tagReviews & EssaysReview: Lover Dolls, Vol. 3

Review: Lover Dolls, Vol. 3


***** 'Hentai' literally means pervert in Japanese. Today, most everyone knows that 'hentai' is anime pornography. For those of us who love cartoons and especially anime, the Japanese version of cartoons, these adult cartoons fulfill our mature fantasies while remaining based in the medium of our childhood. No Yosemite Sam blowing up innocent rabbits here. You may find people getting their heads cut off, lesbians, vampires, etc., but it's so cool because it's ... a cartoon! If you have a chance to find some 'hentai' online or download some, ENJOY! *****

Love Dolls, Operation #3 – Unrated – Leed Publishing Ltd.


This volume of Lover Dolls consists of three separate stories: Love Dolls, Winter Swimsuit and Enema.

Love Dolls.

A young woman dressed in bondage gear and wearing rabbit ears lies in a cage in a dungeon-like room. While lying there, she recalls what had just happened to her. And what was it? Sex, of course. A group of scenes show how she was fingered to a slick wetness, how she sucked someone's dick, how she was fucked with the same dick and ends with the cock spurting a load of cum.

As she recovers, the door to the room opens and a young woman wearing kitten ears strides in and kneels at the side of the cage. The small bell that the Kitten Girl is wearing seems to hypnotize the Rabbit Girl and the two kiss, tonguing each other thoroughly while Kitten Girl fingers her wet pussy. Kitten Girl bends down and licks Rabbit Girl's nipples, which are pierced and held together by a golden rod. After a while, Kitten Girl backs up to the cage and Rabbit Girl starts licking her cunt.

Just then, the door opens and Rabbit Girl sits up, realizing that it's the Master. He scolds Kitten Girl for wandering off again and proceeds to punish her, smacking her around a bit while Rabbit Girl watches. As part of the punishment, Master starts fucking her, on the floor first, then throws her onto the top of the cage. Master sticks his cock through the bars of the cage and Rabbit Girl starts sucking him. After a moment, he pulls out of Rabbit Girl's mouth and begins to plow Kitten Girl again.

Rabbit Girl closes her eyes and remembers her punishment. She is wearing a red rubber outfit, bound with shackles, blindfolded, gagged with a red ball gag and strung up so that she is hanging. Someone begins to whip her and the lashes rip the outfit, freeing her breasts. She is lowered and someone steps behind her, ripping the fabric on her ass. Now, hot candle wax is dripped onto her exposed ass flesh and the man slips a dildo into her asshole. She cries out in pain but he doesn't seem to care. Now, he inserts his thick prick into her pussy and begins to fuck her, still dripping wax across her back and ass cheeks.

As Rabbit Girl recalls her punishment, the scene switches back to Kitten Girl. She leans up through the bars and starts sucking Kitten Girl's nipples. Master fucks Kitten Girl until she cums, then moves to Rabbit Girl, tit-fucking her. The piercing rod painfully pulls against her nipples. He doesn't seem to care about her pain; he is only interested in his own pleasure. Finally, he cums, squirting onto her face. Before he leaves, he tells Rabbit Girl that she's a good girl and she smiles.

Winter Swimsuit.

It's snowing outside a pool house but the temperature is well above freezing inside. A young woman is on her knees, giving a young man a blow job. He cums in her mouth and she swallows, her expression sad.

He rubs her breasts through her swimsuit and licks a nipple through the material. He produces a box cutter and neatly slices through the suit above her breasts and her large breasts pop out. He begins to play with her nipples, making her so hot that she drools. He uses that spittle to tit-fuck her for a few moments, letting her lick his prick when it springs free.

The young man orders her to get up and stand still. Moving behind her, he rubs pussy through the material, then pulls out the box cutter again, neatly slicing through the suit and exposing her juicy pussy. He slides his thick cock into her and after several strokes, she cums, her juices running down her leg. He releases her and she slides to the floor, remaining there as he jacks off above her, his spurts of cum landing on her chin and dripping down.


A young woman and a young man are in a bathroom stall together. He urges her to take her panties off and tells her that she has a cute ass. She is shy and tries to hide her exposed pussy but he quickly moves in, sliding a finger into her and soon she is wet. She begs for him to stop but her wetness proves that she's enjoying it. He removes his finger and unzips his pants, takes his cock out and backs her against the wall, raising her leg and pushing into her.

Again, she begs him to stop, this time, because she has to pee. He pumps her a few more times, then cums. She stands and cums, a huge stream coming out of her pussy. He warns her to be quiet, that someone might hear them as she cums loudly. She drops to her knees and he sticks his cock into her mouth. After he's hard again, he has her stand up and moves behind her, dips his prick into her dripping pussy for lubrication, then pushes into her ass.

She cries out in pain. He takes one of her hands and presses it onto her pussy. She takes the hint and slides a finger in as he squeezes her breast through her bra. He pulls her fingers out and makes her suck her own cum, then has her suck his fingers, too. He cums and pulls out, his jizz dripping out and landing on the floor.

He tells her that studying all the time made her constipated. She just stares at him and he asks, What? She closes her eyes and says, Again, please.


I'm not even sure I'd give it a 1 out of four stars. The artistry was cookie-cutter. Breasts were always huge and nipples one shape. Cocks were always darker and the same size, large. Although BDSM isn't my bag, there was nothing about the sex in general that got me hot. My opinion? Don't bother.

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