tagCelebrities & Fan FictionS Club Heaven Ch.1

S Club Heaven Ch.1


Joe, from S Club 7, had been the best friend of my older sister, when they had been going to high school together. That was how I had landed a job as Joe's personal trainer. Having failed my A-Levels, there was not much chance of me getting into a University, like my sister had done, but I was an extremely fit young man. For this reason, my mum got my sister to ask Joe and her S Club 7 friends whether they needed any help. And as you can guess they accepted.

I generally keep the band fit, by showing them exercises to do. I visit a band member each day, and every Monday I do a session with the boys, every Wednesday I do a session with the girls and every Friday we do a group session.

However one of the aspects of the job is that I have to go everywhere with the band.

It was Tuesday, I was in L.A., waiting for Joe to arrive in the lobby of our hotel. She had been filming "L.A. Seven" all day. We had a work out that afternoon.

Then she came walking through the double doors of the hotel, surrounded by several people. She seemed to be ignoring them, but just turned around, said something that I couldn't hear, and they all left.

She walked over to me:

"I've just gotta go get changed, so I need to nip to my bedroom"

She was wearing a fake snake skin bikini top, and jeans cut off at the knee. They made her look damn sexy, but were impractical for working out.

"In act," She continued, "you can accompany me. Not only is the gym only 2 levels higher than my room, but you can keep the reporters away." She smiled as she spoke and pulled me by the hand towards the lift.

We waited as the lift scaled the 23 floors to Joe's room. Each girl had a separate room in the hotel, as they were staying here for a month. We got out of the lift and walked down the corridoor.

We stood outside her door, as she fumbled with the key. However then she stopped, and turned around, so she was facing me. She was no further than 20cm from my face:

"You know," She said quietly, "you really have matured into a dashing young man"

At that point she leant towards me and kissed me deeply. I didnt know what to do, so I continued to kiss her.

Now you have to understand, Joe was the best friend of my older sister. She was two years my senior. Of course I had dreamt of things like this, but I had never imagined it actually happening to me, especially now she was a superstar.

The key clicked in the door as it unlocked. She broke the kiss and walked into her room. I just stood there, not believing what had just happened. She popped her head outside the door:

"Look" she said, "are you just gonna stand outside all day, or are you gonna come in and sit down"

She again grabbed my arm, and led me into her room. She pulled off my t-shirt and went:


Now I had a raging hard-on by now, being only a young boy of 19, and when Joe sat me down in a comfortable chair, she could definitely see it.

"Somebody's been hiding a BIG present from me!" she said, dropping down to her knees between my spread legs, but still keeping her eyes on the bulge in my pants.

She moved her hands and presses on the bulge, the slid them to the button, and undid it. She slowly undid the zip, and slid my short down around my ankles, and then off. I could feel my penis swelling behind the fabric of my boxers. She slid one of her hands down the front of my boxers, and squeezed my prick:

"Oh yes," she said, "theres definitely a BIG surprise instore here!"

She slid off my boxers with one motion, and exposed my 10 incher. She stared at it for 10 seconds, then opened her mouth. I couldn't believe what she was about to do. She stuck out her tongue, and licked the head on my penis, then slowly lowered her mouth around my huge cock. About 2" of my dick was in here mouth. she sucked it, then took more of it into her mouth. At about 6" I felt my cock hit the back of her mouth, but she didn't stop, as she pushed my dick down her throat. I felt the moisture of her throat, as she sucked my dick. She began to bob up and down, moving my cock in and out of her throat. The sight of this blonde beauty deep throating my ten inch monster was about all I could take. I felt the pressure in my dick increase.

"I'm gonna cum!" I said loudly.

This did not phase Joe, as she continued to deep throat my cock. I could hold it no longer! I shot my load down Joe's throat. I came with a force nver before experienced, and she swallowed all of my load!

"Mmmm!" said Joe, as she removed my semi-limp cock from her mouth.

She stood up. I was amazed and unable to move from the chair where I was sitting.

"Ah!" said Joe, "look at you, so cute."

She bent down and kissed me on the lips. "I need a shower," she said. Standing there, she removed her jeans. She was wearing a bikini thong that matched her top. Her legs were beautiful.

She turned and walked to the bathroom. Her ass was beautuful also.

Just before she left the room, she turned her head to me, and said

"You look sweaty too, maybe you should have a shower as well!" Then she winked and left the room.

I sat there, naked, in Joe's room for about 5 minutes, then I heard the water from the shower start. I couldnt believe what had just happened. I had just been blown off by Joe from S Club 7.

My mind began to wonder about what Joe had said before she went for a shower. The idea of Joe in the shower got me hard again. Then I decided, this was a once in a life time oppertunity, so I was gonna take it.

I walked into the shower room, and flung the shower cubicle door open. Joe was naked. I didnt wai, I just walked in and kissed her deeply. It felt good to have her naked firm breasts up against my body.

I positioned my monster cock infront of her entrance, and waited. I then rammed it into her.

She moaned in pleasure, but I only got 5" into her. While still kissing her, I pushed her back, against the back of the shower. The water bouncing off of our king, made things much more passionate. Now that she was backed up against the wall, I could slid the rest of my dick into her. I began to do this. She suddenly jumped up, and wrapped her legs around my waist. My dick was full in her, so I began pumping her against the wall.

We continued to kiss deeply.

I could feel that I was gonna cum soon, but I could tell she was too. So I thrust into her, shooting my load, while at the same time making her come. She screamed with pleasure.

Joe told me that if I told no one about this, maybe he would introduce me to some of the other female members of the band closly. So no more was said, as Joe and I got dressed and went to work out!

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