Road Tripping Pt. 25.5 - Time Trip Pt. 06

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A journey to another land as two couples grow closer.
23.5k words
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Time tripping part 6 will be in several shorter parts that will jump between times in the past and the world of 1987 that the main tale takes place in. There is pot smoking and magic mushroom use in this story. All sexualized characters are over eighteen.

Lou and Molly, and many of their friends, share souls with those from the past and Sara has now joined them in that past time.

Most of the jumps and stories of the time in the past take place approximately four thousand years before the main story. The land the people of Cortinarius inhabit is an island of around a hundred square miles and is surrounded by reefs and sholes on most side with only one entrance to a small harbor. The people have lived there for over five thousand years and have built a peaceful, learned, and open society, in a time when few places in the world were truly civilized, like Egypt and a few other great societies scatted throughout a primitive world, always fighting in ways to keep the forces of chaos from overwhelming these large and small places of learning.

I hope all enjoy and any constructive feedback is appreciated. Thank You. S.L.


May 1987

Sara fell asleep between Lou and Molly with an arm draped across Molly and her ass cheeks against Lou's lower back, warming her and renewing the feelings of being one with them she had missed during their weeks apart. Over Molly's shoulder she watched some of the flashes of lightning from the storm through one half open eye.

As sleep overtook her Sara saw a rainbow leap through the two-inch opening and bathed the three lovers in the multiple colors, as all felt the REM sleep flow through and between their minds and bodies.


Sara found herself alone in and driving Andromeda on a paved two-lane road through some fields of green summer wheat. It was cloudy outside and she was surprised to be driving her since she had not in the past, and Lou and Molly were not with her.

It began to rain and soon Sara needed to turn on the windshield wipers, but she did not know where the switch was. She pulled over to a gravel open area along the roadside, turned the wipers on, took a breath, and looked behind her in the clean and empty station wagon.

Out the back window she saw several strong streaks of lightning and sheets of rain falling and approaching her. "It will be safer parked here in Andromeda than trying to run through that mess." Sara said to herself as she noticed the crystals in the car were glowing, especially "Andromeda's Eye" and the piece of petrified wood hanging from the mirror.

A tremendous clap of thunder shook the station wagon and made her crystals ring before more great streaks of lightning surrounded the car and the last thing Sara saw before she was blinded by the flashes was a rainbow shoot from Andromeda's Eye inside the car as a pale red beam hit the pink crystal on her naked chest and the rest of the interior was bathed in its colors.

Although temporally blinded by the flash Sara did not panic and try and force herself awake from her dream. Lou's words earlier echoing reassurance in her head as she held the now more distant steering wheel and contemplated for the first time, she was driving Andromeda while naked.

She also just perceived some slight motion for moment and a definite point of stopping although there were no sounds then or now. As her sight returned, she could see she was now next to a field that looked very different to the one she had parked next too. None of the plants looked familiar along the now narrow dirt road and even the color of the daytime sky had more of a light violet hue than she had ever remembered seeing.

Sara took a few deep breaths as she looked around for a moment before just blurting out. "Where the hell are we Andromeda? I've never seen plants like these before." As she said this, she now noticed new lights on the dash and some on the windshield. A thin screen mounted in the center of the dash glowed blue next to her as she now noticed other changes to the interior of the car.

A high pitched and chipper female voice came from all the speakers as the screen in the center of the dash pulsed it's light to match the words. "Hello Sara. Please don't be frightened. We are currently showing you HD 37605 e. in Orion. It is to show you a place other than the Earth and try and let you know not to fear what you may see in your dreams and other travels. To let you know what some of the future we are all working for could look like."

"I am not sure I understand all of what you are saying but this is a beautiful place, Andromeda."

"It is but stay inside or I will not be able to protect you from all of the ultraviolet radiation and you would die very quickly. We have to go soon, and you cannot talk with anyone about this journey except for Lou and Molly. Tell them Andromeda said it was ok to talk with you about their trip to HD 150706 d."

"Now we must go Sara but stay strong and unafraid. Lou, Molly, Star, Joe, and many others will help guide you and all will help to protect each other. There are important things for you to do and help us with in the future. There are dark forces that will work against what we are all quietly striving for here now and in this future you see here."

"Close your eyes now and relax Sara for our return. We will all talk again soon. Love to you all."

Again, Sara saw the rainbow leap out from the large crystal and in a second the white light blinded her and next she knew she was back between Lou and Molly.

She slithered out between their bodies to run to pee and took a hotel pad and pen in the bathroom and wrote down "HD 37605 e, Orion, and HD 150706 d, talked with Andromeda!!" She put the pad back down on the desk and crawled between them and was met by a half-awake kiss from Molly who wrapped her arms around her, and both drifted off again.


Late Fall 2014 B.C.E.

First weeks on Cortinarius and trip to nearby island

Myrine and Leandros awoke to the calls of the sea birds and Althea asking if they were awake from outside of the tapestry.

"Would you like some food soon. I let you sleep late today. It was a late night for everyone, and the building was quiet." She said with a yawn as Tika pushed her way past the corner of the heavy cloth, came into the room and looked around for a moment before jumping up on the bed and snuggling between them.

It had been a strange and wonderful night for the two of them. The magic and love in their joining had only deepened their bonds and left them wanting to send Althea away for a short time so they could join again this morning.

Then there had been the journey through time and the visit to what they felt was a distant future. It had been very interesting and a little frightening but still they knew it was to teach them not to fear but to be cautious, like those from the future who had looked around their chamber.

Myrine got up from their bed and took the lightly blood-stained cloth from last night and gave it to Althea through the tapestry saying. "Leandros and I will be out very shortly and join you for the morning meal."

As she handed her the cloth she looked into her eyes and told Althea. "Thank you for being our Protector on our joyous night. We slept well knowing you were outside for us."

She kissed her forehead and Althea was off to bring the cloth to her mother's chamber.

Zephyra and Jonas were just half awake when Althea came running in and led Zoser to jump off their bed and run around and then begin to sniff the young girl, who had slept with Tika last night.

After eating they went to Myrine's garden for the daily harvest and to look over an adjacent fallow plot. It had rested for ten years, aside from harvesting the trees and vines. It had been Basilia's mates until his untimely death in a fall.

It would be Leandros' contribution to the community's food supply, along with helping with the large communal grain fields he had seen being watered from the cistern. It would be a year or two before he would have his plot up and running well with all the work for the Pharoah he still had ahead.

After a quick dip in the refilling garden revisor, they made their way back with the cart of food to share and to join for the midday meal. "After we eat Leandros, I must begin Althea's and some others martial training in the bow, and other weapons we use to defend our land. How's your bowman ship my love?"

From across the table a slightly tired looking Hector let out a laugh and spoke. "Your class could use a few more students. Right Nikephoros." He said giving his grandson a playful shove on his shoulder.

Leandros looked at her with a somewhat sheepish grin saying. "Among our crew Amaros is our best bowman with Hector being the second best. The rest of us are not very good and have not practiced much."

"Very well. It looks like a bow class for at least eight."

Myrine called to the table nearby where Amaros and her mother were eating. "Amaros, can you come to my bow class today? Please bring some of your own and your crews bows for us to examine and try against our own. Hector, can you also join us also and maybe we all will learn something."

Leandros then almost announced to all his crewmembers. "These many trips could be dangerous for us, and I think at least one ship tried to follow us from the Nile Delta, but we outsailed them in hours and did not worry about them again. He said looking at all of the crewmembers within earshot. When we leave the port in the North all will know we are on a diplomatic mission and may have some valuable cargo at that point. I agree that all going are going to need to be in good practice except for our passengers."

From the far end of the table with her youngest daughter having lunch at her breast, Zephyra called out. "I will be there too. I know I am no good at any great distance, but close I was good when I was younger and if we have a problem at sea, they will have to get close to us to try and take us!"

It was also part of showing all the people that Everyone would fight to defend the people of the land. No matter their age or position in their society. Sword and Javelin drills would be led by Zephyra's sister Hyacinthe and the Guards Captain.

After giving them all some time to digest their meal and gather their weapons from either their rooms, or where the crew had their stored ashore, thinking they would not see any use here.

Myrine and the others from Cortinarius gave the crews mixed collection of bows, javelins, and swords a good looking over, along with some slings and one nasty looking club with a large, spiked metal head that Hector said had to be two hundred years old and had been taken in battle by his grandfather.

Zephyra opened the practice with an appeal to the Gods for their blessings on this necessary training. The people of Cortinarius never wished to participate in violence but they knew they had to be ready to defend their small land and people.

After her blessing she picked up one of the smaller bows of her people and slotted a silver tipped arrow and fired and hit the center of the nearest target. She smiled and turned to Myrine who now led the four youngest, including Althea, to begin to take their first shots at the same target.

For half the afternoon they practiced in the hot sun, testing out all of the different equipment and finding their bows of Cortinarius were generally superior to those of the crew. Two of the swords were shown to the lands metal workers for examination and replication and after a demonstration of the slings two weavers were asked to reproduce some more of these for another choice of weapon.

By the end of the practice all were regularly hitting the second row of targets that were set further away at a distance that look to Leandros' eye to be the distance from the top on the great staircase up from the port to the beginning of the pier out into their small bay.

There were two rows of targets further out that Leandros took a few shots at the nearer one without success, while Myrine and Amaros were having a contest at the furthest target row.

"When you can hit the fourth target consistently and the third row in the center, then you are ready to join us on the wall or out in one of our other defense points. Next time you will begin sword drills although we will have to limit some you older students to practicing in your own size class." Myrine said at the end.

Hyacinthe said all they had done well, and all had improved from the start of the day. "Same time tomorrow. We must make the crew ready and having more of these excellent students being made ready will make us all safer in the future."

It would be a while before the late meal, and all went to get out of the midday sun. The children all went to the beach in their harbor to all swim and cool off while most of the adults either joined the younger ones or went to the many manmade pools they had constructed over the centuries.

Myrine and Leandros went to her old room to gather some soft cloths and oils and went to the pool on the cliff face. Soon they were in there and cooling off, while exciting each other as they kissed and began to wash some of the sweat and dirt off from practice.

"In a little while we will go to the grotto and try out another of the paintings on its walls. Myrine said with a laugh and stroked his already hard manhood. I think you are clean enough there for now." She said as she played with his testicles and turned her head at the sound of voices nearby on the path.

Zephyra and Jonas appeared from around a flowering bush with just simple wraps over their bodies. He had been busy with many things for all of the boats, and she had been at all of practice and had shot many arrows and done some drills with the other classes.

"May we join you two? It has been a long and hot day, but one that showed much promise for all of you learning. We also learned a few things from you, in your weapons and fighting styles. Amaros with that small bow putting five arrows in the target to your two Myrine at the same time with the speed he had."

"I asked our bow makers to construct several like his and make more arrows with bronze tips like he had fashioned. Come and sit with us and cool off. We were just talking." She said with a smile as Zephyra saw her hand on his manhood under the water.

Zephyra and Jonas took off their wraps and were in the water with her next to Myrine and the men further apart as all enjoyed the sun warmed water and some time to relax.

Zephyra gave Myrine a kiss on her cheek as Jonas poured some of their oil over her shoulders and began to rub it into her skin and clean her after her time at the dusty practice field. Leandros was rubbing Myrine's already clean shoulders and both women moved to press themselves against the erections from their men.

"We have not had a chance to talk Myrine, but I can tell from your smiles all day, you two had a magical night, as did many of us in the land." As she said this she reached back and stroked Jonas' growing phallus and felt one of his hands trail lower under the water to run his fingers along her crack and twitching brown flower.

All four had settled deeper in the water on the lowest bench with the men submerged to their shoulders and the women sitting on the men's knees with their chests just out of the water as they talked, and many hands were busy under the water.

Little sounds of pleasure escaped from the women's lips in between the words and laughs they were sharing about the days' events. "I had not picked up a bow in almost a year, and I was lucky I did not make a fool of myself and have to spend the day in your class Myrine." Zephyra said as she rubbed her ass against Jonas some more and felt his fingers now tease her other pleasure centers.

"If you had missed the target Althea would have made you take the class with all of us sailors who could not send an arrow straight at first." Leandros said with a laugh as his fingers were now teasing Myrine's clit as she kept shifting against his now rock-hard phallus.

Both women let out moans of pleasure at the same time as Jonas and Leandros smiled over the woman's shoulders at each other. Zephyra leaned forward and raised herself and bent to kiss Myrine's lips for more than a moment as she reached under herself and lowered slowly onto Jonas's fully erect phallus.

Before Leandros had time to think about what had just happened, Myrine replicated the same motion to half stand and kiss Zephyra and took his manhood in her hand and with some slight difficulty and a little discomfort in her just deflowered passage she sat upon him and let him fill her like last night.

"Are you alright Myrine? I saw you wince a little there for a moment."

"I am not in any real pain but there is still some discomfort and Leandros has a thick phallus, which I will enjoy getting used to." Myrine said with a smile at Zephyra and both women began to rock themselves slowly on the men and soon were holding hands as their sounds grew more intense and water began to splash over the edge of the pool.

The women kept control of the pace and took their time riding their men in the warm water. Leandros was soon reaching around to hold and squeeze Myrine's large and firm breasts as he kissed her neck deeply under her long hair tied in one long braid from practice earlier.

As his hands caressed Myrine's breasts he felt Zephyra's fingers pinch her nipples as both women moaned an octave deeper and all of their nipples were being gently squeezed between fingers that knew just the right pressure to apply. Leandros moved one of his hands lower to begin to stroke her clit while Zephyra took his other hand and held his while she showed him how much pressure she was using on her nipples and the women met for another deeper kiss.

Their kiss broke with the sounds of both women peaking and almost shouting their love songs out for half of the land to hear.

Theirs was not the only songs of love and pleasure being sung in many places in Cortinarius on this warm afternoon, while others were on their way to find their own cool place to relax and join again like the last night.

As the women took a moment to let the waves of pleasure pass through them Leandros and Jonas smiled at the other and Jonas said. "Time for them to ride us a bit faster I think if it does not hurt Myrine."

Leandros began to move her up and down on his phallus and told her softly. "If any of this hurts you let me know and I will slow down or stop my love Myrine."

"The little bit of pain there was at first was gone in a moment, once I relaxed a little and all of my honey was flowing to meet the slick fluids leaking from you, my love."

Leandros held her hips and began to bounce her up and down faster as Jonas and Zephyra were now moving together faster. The four of them had the warm water splashing all over the place and soaking the men's faces. Myrine and Zephyra met for another kiss after they came quickly and let the four of them build to a climax together.

The men did not slow down as the women peaked this time and instead made their kiss more difficult as they went even faster until all four were moaning together. The four were then almost motionless as the men's seed filled the soaked and flowing passages of their women.

For what seemed a long time they just held on as the men grew soft inside their women and just enjoyed the moment, they were all joined this way in. Myrine and Zephyra took a short time to look deeply into each other's eyes and smile over how this joining had gone and they knew in the near future all four would join in love together and all share their pleasures even deeper.

Just as the four of them were relaxing and the women were raising themselves off of the men's flaccid members and met for a brief kiss before moving to the side of the men, Basilia and Hector came down the path and around the flowering bush in time to see the four break apart and relax in the small pool.