to them.

He looked at her hardened nipples and gently pinched them. She let out a moan. He lowered his lips and began to suckle on her breasts, taking turns with each one. He couldn't decide which tasted better. He lowered Red onto the ground. They were now lying on her little red hood, he noticed. He couldn't have planned it better.

He pulled her skirt off and threw it aside, and she was now exposed. She still had her white knee high stockings and her little black Mary Jane shoes but they were the only pieces of clothing still on her.

He parted her long legs and explored her wet and very ready sex. He pulled his pants down and revealed a very impressive package. He was inside of her. She gasped. She was still a virgin. He moved slowly at first, with small thrusts, until he couldn't control it any longer. The wolf in him lost control; his eyes glowed bright yellow-green, and his hands changed every couple of minutes to claws. He was losing control. But so was she.

She had her hands tangled in his long black hair, but managed to roll herself on top of him. This took him by surprise, but he liked it. It helped keep his change under control. The moonlight falling over her milky skin made her look as if she were glowing from the inside out, posessed by some kind of ethereal light. Her hair looked like freshly spilled blood, tumbling from her shoulders and slightly covering her breasts. He grabbed on to them and squeezed; she arched her back and rode him until they both came.

Later, he realized that he fell in love with her right there.

Their gasps were heard all over the forest; deer made a run for it, owls flew away from their hiding spots and foxes hid in their burrows. Even the sleeping Hunter stirred. They pulled out of each other reluctantly. They looked at each other with new eyes until they fell asleep in each others arms. New lovers, cloaked by the shadow of midnight.

* * *

The next morning Wolf was awake with all of his senses on alert. He sniffed the air as if some foul thing had been released into the air. Then he felt a sharp pin prick on his shoulder. The Hunter had finally found them.

Wolf turned his gaze to where Red was still sleeping soundly. It broke his heart just seeing her like that. He reached out to touch her cheek, but the Hunter pointed his knife at his hand. Taking the hint, he put his pants on and followed the Hunter.

As soon as they were far from Red The Hunter began talking. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the famous William Wolf. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long, long time," he said.

"What a pity," Wolf said.

"Why is that?" the Hunter asked.

"All that time you spend looking for me, and all that time I spend making love to beautiful young girls in the forest. I wonder who's spending his time in here more wisely?" Wolf asked.

"Shut up," the Hunter said as he pressed his knife deeper into Wolf's back. Wolf turned around and faced him.

"Are you really going to stab me with that thing?" Wolf asked.

"No, I have something better," he said.

"So you think you can't kill me with that? I thought you were this great hunter. Part of the greatest line of hunters in all of this land. And you can't kill a simple wolf with that knife? What a pity indeed," Wolf said.

He was hoping that Hunter was as foolish as he looked. Wolf wanted him to try stabbbing him with the knife so Wolf had a chance at his neck when he lunged forward.

Which is exactly what he did. What a fool. Wolf took pleasure in snapping his neck and hearing it crack under his strong hands. He took his knife and ran back to Red.

She was gone. All that was left was the smell of their mating from the other night. The smell made him a bit dizzy and light headed.

Grandmother's House, he thought. That's the closest place she can run to.

* * *

Red woke up to find Wolf gone. She put her clothes back on as fast as she could. She had enjoyed last night very much, and wasn't expecting him to be gone. She sniffed and tried to stifle her tears as she made her way to Grandmother's house.

Red kept wanting to stop thinking about Wolf and all the sex they had last night. But instead she began sobbing. "How could he have left me there, without a second thought?" Red asked herself as she made her way to Grandmothers House. Then she realized she should've been there yesterday afternoon. And back at her house by sundown! She sobbed some more.

* * *

Wolf was already at the Grandmother's House. He managed to pick some flowers for Red. He knocked on the door and waited, and waited, and waited. He knocked once more and heard a strange mumble that sounded a lot like 'Come in'. He walked in through the door and looked around.

"Here, on the bed," the voice said.

"Okay," Wolf said as he put the flowers down. He sniffed the air and something was not right. There was a familiar stench in the air that he somehow recognized, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He walked towards the bed and looked at the big blue-green eyes that were peaking from underneath the covers. "You're not Red's Grandma," Wolf said. he grabbed the person that was hiding under the covers and just as he guessed: it was his brother Marcus.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Wolf growled.

"What do you mean what the fuck am I doing here? I'm here to feast on that little redhead you've been chasing since yesterday. I thought we could have our fun with her, just like the old days. I've come to make peace with you," Marcus said. Marcus had been banished from the forest for having betrayed their Alpha to the Hunters. It should've been something punishable by death, but they figured exile would be worse than death. What can be worse than not being able to go back home?

"Get out of here. Get out and I'll forget you ever came back. And you can't have her; she's my mate," Wolf added.

"Really? Even better," Marcus said with a mean grin on his face.

"I mean it," Wolf said with a heavier growl and a dangerous glow in his eyes. Brother or not, if he didn't leave by the time Red showed up, he'll kill him.

"I was sort of hoping she'd come in through the door sometime soon. I'd stay behind the covers and she'd say things like 'Grandmother, what big eyes you have. Grandmother what big ears you have. Grandmother what big teeth you have.'" He mocked Red with a high pitch in his voice, then roared with laughter. "Then I would gobble her up! But you had to ruin it by walking through the door. You are a spoil sport," he added.

"Where's the grandmother?" Wolf asked.

"She was rather tasty; a bit sour, though, what with all that wine and vodka," he mumbled. "But all in all? She was pretty good." That was when Wolf noticed that huge bulge in his belly. She was still alive; she was moving around his stomach, you could see her hand pressing in and out of his belly.

"Man, you could've at least had the decency to chew her," Wolf said as he adverted his eyes from his brothers bulging stomach. Her could see her hands as she pressed them against his stomach.

"I was hungry," he said, sounding like a little boy.

"I'm serious now; get out." Wolf grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, the way he used to when they were younger.

"No, I want to meet this little redhead," Marcus said. And as if on cue, Red walked through the door. She let out a small gasp at the scene before her and covered her still-bare chest.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Well, well, well," Marcus said as he feasted his eyes on Red. "No wonder you want her all to yourself," he added.

"Keep away from her," Wolf warned as he tightened his grip around his brother's neck. Marcus made as if to touch her and Wolf moved at the speed of lightning. Clasping his brother's hand in his own, he broke it with a single squeeze. He never thought he would enjoy anything as much as that satisfying crunch. Marcus yelped.

Marcus threw a punch with his good hand but Wolf was too fast; he took that hand and broke it as well, the bone popping and tearing through the flesh. It sent blood all over the floor of the Grandmother's House, reminding Wolf that Grandma was still in Marcus's stomach.

"You have to die now," he said and killed his brother with the Hunter's knife.

Red stood there in confusion, knowing only that she was happy to see Wolf. He kissed her fully on the lips and told her everything that had happened since they parted.

"I'm glad he's dead, both your brother and the Hunter. I met him once; he was a bit of a thick bastard," Red told him. Wolf grinned. She was perfect. She was his mate.

* * *

He opened up Marcus' stomach and out crawled old Granny. Red gave her her wine and she forgot everything that happened. Marcus' body was filled with boulders and thrown in a lake, where his remains still lie.

Red and Wolf? She moved into his cave and her tale became the most talked about story in town. The story became legend, then it turned to myth, and all facts were switched around 'til no one knew what was fact and what was fiction. But the story remains: the girl with the little red hood and the wolf that fell in love with her.

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