tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRick & Sylvia Ch. 04

Rick & Sylvia Ch. 04


The cool air rushes around me as I step through the doors of Rick's work.

A small smile tugs at my lips as I am reminded of that very morning when I had to practically bribe Rick with my body so that he would go to work. Mind you, its not like I was complaining as he pushed his hard cock deep inside my heated body.

Anyway... back to the present... I walk slowly along the isles of boating equipment and accessories, making sure I stay unseen by the members of staff at the counter, I don't really want to explain why I'm here, or for them to alert Rick to my arrival. I know Rick will be at his desk set at the back of the store so I walk silently towards the counter and I can see that there is a way for me to get around towards Rick without the staff noticing me.

My short black skirt flares delicately around my long legs and as I see the desk clerk become occupied with customers I move swiftly passed the counter.

As I move closer I can hear Rick talking on the phone, a small smile plays across my lips as I feel my nipples harden against the rough texture of my red low slung top. I move slowly towards his desk, slipping into his section of the room unnoticed as he is sitting at his desk with his back towards me.

I let my eyes caress his hard muscled back though his shirt and I almost moan at the sexy sight he presents.

I progress towards him and as I come within mere inches of his smooth well-defined body I just can't resist letting my fingers trail up his spine onto his shoulder. This causes him to jump slightly, a shocked gasp escaping his lips as he swivels round and sets eyes on me.

I move forward and graze my teeth over his earlobe before whispering seductively in his ear,

"I want to fuck you Rick."

He push's me away softly with his body as he continues to speak into the phone in a slightly broken voice.

I continue my assault as I tease him with my soft British accent,

"I want to slide my hands over your body."

Letting my hands travel down over his chest, teasing him by saying,

"I want to feel your nipples become hard under my long nails."

I can feel his body tensing at my words but he continues to talk into the phone as I move around his body to straddle his lap. I am very aware of the staff and customers who are around us just a small distance away but I just cant seem to control my desire.

"I want to feel your cock throbbing against me as I slide my pussy along the length of your shaft."

I say quietly as I move my body against his, to my delight, I can already feel his cock, hard and straining for my touch.

"I want to feel your hands caressing my breasts." I whisper as I trace my fingers over my erect nipples.

I love hearing him try to concentrate on his conversation, his voice starting to become uneven as I move my pussy against the outline of his straining cock.

"I want to push my body against yours." I growl as I push my breasts against his chest.

I sit back slowly watching him watch me. I let my fingernails move slowly over my breasts, licking my lips as my fingers encircle my hard little nipples. Watching as he tries to concentrate, trying in vain not to look at me.

I push my finger slowly inside my mouth, before returning to my nipple, making myself gasp softly as I pinch gently at the hard little nub.

I lick my lips as I watch him struggle to keep talking on the phone. I open my legs a little more; moving my finger against my panty covered pussy, my hips pushing against my finger and I cant help but start moaning his name softly.

My body starting to push forward slightly against my invading finger, wanting to touch myself sooo bad.

I can feel his cock throbbing against my thigh; I let my hand move from my aching pussy to begin teasing his cock with the lightest of touches, tracing the outline of his straining hard-on. He gasps, trying to stop himself but failing, I start making my movements more deliberate, wanting him to lose control. His cock starts to leak and as I move my fingers over his hardness I can feel the wet patch where his pre-cum is collecting at the tip of his dick. I pull my finger over the wetness and bring it to my mouth, tasting his saltiness on my lips.

I Move up to kiss him lightly before he has to talk again, letting my mouth move to his neck, tracing the contours of his neck from his ear to his shoulder. Lightly teasing him with my tongue, nipping lightly with my teeth at the sensitive skin between his shoulder and neck, he draws in a sharp ragged breath as my teeth threaten to sink into his skin.

Rick apologises swiftly to the customer on the phone but I can see he has already lost the thread of the conversation again as I lick the tender bite mark I have left on his tanned skin.

Rick's cock seemed to have swollen to full hardness within minutes of my arrival, the leaking tip was now poking out invitingly from the end of his shorts.

His eyes have become dark with lust as I move my body against his, slowly gyrating my hips, letting my pussy move against the hard line of his cock.

I let my hand drop to his lap, allowing one fingertip to circle slowly against the silky head of Rick's cock. His husky voice cracks mid sentence, which he quickly tries to cover by coughing and I can see he is finding it very hard to cover his shallow breathing.

But as soon as he starts to apologise to the customer and starts to wind the conversation to an end I encircle my hand around his shaft through his shorts, squeezing lightly as I lean close to his ear and whisper threateningly,

"Don't you dare hang up that phone Richard."

I can feel the suppressed growl vibrating through his body as I move my hands up under his shirt. My eyes close in silent pleasure at the feel of his light covering of coarse chest hair.

My fingers trace slowly over each and every muscle on his sexy chest. A small murmur of pleasure released from my lips as I drag my nails slowly over his taut nipples.

His free hand moves swiftly to cover the mouthpiece as his hips arch against my body as my name is hissed slowly from his lips.

A wicked grin plays fleetingly at my lips, I know his need is growing too strong to hold in. I can see it in his eyes, that wild almost panicked look of lust, my wicked teasing streak kicks in for real as I reach down and unzip his shorts. I free his hard cock from his shorts and slowly work him into a hip jerking frenzy with my hand.

My eyes flash with something akin to anger as he moves to cover the phone with his hand again.

I encircle his wrist with my fingers and hold him still. A shuddering gasp is ground out from deep within him as his eyes widen with the realisation that he has no chance to cover the sexual stream of sighs and groans from the customer on the phone.

I truly have no mercy on him, I want him to feel powerless I want to have full control over his body's reactions to my stimulation. Above all though, I want him to lose control. I want his animal instincts to be unleashed.

I move my fingers gently over the head of his hardness, tracing small enticing circles around the tip of his dick. Dipping my finger into the pool of pre-cum that has collected there, I raise my cum covered finger to my mouth, smearing pre-cum across my full pouting lips. As I look into his eyes I think I can detect a trace of fear within his cool blue gaze.

Mmmm... Damn he is driving me wild, as I move my face closer to his, he begins to shake his head, his eyes widening in horror at what I am proposing to do. I grin sexily up at him, resisting the urge to lick my lips and taste his essence. And then my mouth connects with his, hot, horny and ever so hungrily kissing his sexy lips, and just as I thought he would keep resisting until I pulled away his resolve seems to break. A small moan escaping his lips and vibrates softly against my mouth as he kisses me with equalling passion.

"Ohgodohgodohgod!" he whispers softly, licking his lips tentatively before grimacing slightly.

I would have laughed but I was beyond horny, I sit there and slide my fingers down over my pussy, grazing my fingers over my clit through the black satin material of my thong.

My body trembles in reaction to my touch, but my fingers instantly still as I hear a noise from behind me. I have been cool and collected up until then but as Rick's eyes widen I see something close to fear flash into his eyes which I'm sure is mirrored in my own sea blue eyes.

My body tenses as the sound is repeated.

A swift rush of adrenaline is released into my system making my body alive to every sensation inflicted on my body and mind.

I move forward towards Rick and as I move my panties to the side so I can touch my hot wet pussy I flick my tongue along the length of his lower lip.

And that was it.

He growls at me and bites harshly at my lip, making my eyes snap open to look at him. The look in his eyes is wild; I shiver in anticipation as he curls his hand around my hip.

There is a slight pause as he looks over my body, his eyes seemingly drinking in every last detail.

I almost scream out loud when Rick's fingers dig slightly into my hip bone before slamming me down onto his body, his hard cock crushing deeply inside my heated entrance.

It was only instinct that saved the whole store from knowing I had just been impaled on Rick's hard cock, my hand slapping quickly to my mouth to smother my sound of ecstasy.

I watch intently through my clouded gaze, as Rick's eyes roll back from the pleasure of being encased fully inside me. I can't believe we are doing this, I can still hear the faint sounds of someone shifting crates of stock just around the corner from where we are sitting. A small shiver runs through my body as I realise just how easily we could get caught. But that revelation only seems to heighten my arousal as I begin to rock slowly on Rick's hard dick.

I didn't think I would be lasting very long like this and I lean forward to whisper softly in Rick's ear

"Baby, cum inside me. I want to feel you cock throbbing as I cum just for you."

I flick the tip of my tongue across the lobe of his ear as I finish talking. A shuddering breath is released from Rick's lungs; his arousal just seemed to fuel my own sexual appetite.

I slide my hands slowly under his shirt, feeling his hard little nipples beneath my fingers as I pinch them softly between my thumb and forefinger. His body tenses under my touch, and I can sense he is close to climax, I sit there trying to be quite as I rock against his hard body.

I lick my lips before inserting my middle finger into my mouth, slowly sucking deliberately on my finger, swirling my tongue around my extended digit. A half gasp / half moan is emitted from Rick's lips as his body starts to tremble. A light smile plays across my lips but is quickly replaced by a look of heated passion as Rick moves his free hand to tease my clit. My body shakes uncontrollably as Rick moves his talented fingers over my body, my breathing starts to quicken at his touch, watching as he works his way towards his own climax.

"I cant ... I cant do it..." he whispers softly but I am too far into my pleasure zone to concentrate on what he is saying.

I ease my arms around his neck pushing us closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. I can't stop it now, even if someone walked right up to us I couldn't stop the fire that is building inside me. As I feel Rick's hips rise against me, pushing his cock deeper inside me, the last shred of my resolve is broken; I hold his body close to mine, a sharp gasp rising from my body.

My nails find my neck instinctively and as my body begins to tremble with my orgasm my nails dig into my neck, scraping down the slender, soft, milky section of skin, leaving red-hot marks of pain.

"Ohh god yesss!!"

I hiss as the pain is released throughout my body, seeping into my system to mingle with the intense pleasure, making my orgasm extend as I fight to breath through the concentrated sensations that are rushing through my body like liquid fire.

Rick's eyes widen with something between shock and arousal at my little show. "Holy shit...!!"

He moans as my pussy contracts around his stiff fuck tool.

I throw my head back in helpless pleasure as Rick's cock begins to spasm inside my hot little pussy, shooting his hot cum deep inside me.

I lay my head softly against his heaving chest, listening to the pounding beat of his heart. I let my breathing level out slightly before untangling myself from his body.

I moved to my knees and look up at him with a small smirk on my lips as I take his cock into my mouth, cleaning our mixed juices from his softening dick.

Rick just sits there, the phone still grasped in his hand. He watches me with shock filled eyes as I arise from my position, kiss him softly on the lips before whispering,

"See you at home lover." and turn away to walk out past the cashier staff.

Come to think of it, that cute little red head with perky breasts gave me something of a knowing smile as I walked out into the hot summer breeze.

To be continued...


To Tony... for being there every step of the way with no hesitation in supporting me.

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