tagNovels and NovellasRekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 05

Rekindling An Old Taboo Ch. 05


Sitting across the breakfast table from Jack and his son, was to say the least, a little surreal. I had just been watched having unbound sex with the boy's father, my cousin, and here I was not only contemplating having a three-way with him and his son; but discussing how I wanted to proceed! Jack for the most part, just sat grinning and continued keeping me on track by fingering my wet pussy beneath the table. Jeremy couldn't keep his eyes off of my hardened nipples; I hadn't bothered to dress, what would be the point? He seemed more nervous than either myself or Jack should have been in this situation.

"OK Jeremy, are you sure your fine with all this? I know all this must come as a shock to you!" Jack was saying to his son.

Jeremy flushed shyly as he realized where his eyes were, and stuttered as he said, "Pops, I-um, I uh, ya-know, I'm um, still a uh," his mumbles fading into an embarrassed look.

"Your what honey?" I asked. "You can tell us anything you want sweetie, don't be embarrassed!"

Then with a look of total challenge at Jack, Jeremy blurted out, "I'm still a virgin, OK?" His look at Jack left no doubt in my mind that he was embarrassed, and that he wanted Jack's understanding and not any jokes.

"Son, I'm glad you're not in a hurry to rush things. You have nothing to be ashamed about!" Jacks response was what Jeremy needed. We both watched as Jeremy visibly relaxed.

"If this is too much for you to handle Jerry, it doesn't need to go any further!" Jack said and I nodded my agreement as well. "We just figured that since the cats out of the bag, and you are the only one, other than us that knows; you are in the perfect position to help without compromising our situation!"

Jeremy eyed his father and then said, "Well I guess I wouldn't mind finally getting this out of the way. To be honest, I've had the hots for Aunt Roz, since the first day you moved in Pop." I could see from the bulge in his shorts that he still did.

Jack came to a decision even I hadn't seen coming, "Why don't I let you two work this out?" Jack said as he got up from the table. "I need to grab a shower and get some things ready for Miami, Roz, be gentle with him OK?" I sat staring as he kissed me, and then scrubbed his hand through Jeremy's hair. "Let me know when your ready for me Roz, have fun Jeremy!"

Jeremy sat stunned as Jack grabbed his clothes and headed for the back of the house. I was a little shocked that he took what was going to happen so easily. Jack seemed to surprise even me, at knowing that this wasn't something any man wanted to share! I was honored that my little cousin wanted "Ole Aunt Roz" to be the one to take his cherry! I also realized all that that might entail. I hoped that he would take this as an opportunity to gain experience, I was in no position to have two lovers, and Jack more than sufficed!

After Jack had disappeared down the hall, I decided there was no time like the present to forge ahead. I was still riding an excited pussy that needed attention. Jack's fingers had seen to that! I got up letting Jeremy get a full view of my nudity; my nipples were as hard as ever. Jeremy unconsciously licked his lips and swallowed hard as he took in the view. For my part, I wanted to make Jeremy's first time, something to remember! I didn't want him to be sorry or ashamed for anything that happened, so in a way it was good that Jack had had the foresight to allow us privacy!

As I made my way towards Jeremy, seeing his fathers face in his own, made things so much simpler. Jeremy is the spitting image of Jack, only on a larger frame. Jeremy also kept his hair short, but as yet still grew no facial hair. His larger frame was all muscle, as he was part of his universities football program. Except for size, the similarities between him and Jack were eerie! I hoped that everything else was as similar!

"Aunt R-Roz, I um, I'm not sure um, wh-what should I um do?" Jeremy stuttered. I put my fingers to his lips, shushing him to silence. At the same time rubbing my hand over his quickly stiffening cock. The similarities between him and Jack were indeed very nice. Placing my fingers under his chin and lifting, Jeremy quickly got to his feet. With little effort, I pulled Jerry's shorts down revealing a major surprise! The thickness of Jeremy's cock was very similar to Jack, but that was where the similarity ended!

Jeremy soft was already longer than Jack was at full hardness! I was mesmerized as Jeremy's cock grew to an impossible length. At full hardness, Jeremy had to be every bit of eleven inch's! I had never even seen a monster that size, much less contemplating tackling one! Yet the look of lust in Jeremy's eyes left no doubt, that I was about to. I slid easily down his body until I was eye to eye with his magnificent spear.

I took his shaft in both hands, and still had room to place the rest into my mouth! I knew there was no way I could swallow this monster. Even Jack's ample cock was no match for this. Luckily, I had barely started to go down on Jeremy when he grunted, grabbed my head and jammed as much of his cock as he could down my throat. I nearly choked as he blew his load of sweet tasting spunk down my throat. I was a little disappointed that it was over so quickly!

"Damn, I'm s-so s-s-sorry Aunt R-Roz!" Jeremy sputtered as his snake continued to spray fountains of cum across my face and chest as he tried pulling away. His face turning beet red at the quickness of his first, woman induced orgasm! I couldn't help but wonder what a ride on that Anaconda would be like? I didn't let his embarrassment stop me from finding out. I kept hold of his garden hose and quickly resumed my attentions on it, cleaning away the remnants of his premature hosing of me.

Like any young man his age, I was quickly rewarded with a swift recovery and the sight of his monster pole stirring back to life. Now I was unsure how to proceed with him! I knew I could not ride that thing, without doing damage to both of us, but I wanted that thing in me and bad! Jeremy took away any decision I was going to make and spun me around so that my head rested on the kitchen chair. With the quickness and agility of the young, he easily positioned himself behind me, and pushed himself to my more than ready entrance! I took a deep breath as I awaited this monsters intrusion.

For a moment, it seemed time had stopped, as I awaited Jeremy's cock. The like my world was being ripped apart from the inside out; Jeremy rammed his entire length, slamming it into me. It felt like I was being torn apart, as inch after inch slid further up in me than any thing I had ever imagined before. My body unconsciously tried squirming away from the intruder, yet Jeremy kept pushing until no more of his monstrous cock would fit! I screamed out in both pain and joy at being so stuffed with cock! The term "I could taste him" made so much more sense to me at that moment. I almost didn't realize that Jeremy had started to pull out; the pain had left me so numb. It wasn't until he began sliding back into me that I realized I was howling in agony/pleasure. I found myself trying to get away from his monster, while at the same time wanting even more! With some effort I relaxed enough to accept Jeremy's needs.

Jeremy quickly built up to an inhuman speed; the friction of his invader was enough to push me quickly to the point of insanity. Time after time, I could feel Jeremy hitting places deep inside me that no one else could ever dream of hitting! Even Jack, with his gorgeous cock was no match for this! I couldn't take this for long, and knew it. Luckily, Jeremy was not experienced at any longevity either, I could feel the signs of another quick orgasm coming on, and bent myself to take as much of his monster as I could and still maintain consciousness.

Jeremy groaned as the muscles of my pussy squeezed his massive rod. It didn't take long until I was losing my own battle with sanity. I felt an orgasm like no other, coming on. In seconds I was going over the edge, and could feel Jeremy losing his own load. After his first explosion of cum, I was a little surprised that he had anything left; yet he unloaded another huge fountain, filling my stretched and sore box to capacity! I could feel the river of his young spunk, running down the back of my legs as he continued his assault, slamming deeply into me from behind. Eventually. Even his youthful ability, came to an end. Jeremy slid out from me, and I fell forward, sliding from the chair to the floor, with no ability to stop myself. I can honestly say, I had never been so well fucked, so quickly.

"Nice to see that the boy is a chip off the old block!" Jack's voice said from the doorway.

I couldn't raise my head up long enough to respond, but Jeremy looked at Jack with a grin of pure and genuine glee! "Thanks Pop, I wish I could have lasted a little longer, but Aunt Roz is fantastic!" he said smiling at Jack.

"Yeah she is. Have you two gotten the first time jitters out of the way?" Jack asked. I was still in no condition to move, everything from my waist down was numb! My body was still twitching from the assault Jeremy had given me. I knew what Jack was hinting at, but I was in no condition to move at this point. I rolled over to try getting up, but Jack must have taken it as an invitation. He was on me before I could manage a sound. I was still trying to regain my breath when I felt the familiar feel of his wonderful cock making it's way into my newly stretched, and totally sore pussy. The lubrication from Jeremy's huge load was the only thing that kept it from being too sore to continue. As Jack slid easily into me, I could feel myself yet again responding to his familiar touch.

"Damn son, she's totally soaked, you must have left one hell of a load behind!" Jack commented as he pushed deeper into me. I didn't think after Jeremy's invasion, I would be able to feel anything for a long time, but the similarity in girth had my aching box again gripping an awesome cock, as it worked my eager pussy to towards Nirvana yet again! I couldn't catch my breath and was gulping down air as Jack built up steam. I could only hold on, as I knew Jack was not going to be fast by any means! Rather than coming back down from my ride on Jeremy's huge member, the familiarity of Jack's wonderful cock sent me even further into outer space.

I could hear the sound of a woman's voice moaning in pure animal lust in my head. I came to realize that it was not in my head at all, and it was actually me that was screaming in pure pleasure. Time became a blur, as Jack continually changed his pace, his force, and our positions. Every-time I thought I had reached the next level, Jack showed me that there was another. I no longer cared how long or who was present, I was just so far gone. I realized at one point that I had another cock in my mouth and I was feverishly working it over. I knew I had totally abandoned any thoughts of seducing them. I was at the mercy of Jack and his son, and didn't care!

I was on the brink of, what had to be, my twentieth climax, the very edge mind you, when Jack pulled out. I was so lost that I didn't realize that I was also now position above Jeremy's monster flagpole! It wasn't until I was being skewered and split apart that I realized what was happening. I could feel Jeremy's cock so far up inside me; I just started screaming in pleasure. It was then that I realized another pressure on my ass! Jack had lubed up his cock and positioned himself behind me! I was so far gone by then that I couldn't have stopped him if I wanted to. I then felt pure pleasure and pain, as Jack's fat cock stretched my ass to a painfully new width. As his huge head finally passed into my rectum, I lost my mind.

As Jack finally reached his full length inside me, he and Jeremy began to seriously fuck me from both sides, taking turns slamming their cock's home. I couldn't catch my breath and I was gasping for air as their assault continued. Sweat was now building on the three of us as they kept pounding away. I pulled Jeremy to suck on my tits, while reaching back to squeeze Jack's balls. Jeremy held me up as Jack slammed savagely into my ass. I was in slut heaven! I could not believe I would love being so fully used by two men.

I don't know how much time they continued abusing me, somewhere along the way I guess I passed out! When I finally came to, I was tucked safely in my bed; my body was too sore to even try moving. Jeremy sat in a chair by the bed watching me protectively. "I wanted to be sure you were OK Aunt Roz! I've didn't know what happened when you fell out. Pop told me you'd be fine, that you just needed rest; I wanted to be sure!" he said with genuine concern.

"I'm fine Jerry, I haven't felt this good in a very long time, if ever!" I said bloating his ego a bit. "Did your Dad leave already?" I asked as I noticed the clock said it was already past midnight. Jacks flight had been at nine! Jeremy smiled.

"Yeah, he caught a cab about an hour after, um, well after you uh," he stammered, trying to finish the thought.

"Passed out?" I said with a smile.

"Yeah, I guess you did at that! I never saw anything like that before Aunt Roz!" he snickered.

"Just Roz will do Jeremy, we've gone beyond "Aunt" now don't you think?" I asked.

"Not for me Aunt Roz, no matter what, I still think of you as Aunt Roz! I'll never forget what happened today but that doesn't change anything!" he stammered. I felt like maybe there was still some of my self respect left, as I realized he wasn't lying, no matter what had passed between us, Jeremy would still look at me as Aunt Roz, and as his father's woman! I was glad I would have a week with him; this could be a very enlightening experience for both of us!

I motioned for Jeremy to join me. "Come on over here! I'm in no shape to try anything, just come give Aunt Roz a huge OK?" His smiled split his face as he lie down beside me, it wasn't until I felt his face brushing my nipple, that I realized I was still nude. Jeremy didn't seem to mind, and within a few minutes was fast asleep in my arms. The warmness of his body, made me almost forget that Jack was gone for the week. Jeremy would never try anything without Jacks permission, so I knew that today was all I could expect from Jeremy. Boy was I wrong!

* * * * * * *


It was kind of weird waking up in bed next to Aunt Roz. I still couldn't get all that had happened out of my head. Finding Pop with Aunt Roz wasn't as much of a surprise, as having what happened afterwards, was. Looking at Aunt Roz' fine body was all the encouragement I needed! What was the chance of me scoring such a hot woman going to ever be? It seemed, before yesterday, that every time I would get close to a woman, we would get to the getting naked part, and something would scare them off! Thanks to Pop and Aunt Roz, I now knew why!

First off, I'm not a really outgoing person; I guess it was a trait I inherited from my mother. When she died, my father and me seemed to bond. It was really not something I had expected, Dad was always so closed off, and he only had time for work and Mom. When she died, Pop seemed to just crawl away. Josh, my older brother, and Nicole, Dad's oldest daughter from his other marriage, drifted apart. I was the youngest, and still lived at home. My senior year wasn't the best time in my life; I never really got to enjoy being a senior. When Mom died, all my attention went to keep Dad from going nuts. Like I said, we got really tight then. Now here I was, in a bed that my Dad and a gorgeous woman shared. I had spent almost an entire day helping to do anything and everything to her! I wasn't stupid enough to think I had a chance at her before then, but I wasn't dumb enough to turn down the chance either! It was while Pop had left me alone with Aunt Roz, that I lost my virginity. I also found out that it wasn't me that had been the problem as much as it was my size! Never having been with a girl turned out to be a blessing, and Aunt Roz spent the next two days showing me exactly how to please a woman. She let me know everything that turned her on, and was absolutely sure that I would be able to please any of the "girls" I knew!

I was starting to drift off to sleep, when I felt a warm hand starting to milk my sore balls. I watched as Aunt Roz fondled my nuts in her sleep. God, no wonder Pops was in love with her. I would give anything to find someone like her! Aunt Roz has an amazing figure, for someone her age or any other age! Nicely rounded ass and hips, strong legs, and a set of tits that are just made to be played with! Roz can also wear out two or three guys if she put her mind to it! Pops and me are living proof of that. I jokingly said as much last night, as we went at it for the fourth time! I was actually starting to get better at this, but she still wanted more!

"Damn Aunt Roz, I know a few buddies who would love a shot at you! You don't realize how hot you really are!" I told her.

"Really? And what makes you think they could handle me any better than you can?" She said clowning around. I got a flicker from the corner of her eye, and wondered if she was kidding after all? I was also afraid of what my father would think if I had Aunt Roz Gang-banged? Hell, just the thought of even having Aunt Roz to myself for the week, was enough to make any guy happy! I was learning more from her, than I ever would have learned on my own! My dick, as tired as I was, sprang to life. Even in her sleep, Roz made me hornier than any girl I had ever known.

As I watched her begin squirming in her sleep, I couldn't help but want more. My fingers told me Aunt Roz was still very wet from our all day fuck-fest of the day before. So trying not to wake her until it was too late, I carefully slid into place and let my body weight do the rest! Even after all the hours of sex we had had yesterday, my cock wanted more. It felt so warm, as I slid into her warmness. I was almost completely inside her when, Aunt Roz woke up moaning and wrapping her legs tightly around my waist. I took the opportunity to slam the remaining length of my rod into her!

"You bad, bad boy! Fuck me! Shit, Oh yeah! Don't stop now, slam me with that thing!" Aunt Roz screamed. Even after the day of wild sex yesterday, Roz somehow was still very tight! I laid into her now with a passionate fury I could have only dreamed about before. She would tell me when to slow down to make things last. She gave me suggestions on different techniques that would work for any other woman. I was happy to do whatever Aunt Roz wanted! My happy cock didn't care, as long as it was kept busy! I never thought the day would come when I would say I was sore from sex but, when I let go of my load, pain shot through my nuts up my spine. I knew I was done for at least a day!

Aunt Roz was gasping ragged breaths beneath me; she was shuddering in another long climax. I was amazed at how long a woman could cum! Aunt Roz seemed to have a never-ending reserve of orgasms. I didn't know how pop kept up with her? I guess experience did hold something over size, but from what Aunt Roz said, Pop and me weren't much different. I was glad that I'd be leaving him with such a beautiful and talented woman! I couldn't wait to try my new, more experienced talents on someone in my own age bracket! Aunt Roz was a gorgeous woman, but she belonged to Pop, and I wanted someone for myself now!

"So, looks like your ready to fly solo now!" She said panting into my chest. I was still buried deep inside her, and could feel my cock quickly deflating. I rolled off, letting it slide out of Aunt Roz with an audible slurp, and a river of cum. Roz just looked at me a smiled. "You'll do fine Jeremy, just be yourself!" she smiled then went back to sleep. I watched as she fell back into a deep sleep and made my way into the shower and then out of Pops house. I thought it would be better for both of us, if I just left. But, I'll always love my Aunt Roz, and never forget what she taught me those three great days at my fathers! I have a new outlook, that only Aunt Roz and me will ever know, and Pops, of course!

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