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Rode Rage


What can I say, there I was driving in the left hand lane slowly moving up behind the only other vehicle in sight. It was a dark blue Chevrolet Suburban that just barely fit within the narrow lanes. I had held back for several blocks a bit timid of pulling alongside of the large vehicle, but I was coming up on the intersection where I had planned to turn. I finally turned on my blinker, eased over into the right hand lane and continued.

The Suburban was driving pretty slow, so I carefully began overtaking it. The curb lane was also very narrow and had a number of asphalt patches and potholes making the driving there a bid hazardous. Concentrating on staying in my own lane I noticed I was running pretty much side by side with the Suburban. Suddenly I noticed its right hand turn signal begin flashing and then suddenly it veered into my lane.

I immediately pulled as far right as I could while slamming on my brakes but, in spite of my evasive action, I heard a loud "Pop!" The two vehicles came to a stop with the Suburban actually turned sideways in front of me. I climbed out of my car and was a bit surprised that the damage was so minimal, just a dent above my front wheel and a bit of paint scraped off my mirror. Of course the Suburban had only a couple of scratches.

The driver of the Suburban turned out to be a rather large woman with long blonde hair with deep black roots. I could tell by looking at her face she was a beautiful woman at some time in her life, but now, the years of too much sun, smoke and alcohol had left her face wrinkled, pockmarked and blotched red. She was wearing a tank top that just barely contained her bra-less breasts.

"Okay, I guess I need to see your driver's license and proof of insurance," I said, figuring all the paperwork was going to be just a formality. It was obvious who was at fault.

"I don't have any proof of insurance, I'm from out of state and I keep it in my car's glove compartment. The Suburban is a rental," she replied.

"Okay, well I guess it's pretty obvious who is at fault here."

"What do you mean?"

"I was in the lane beside you, when you turned into me."

"No, I was just changing lanes and I used my blinker," she replied.

"I was in the lane beside you..."

"But I though you were going to let me in," she interrupted.

"What? I was beside you, how could I let you in?"

"No, the lane was clear, I remember looking there when we crossed that last intersection."

"Yes, after the intersection I changed lanes and then came up along beside you."

"And that's when you hit me."

"I didn't hit you, I was in the lane..."

"But my blinker was on."

"Turning on your turn signal doesn't give you right of way. Look, the damage was minimal, but I think I'm going to have to call the police."

"Okay, look I'm sure my rental company will cover the minor damage, I don't want to have to wait for police," she said holding her keys up in front of me.

"No I think I need..." I paused, looking at the keys, "I need..." they sparkled in the light.

She then opened the rear door of the Suburban and I climbed into the back of the vehicle. I watched as she pulled off her clothes, exposing her enormous breasts as they flapped down onto her huge belly. Without thinking any more about it, I pulled off my shoes, then my pants and underwear.

Leaning onto my back I watched as she lifted her belly with one hand and guided my cock into her pussy with the other. She began moving up and down on me, her breasts flopping around like bread dough. I glanced down to perhaps see my cock slide into her, but her stomach hung down blocking my view.

Her breathing grew louder and the slapping sound of her rolls of fat flopping down onto my body was going faster and faster until she groaned loudly and then fell down on top of me. The weight suddenly slopping onto me caused me to exhale and I then had to fight to try to catch my breath. I could see the sweat run down between her breasts, then roll out onto her belly, then through her kinky black pubic hair and run onto my stomach.

She climbed off of me and without a word I pulled on my underwear and pants. I climbed out of her Suburban and sat on the front of my car to pull on my shoes. Walking slowly up to the driver's side door she climbed in, started the vehicle and then revved her engine loudly.

Feeling dizzy, I shook my head as she sped away. By the time I got my bearings I realized that she rode me and then simply drove away. "Damn it," I screamed at myself, raging at the way she rode me.

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