tagInterracial LoveRevenge Ch. 04B

Revenge Ch. 04B


Please read the first parts of this story. Then let me know which ending you like the best. Thanks.


About 10:30AM the phone rang and when Barbara answered it she heard Marvin’s voice on the other end of the line saying: “Can you talk?”

She said: “Yes! Tom left for work. How are you Marvin? I miss you!”

He said: “Hey baby I’m not good, I have missed you too. I missed your body on my body, and I missed your mouth on my mouth, and I have really missed my cock being deep inside your body being squeezed so nice by your tight wet little white pussy. I have missed you and me locked together fucking like crazy baby.”

She heard her voice saying: “Oh yes Marvin, I have missed your cock fucking me too.”

She took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. She heard him say: “So when are we going to get together again Barb? Why haven’t you called me? You told me you get up with me when you left that night. But, here I am calling you. Are we going to meet baby? You told me we would meet.”

Barbara explained about her husband Tom, and what he found and what he knew. She told Marvin: “So you can see I can’t just go out some night and meet you because I think he’ll be very aware of what we did that night. Oh but I do want to see you again. We are going to have to be very careful Marvin. I don’t want to be caught. I can’t afford to be caught. I don’t want to wreck my marriage and I will if Tom catches me. But I do want you baby and I want you bad.”

He asked her why? Why would she risk her marriage and why she wanted to see him again? She said in a very sexy but little girl like voice: “You know why baby.”

He said: “No I want you to tell me. Tell me why you want to see me again.”

She said: “Because I want you to do to me again what you did the other night.”

He said: “What did I do that you like so well?”

She giggled and said: “Used your tongue and your big cock to make me cum.”

He laughed and said: “Well I want to do that again to you too Barb. But doesn’t Tom give you want you want?"

She said: “He fucks me good baby. But you, you fuck me crazy. I love your cock. It’s so big and fills me so deep. Much deeper that Tom’s could ever do.”

He laughed again and said: “Well when can we meet and do it again? I want you bad. We have to do it again soon baby.”

She said: “Soon! But, we have to be very careful. I’ll call you on your cell phone and let you know.”

He said: “OK But don’t wait to long baby. There are other women out there who want me too. But I would really rather be with you Barb, then any of them. But a man has needs you know that. Right?”

She said: “What’s your cell phone number?”

He gave her his cell phone number and said: “Look Barb. I want to set something up with today, now not wait and hope you call me. If I make reservations at the Courtyard for say 2 weeks from now on Friday, June 20 would you come to me? Would you meet me in a room and give your love and body again? Would you met me and fuck me again?”

There he had said it. She would meet him or chicken out. If she backed out, he would wait for her to call him, but he doubt if she would ever do it. He waited for her to say something but there was some silence for a time.

Then Barbara finally spoke saying: “Yes! If at all possible Marvin, I will meet you on June 20th. Call me with the room number.”

He smiled because he knew she wanted him again, well wanted his big cock that is. He said: “Oh that’s great Barb, I can hardly wait baby. You have me so hot right now. So tell me how bad you missed me.”

She moaned his name saying: Oh Marvin!! I missed you so much baby. I’m wet between my legs all day and all night thinking about you and how we fucked each other that night in your car. I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life baby.”

He said: “More than Tom? You want me more than you wanted your husband Tom?”

She was quiet again and then told him: “Yes! More than Tom!”

She was feeling guilty again but she was telling the truth. She didn’t love Marvin she just wanted to fuck him again, and again and again and AGAIN. GOD she didn’t know how many times she would want him but right now all she knew was she wanted that big cock fucking her like an animal. She would worry about the next time after that.

He said: “OK I’ll call you in a day or two with the room number.”

He hung up. She hung up and began to work on her plan to meet Marvin on June 20, but her pussy was so wet and she was so sexually worked up, she had to relieve herself with the longest thing she could think of putting in her wet pussy. Now, she had to fuck herself. NOW! Oh god she was burring up inside. She locked the front door and went up stairs to masturbate. And masturbate she did, for over an hour Barbara used the big vibrator she got as a bridal shower present years ago.

All the time she was fucking her pussy with it she was moaning Marvin’s name and thinking about that long black cock giving her womb and her body a real workout. GOD!! She missed that big cock. Barbara worked feverishly until she had climaxed at least 5 times. As her orgasms swept over her she was thinking only about Marvin and his cock fucking her, driving into her, pumping hard, filling her deeper than Tom had ever done. She was crazy with desire and lust. God what will it be like in bed with him?

She had gotten off over three times thinking about his cock and fucking herself with the 8-inch vibrator. And, her vibrator wasn’t anywhere near as long or as thick as Marvin’s cock. God she really missed and wanted his cock inside her. She began to really think now about how she was going to pull this off.

First, she had to do was make sure Tom wasn’t following her. Secondly, she would shower afterwards in the hotel room and make sure she wore old clothes that she could change or trash after Marvin touched her. She would change in the lady’s room down stairs before going to his room, or she might just wear them to his room. Then after they had fucked their brains out, she would change into some other clothes. She would drop off all the clothes that might have his odor on them at the cleaners or trash them in the hotel before coming home. That way there would be no trace of Marvin’s after-shave or his body odor on them.

If Tom was following her she wouldn’t look dressed up at all just a woman going to the cleaners and then the food store. She would have to loose him if he was following her or maybe just not met Marvin. Oh yea, and she would have to remember to bring those special panties she had purchased just in case she would ever see Marvin again.

She was pretty sure he was going to call her again since she fucked his dick off that night in the car. The thong was only a clear lacey white see through 2x2-inch patch of the thinnest and silky material which just barely covering her pussy slit. She would wear some other panties home, or maybe go without them until she got home. She never wore a bra anyway, she didn’t need one.

She went through her plan again and again until she was completely satisfied with everything. Now, she would act like nothing was wrong or going to happen and wait for her lover to call her.

She planned to treat Tom better than he was ever treated and maybe he would stop feeling she was trying to cheat on him. She hadn’t been anywhere except the store to buy food and the cleaners to pick up clothes, things like that without him with her. It had been over 4 weeks and she was always at his side.

She was just fixing dinner on Thursday June 19th around 3:30 PM when the phone rang. She answered it and it was Marvin. God she was so very excited she said: “Finally! You said you were going to call me a week or more ago. Are you getting a room for tomorrow?”

He said: “Yea, I know I’m sorry. I was involved and out of town. Yes, I already got it for us baby. It’s Room 366. Are you going to make it?”

She told him: “I will unless my husband stays home tomorrow or I see him following me. I will have to drive around for awhile to make sure he’s not following, you know do some shopping.”

He said: “That’s why I picked the Courtyard hotel I picked. It’s on 3rd street, it’s connected to a shopping center so you can shop there.”

She said: “Oh that’s great Marvin, good idea. What time baby?”

He said: “Well I have a drop dead meeting at 1PM so anytime after 9AM. I told them I would be there early and they told me I could get into the room any time after 9AM. So, I’ll see you there, it’s room 366. Right?”

She said: “I can’t wait to see you again baby. And I can't wait to have your cock inside me fucking me again.”

He said; “Oh and wear as little clothing as possible because this time I want to see you in the light of day Barbara, not in the dark. I want to see all of your beautiful body as I make love to you.”

She sighed loudly and said: “And, I want to see your big dark cock in the light of day too. God I have missed you Marvin. I wanted to ask you something. Just how big are you?”

He said: “How big am I or how big is my cock?”

She said: “Your cock baby! Your cock.”

He laughed and said: “Well I don’t know for sure maybe 11-12 inches long and 4 inches thick when I’m excited. And I am excited right now baby. Do you know what I’m doing right now?”

She said: “Playing with your cock and thinking about me?”

He said: “Yes, I’m jerking off while you talk to me. Tell me what you want me to do to you when you first come into the room tomorrow. Tell me what you would like. Make me cum Barbara.”

She moaned and put her hand down her slacks and began to finger her pussy wildly in the kitchen as she told Marvin: “Well first you would have very little clothes on when you open the door. You would undress me slowly as I lean back against your body. Your cock would be out and pressed against my ass as your hands slide under my arms and cupped my breasts. My nipples are already hardening in your palms and you lick and bit my shoulders as your hands make love to my tits! I turn and you kiss me and begin to fuck my mouth with your tongue."

She moaned: “OH GOD MARVIN! I could cum just thinking about this.”

He said: "Don’t stop Barb. I so close to cumming!"

(He was actually writing down her fantasy so he could do it to her tomorrow exactly like she told him she wanted it done.)

"Don’t stop telling me what you want baby, he said.”

She moaned and said: “Well then as I felt your tongue fucking my mouth I would suck on it hard. I can felt your big cock rising under my pussy as you stand behind me. I can feel it throbbing because you want me so bad. Finally when neither of us can wait any longer baby, you lift me up. I open my legs and guide our big black cock into my very wet very hot little white pussy and lock my legs around you. We walk around the room as I fuck you up and down and you fuck me.”

Barbara moaned and began to cum saying: “OH fuck! OH FUCK BABY! OH GOD MARVIN!! I’M CUMMING!!! I can’t help it, my pussy is so on fire for you. I'm so wet and my body is burning for your body. I want your cock in me so bad. Oh god Marvin! Oh god baby. YES. YES! YES! YES!! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! OHHH MARVINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Marvin was listening as Barbara cried out with desire as she finished climaxing on her fingers. Her pussy squeezed her fingers hard as she used them to pump as fast as she could to get off over the phone. Finally after a few minutes of no one saying anything she said: “Damn Marvin. I wet my panties. I have to go and clean up and change my panties. Tom will be home very soon. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. OH god I can’t wait to have you in me fucking my womb and cum all over me again. I want your cock in my pussy so bad. I don’t want anything else now but your big black cock baby. Promise me you’ll fuck me long and hard. Promise me baby.”

He just laughed and told her: “Don’t you worry your pretty white pussy about that Barb. I promise you by the time I have to leave around noon I will have fucked you so much and so good, you'll have problems walking. I promise I will fill your pussy with all my cum, many times. Now go clean up before oh Tommy boy finds out you fingered yourself in the kitchen. I’ll see you at 9AM sharp. Bye baby.”

She heard him hang up and knew she was going to fuck Tom’s nuts off tonight if he would let her. He was still plenty mad at her. She cleaned up changed panties and wiped her pussy. She washed her hands and put the food into the oven. She said to herself: “Tomorrow I’ll put Marvin’s big cock into my oven."

She went upstairs and fixed herself so she would look really good to Tom. She was going to really work on him tonight and make him fuck her if at all possible. If not, she would have to wait and had Marvin tomorrow. He would really do her body right and make her feel so good.

She smiled as she felt having one man to love her is good, having two men to fuck her was great. Really great, especially if one man had a 12-inch cock and that man is your lover. Tom came in about 40 minutes later and while he showered Barb put the dinner on the table. They ate with the kids and then the kids were off to swim practice. She knew they wouldn’t be home until 9:30PM, at the latest.

She decided to seduce Tom and make him fuck her tonight. She put the dishes in the dishwasher went upstairs and put on her light blue baby doll PJs with nothing under it. The thong that came with it she was saving for Marvin tomorrow. She put her robe on and went back down to see Tom working on a project for his job. She stood there and asked Tom if he liked this new outfit she had brought today just for him. She opened the robe and stood there in front of him.

Fuck! No man could resist her dressed like that. Tom could see her beautiful face highlighted by the light blue color of her outfit. Her hair was hanging down over her shoulders and her beautiful breasts were sitting up high with nipples sticking out long and hard. Her pussy’s blonde hair, what little she hadn't shaved off, was almost even with his eyes and he could see her reddish pussy lips showing out from between her smooth white thighs.

As he sat there, she moved closer to him and pushed her pussy into his face. She held his head and said: “Oh Tommy! I have missed you so much my love. Please take me to bed and love me baby. Love me Tommy. I want you so much!”

He didn’t get up he took hold of her hips and pulled her to him. He used his fingers to open her pussy lips and as he inhaled her musk he buried his face into her hot wet pussy. He sucked and licked her cunt like a man under a spell. She moaned arching her back and shoving her sex starved pussy into his mouth as she held his head tight against her. Tom lifted her up and sat her on the kitchen table. She watched as he opened her legs wider and again he buried his face between her beautiful thighs. She moaned and raised her ass up off the table humping her body as Tom licked her into the dreamland she loved so much.

Over and over again she moaned out how good he was and how she loved his tongue in her pussy. As she climbed higher and higher her voice began to fad. Tom was going wild licking and sucking on Barbara’s cunt as she held her ass up off the table for him. Her legs were over his shoulders and her feet dangled on his back. Both of Tom’s hands held her up under her ass and she lay back on the table moaning and grunting with each fucking of Tom’s tongue. Then her body screamed for release and she began to climax on Tom’s face. She screamed as she went higher and higher until she peeked.

As Tom sucked in her swollen clit she cried out humping and humping her beautiful body all over the kitchen table. Tom held on and continued to stimulate her. She was running wet now as Tom got her off again and again in just a few more minutes with his tongue mouth and fingers.

Finally, as he came up for air Barbara saw his face all wet with her cum. She smiled at him and he stood up out of the chair to bent over her and kissed her. She inserted her tongue into his mouth tasting her own juices as she held him tight as he undid his slacks and dropped them on the floor. When Tom sat down, Barbara felt him spread her legs and pull her off the table. He made her straddle his legs as he sat on the kitchen chair again. She sat on his legs facing him and loving his mouth with hers as his hands explored her breasts and nipples. She held his head and looked in him the eyes. She told him in a very deep sexy voice: “Fuck me Tommy! Fuck me and make me cum baby. I want your cock in me now baby. Fuck me Tommy I want you so bad.”

As he opened the little bow at the top of her outfit, he let the material fall away exposing her beautiful body completely. He pushed the material over her shoulders and let it fall behind her. Now as she sat there on his lap with her robe covering only her back, he bent his head and began to suck on her breasts. His mouth covered one immediately. His lips circled her nipple and he began to suck it and some of her breast into his mouth. As he sucked, Barb held his head against her body and moaned: “Oh yes Tom! Suck my nipples baby. Oh yes I missed that so much. Suck them harder. OH yes just like that Tommy!”

As Tom continued to suck and lick both of Barbara’s breasts she felt his hand and fingers slid down between their bodies and reach between her beautiful wide opened thighs. God she was so stunning sitting there straddling his legs letting her pussy so open for him to touch and stimulate as he pleased. She felt his fingers locate her hole and slowly slide in. She arched almost immediately when he had them fully inside her.

With two of his fingers inside his beautiful wife, he began to slowly work them in and out of her fucking her with the rhythm she loved so much. Her body responded immediately, and he could feel her heat against his hand as her wetness dripping on his hand as he pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy. She licked his neck and moaned in his ear as he continued to please her.

Then he inserted a third finger as Barbara was reaching for his tent in his shorts. She undid the snapp on his boxers and pulled his thick hard 8-inch cock out in her hand and began pumping it up and down. She was thinking: “God he is so dam hard tonight. Good because I want him to fuck me so dam bad. I need fucking so bad I hurt!”

She lifted her body up off his legs long enough to move her body over the big mushroom cock head and then slowly coming down on it inserting it between her pussy’s wet open lips. She moaned as she felt the head separate the lips and slowly move into her body. She sat down all the way on Tom’s cock until their bodies met again.

As she felt it go all the way into her, she looked into his eyes and told him: “On Tommy! I have really missed you baby and your wonderful cock! Love me Tommy. Love me right here on the kitchen chair. Take me right here. Fuck me Tom! Ohhhhh Godddd!!! Thattt feelsssss so fuckinggggg goooddd!”

Once she had him firmly inside her she moaned as their bodies lifted up and down making his pelvis rub her very hard clit which was sticking long and blood swollen. God she was burning with lust and desire as Tom continued to fuck her slow. She held real still and held him tight against her as she told him: “Don’t move Tommy, don't move baby. Just hold me and let me feel your big cock inside me. Don’t move baby. I want to feel you inside me filling me. Oh god baby! I love this feeling so much. Don’t move let me feel you inside me. OH Tom! OH YES!”

Tom did what he was told. But the sexual power he was feeling was so strong he finally cried out saying: “OH god Barb I have to move! I have to fuck you. NOW!!! Barb I have to move now! I have to fuck you!”

He began hammering her cunt as hard and as fast as he could. She held on to him loving every second of Tom ravaging her body, fucking her like a slut, not his wife. She was moaning and moaning as he pumped into her and she humped fast and faster on his big cock up inside her body. She had her arms around his neck and had lifted her legs up off the floor and placed them over his shoulders as she arched her back leaning against the kitchen table for support.

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