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Review: Bump & Grind


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Fourteen (14) Bump And Grind.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Dru Berrymore (as Leah), Jodie Moore (as Marci), Frank Harper III (as Bob), Missy Garland (as Glynis), Voodoo (as Armie), Tori (as Dancer #1) and Summer Fields (as Dancer #2).

An insecure young woman working as a temp takes a strip-tease class that teaches her a steamy method for seducing her handsome boss.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Bump And Grind, she tells the audience that tonight's subject is 1001 ways to seduce a man.

Leah, the first caller, says that she has a great story about how she seduced her man. Leah is a slim girl with long, dark hair and A cup breasts. Bob has a medium build with short dark hair. She says, "It all started at the office ... " and we see Leah in an office environment, serving as a temp in a property management office. She says that with the temp job and the recent break-up with her boyfriend, she was not feeling very sexy, except towards Bob, an account executive at the firm. Bob comes into the office, compliments her on her watch and tells her that he is expecting a fax, asking if she could bring it to him as soon as it arrives.

Leah states that Bob would probably never look at her so all she can do is imagine. Leah's dream sequence begins with the arrival of the fax. She gives it to him but he just tosses it in the air, grabbing her and giving her a passionate kiss. Very soon, they are topless and Bob drops down to suckle at her small nipples. He backs her up against the fax machine, pulls her skirt up and gives her pussy some attention. Next, he sweeps a desk clean with his arm, sits her on it and after taking his pants down, rams his cock into her. They move from the counter to a chair, where she sits in his lap, taking him deep with her and they both cum together.

Bob awakens her from her daydream, asking for a printout. Leah says that daydreaming about Bob was fun, but it wasn't enough and she decides to make a move. But before she can approach him, she sees him walking through the office with a blonde named Glynis, who is blonde and has huge breasts. Leah's friend, Marci, tells her that she needs to change her image to attract Bob and that Bob has told her that he thinks Leah is cute. Marci is a blonde with long hair, B/C cups and an Australian accent.

Leah says that she can't compete with Glynis because of the way she's exhibits herself and Marci offers a solution: come to a private aerobics class at her loft. Leah agrees and arrives at Marci's loft, astounded to find seven women in skimpy clothing and high heels warming up. She's embarrassed because she's dressed in dowdy workout duds. The "aerobics" class is really a strip-tease class and Leah feels uncomfortable when the other ladies go topless, rubbing and stroking their bodies.

At the end of the class, Leah is a bit upset that Marci didn't tell her the truth about the class but Marci sends her home, promising to talk about it at work tomorrow. Meanwhile, Marci and her boyfriend, Armie, start to make out. Marci pulls his top off, then he does the same to her, kissing his way down her body until he reaches her panties. He pulls them off, gives her a few quick licks, then they move to the bedroom, sitting upright in bed and facing each other while they fuck.

Leah decides to go back to the class and this session, they are working with feather boas. Leah has dropped the dowdy clothes and has a nice bit of lingerie on, showing that she is beginning to think differently about herself. This time when the other girls go topless, Leah joins in.

The next day, when Bob comes to work, he looks for Leah at her desk and finds her absent. Upon entering his office, he finds a sexy woman in his office, whom he mistakes for Glynis. He is much surprised when Leah turns around. Her hair is down and slightly curled, her glasses gone and her outfit is ... very sensual. Bob asks her out to dinner and she accepts while Glynis spies on them.

Leah explains that dinner led to several more dates, but that nothing was going on in the sex department because Bob was an old-fashioned guy. Alone in her room, Leah practices her strip-tease lessons, imagining that she is doing it for Bob, ending with a juicy bit of self-gratification.

Leah arrives at work the next day to find a strange woman at her desk and Glynis tells her that her services are no longer required. In essence, she has been fired. Leah leaves and Bob confronts Glynis, giving her the cold shoulder. Leah says that she was hurt by the firing and that Bob wasn't calling but that was when her life began to change.

At the next class, she arrives in a black sheath dress and red high heels and looks gorgeous. Leah tells Marci that she's been accepted into a Master's degree program in New York and is leaving. Marci tells her friend that Bob's been asking about her but Leah says, "He never calls." Marci tells her that Bob's been working late and that she still has the keys to the office.

At the office, Bob pushes work aside to call Leah and gets the answering machine. He leaves a message asking her to dinner but she answers, "How about tonight?" from the doorway, dressed in a black trench coat, black fedora and black gloves. Bob is surprised and happy to see her. Leah strides over to the CD player, puts a CD in and proceeds to give Bob a hot strip-tease. The strip-tease leads to some hot lovemaking between the twosome and they fuck as they did in her daydream.

Back in the studio, Leah tells Veronica that she started grad school two months ago and that Bob transferred to the New York office to be close to her. They plan to marry next year. She says that thanks for her friend, Marci's, class, she and Bob had the best sex that either one of them had ever had.

OPINION: One out of four. Needless to say, I hate porn with no penetration. This one had no shots of pubic hair, either. Not even a tiny glimpse. Pass this one by ...

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