This story contains realistic incest, not the fantasy incest of most stories. There's bondage, smoking fetish, and torments. If you don't like stories where the women are dominant and the men submissive, go find another story.

Fred found Pebbles' ad on Craigslist. She looked like a nice enough escort, and had several good reviews on The Erotic Review website. His concern was that he wasn't interested in fucking or a blow job. What he wanted was a woman to dominate him, like Marie did. He wanted a woman that would enjoy watching him suffer, like Marie did.

"Hello Pebbles."

"Hello Fred." Interesting. Pebbles let Fred know she had his name on caller id.

"Um, I saw your ad on Craigslist and I'd like to have a two hour session with you."

"Have we ever had a session together?"

"Um, no."

"Well, how do you know you want to be with me for two hours, Fred?"

Fred didn't know. He knew he didn't like to be rushed, and he hoped that Pebbles would enjoy domination. The first session with an escort was always a crap shoot.

"I liked the reviews you received on The Erotic Review."

"Ok. I like a man that does his research. What are you interested in doing?"

Fred was confused. Pebble's ad specifically said, no discussion. He knew that protected her somewhat from arrest.

"Um, I see that you smoke. I like to watch a woman smoke, and I want you to dominate me."

"Mmm, that sounds like it could be fun. Is there anything you specifically want me to wear?"

"No, naked will be good. I have all my own toys. I'd prefer discussing what I want after I meet you."

"I understand. Since you're a new client, we'll have a fifteen minute discussion before we start the session."

"Wow, that sounds great. When can I see you?"

"I have a two hour block Tuesday at 8pm."

"Sounds great. See you then."

"Call me when you get to Glen Burnie. I'll give you my address at that time, Fred."



Later that afternoon, Pebbles, whose real name is Melissa, and her girlfriend, Michelle, were sitting at the dining room table.

"How was your day, Melissa?"

"Pretty good. Three clients called today. One of them, a new client, wants a two-hour session with me. He wants me to dominate him."

"Ooh, does he know that you're an experienced dominatrix?"

Melissa snickered. "No, I guess I forgot to mention that."

Michelle giggled. "Boy, won't he be surprised."

"Yes, he's in for a huge surprise. Oh, his name is Fred. Fred Johnson."

Michelle's face reddened. "You don't suppose..."

"His phone number is 410 555-8674.

"Oh my God!" Michelle squealed. "My dad is coming here to see you!"

Melissa smiled. "Yes, Tuesday night."

"I'm so glad you told me. I'm going clubbing Tuesday night. I'm not going to be here when he sees you."

"No." Melissa's voice had a serious tone. "You will be here. You are going to help me dominate him."

"What?" Michelle looked shocked. "You can't possibly expect me to perform sexually for my dad?"

"Yes, I can." Melissa held Michelle's hands on the table. Her words were measured. "I've been listening to you talk about him and what he did to you for almost two years. You have three days to prepare yourself, but you will do what I command you to do for your dad. That's an order."

Michelle felt her resistance melt away with those words. "Yes Mistress."

Melissa picked up her dishes and put them in the sink.

Michelle sat at the table, shocked, wondering what Melissa planned for her to do. It wasn't until Melissa came back and gave her shoulder a smack with the back of her hand that Michelle got up, cleared the table and did the dishes.

Tuesday evening, Fred arrived in Glen Burnie fifteen minutes before the scheduled appointment. He pulled out his cell phone and called Pebbles.

"Hi Pebbles."

"Hi Fred. Are you in Glen Burnie?"


Pebbles smiled. "Ok, I'm at 1216 Valley Leaf Court. Park in front of the house, not the driveway. See you in a few minutes."

Fred was surprised. He'd met all the other escorts at hotel rooms. He looked on the map, and saw that Valley Leaf Court was about two miles away. He drove down the highway, and turned into an ordinary subdivision. The houses were 30 to 40 years old, mostly simple four-squares.

The houses on Valley Leaf Court were newer and larger. 1216 was at the end of a cul-de-sac. He parked in front of the house, got his bag of toys, and rang the doorbell.

Pebbles opened the door. She looked a lot nicer than her picture. A few inches shorter than Fred, wearing a top and jeans, she let him in. Fred put the envelope with the $450 on the table by the door, and Pebbles smiled. She picked up the envelope and showed him to a bedroom, where she had him sit in a chair while she sat on the bed. Fred felt comfortable and intimidated at the same time. Comfortable, because the bedroom was a lot more homey than a hotel room. Intimidated, because Pebbles was looking down at him in the chair, waiting.

Pebbles broke the silence. "Well?"

Fred felt confused. "Well, what?"

"Are you going to tell me what you want?"

"Oh." Fred cleared his throat. "I'd like to watch you smoke naked. After that, I'd like you to lie in bed with me and cuddle with me."

Pebbles looked down at Fred disdainfully. "Why the shyness? What happened to me dominating you?"

Fred looked at the floor. "I wasn't sure that you wanted to dominate me."

Pebbles smiled. "Oh yes Fred, I want to dominate you. I've been thinking about this session since the day you called. Do you trust me?"

Fred looked up at Pebbles. "Yes."

"Good. I have a surprise planned for you. First, I want you to get undressed."

Fred stood up and undressed.

Pebbles pulled out a leather blindfold, and put it on Fred. She handed him his toy bag, and commanded, "Follow me."

With one hand on Pebbles shoulder, and the other carrying his toy bag, Fred followed Pebbles down two flights of stairs. He felt a chill as he passed through a room, and then an almost uncomfortable warmth. He felt her stop and wondered where he was.

"Put your bag down" Pebbles commanded.

Fred bent his knees and put the toy bag on the floor. He felt Pebbles push him into a chair, and tie his wrists tightly to the armrests. He felt her tie his ankles to the legs of the chair, and he wondered what she had in store for him.

When Pebbles took off Fred's blindfold, he was surprised all right. It looked like an audio-visual room. There were four monitors on one wall, and several VCR machines on a couple of shelves. The monitors were off, but two of the machines were running.

Pebbles was still wearing her top and jeans. Shrugging her shoulders, she smiled and said, "I guess I can do one thing you asked for." She peeled off her top and jeans, and lit a cigarette. Standing in front of Fred with her legs spread slightly, she took a puff of her cigarette, bent over, and blew the smoke in Fred's face.


Fred was impressed with her perky breasts and her shaved pussy. He had a strong feeling that she wasn't going to let him touch any of her assets this evening.

"Yes, very."

"So tell me, why do you like to watch a naked woman smoke?"

Fred squirmed in the chair. "My wife Marie would tie me up and put clothespins on my nipples or cock and balls. She would sit on the bed, watching me suffer, and pass the time by smoking. Over the years, I've learned to associate a naked smoking woman with the dominant bitch role that my wife played so well for me."

"What happened to your wife? Did you divorce?"

"No. She died five years ago."

"Ouch. I'm sorry for your loss. Did you have any children?"

"We had a daughter. She was 15 when Marie died, and she took it pretty hard. She ran away from home three years ago, when she was 17. She stayed at a friend's house for a while, but she quit school and moved somewhere else. I haven't seen her or heard from her since."

Pebbles took a puff of her cigarette. "Wow. Why do you think your daughter ran away?"

Fred squirmed in the chair. "She was mad at the world after her mother died. She got mad at me after she caught me coming home one night from a strip club. I tried to explain myself, but she was gone a couple of days later."

"I see. It sounds like you broke your daughter's heart by going to a strip club. That wasn't a smart thing to do."

Fred looked at the floor. "I know."

Pebbles finished her cigarette. She turned on a couple of the monitors. One showed the bedroom that Pebbles brought Fred to. He could see his clothes on the chair by the bed. The other monitor showed a different bedroom. The monitors cycled through four different views of the bedrooms. An overhead view, a view from the headboard, a view from the wall opposite the bed, and a side view from across the bedroom.

Both of the bedrooms were empty now.

A few minutes passed before Fred saw a woman enter the other bedroom. He watched her sit down and brush her shoulder length hair for a few minutes.

Pebbles smiled. "Do you like her?"

Fred smiled. "It's hard to see her clearly in the monitor, but yes, she's pretty."

Pebbles grinned. "Good. In a few minutes, one of her clients will be here to see her. You get to watch them fuck, while I play with your cock. Does that sound like fun?"

Fred grinned. "Yes."

Fred watched the woman brush her hair for a few more minutes, and then she left the room. About ten minutes later, she came back with a man. She undressed him, and he undressed her.

Pebbles coyly asked, "How does she look naked?"

Fred smiled. "She has a nice pair of breasts. Very pert for their size."

Pebbles smiled. "Yes, they're torpedo Double D cups. She had them enhanced for me and for her customers." She squeezed her breasts. "Makes these C cups feel small."

"Oh. Are you lovers?"

"Yes. She's my lover and somewhat willing servant."

As the woman and her client got into the bed, Pebbles sat down on the floor in front of the chair, and lightly stroked Fred's cock with her fingernail. His cock sprang to attention, and an occasional light stroke was all Pebbles needed to keep Fred hard.

The woman got on the bed on her hands and knees. The man got on the bed behind her, and pounded away. Usually, Fred didn't like to watch fuck porn, but he couldn't take his eyes off the monitor. This was different. They weren't performing for a camera; they were having fun with each other. He felt like a voyeur, since they were upstairs in the same house. Pebbles' teasing of his cock heightened the experience for him.

After about twenty minutes, the man lay down on the bed. The woman lay down beside him, and they kissed and cuddled for the remainder of the time. Fred enjoyed watching the kissing more than the fucking, and Pebbles didn't touch Fred's cock for minutes at a time.

After the hour was up, the man got out of the bed, and got dressed. The woman waited until he was dressed to get out of the bed. The man hugged her, fondled her breasts one last time, and watched her get dressed. They both left the bedroom.

Fred heard Pebbles ask, "Did you like the show?"

Fred nodded, and realized Pebbles couldn't see his face. "Yes, I liked it very much."

"Good." Pebbles stood up and put on her top and jeans. "I have a client coming in about fifteen minutes. She'll be down here to talk to you while I'm busy. You can watch my client and I fuck while she teases you, if you want."

Fred felt confused. "Isn't my time going to be up before you come back?"

Pebbles laughed. "That's part of the surprise, Fred. I have no plans to untie you anytime soon. You're spending the rest of the night tied to the chair. I think you'll get your two hours worth of teasing, at least, while I fuck other clients. Sounds like a win-win to me."

After a few minutes, Fred saw Pebbles on the monitor. He watched her put his clothes away in a dresser, and then leave. He was waiting for her to return with her client, when the other woman entered the room and stood in front of him.

Fred looked from the monitor to the other woman. She was naked, with her hands on her hips, looking stern. He could smell her scent from the sex she had. He thought about how passionate she was fucking and kissing her client, which aroused him. The lights in the room were behind him, and he could see her features very clearly. It took a moment for the thought to register in his mind. He was pretty sure that he was leering at his daughter.

"Hello daddy." She spit the words out like the bad taste they must have had.

"Um, hi Michelle. I didn't expect to see you here." The understatement of the decade.

"I'm sure you didn't." Michelle got a cigarette, and lit it. She looked over at her father, bound to the chair. "I see you still enjoy sex with women my age."

Fred's face reddened. All the things Michelle said to him that night about embarrassing her and making her feel like she had to compete with strippers came flooding back into his mind. His cock wasn't stiff anymore, even though his daughter was standing there, naked, smoking. She looked a lot like Marie when they were first married, except her breasts were a lot larger.

Fred watched his daughter stand in front of him and smoke. He wondered what she would do to him. He felt helpless, tied to the chair, and was concerned that Michelle might hurt him.

Michelle felt queasy. The only reason she hadn't bolted from the room was that Melissa had ordered her to smoke naked for her father. She knew that he enjoyed watching pretty young naked women smoke, but she could see that his cock was flaccid. Good. If she was feeling miserable, he should feel miserable too. She smoked and posed for her father until it was time for her to see a client.

Pebbles came into the room a few minutes later. "So, did you and Michelle have a nice chat?"

Fred glared at Pebbles. "Why didn't you tell me my daughter was your lover?"

Pebbles laughed as she lit a cigarette. "What, and ruin the surprise. Now why would I do that?" She crouched down in front of Fred and tickled his cock until it stiffened. "Don't you want to watch your daughter fuck again?" She teasingly asked.

Fred didn't want to, but he couldn't help himself. He watched the monitor while Pebbles tickled his cock. This time, he noticed just how much Michelle acted like a young Marie in bed. He tried to think about Marie and all of the fun they had together, but the image of Michelle fucking and kissing was too much for Fred. He felt embarrassed that Pebbles kept him hard while he watched his daughter sexually service a client.

Pebbles got up, and lit another cigarette. "I have to meet a client in a few minutes." She stood in front of Fred, smoking. He remained hard, watching her. After she finished her cigarette, she left.

Fred could hear Michelle screaming through the wall.

"What! You have to be kidding. No way."

After a moment of silence, Fred barely heard Michelle say, "Yes Mistress."

Fred wondered what that was all about, when Michelle came into the room. She was naked. She lit a cigarette and took a quick puff before she stood in front of him.

Fred felt himself harden. He reminded himself that he was leering at his daughter, but his stiff cock didn't care any more. She reminded him too much of Marie, of all of the good times they had together.

Michelle took a puff of her cigarette. The sight of her father's stiff cock made her nauseous. "Do you remember the diary you gave me?"

Fred felt stunned. "Diary? What diary? Oh, you mean your mother's diary?"

"Yes. Do you know what she wrote?"

Fred thought for a moment. "I suppose she wrote about what happened to her. I never read it. I gave it to you so you would have her memories."

Michelle smiled. "That explains it."

Fred was happy to see Michelle smile. "Explains what?"

"Mom wrote about what happened to her, alright. She wrote about how you forced her to tie you up and torture you."

Fred looked puzzled. "Forced? I never forced her to do anything."

Michelle took a puff of her cigarette. "I'm not talking about physical force. According to mom, you would ask her and ask her until she finally gave in. As mad as she should have been about you pressuring her, she never enjoyed torturing you. That's why she smoked. It made her feel better about what you made her do to you."

Fred felt like he'd been punched in the stomach. "I had no idea. Why didn't she say anything to me?"

"For being so old, you're not very mature, are you?"

Fred looked up at Michelle. "What do you mean?"

Michelle blew cigarette smoke in Fred's face. "Mom tortured you because she knew it made you happy. She didn't enjoy the torture; she enjoyed pleasing you. She loved you."

Fred looked at the floor. "Oh."

Michelle looked through Fred's toy bag. He felt her pick up his head. She blew more smoke in his face. "On the other hand, I'm enjoying torturing you."

Michelle clipped a clothespin on each of Fred's nipples. He yelped as the clothespins pressed against his nipples. "There. I know you get enjoyment from the pain."

Fred couldn't help himself. The combination of the pain in his nipples and seeing his naked daughter smoke was too much for his will power. His cock stiffened as he watched her stand before him, smoking.

Michelle smiled. At least I'm making him suffer for his pleasure, she thought. She tried to relax and enjoy her cigarette.

After Michelle left to meet a client, Pebbles came back into the room. She lit a cigarette, took the clothespins off his nipples, and crouched in front of Fred to tease his cock.

Fred yelped as the blood rushed into his nipples. After the pain subsided, he watched the monitor. He accepted that Michelle was an experienced escort, and allowed himself to enjoy watching her sexually satisfy another man. Her third of the night. He wondered if she enjoyed all the fucking, or just did it for the money. It looked like she enjoyed it.

Fred felt sorry when the hour was up. He felt strangely proud of Michelle, and what she was doing to support herself. He wondered what she was going to do to him this time.

Fred smiled when Michelle came into the room. This time, Pebbles didn't leave.

Michelle lit a cigarette and looked down at her father. She could see his cock throbbing.

Fred wondered what Pebbles and Michelle were going to do now.

Michelle moved in front of him. "You've been ogling me all night." Disgustedly, she took a puff of her cigarette and continued. "I'll give you one chance to redeem yourself. If you can watch me caress myself for five minutes without cumming, I'll consider you my father again."

Fred watched his daughter finish her cigarette. She stood in front of him, throwing her head back, fondling her breasts, moaning with pleasure. He didn't notice Pebbles kneel in front of him and lick his cock. Not teasing licks, either. No, Pebbles was doing her best to make him cum.

After a couple of minutes, Fred couldn't take it anymore. He wanted his daughter back, but after being cock teased all night, Pebbles mouth felt so good. He closed his eyes and pictured her as a little girl, when her mother was still alive. He calmed down a bit and felt he could last the five minutes. All of a sudden he heard Michelle scream, "No fair!"

Fred opened his eyes to see his daughter with her hands on her hips. "No closing your eyes. You have to watch me! Just for that, now you have to last ten minutes. If you close your eyes one more time, you'll never see me again. Melissa, let's start over."

Michelle closed her eyes, rubbing her hands all over her body, making mewing sounds. Pebbles went back to licking and sucking on Fred's cock. Michelle looked so much like Marie, and sounded a lot like her. As much as he wanted his daughter back, the sight of her naked, caressing herself, along with the determined Pebbles, was too much for him. He came after a few minutes.

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