tagNonHumanRed vs Wolfe Ch. 03

Red vs Wolfe Ch. 03


I want to say thank you to everyone that takes the time to leave a comment and vote. Sorry for the delay in getting this one up, personal problems arouse. I hope you like it. ~J


"What was that all about Red?" Marti asked when the got into the taxi.

She was still trying to catch her breath. Sasha had never felt such a jolt in all her life. She'd always know she could sense things but with him and seeing his eyes it had affected her deeply. They had changed before her. Gone were the blue silvery ones she felt she'd get lost in and replaced by pure silver. They were rich and bright. It had spooked her.

"His eyes, Marti, they had changed," she whispered.

"How?" her friend asked.

"I don't know. One minute they were that blue/silver and then they changed to this bright, piercing sliver. I can't explain it. It scared me. I felt like there was something trying to get out of him. How strange is that?"

"Totally strange, Sasha. I can see why you bolted so quickly," Marti said.

The car stopped at the house and the girls walked in. Sasha looked around; she felt like they had been followed, that someone was now watching them. She shook her head and closed the door, locking it before going to shower.


Ehrik had left just after the woman had. He told Vik to stay at the club. He hadn't been happy but Vik knew better then to disobey the alpha when he used that tone. So Ehrik kept to the shadows and followed them. He stayed hidden, his silver eyes glowing. He swore that Sasha had seen him, or at the very least felt him.

He saw her look over her shoulder before closing the door. Somehow looking out into the night, trying to see what was there. He kept to the shadows. He heard her lock the door and then wondered where her room was. He wanted to talk to her, to see her.

Ehrik knew having held her in his arms that she was perfect. He felt they would fit together with ease. He only needed to explain to her what he was. If he could talk to her he was sure she would be okay with him. Hell, he hoped that was the case.

Then he saw an upstairs light turn on. He let his eyes focus and he saw it was her. He saw that the dress she was wearing was gone, having slipped from her silken skin. Then he took notice that nothing clung to her body, she was bare.

Ehrik moved closer. He wanted to see her, to just be near her. His wolf on the other hand wanted to be let loose, to devour his mate. He knew better, even though the urge to let go was there, almost over powering, he kept it in check. He just watched her.

The light turned on in her bathroom and he saw her turning on the water. Her hand touched it to check the temperature. Then she slipped under the streaming water. He had almost lost it then. Moving back into the shadows, he decided it was time to take his leave. If he watched any more he wouldn't be able to control his actions.


Sasha undressed slowly. She made her way into the bathroom truing to get over the feeling she was being watched. She adjusted the water of the shower and then stepped inside. The way it moved over her skin, slithering down her body like a snake made him sigh.

She tilted her head back and let the water run into her hair. Her hands helped, running through it. With her eyes closed instantly she saw him in her eye. He was amazing, darkly handsome. His features were classic. The only thing about him was his eyes. In her mind they stood out most of all.

She saw his eyes when they had changed. The silver coolness of them had scared her most of all. Sasha was always one to want an explanation for things but this had just spooked her. She shook her head, cleared her thoughts and finished washing her body. She would have plenty of time to think about it; right now she needed some peace.

After drying off she slipped into an oversized t shirt and crawled into bed. Her eyes closed and there he was. He was waiting for her. Something about him called to her on a level no one ever had. It wasn't just her body that was drawn to him but her mind as well.


He lay in his bed, his eyes closed. He felt her calling to him silently. How did she know how to do that? It was as strong as some but it was there. Perhaps she didn't know she had any ability. Not many were natural telepaths and he had a feeling she didn't know too much of her powers.

He smiled at the though she was reaching for him. He went willingly to her. Ehrik was strong enough to resist but her pull was too addictive. When he reached her she was picturing them together as they had been tonight. Only it was just them on the floor. They were dancing slowly, his hands pulling her to him. Her fingers were tangled in his black hair, their lips pressed together in a teasing kiss.

He moaned out loud, his hand moved in the bed. He wasn't asleep, yet he wasn't awake either. He moved his hand over his length, slowly as he let her control the kiss. This was about what she wanted, not him.

The kiss continued tormenting them both. Her hands moved lower, to the buttons of his shirt, undoing them one by one. She took great care in slipping the dress shirt from his shoulders. Her nails grazed over his chest, tugging on the hair that was covering it.

He growled his wolf was enjoying her touch. He saw her stop, look up at him and then her tongue slipped from between her lips and licked his nipple. He moaned. His hands pulled at her hips, letting her feel his erection. She smiled, he could feel that. Giving over control to her was burning him alive but yet this was her fantasy, her dream, not his.


Sasha could feel him, his hard skin under her touch. She explored him with a freedom she had never felt before. There had been something about him. In her "dream" she could take her time and do as she wished.

Her tongue flicked out, tasting his heated skin, licking his nipple. She felt him groan, almost growl. He enjoyed her touch. She kissed lower, teasing him. Then she undid his pants. The zipper came down with ease. His cock sprang free. There was a sharp intake of breath, hers as she saw him for the first time.

Her body responded to the sight. He was a magnificent man. She let her hands move over her body as she imagined what she'd do with him. Her hard nipples begging to be rolled, pinched lightly, touched. She touched herself while thinking of him, of what she would to his cock.

In her dream she licked the tip, tasting the precum that was already there. Then she licked down the shaft, the salt of his skin coating her tongue. Her lips closed over him, bringing him into her mouth. She sucked slowly, teasingly. He was her lollipop and she intended to savor him.

Her own hands moved between her legs, stroking her wet slit as she though of him, of what she wanted from him. Sasha pushed one finger inside her warmth, then another. Her stroking mimicked the way she saw herself sucking on his hard cock. Never letting up, growing addicted to the feeling.

She could feel him close. Suddenly she knew what she wanted. Deeper and faster she sucked on him, stroking her own sweet pussy. His cock grew harder; she sucked deeper, wanting his cum. She felt it, that first delicious rope of cum hitting her throat. She swallowed him down, muffling her own orgasm.


He let go, his body giving over to her. He could feel her joy in the fact he came. Ehrik had never felt something so intense. His hand was coated with his seed. It had felt like her lips wrapped around him, not his hand. He had felt the sweet warmth of her mouth, the sucking, and the flick of her tongue. The woman was pure perfection as she felt her pulling out of him, her mind shutting down. The moment had been unlike any other in his long life. He'd heard of mates that could do it but never come across any. It was a sign of a true love match. The way he'd felt her, the joy of each moment, he wouldn't forget.

It was all so real to him. He reached down, grabbed a shirt and wiped himself off. The way she had looked up at him, just before he let go had been like no other he'd ever seen. The woman, his mate, was a mystery. One he couldn't wait to figure out completely.


His eyes had done that again. Even in her fantasy/dream. There had to be something to that. It had to mean something she just didn't know what. As it was her body was now tired. Her mind needing rest after what it had just experienced.

Sasha rolled over; a pillow hugged in her arms and drifted off to sleep. For the first time since her parents passing she didn't wake up screaming. Her dreams were pleasant and sweet, nothing horrid, nothing like she was used to.

Tonight her dreams were filled with thoughts of him. Of the various ways they would make love. How their bodies would bring each other pure pleasure. The smile she had stayed on her face until she woke that next morning ad the door bell rang.

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