tagLesbian SexRich Bitch Downfall Ch. 01

Rich Bitch Downfall Ch. 01


The story that you are about to read happened to me about a year ago. Since then, my life has taken an adventurous turn opening new doors and living out a few dark fantasies that I only dream of. For various reasons, the location, names, and some of the events have been altered to provide some anonymity.

About a year ago, I was a country club wife enjoying life, the finer aspects the world has to offer, and harboring some secret fantasies. Our regular golf foursome was coming off the course and we were heading to the women's lounge at the club for refreshments and to get out of the sun.

I was about to park the golf cart in my usual space near the clubhouse when out of the left corner of my eye another cart came careening down the path. I jumped wit both feet on the brakes nearly tossing my partner, Dee, out of the cart. "Whoa! What the heck are those two doing?" exclaimed Dee as I tried to refocus on the two swaying golf bags in the cart that just missed our front end.

As we stopped and regained our breath, two women hopped out of the cart that narrowly missed our front end laughing and joking. Both were definitely younger than Dee and me. Dee and I are in our mid fifties and have been members of Westview Country Club for ages.

The two younger women were totally oblivious to us and handed their golfing gloves to the cart attendants. Dee was furious and shouted to the younger two, "A little courtesy goes a long way on and off the course!"

The brunette turned and stopped looking in our direction. "So sorry sweetie but the margaritas are calling!"

The brunette's partner chimed in, "This way ladies! From what I saw of your foursome, you should consider another hobby!"

The both nearly doubled over laughing as they headed to the women's lounge in the clubhouse.

Dee and I both sat in the cart as our other two partners came walking up to us.

"You two got beat again in one afternoon!" Megan joked as I was about to find another spot to park the cart.

I was fuming about the last remark and those from the younger blond and brunette that took our cart space. Dee and I parked the cart a few spaces further down and made our way to the woman's lounge.

Megan and Lisa were already at a table and ordered for all us. "The usual, right?" Lisa asked as Dee and I joined them at the table. We sat down and I looked across the room and spied my golf cart nemesis. They were across the way the two of them. I turned my back to them. Out of sight, out of mind.

We chatted briefly on the cart incident then moved onto more interesting chatter like who was buying what and who was headed where on vacation. Before we moved the discussion along, Megan mentioned that the brunette was a recent new member.

"She recently joined a few months back with her husband. Tom saw the membership and recommended their approval," Megan explained about the new members but offered little more.

She was Patty Johnson. Her sidekick was Susan Albright, a member for about five years and somewhat of a stuck up snob. Just like the rest of us. Little did I know that Patty would become more of a part of my life than I ever could want or need.

I was seething and the others at the table could feel my anger. I was going to reply that Megan's husband Tom should check into applying members better but bit my tongue as the waiter brought over our drinks.

We were finishing our drinks and I was about to stand up when I pushed my chair back and bumped into something or someone. The warm comfy feeling I had a few moments quickly changed as a I felt a cold liquid spill down my back and large a female voice soon followed.

"Honey, you can't win for losin' with me!" It was the brunette bitch that stole my golf cart spot and insulted me afterwards.

I recognized the voice and spun quickly as the brunette nearly doubled over in side splitting laughter. My white golf shorts and pink green top were soaked down the back with her latest round of margaritas. Susan Alrbright burst out laughing and pointing at my wet backside. "Oh my, I did not know that middle-aged women could feel comfortable wearing a thong!"

I felt humiliated and was about to lunge for Ms. Albright's neck but Megan quickly stepped between us physically and verbally.

"Ok, accidents happen. Let's go Anne and let it go," Megan said as she grabbed my arm and began to lead me away from the two bitches.

As we neared the exit to the woman's locker room, I heard Patty exclaim, "Good Lord, look at that ass jiggle!"

Megan pushed me out of the door and into the locker room. "The last thing you need is to get into a fight with this woman and get tossed from the club. Remember last New Year's Eve? You and me? Drunk? In your car? Touching each other and you hit the front gate of the club? The club board was pretty upset that no one confessed to the incident and you lied to hubby about the dent. Tom and a few others members speculate that it was you. Let's not give them a reason to go back and ask about that mess"

I remembered the time and how much fun we were having like two college coeds on spring break. Touching, kissing, it was all too wild for two fifty-something women. And why jeopardize the membership in the club that we have belonged to forever.

We got to my locker and Megan began to help me off with the wet, alcohol soaked garments. I reeked of margaritas and the last thing I needed was to drive home smelling like a Mexican bar and with a few drinks in me.

Megan helped me remove my top licking my back as it slid over my shoulders and head. "Mmm, the only thing missing is the lime!" She cackled and it caused me to erupt into laughter thinking about last New Year's Eve.

Megan unclasped my bra and I turned facing her. Our lips met and we began to pick up where we left off last winter. A warm feeling pulsated throughout my body and it was more than the tequila!

I tried to resist but Megan pulled me towards her. I tasted her sweet lips, her tongue exploring my open mouth, our tongues meeting one another. Oh what the heck I thought as long as no one is about and no one should be since so few female members used the change rooms other than for the bathroom.

Megan's hands moved my wet golf shorts and she cupped my bum massaging both cheeks and grinding into me. She pushed my wet shorts down, tugging them off my skin and they puddle at my ankles.

My thong was pulled aside as her fingers searched for my cleft lips. Megan found the spot she wanted to work and whispered in my ear, "Let's move to the shower."

I felt my inhibitions melt as I sat down on the chair and watched her strip out of her clothes and I removed my shoes and socks.

We walked to the showers holding hands and found an empty stall at end and we both entered.

That familiar warm feeling returned to my mind and body as the warm water cascaded over me and Megan's fingers and tongue explored me. I leaned back and let the warm water spray over my face and then I moved between Megan's legs.

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