tagNovels and NovellasRekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 04

Rekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Bridging the generation gap

The Carolina summer seemed to pass by like a lazy river flowing down to the ocean. Spring was a distant memory, as was when Roz had moved into the house. She was now as much a part of this house as any of the other things in it. All thoughts of her finding a place of her own place were long forgotten. Nor did we even bother to pretend she was looking anymore! Everyone seemed more than happy to accept that she was a permanent fixture here.

I had gotten back into my writing with a renewed vigor that my publisher was quite pleased with. She told me that the new, more risqué storyline was delightfully naughty, and assured me that it would draw in a whole new group of readers; as well as keep the old ones clamoring for more! As a show of good faith in her predictions for the new novel, she gave me a huge advance on the books forecasted sales. I was left speechless at the amount of money she had advanced me, and hoped she was right in her assessment of the books success!

To say the least, we both had sadly underestimated its popularity; the book went to the "Best Sellers" list within the first two weeks of publication! Within a month over six million copies had been printed, and there was an order for the printing of more, being drafted for overseas sales. I was stunned by the success of this one book! My publisher begged me to write a follow-up, and I could see no reason not to.

Roz was thrilled by my sudden popularity, and was more than glad to show me how proud she was of me at every given chance, when we had privacy. Although, I must admit since it's release, that time was quickly becoming less and less since I was now being booked for book signing engagements and appearances. I was never really comfortable with being someone in the public eye, but in order to increase sales, my publisher insisted on "a few" signing dates. It turned out to be sixteen dates in as many cities nationwide!

"My little Jack has become quite a popular celebrity!" Roz whispered as she snuggled close to me on the sofa. "Just don't let all this popularity go to your head Cuz!"

Roz was wearing a silk nightshirt I had bought her with the some of the advance money. It was a dark maroon color with a plunging neckline that showed off her gorgeous cleavage, to my advantage. The shirt came just short of covering her ass, and was very form fitting. Other than that, she wore nothing but a smile for me, when we had a chance to be alone. Roz always chastised me about the gifts I bought for her, saying I had better things to do with my money than spend it on her. I pointed out to her that, I no longer had any real responsibilities to speak of, and she would just have to get used to the idea, that I loved getting her things.

"You'll just have to deal with me wanting to spoil you Roz", I said as I traced my finger down her spine. "After all, without my wonderful cousin to give me inspiration, this book and it's popularity would never have happened!" I explained.

"Just don't expect me to come running, like some doe-eyed floozy every time you twitch a finger my way Jack! I may be in love with you but, I can still kick you ass anytime!" she giggled into my neck.

"Oh really? Want to back that little statement up?" I said tickling her sides.

She jumped up and took a few steps back from the sofa and with a sultry look, shimmied out of the shirt letting it pool around her ankles. The sight of her perky tits sliding out from behind the silk shirt, nipples hard and calling for attention, was all my cock needed to spring to life. The contour of her shapely hips, the curve of her well toned legs, the subtle lines still visible on her mid-drift, all just added to the stiffness of my now fully aroused member.

"You ready to take another shot at the title, Jack?" she purred. Just for effect, she struck a models pose, thrusting out her hips, legs apart, in an un-inhibited invitation to heaven.

"Yeah? Roz your going to wish you had stayed in bed today! I think I'm in a marathon kind of mood!" I said pulling my shirt over my head.

For her part, Roz just continued to move in a seductive way, as I stripped off the remnants of my clothes. She got a devilish look on her face and said, "Tell you what Jack, you can fuck me if you can catch me!" With that she was off like a shot, heading for the back door and the large deck out in the open air of the back yard.

The streak of her hair trailing behind her, and her girlish laughter was enough to push me into action. I sprinted after her, naked as well, out into the yard. I caught the image of her hair trailing around the corner of the pool house, and headed after her at a full run. The scent of her perfume gave me an advantage as well. Within seconds I had bridged the distance and caught her coming around the other side. With a phony pout, and an impish pooch of her lips, Roz slid quickly into a passionate embrace with me, beneath the open skies of a Carolina afternoon sun.

"Looks like I win, do you concede, you wicked woman?" I asked softly. For my answer Roz slid down to her knees in the grass and smiled up with a look of total submission!

"Yes, my master! Anything you wish is my command!" she said in a heady voice heavy with lust. Roz then slowly positioned her face even with my, now ragging cock. She smiled up with the wanton look of a woman ready to do anything to please her man. Then without any hesitation, slid my straining shaft into the soft, wet, and warmness of her mouth.

"Oh yes! That is exactly what I had in mind my little slave!" I managed during gasps between my now quickening breaths. Roz was managing to make her way slowly, but inexorably to the base of my cock. My knees were actually getting slightly weak from her attentions. She then began a steady cadence up and down my shaft. Slowly at first, then building speed and wildness as she continued to lavish her oral attentions on me.

Roz gets very committed to something once she begins, and it wasn't long before I could feel my cock on the brink of exploding. The slurping noises that Roz was making along with her nimble hands caressing my nuts, were adding to the moment. Between her attentions, the sounds of her awesome blowjob, and our desperate desire for each other's passion, all of it soon brought me to an eagerly awaited eruption. Roz pulled me forward so that I was completely buried down her throat. I could feel her throat milking my pumping rod, while gusher after gusher of cum was eagerly sucked down. I felt my legs nearly buckle, as she continued, long after the last drop had been swallowed. It seemed Roz was taking my threat as a challenge and wanted as much as we could both possibly handle.

With one last sloppy slurp, Roz let my cock, again hard pop from her smiling mouth. The traces of saliva and my cum still evident on her lips, she purred, "OK stud, now show me how much you love me!" She lie back on the grass, opening her legs wide and holding open the lips of her sweet box, so that I could see that she was sopping wet, and ready for action. The sight brought my cock even further back to life.

The sight of such a wonderful looking clam ready for me was all the push I needed. Roz has a wonderfully well-shaped little pussy. The lips are peeled back slightly revealing the warm pinkness inside of the brownish bronze of her skin. For a woman who had had five children, there was no sign of use that should have been present. Hers looked tight and remarkably well kept, the pubic hair kept trim, but not shaved. To me this was a delightful change from the countless shaved pussies I had gotten used to in my earlier days.

I dove in without regard for any preambles of teasing her. I reached around her finely shaped ass, pulled her tight to my mouth, and jammed my tongue deep inside. Roz reacted by slamming her hips up, forcing my mouth to cover her entire pussy while keeping my tongue buried deep inside. The taste of her over-excited womanhood was intoxicating. Her juices were flowing freely as I slurped away in total disregard for anyone or anything but my task at hand. It wasn't long before Roz rolled me on my back and straddled my head now grinding down on my hungry mouth, as her gash slid furiously over my mouth and tongue!

"Oh god Jack, I'm gonna cum! Jeez I can't hold it back anymore, shit!" Roz was screaming. Her hips were now pumping my face furiously, as she leaned back holding her hair, and screaming at the afternoon sky! "Yes, yes, oh fuck yes!"

With what I hoped was only the beginning moves of our afternoon, Roz came hard, nearly drowning me with her orgasm. Her body jerked and writhed around like a live wire on my face. She was moaning incoherently, as wave upon wave of orgasms ripped through her. It was in my opinion, the best time to take advantage of the situation!

Like a slippery snake, I quickly slid into a position that allowed me to have her quivering box in a position to be skewered. Without hesitation, I grabbed Roz's hips and jerked her down on my rigid cock. She was still orbiting Mars as my cock slammed to the hilt inside of her. She screamed as if all thoughts of sanity were now lost! Roz began riding me frantically, slamming herself down hard enough on me to actually be nearing painful!

"Fuck me! Goddamit fuck me harder Jack!" she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

In response to her animal behavior, I pulled down harder as her grinding and gyrating hips assaulted my pelvis with an almost furious speed. It did not take long before her actions made it impossible for me to hold out any longer. I could feel the tightness of my balls and the rush of my on-coming load. With my own animal growl, I slammed up to meet her, and it seemed just in time; as we both came to an earth-shattering simultaneous orgasm.

Roz fell forward in a heap, breathing raggedly into my neck. I could feel the last spasms of her body, as she slowly came back to earth. My cock was completely spent and I could feel it quickly deflating and slipping slowly from Roz's, now used and dripping pussy. I could not help but continue to caress her ass, and hips as she came back to reality. "Damn Pops, can anyone join this party or are you done?" my son Jeremy's voice said from behind Roz!

I looked up to see Jeremy standing a few feet away, watching with a huge grin on his face! The bulge in his jeans told me he had been watching for at least a few minutes. Roz had locked into a death grip at the first sound of his voice, and her head was buried in my shoulder, her pussy now had a death grip on my quickly shrinking cock.

"I heard someone screaming and came to see if there was any trouble! I didn't mean to interrupt you and your lady friend Pops! I'll go back in and talk to Aunt Roz until you guys are done. Do you know where Aunt Roz is? I'd really love to bullshit with her for a bit." Jeremy asked all in a rush, as he desperately tried to avoid staring at the gorgeous ass that was pointed in his direction.

Roz shrugged her shoulders and slowly turned her head to face Jeremy. "Right here Jerry", Roz whispered as he finally saw whom it was that was riding me.

Jeremy stuttered and gawked with the expression of a young adult that realized his world had just drastically changed. I thought that a major barrier had just been put between us when Jeremy said, "Damn Pops, I kind of knew you two were close but, not that close!" His huge smile quickly melted away the anxiety I was feeling.

"We're in love Jerry, we have been for a very long time!" Roz whispered up at Jeremy. All at once she was a frightened little girl seeking approval. I hugged her tight to me and waited for my son to make the next move.

Jeremy sometimes can make quantum leaps of faith, not really caring about any one else's opinions or beliefs. "I'm happy for you Pops, Aunt Roz is more than likely the best thing that's happened to you in a very long time, at least since Mom died. I'm a little jealous though, from what I was watching she seems like one hell of a great lay!" Jeremy said from behind a sly smile.

Roz looked at me and whispered, "You said you wanted to try a threesome with me Jack, I believe you can trust your son to keep our little secret, don't you?"

I looked at her and just shook my head and said, "I was just thinking the very same thing!" I looked at Jeremy as his brain made the connection to what we were implying. "Well son, do you want to help the Ole man do a little damage?"

Roz winked at Jeremy, and the look on his face was all that we needed to know he was indeed interested! "I'd do anything you ever ask of me Dad, but this I'm going to enjoy!" Jeremy smiled.

Roz rolled over and looked up at my son with a grin. "Hmm, two of you huh? This should be a very interesting night. Do you two mind if I get cleaned up first, and grab some lunch? I think a lady needs to regain some strength before taking on you two!" she smiled.

Jeremy looked at me, and I just shrugged. The disappointment on his face, seeing that nothing was going to happen right away was negligible. He simply helped Roz to her feet, and from somewhere handed her a pool towel. "Oh my, and a gentleman at that! Don't you worry Jerry, I am not going to let this opportunity get away, especially since Jack here's headed out of town tomorrow for a week!" Roz quipped.

"That's funny" Jeremy said, "I was going to ask if I could crash here for a couple weeks? All the other guys headed to the Bahamas for break, I just wanted to hang out. Mind if I spend my vacation with Aunt Roz Pops?" His smile took on a whole new meaning as he realized that not only was he going to get a shot at Roz, he was going to have an entire week alone with her as well!

"I'll leave that up to Roz, Jer! I don't tell her what to do, nor will I ever tell her that. She's all grown up and more than able to fend for herself!" I said with a smile at Roz.

"You remember that too Jack, while your off in Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami this week! I can play too. Your not the only one with a dick!" Roz said jokingly at me as she grabbed Jeremy's crotch. "From the feel of things, you two seem to share a family trait. I think I'm going to enjoy getting to know you two even better!" We headed for the house to let Roz gain back her breath and her composure. Both Jeremy and I grinned at each other over Roz's head knowing we in for one hell of a night!

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