tagErotic CouplingsRiding the Rails

Riding the Rails

byGrey Beard©

Carol and I had been dating for several months, ever since I was selected to be part of her friend's going away gift. We had become close friends and more than just occasional lovers, but we both agreed that we valued our independence and would not even consider living together. My daughter liked Carol, and although she was pleased that I had found someone, it only seemed proper that overnight stays should be at her house instead of mine. But that was about was about to change, because Carol's two teenage children who had spent the summer with their father would be back home Labor Day Weekend. So, after taking my daughter back to school, the second week of August, Carol and I decided to get away for a week by ourselves and fulfill one of my dream trips. We took the train to Glacier National Park in Montana. This is a story about that train ride.

The Empire Builder takes almost two days from it's origin in Chicago to it's final destination in Seattle Washington, and stops in our town on it's westward journey a little before 1 AM. Carol had to work the second shift at the hospital, but I picked her up at 11 and that gave us time for a quick shower before heading to the station. I started scrubbing her back and by the time I was fondling her butt, I was ready for a quickie, but she was not going to go for that. I even offered to wash her hair in return for a blowjob, but all Carol would say was that she had a surprise for me and wanted me to be well rested. At 60, a man has just so many shots left in the cannon, so all Carol would agree to was some heavy petting under the shower and an erotic mutual rub down with those fluffy bath towels, " just to get me started."

The young lady in the crisp blue steward's uniform had just lead us to our sleeper compartment, when Carol asked " How long before we get to the Vern Dale Curve?."

I was totally baffled by the question, but the young lady just gave Carol a knowing smile and said " in just over an hour. The train makes it's next stop at Staples, and you will feel it about 15 minutes later." Then she whispered something into Carol's ear and all I heard was " on top."

Carol made me wait another half hour before she explained the surprise. She asked me " back when you were a kid, did your parents stop at those motels with the beds that had the coin boxes on them? You know the ones that vibrated." Well, tonight we get a real ride, and we won't need any quarters." She explained that the Vern Dale Curve was at the start of a scenic byway and because of problems over environmental issues, the railroad had not been able to do any significant track maintenance in years. It was still safe at slower speeds, but one of the roughest rides on the whole trip. Carol said " When I e-mailed my friend Susan about our trip, she said that this was one experience we would never forget."

When the conductor announced that the train would arrive in Staples in 10 minutes, we left the club car and headed to our roomette. After making sure the door was locked, we quickly stripped in the dark. We had just got into the lower bunk when we realized that anyone walking on the platform outside would have gotten a show that would have been far more interesting than what was being shown in the Dinning Car. As the train left the station, we were on our sides in that little bed. I was sucking on Carol's pink nipples, and she was scraping her fingernails lightly across my scrotum and up and down a very erect penis.

My hands were caressing the delicate curves of her butt, when she looked out the window and said " OK, there is the grain elevator that Susan told me about." She got off the bunk, and said " on your back, big boy, the fun is about to start, but first I need to warm up."

She climbed on top of me and sat on my knees. Then she arched her back and pushed the lips of her vagina up against the backside of my penis and slid it up and down the shaft, but without letting the head enter. By pushing myself up on my elbows, I could see in the flickering light from the window that she was getting wet, and the air was soon filled with the sweet smell that meant that very soon we would become one. She started to moan, and just above a whisper she said " the steward told me that the engineer will blow a whistle just as they get to the curve and our car will be there a couple minutes later."

When we heard the whistle blow, Carol slid to the top on my shaft and hovered there with the lips of her vagina just barely touching the head. The first bump literally bounced my butt off the bunk, and my rock hard penis was thrust deep into Carol's hot wet cavern. She leaned forward slightly, and braced her hands on each side of my head. I was just able to suck one of her nipples into my mouth and reach back to cradle the twin globes of her butt in my hands while the train car heaved up and down, and pushed me first deep inside and then nearly out. Then the track curved and the train started to sway left and right causing my penis to take on a swirling motion. Carol shut her eyes, and from her mouth came cry of pure joy as her whole body started to shudder. In an effort to let the train do the work, I tried not to add any thrusting of my own, and so the pace was slower, and I was lasting longer. Before my semen finally finished it's journey, and the wonderful pain and pleasure of this ride ended for me, Carol had climaxed a second time. She collapsed into my arms when the last of my involuntary spasms had stopped, and we lay there for awhile until the bumpy ride was over. " Hmmm" she purred, " I wonder if anyone has lasted for the whole trip." Just before she fell asleep, I whispered in her ear " we can try again on the way back."

When I woke, Carol was looking out the window and said " have you ever seen such a beautiful sight." I opened my eyes and saw long strands of golden hair loosely cascading over small but muscular shoulders. The tanned skin was flawless except for a thin strip of white where the string of her bikini had been. My eyes followed her spine down towards her slightly flared hips to the waistband of thin cotton panties. The fabric clung to the slightly moist skin highlighting the delicate groove that separated twin globes that were no wider than my hands.

I gazed for a moment and then said " just one thing left to make it perfect." I reached out and slowly lowered the fabric to her knees and gently kissed the light peach fuzz on one side and playfully goosed her with my tongue. She giggled, and said, "no silly, look over my shoulder." Looking past her, I saw the sharp peaks of the Montana Rockies far in the distance that were bathed in gold by the morning sun. I had lived in the mountains for several years, but this was all new to Carol, so I kissed her on the neck and said " enjoy the view my dear and I'll add a few highlights of my own to the experience."

Suddenly she sat straight up and said " I hope you didn't ask for a wake up call this morning." I nuzzled her neck and said " no my dear, the only juice I had planned to drink this morning was yours."

She leaned forward and pressed her nose against the window as I slowly kissed my way down past her shoulder blades while the palm of my left hand gently stroked her butt. As I moved down her spine, I reached between her legs and slipped my little finger inside while rolling her love button between my thumb and forefinger. Soon she started to moan and said " please don't make me shut my eyes."

She was bent over now resting her chin on folded arms braced against the window. I guided my dripping penis between her legs and watched as her wet and warm vagina took me in completely in one thrust. Then reaching around her and gently cradled her small breasts in my hands, I let physics take over. The side to side rolling motion of the train caused Carol to first fall back into my groin, and then forward again in a rhythm that allowed us to enjoy an erotic experience that is often missed in the fit of wild sex. One lurch did cause me to come completely out, but I soon learned how to compensate just enough to let Amtrak provide a service that was not listed anywhere in the literature.

At one point, in between little moans and gasps her murmured " I wondered if anyone else is doing this right now." Just then as we looked out our window at the plains of North Dakota, we saw a small herd of Antelope. The buck had just mounted one of his does, and we both laughed as we realized that we had become one with nature.

Carol did not shut her eyes. I saw her reflection in the window as the dreamy smile on her face changed to intense pleasure. Her eyes opened wide, her lips quivered and she let out a long groan as we both started to shudder. It was one of those very rare times when I was also ready, and the spasms of her love tunnel milked the semen out of my body. We fell backwards in our bunk and lay there until we were hungry and then dressed so that we could explore the train.

The rest of the day was one of leisure and mutual joy as we enjoyed the view from the dome car, ate, and finally napped in the afternoon. By 7 o'clock we were in East Glacier where we were picked by the Park Shuttle. That park visit had it's own share of erotic moments, but that is another story.

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