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He lay perfectly still on the bed. He knew very well what would happen if he were to move and he wanted this more than ever. Slowly and lightly she traced her fingers across his body, purposely avoiding his rigid shaft. "I wonder how far you'll make it this time?" she whispered.

He wondered the same thing as she began to run her fingernails down his chest. "How many times have we tried this now? I lost count after 12 and each time you just can't seem to follow simple instructions."

She traced her nails back up his thighs and stopped right next to his crotch. Even though he was blindfolded he knew what was next. She dripped a single drop of lube just at the bottom of the head of his cock. A single finger began lightly spreading the lube up and down the shaft, avoiding the head itself. She worked slowly and deliberately.

Once the first drop ran its course she added another along with another finger, but still keeping the same slow agonizing pace. Almost clinically she watched his body and measured his breathing as she added another drop and another finger. Running his cock between her slick fingers, up and down. His cock began to twitch slightly as she applied another drop along with her pinky.

After about 20 or so maddening strokes, always feather light, she finally gave a generous dollop and added her thumb. She gripped him tightly and using her thumb on the underside of his dick she pushed up.

Pre-cum oozed freely from the tip and drizzled on to his stomach. With her dry hand she began making small circles on his head using the pre-cum. He began breathing erratically and fought the urge to cry out. "Oh my you must really be desperate." she said finally breaking the silence. "I remember when you could never make it past this part." With that she pushed up more pre-cum with her lubed hand and then pressed down hard on his head with her palm and began circling.

He fought desperately to keep his lips from quivering or screaming out for her to stop. Then as quickly as it started it stopped. And nothing. He didn't even feeling her moving around next to her until he felt her blowing on his shaft. "I think you need a cool down. Don't you?" She was right; there was no way he would have made it if she would have kept palming him.

She then made a circle with her thumb and index finger just under the head. A slow rhythm of squeezing and releasing made his breathing pick up considerably. "It's been quite some time since you came hasn't it?" Her voice was flat and without emotion. "I can't even remember myself. Sometimes I don't think you even want to cum. Which is quite a turn around for you." She knew the gentle squeezing was very mind bending for him. All that tension building up without the normal stimulation from stroking.

"I mean really, the rules are fairly simple. No moving or speaking until you begin to spurt your load", then she sighed, "but somewhere along the way you just can't seem to retain any sort of self-discipline." Her dry hand begin to once again swirl around the head lightly as more pre-come beaded up. She felt his cock pulse and twitch as her skillful hands worked him over.

As his breathing became more and more labored she stopped squeezing and slid her circled fingers down his slick shaft. Then slowly back up again continuing up over the head. She slowed to a crawl as she moved up and down. Taking at least 3 seconds for each trip up then another 3 going down.

"That has to feel sooooo good. Don't you wish you were inside of me right now? My tight, hot and wet pussy gripping you like a glove." She squeezed him harder as she ever so gently sped up to 2 seconds up then down. "You can do it honey. Hold on. The only thing standing between you and a massive orgasm is you." she chuckled as she increased to a second up and a second down. Up and down she went over and over. He struggled to remain still and silent as she sped up to a full stroke every second, but now avoiding his head.

"Oh, look at you. So very, very still. I know you must want this so, so bad. You're as hard as a diamond." She tightened her grip and picked up the pace to two strokes every second, but after about a dozen strokes she would pause on his head and twist vigorously a few times, as is if she were opening and closing a bottle and then stroke again about a dozen times. She repeated this a number of times until his breathing became labored.

She then slowed down to less than a stroke a second and drizzled more lube on his cock before slowly picking up the pace to three or four strokes a seconds. He was fighting the urge to buck his hips to her pumping hand. "Mmm, come on babe. You can do it. Release this nice juicy load. After all the orgasms you've given me you should at least enjoy one." His mind was laser fixed on not moving, but his body was giving in as he felt his load bubbling up from his swollen sack. He was on the verge of hyperventilating when she suddenly stopped stroking and her thumb began circling his perineum.

A uncontrollable guttural sound escaped his lips as her torment was to much to bear. "Oh no!!! I heard that!" Out of the corner of her eye she caught him stiffening and curling up his toes. She gasped and released his cock. His cock twitched as if looking for the hand that was no longer there. She looked down to see a small white bead bubble up on the head of his dick, followed closely by two more. "Aw. Baby you were right there, so close. What happened? Two more seconds and you would have done it." After a minute or so she began rubbing his cum around on the head of his cock. "Well, I guess we'll try again next Saturday. I'm so sorry, I really thought you'd be able to hold out. Ah well."

He wanted to cry this time. He knew what was next as he lay there. The hum of the bullet vibrator and her moans would quickly be followed by her taunting him with her own orgasm. However, he was now also joined by the dull ache and tightening in his sack from the ruined orgasm. He thought about all the times he jacked off, instead of tending to her, and the one time she caught him, the one time that changed everything.

She, however, chuckled to herself. Her plan was so simple, yet so brilliant. Once a week he would be given a chance to cum. The only catch is he was not allowed to move or speak. Self-discipline she said, that's what he lacked. All of the other nights he would spend providing her orgasm after orgasm. Anything she wanted at anytime was hers. As she brought the vibrator to her pussy she smiled at the prospect of watching him suffer again next week; and letting him think he actually has a chance at cumming.

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