tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRising Stakes Ch. 02

Rising Stakes Ch. 02


Renee had to wait a month for the perfect opportunity to one-up her daughter for exposing her to the plumber. Sarah had company coming over, so they had ordered a pizza for dinner. She decided to freshen up before her friends arrived, and took a quick shower. As Renee watched the pizzaman pulling into the driveway, Sarah pulled on a towel and wen to answer the door, thinking ir was one of her friends. Renee dove into action just as Sarah opened the door; from the stairs, she shouted, "Sarah! Do you have a towel? I wanna take a shower..."

With this she swooped down the stairs. "Oh, you do! Good!" Renee exclaimed as she pulled the towel off her daughter, leaving her naked in front of the man.

Trying and failing to cover her above-average breasts and pussy at the same time, Sarah blushed and said, "Mooooom! Give that back!"

Renee returned, "Oh, you're naked, aren't you? And with this strange man here peering at you, too! But I really want to take a shower... what do you think, Mr. Pizzaman? Should I give her towel back?"

Blushing, he replied, "It... er... um... would be the moral thing to do, ma'am..."

Dissatisfied with this answer, Renee replied, "You mean you don't to see more of this beautiful pussy? Or these great boobs? Well, maybe I can change your mind..."

With this, Renee dropped the towel on the floor and moved up right behind Sarah, boobs pressing into her daughters back. She reached around Sarah's body and put a finger on each nipple. She slowly started massaging, and moving her fingers in tiny circles. Sarah moaned in pleasure at this uncommon ly excellent sensation."Hear that. Delivery guy? Do you think such a naughty girl should get her towel back?"

"Uhh.. Perhaps not..." he timidly replied.

"I think she needs some discipline!"

With this, she stat down on a nearby chair, and pulled Sarah over her knee. With a devilish grin in her eye, she lightly spanked Sarah's ass. She lingered a little, letting the girl's dangling boobs jiggle while she massaged and groped her daughter's ample butt. After a few minutes, she let up, declaring, "Alright, Sarah, that's enough punishment. I have a shower to take, would you pay for the pizza? Teehee!" She raced up the stairs, towel in hand.

Sarah, still nude and blushing furiously, grabbed her wallet and paid. She virtually threw the man out the door. She stalked back upstairs and got dressed.

Soon, her friends arrived. She had three guy friends and two girls coming, all seniors from her high school. She greeted them at the door, and they sat down to eat. However, while they ate and chatted amiably, Renee hatched a plan...

Renee came downstairs, and greeted the six seniors. She made herself a cup of tea, and went over to get the honey. As she returned, however, she deliberately tripped on a chair, and dropped the now-lidless honey jar onto Sarah. "Mom! Now I need ANOTHER shower! Thanks a lot!"

She angrily went upstairs, and Renee heard the water turn on in a minute. Renee, whose plan was unfolding well, asked the boys, "Can I see you three for a minute upstairs?"

The three followed her up, into Sarah's room. She said, "Well, Sarah will come out of the shower in about 10 more minutes, and come in here for new clothes. You three can, if you want, hide in the closet, and watch her in the nude!"

The boys, being male teenagers, agreed quickly, and stuffed into the dark closet. Renee then left the room, and went into the bathroom, where Sarah was showering. As the daughter's back was to the door, she did not notice her mother come in. Renee silently took off her clothes, and stepped into the shower behind her. She whispered, "I'm sorry I spilled my honey on you."

"You're still not forgiven."

"I do have something to warn you about, though. I saw the three boys go into your room; they're probably planning something. You might not want to change in there."

Sarah glanced back. "Somewhat forgiven. Thanks."

At this, Renee exited the shower, and toweled off. However, once she dressed, she took the towel with her.

Ten minutes later, she heard a cry as her daughter had discovered what she had done.

Sarah stood there in the buff wondering what to do. Her mother had taken the only towel, leaving her stranded in the bathroom. She didn't want to put her clothes back on, as she'd get all sticky again, which would defeat the purpose of the shower. Thinking it over, she decided to make a run for her mother's room, down the hall, as the three men were in hers. Peeking out and seeing no one, she raced down the hall to her mom's room, only to discover that it was locked!

She hurried back to the safety of her bathroom only to discover that her mom had locked it when she left, and that it had swung shut and locked when Sarah left.

Sarah was now trapped. She could either head into her room, fully nude in front of three male classmates, or go downstairs and check the laundry room for some clothes. She elected to do the latter, even though that meant passing by the kitchen, in plain view of her other two friends.

She boldly ran down, pelting past the kitchen. They couldn't have gotten anything but a glancing view of her ass as she ran. However, once she got downstairs, it was quite devoid of any clothes at all. She was going to have to go into her room.

She stalked back up, dashing past the kitchen again. She heard her mother say as she passed, "Oh that Sarah, such an exhibitionist, always running around naked. She does this quite a lot, you know. Why, just this morning, she was exposing herself to the pizza guy! I had to spank her to try to get her to behave herself."

Sarah was mortified to hear this ridiculously biased spin on the morning, but wasn't about to go back and argue. She didn't want let any more people than she had to see her nude today.

With trepidation, she walked into her room, covering her boobs and pussy with her hands. However, once inside, she didn't see anyone! Sighing, she dropped her arms, figuring it was just her mother's ploy to get her to streak past the kitchen in front of her friends. She began poking through her drawers, deciding what to wear, when she heard the door open. Squealing, she whipped around, but it was just her mother coming in. Renee peered around, and said, "Oh, I guess they weren't in here after all. Haha!"

Sarah and her mother made small talk as Sarah dressed, and left the room. A few minutes later, the three boys came down to the kitchen, and sat down. They were leering at Sarah through the rest of the meal.

They finished soon. Sarah had rented a movie, Zombie Strippers, and they went to the living room to watch it. Renee decided to watch, and sat down next to Sarah. As it was fairly cold, they pulled a blanket over them, while the boys sat on the floor with the other two girls. Hidden from prying eyes, Renee slipped her hands under Sarah's shirt. Sarah immediately blushed, and tried to stop her mom, but didn't want to disturb the blanket that was keeping the others from seeing. Renee undid the clasp on her daughter's bra, and tossed it behind the couch. She then had her hands on Sarah's uncovered nipples, which she began to twist and pinch. Soon, they were rock hard, and poked out distinctly from the thin shirt. Renee said, "I'm gonna grab a drink, anyone want anything?"

A chorus of sures and oks sounded as she got up. However, she took the blanket with her as she left, so that Sarah was without any cover, and her perky nipples were kept hard by the cool room. When Renee returned, the boys glanced back to get their drinks, and saw Sarah's condition. They didn't look back to the movie until Sarah grabbed the blanket and covered up again.

Renee sat back down behind her daughter, so that Sarah was between her legs. From here, she had great access to her daughter's boobs. She played with them the whole time, while her daughter seethed. Renee eventually got her daughter's shirt above her tits, and kept it there through the rest of the movie. During the credits, she yanked the blanket off, while playing with Sarah's boobs. The boys got a great view until Sarah struggled free and pulled her shirt down, glaring at her mom.

Soon, one of the girls got a call on her phone. She said, "Crap, I have to go. My mom found out about the... Never mind, I just have to go home."

She left in a hurry, and the other girl and one of the boys left with her, as they had no other ride home. This just left the two boys, who were brothers.

They decided to get ready to sleep, even though it was only 11:30. The pair had brought sleeping bags, and brought them into Sarah's room, where she laid down on her bed.

Renee eventually heard them stop chatting and fall asleep. She snuck into Sarah's room, and padded over to the bed. Pulling out a pair of scissors, she sliced Sarah's pajamas off, and took them with her. She also grabbed all of Sarah's clothes out of her dresser, except for a red thong and a t-shirt. She then snuck out, leaving Sarah naked with the sleeping boys without waking her.

The next morning, Sarah woke up, feeling somewhat cold. She looked around, realizing that she was naked! Luckily, the boys were still sleeping. Her mother must have done it in the night. She quietly walked over to her dresser, only to find it nearly empty; all that remained was a thong and a t-shirt she hadn't worn in years. Seeing no other options, she pulled the garments on. Just as she was struggling to get the top over her now-much-larger breasts, Renee walked in and near-shouted, "Breakfast is ready! Wake up, sleepyheads!"

The boys groggily got up, and looked around, to be greeted by a view of Sarah in her ridiculous outfit. The thong all but disappeared in the back, giving them a perfect view of her ass. The shirt was preposterously small, from a time when her boobs were less than half as large, and it didn't even cover her nipples. Glaring at her mom, she ducked out, dashing into Renee's room.

There, she poked through her mom's clothes, hoping to find something appropriate. However, she couldn't find much except for a large t-shirt. She removed her current clothes, and put this shirt on instead. It was quite large, and came down to her mid-thighs, and was much more decent than what she was wearing.

She came downstairs, where Renee and the two boys were eating breakfast. She poured herself some cereal, and sat down to eat it. However, her mother, while putting her dish in the sink, came up behind her, and yanked her shirt up over her boobs. The boys got a quick view of Sarah's luscious tits before she pulled it back down. Renee kept this throughout the morning, and the boys got numerous beaver shots. At one point she sneakily taped the back up over her ass; Sarah didn't notice for about an hour that her rear was nude and that the pair were getting a great view. Another time, while Sarah was laying on the couch, her mother pulled her shirt up over her pussy. She stayed there, unknowingly flashing the boys, for nearly half and hour.

Eventually, the two went home. Sarah was quite furious at her mother, and began plotting her counter-ploy...

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