tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRoommate Sex Pranks CH. 1

Roommate Sex Pranks CH. 1


Trey and Claire shared an apartment in a three story complex downtown. Both had decent paying jobs, so the apartment was relatively nice. Nothing fancy , at least about the apartment itself. Their sex toys, gizmos, and gadgets on the other hand were extremely exotic.

Trey was about 6'2 with an average build, brown wavy hair and a helpful 7 ½ inch cock. His best feature wasn't his looks by far, but his charm in which he could make people think he looked good.

Claire's body , Trey thought, was like the 8th wonder of the world. She had long black hair, full thick lips, long legs, a beautifully round ass, and delightful C cup breasts.

The two have had a devilishly crude game of sexual pranks that had been carrying on for quite some time. In fact almost all the way back to the day they met it seemed. This is where our story picks up in the latest sexcapade between the sex driven pranksters.

He woke up blind and unable to move.

"God damn it, I should of known not to sleep with my door unlocked," said Trey.

He knew right away the weight of the situation, he wasn't being robbed or kidnapped. No, he was about to be tortured and is helpless to prevent it, at least for the moment. Five things became concrete fact within a few seconds; he was apprehended & blindfolded, he was naked, he had a growing morning wood, Clair was somewhere close, and lastly he knew she had a plan that probably wouldn't be as entertaining to him as her.

"Well, well sleeping beauty is awake," she purred quietly into his ear. "Open wide, I have something for you to take."

"Your crazy if you think that I'm going to take anything you give me."

"We'll just see about that," she said as a wicked smile came across her face. She grabbed a cup of freezing ice water and poured it directly onto his cock and balls.

When she did this the instant shock of the ice water on his genitals made Trey jump and sure enough open his mouth wide open. It stayed open just long enough for Claire to pop two pills into his mouth and force it shut, leaving him with no choice but to swallow the unwelcome pills.

"Now the fun starts," said Claire.

She began to fondle his balls with one hand and stroke his cock with the other. When his cock grew to full length and hardness she began to lick and kiss the head of his dick with a skilled tongue and lips that seemed to be made for sucking dick and sucking dick only. He was very surprised, first at how unbelievably good it felt and secondly at how she was pleasuring him and not torturing him. He knew it was too good to be true.

After some odd minutes of this extremely professional oral pleasure she was giving him he knew he wouldn't be able to hold it off long. And, as Clair was bobbing her head with her lips wrapped tightly around his cock she noticed a familiar throbbing coming from within the swelled dick she was sucking. She quickly pulled out a small ring like device and preceded to slide it to the base of Trey's cock. Once in place she pulled the lock and the light turned green, assuring her that it was on and working.

While he was so close to orgasm he could not tell exactly what happened but, he knew he felt the cold touch of metal around his dick. Suddenly a click followed by a strange sensation. It felt so damn good like nothing he had ever felt before and he knew he was about to cum explosively. But, just when he thought he was about to have the most amazing orgasm of his life he couldn't. He tried and tried. Concentrating on nothing but his orgasm. He wiggled and fidgeted helplessly trying his hardest to cum, but the device Claire had installed on his rock hard cock was sending electro-magnetic pulses to his nerve endings in his genitals which ensured two things, one unmatched sexual pleasure that drove him to the edge and two making it physically impossible to release his seed. As you can imagine this built up into an immense pressure driving Trey to near insanity.

Trey's frustration was evident and Claire knew the device was taking affect. As the cum built up in Trey's cock, every small touch stimulated Trey immensely pushing his body into further aggravation.

"What's wrong baby you cant get it off for your darling Claire."

"You bitch," was all he could manage to get out.

"Don't worry sweetheart I havent even begun to be a bitch yet."

And with that she straddled him with her ass pointed toward his face and began fucking his engorged cock furiously. Trey's muscles all over his body tightened and he was almost in a state of paralysis while being overwhelmed by the building orgasm unable to be released and the amazing fuck he was receiving . To top off Trey's frustration the drugs began to take effect that had been fed to him earlier. This was really, really bad for Trey. Claire had given him a double dose of extremely powerful Viagra making him extremely horny and more than extremely hard. The combined effects were devastating but, there was nothing he could do to help his situation presently. His cock seemed to grow insider her filling her pussy up with a thick, rugged manhood. She drove down harder and faster as waves of ecstasy washed over her. Juices began to pour out of her pussy in a flowing rush. She collapsed after the mind blowing orgasm and sank one last time all the way down his throbbing dick.

"You've had your fun, now let me get off before I fucking explode," said Trey.

"Oh, on the contrary my dear slave, the fun has only begun." " Now, open wide and pleasure me orally and so help me if it isn't the best I've ever had you wont have an orgasm for a week."

Trey decided that he had better abide by her orders fearing that she probably would carry through with her threat. He opened his mouth and waited. She slid slowly and teasingly off of his cock putting him through as much frustration as she could. Then she slowly lowered her asshole to his mouth knowing that he was expecting a wet pussy in his mouth. He purged his tongue deep into her anus instantly regretting it. It was too late to retreat now as she pressed her ass down on his face forcefully. He continued to eat out her ass and she began to masturbate. There was nothing like fingering herself while having her anus cleaned out vigorously.

"Ohhhh, ohh don't stop. Don't you fucking stop," said Claire as his tongue ran circles in her anus.

She came once again, the juices flowing all over Trey's chest. At this point Trey was going insane as her moans and flowing cum began to stimulate him greatly. The device had such great control over his nerves now that there was no touch, pain, or pleasure that would not drive Trey into further frustration.

After dismounting her lover's face, Claire soon became very aware of Trey's situation. She ran her nails lightly through the puddles of cum she left on his chest watching with enjoyment at how much tension that alone caused him.

"This is getting kind of boring, don't you think babe?" she said with a strange delight in her voice.

"I agree, enough with this just let me fucking cum. Please, please I'll do anything."

"you will get to cum you greedy bastard, but first let me bring someone special in. I promised them the chance to have their way with you and what kind of person would I be if I broke a promise, huh?" She grabbed the head of his cock with a strong grip after she said this, sending him into ecstatic pain and pleasure.

She whistled a low whistle. Obviously the signal for some unknown person to enter. Trey could hear footsteps and the door close.

"Look who came to join us Trey, well on second thought I'll just tell you. Katie is here with her best friend in the world."

He didn't know what she meant by this because he was fairly sure he only heard one person enter.

Katie was a tall blond with a sexy curvaceous body that just barely fell short of Claire's.

"Lets fuck the hell out of him," said Katie. The girls then laughed and giggled hysterically.

"Okay, but me first you just tease him anyway you can think of. Oh, and remember he can't cum no matter what," said Claire.

"You mean no matter what we do he can't cum?"


"So I can do this and he cant cum?" She began to play with his nuts and jack his cock off, while running her tongue slowly and painstakingly (at least for Trey) around his pisshole.

"Of course, but why mess with those childish things when we can introduce him to your friend." said Claire.

They both giggled. Katie produced a Velcro strap-on and fastened it around Claire's waist. Katie quickly impaled herself on Trey's cock and started kneading his balls very roughly while Claire lathered up Trey's ass with her saliva.

"Claire, please don't do what I think your about to do. Please I can't take it." said Trey.

"You will take it bitch now not another word out of you, you only speak when spoken to." Said Katie.

With that said Claire began fucking him with the strap-on. At first she pumped it slowly in and out of his ass but then began to pick up the pace. Trey began to scream, not about the pain of being fucked in the ass for his first time but out of frustration of the ever-growing orgasm that he was unable to unleash. It welled up in the deepest recess of his cock. He could think of nothing else.

Katie began to gyrate her hips on his cock sending him into further ecstasy. She started to bounce up and down harder and harder. The noises and the feeling she got from having him at her fingertips began to take affect and she started to orgasm violently. Her pussy latched a death grip around his cock and may have been the most excruciating thing he had been through so far. All the while Claire began to fuck him harder, driving the 6 inch dildo all the way in. Katie's orgasm expanded and she went into an amazing multi-orgasm. Her pussy juices were leaking onto the dildo, allowing it to slide in and out with more ease. This in turn increase the speed of the dildo being pumped into his ass.

After the intense orgasm, Katie fell over on Trey just lying there trying to gather her nerves. The cock was left inside the pulsating pussy. Claire still fucked his ass with the same zealous effort. As this continued Katie began to kiss and lick Trey's neck. She licked the inside of his ear while slow pumping her pussy onto his cock. She then pressed her lips hard to his, kissing him passionately. She soon came to another orgasm and began writhing and gyrating on his cock again. His cock was about to burst. The pressure was so extraordinary that he knew he was going to cum forever.

When Katie's latest orgasm passed Claire stopped fucking him.

"I'm getting kind of hungry, I could really go for a mouth full of hot, sticky cum. What about you?" said Claire.

"Oh my god that's exactly what I was thinking. I love a load of cum dripping down by face."

The girls then began to tag-team his cock with some amazing oral work. Once they felt they cause him enough pain to finally let him explode they released the lock and pulled the ring off his dick. Immediately cum began to stream slowly but surely out of his dick. Little bits at a time. The girls sat their and watched the little drizzle.

"Aww the poor thing he cant even get all the cum out by his self." said Claire.

"Should we give him a helping hand or mouth?" said Katie.

"Get what you want out of him, according to the manual that came with the device he should be cumming long enough for both of us to get a mouthful."

Katie started to jack him off at an amazing speed with her mouth open and awaiting a thick load. But she got more than she bargained for and her mouth was pumped full of more cum than she could swallow within a second. Within another second her entire face had been covered in cum and it was still flowing. Claire quickly placed her face in front of the explosion to get her share, thinking that Katie had accidentally gotten most of it. And after several mouthfuls swallowed by both girls the cum was still being pumped out.

"Holy shit no matter how much we suck him and jack him off it just keeps coming." said Claire.

" I know what are we gonna do?"

"Well don't let all this cum go to waste grab a cup and start filling it up."

They managed to get 3 cups full and more cum on their faces and in their stomachs than they've had in their whole life. Trey's balls had shrunken to almost nothing.

"We just pumped his balls dry of cum, Claire, how are we going to explain that to him?" Katie whispered.

"I don't know, but the fun doesn't have to end just yet." she replied.

They began to kiss each other. Each licking the cum off the face of the other. Then Claire took a long drink of cum from one of the cups and with it running out the sides of her mouth she opened Trey's mouth and kissed him forcefully letting the cum run all down into his mouth. He tried to fight it but there wasn't anything he could do. He could barely move. His strength had been completely drained from the massive orgasm he just had.

Katie then took a cup of Trey's warm, gooey cum and poured some on her beautiful love hole. Claire gently lapped it up with her tongue, which was proving to be useful for both sexes. Katie watched as her gorgeous friend was eating a creampie straight from her pussy. Claire ran her tongue in circles around the beautiful blonde's clit while pounding two fingers in her clit. After a minute or two of this she slid her wet fingers out of Katie's pussy and easily pushed them into her ass. Now she had the tasty pussy all to her self and began devouring the poor ( or should we say lucky) girl's love hole. It was not long before Katie had yet another intense orgasm brewing up. She screamed.

"Ahhhh, Oohhh , faster! Faster!"

Claire picked up the speed and within seconds Katie's juices were flowing into her mouth.

"Wow, you came as much as Trey did," Claire said jokingly.

The two girls giggled.

The End.

Please send me feedback. This is my first story and I would like to know how I did! Hope you enjoyed it. Send comments to the link below. Thanks.

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