tagInterracial LoveReverse Interracial Ch. 01

Reverse Interracial Ch. 01


Bridget was horny, lonely frustrated and bored. It was May, the weather was perfect and she spent all of her time inside our house, serving a 120-day home detention sentence. I was working long hours on a major project and was rarely home when our four daughters weren't. And she was often asleep when I got home. Our sex was still great when we had it, but sometimes we went days between encounters. During some of my busy stretches in the past, she came and visited me at work for a quickie, but that wasn't an option now. The one thing I liked about her home detention is that it finally forced her to quit smoking after 27 years, since I never allowed her to smoke in the house.

Bridget was the wildest dream of any white man who loves reverse interracial action -- 5'9", 215 lbs. 46DDs that weighed about 20 lbs. each, short hair, a shaved cunt, solid ass and, best of all to me, luscious size 11 soles that were completely colorless, in sharp contrast to her skin, which was as black as coal. And at the age of 41, her insatiable sex drive was as strong as ever. She never got enough.

Bridget was a total sub. I'm equally good as a dom or a sub and enjoy each role equally, but Bridget is completely incapable of domming. Yet on this day, five days after our last sexual encounter, her horniness was so overwhelming that for the first time in her life, she decided to take charge.

In the middle of a meeting, I felt my phone vibrate and glanced at the face, seeing that it was her calling. About a minute later, I got a notice that she had left a voice message, which I assumed was ordinary -- something like asking me to pick up something for her at the grocery store on the way home from work. At the end of the meeting, about 30 minutes later, I sat down at my desk and heard the following message in her husky, slow, sensual, chocolate voice:

"It's your chocolate pudding pie. I was thinking about the fuckstick. Come over and let this chocolate melt all over you."

By the time the message ended, I had a massive hard on and was unable to concentrate on work. My hormones took over and I rushed to my car and home to her. I hit most of the green lights and arrived in 15 minutes, at about 2:10 PM., just about 20 minutes before the girls starting arriving - and that's one reason I decided to accept Bridget's invitation. With our daughters about to come home, I knew that I wouldn't be able to stay there and have a long binge, which would've resulted in my not finishing all the work I had to do that day. This was going to be just a little more than a quickie. And I wanted to come at least twice, so there was no time to waste.

Before I got home, I already felt pre-come and as soon as I opened the door, Bridget was lying on a living room couch, completely nude except for her ankle monitoring bracelet. Her right foot was flat on the floor and her left foot was poached on the backrest so that the sole was staring at me. Knowing that the sole is my favorite part of the female body, she used hers to instantly grab my attention.

I stripped completely nude in just a few seconds, sat down at the end of the couch opposite from her, grabbed her left foot and delved into her sole, worshipping it thoroughly. She quickly brought her right foot up from the floor and grabbed my fuckstick with her big two toes, placing her biggest toe right under my spout, the second most sexually sensitive area on my body, behind only the back of my scrotum.

As I worshipped her, she squeezed and twisted my fuckstick with her toes. With every twist, I felt an erotic sensation throughout my body and I knew I couldn't hold it long. In less than a minute, I began coming, but my moaning could barely be heard because I was still worshipping her at full force. Because she was squeezing me so hard, my big load came out in a very thin stream and shot high up. I took the sole I was worshipping and put it right above my spout.

I came for almost a minute and as soon as I was done, I put one hand under each of her heels and lifted her feet up to my face, completely licking off all my come, but not swallowing it. Then I dove up to Bridget and our lips met. That set off a passionate French kiss in which she and I swished my come around each other's mouths, then each of us swallowed about half of it while I massaged her thighs, hips and knockers and she clawed my back while running her soles up and down my legs.

After about five minutes of kissing, she thought I had enough time to re-gain my hard on and started stroking me off. I did, indeed, become hard again in a couple of minutes. Then it was time for her pleasure. The first part of the encounter was about me getting pleasure from her feet. The rest was all about her. She was out of control and ready to have the orgasms that she so thoroughly deserved for all that she did to please me. She lost control and grunted in total ecstasy "Fuck this nigger." Those were the only words that either of us spoke to the other during this visit.

At those words, I patted her left hip, which she knew was a cue to get down on all fours, and she did immediately. I then shoved my entire vanilla fuckstick all the way inside her chocolate cunt and grabbed her ass cheeks, digging my thumbs into their insides and my fingers into their outsides.

Then I pounded her mercilessly and relentlessly with full force. I pulled out everything but the head, paused for a split second and then drove myself in all the way, then repeated the process over and over, hitting her G spot with every thrust. And she squeezed her cunt hard, giving it the tightness of an 18-year old virgin.

She screamed at the top of her lungs, began coming within the first five thrusts and never let up. Her body shook violently but I still held her in place while the couch sounded like it was going to collapse beneath us. I could've held it for a few more minutes but then I heard the school bus of our two six-year olds and our 11- year old down the road. So I went as fast as I could and had a come in which I shot out little but had one of my best orgasms ever.

As I finished, I peaked through the curtains and saw that the bus had just stopped. I got dressed within about 15 seconds, grabbed the long T shirt that Bridget always keeps handy, wiped off my fuckstick with it, and threw it to her. She put it on as I opened the door and ran out to see our three younger daughters walking down the driveway toward me. I told them that I had come home for lunch and was headed back to work.

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